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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2021 competition runs until September 2021

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Mar3:54:30Phoenix Excalibur Twelve 6-Hour10.0-8.821 Dec 19+1
Mar3:55:47Saturn - Great British Bake Run10.00.05 Sep 21+2
Mar3:54:21Phoenix Frozen 6-Hour (Day 2)9.4-8.230 Dec 19+3
Mar3:58:26Phoenix Excalibur Eleven 6-Hour10.0-8.19 Nov 19+4
Mar3:49:39Saturn - Time Turner & Pre-London Marathon Training Run7.20.011 Sep 21+5
Mar3:46:47Saturn Running - The Goblet Of Runners6.60.015 May 21
Mar4:11:25Saturn Running - Runners Memorial Run10.00.08 Aug 21
Mar3:53:40Queens of the Castle III4.60.09 Sep 21
Mar3:54:52Saturn - Resurrection Of The Retro-Priced Twenty Pounds Chasing Numbers4.40.03 Sep 21
Mar4:18:52Saturn Running - Jolly Jingle Midweek Chasing Numbers7.8-9.511 Dec 20
Mar3:46:14Midweek Chasing Numbers - The S Run Rerun1.5-9.230 Apr 21
Mar4:37:07Double Rock Weekend God Gave Rock n Running To You (Day 2)10.0-8.718 Apr 21
Mar4:15:19Roman River Trails6.2-8.511 Oct 20
Mar3:51:27Saturn Running Year End Time Turner 7-Hour1.5-0.927 Dec 19
Mar4:41:08Saturn Running - The One Where The Runners Weren't On A Break10.00.024 Jul 21
Mar4:41:16Saturn Running - The Music Shuffle10.00.023 Jul 21
Mar4:42:54Saturn Running - The Big Run Theory10.00.05 Jun 21
Mar3:53:23Saturn - The 100 Marathon Club AGM Marathon1.40.04 Sep 21
Mar4:22:52Double Rock Weekend Runs n Roses (Day 1)6.6-7.617 Apr 21
Mar3:54:24Decade Dash - 70's 6 hour Challenge1.5-7.610 Dec 20
Mar3:55:00Saturn - The GoBling King Midweek Run1.50.010 Sep 21
Mar3:54:45Decade Dash - 60's 6 hour Challenge1.40.020 May 21
Mar4:17:37April Fools' Challenge5.2-7.11 Apr 21
Mar3:50:32Saturn Running Run Forrest Run 7-Hour1.5-1.011 Aug 19
Mar4:53:19Vanguard Way Marathon10.00.01 Aug 21
Mar4:40:43Saturn Running - Runners Of The Phoenix7.80.017 Jul 21
Mar3:52:45Saturn Running - Return Of The Twenty Pound Midweek Run1.5-0.614 Jun 19
Mar3:48:11Dartford Midnight Half Marathon / Marathon5.6-4.723 Jun 18
Mar3:54:26Thames Meander Marathon2.4-0.39 Mar 19
Mar3:58:17Frozen Phoenix 6-Hour (Day 1)10.0-7.129 Dec 17
Mar3:52:40Richmond Park Marathon6.4-4.620 May 18
Mar3:53:01Great Barrow Challenge Marathon (Day 4)7.4-5.52 Apr 18
Mar3:42:45Great Barrow Challenge Marathon (Day 2)5.4-5.531 Mar 18
Mar3:48:40Great Barrow Challenge Marathon (Day 3)6.2-5.21 Apr 18
Mar4:38:48Saturn Running - Midweek Chasing Numbers5.40.07 May 21
Mar4:17:41Thames Meander Marathon1.60.07 Aug 21
Mar4:46:52Steyning Stinger Marathon10.01.03 Mar 19
Mar4:12:58Richmond Park Marathon2.81.819 May 19
Mar5:01:11RunReading Goring Gap Marathon7.80.016 May 21
Mar3:55:49Phoenix Groovy Baby6.4-4.08 Apr 18
Mar3:55:44Twilight Marathon10.0-7.629 Jul 17
Mar3:44:33Running Miles at Dorney Lake 6-Hour4.2-4.04 Mar 18
Mar4:38:31Decade Dash - 90's 6 hour Challenge3.60.022 Jul 21
Mar4:26:21Phoenix - Run By Me1.50.031 Jul 21
Mar4:26:42The Only Day In May With No Other Events On Run1.5-1.96 May 21
Mar3:41:44Magna Carta Half Marathon / Marathon2.8-3.17 Apr 18
Mar3:40:34Phoenix Top Run2.0-2.511 May 18
Mar3:41:56Phoenix Ty-Run-Osarus5.2-5.512 Nov 17
Mar3:39:51Phoenix Jaw Dropper2.4-3.117 Feb 18
Mar3:58:20Thames Meander Marathon1.81.13 Nov 18
Mar3:53:15Phoenix Day at the Movies6.0-4.118 Nov 17
Mar3:44:31Phoenix Who ya Gonna Call 6-Hour7.2-7.08 Jun 17
Mar3:47:51A Right Royal Run Challenge Marathon1.5-0.619 May 18
Mar3:48:25Saturn Running Runners of the Lost Ark1.5-0.526 May 18
Mar4:40:01Phoenix - Top Run 21.50.016 Jul 21
Mar3:53:37Phoenix Spring Marathon3.4-1.43 Mar 18
Mar3:45:40Phoenix BTTF Day Run3.4-2.921 Oct 17
Mar4:29:10MK Marathon Weekend Marathon1.95.46 May 19
Mar4:49:45Saturn Running - Run To Infinity & Beyond 21.50.04 Jul 21
Mar3:29:40Phoenix Goonie Run 6 Hour1.5-4.27 Jun 17
Mar5:54:29Vanguard Way Half Marathon / Marathon10.08.04 Aug 19
Mar4:22:17Hampshire Hoppit Marathon9.8-2.718 Jun 17
Mar3:53:52Richmond Park Marathon4.4-2.421 May 17
Mar3:37:02Dorney Lake Challenge2.6-4.89 Mar 17
Mar3:56:00Kent Circuit Marathon4.2-1.827 May 17
Mar3:41:38Thames Meander Marathon2.8-4.011 Mar 17
Mar3:45:54Blackpool Marathon2.6-2.123 Apr 17
Mar4:08:42Bewl Water Marathon6.0-1.213 May 17
Mar3:43:18ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon1.4-2.32 Apr 17
Mar4:45:10Queen Elizabeth Spring Marathon8.81.126 Mar 17
Mar3:48:02Chelmsford Marathon1.4-8.623 Oct 16
Mar4:47:26Temple Newsam Marathon8.02.21 Apr 17
Mar4:37:51Marriott's Way Marathon5.43.319 Feb 17
Mar4:52:48New Years Eve Flitch Way Marathon5.25.831 Dec 16
Mar4:28:15Wolverhampton Marathon2.00.04 Sep 16
Mar4:54:48Christmas Enigma Marathon3.87.510 Dec 16
Mar5:08:50New Years Day Flitch Way Marathon5.08.21 Jan 17

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