Tom Wheatley
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2019 competition runs until September 2019

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

10M70:42Heckington Show 101.60.627 Jul 19+
10K42:31RunThrough Chase the Moon Olympic Park 10K1.21.29 Oct 19+
10K42:50RunThrough Olympic Park 10K1.41.321 Sep 19+
10K43:29RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K2.01.311 Sep 19+
10K42:01RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K0.61.35 Jun 19+
10K42:33RunThrough Victoria Park 10K0.42.03 Aug 19
10K41:38Asda Foundation City of Lincoln 10K0.31.27 Apr 19
10K43:19Vitality London 10,0000.82.427 May 19
10K44:40RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K2.22.38 May 19
10K44:37RunThrough Olympic Park 10K2.02.411 May 19
10K44:01RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 5K / 10K0.83.17 Aug 19
10K46:06RunThrough Chase the Sun Hyde Park 10K2.63.224 Jul 19
10K45:08RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K1.53.414 Sep 19
10K44:48RunThrough Chase the Sun Crystal Palace 10K1.53.115 May 19
10K44:16RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K2.61.522 Dec 18
HM94:02SimplyHealth Great North Run2.5-0.59 Sep 18
5K19:38SimplyHealth Great North 5K1.4-1.18 Sep 18
10K41:16RunThrough Clapham Common 10K0.80.422 Sep 18
5K19:27RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 5K0.40.010 Oct 18
10K44:54RunThrough Battersea Park 10K0.24.55 Oct 19
5K19:16RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 5K0.4-0.912 Sep 18
10K45:06Beat Box Hill 10K4.00.930 Sep 18
10K40:36RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K0.5-1.98 Aug 18
10K42:32RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K2.0-0.118 Aug 18
Mar3:33:00Seville Marathon0.42.617 Feb 19
10K45:36RunThrough Finsbury Park 10K1.44.020 Jan 19
10K46:14RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark 10K2.23.829 Dec 18
10K45:10RunThrough Victoria Park 10K0.24.82 Feb 19
Mar3:34:09Maratón Valencia Trinidad Alfonso EDP0.32.92 Dec 18
HM95:04RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark Half Marathon1.00.130 Jun 18
10K47:39RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark Races1.06.330 Mar 19
10K45:16RunThrough Olympic Park 10K3.20.08 Jul 18
5K20:46Simplyhealth Great Team Relay (4 x 5K)1.4-0.24 Jul 18
10M74:09Heckington Show 101.21.628 Jul 18
10K43:42RunThrough Regents Park 10K1.00.77 Jul 18
10K44:07 Regent's Park Summer 10K Series1.90.23 Jun 18
HM95:53Virgin Sport Hackney Half Marathon0.60.920 May 18
10K45:03RunThrough Hyde Park 10K1.62.711 Aug 18
HM1:43:52Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Half Marathon-0.16.410 Feb 19
10K41:59Run London Victoria Park 10K1.0-1.225 Feb 18
10M75:14Harry Hawkes 101.81.624 Jun 18
10K49:01RunThrough Victoria Park 10K1.07.519 Apr 19
HM1:43:59RunThrough Wimbledon Common Half Marathon2.82.15 Aug 18
10K47:23RunThrough Victoria Park 10K1.45.68 Dec 18
10K43:55London Easter 10K2.0-0.12 Apr 18
10K47:18RunThrough Alexandra Palace 10K4.40.713 May 18
10K45:00QEOP Summer 10K Series1.61.32 Jun 18
10K44:07QEOP Summer 10K Series1.60.57 Apr 18
10K45:54RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark 10K-0.86.524 Nov 18
10K44:08RunThrough Hyde Park 10K1.01.119 May 18
10K46:00QEOP Summer 10K Series2.41.55 May 18
10K44:28RunThrough Crystal Palace 10K2.4-0.228 Jan 18
10K48:43RunThrough Victoria Park 10K-0.48.69 Mar 19
10K42:52QEOP Winter 10K Series0.50.23 Feb 18
10K44:02RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K1.20.618 Feb 18
10K43:01RunThrough Olympic Park 10K0.20.64 Feb 18
10K45:12RunThrough Finsbury Park 10K1.81.121 Jan 18
10K44:04RunThrough Chase the Moon Olympic Park 10K0.21.814 Mar 18
10K47:42RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark 10K2.82.524 Feb 18
10K46:05RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K1.82.020 Jan 18
10K46:56Royal Parks Winter 10K Series3.21.45 Nov 17
10K46:17RunThrough Finsbury Park 10K2.21.829 Oct 17
10K47:12RunThrough Victoria Park 10K0.44.631 Mar 18
10K45:53RunThrough Chase the Moon Olympic Park 10K0.63.010 Jan 18
10K45:04RunThrough Chase the Sun Greenwich Park 10K1.81.020 Aug 17
10K55:43Nice Work Richmond Park Christmas 10K3.011.29 Dec 18
10K44:57RunThrough Battersea Park 10K1.01.75 Aug 17
10K46:20RunThrough Crystal Palace 10K2.61.42 Jul 17
10K45:04RunThrough Olympic Park 10K0.42.416 Sep 17
10K48:14RunThrough Olympic Park 10K1.84.010 Dec 17
10K49:25RunThrough Brixton 10K2.24.67 Jan 18
10K46:18RunThrough Chase the Moon Olympic Park 10K0.23.88 Nov 17
10K46:52QEOP Summer 10K Series1.62.92 Sep 17
10K49:14RunThrough Chase the Sun Olympic Park 10K0.16.711 Apr 18
10K49:35RunThrough Lee Valley VeloPark 10K1.25.827 Jan 18
10K47:50QEOP Winter 10K Series0.84.64 Nov 17
10K45:35RunThrough Olympic Park 10K0.82.514 May 17
10K48:07RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K3.42.39 Apr 17
10K49:38RunThrough Battersea Park 10K0.26.86 Jan 18
10K42:32RunThrough Battersea Park 10K0.8-0.48 Oct 16
10K52:39RunThrough Hyde Park 10K1.08.824 Mar 18
10K45:32RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K2.01.315 Jan 17
10K46:07RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K1.82.019 Feb 17
10K46:22RunThrough Brixton 10K2.02.08 Jan 17
10K44:55RunThrough Greenwich Park 10K2.60.121 Aug 16
1M5:40City of London Mile1.1-1.519 Jun 16
10K45:35RunThrough Battersea Park 10K-0.13.421 Jan 17
Mar4:02:35Telenor Copenhagen Marathon2.25.921 May 17
10K46:05RunThrough Victoria Park 10K0.43.414 Jan 17
HM1:48:51Hampton Court Palace Half Marathon0.95.919 Mar 17
5K21:43Nice Work Bushy Park 5K Series1.51.47 Aug 16
10K46:55RunThrough Clapham Common 10K1.63.010 Sep 16
10K45:00RunThrough (Chase the Sun) 10K1.41.411 May 16
HM1:51:18Beckenham Half Marathon3.64.111 Sep 16
10K46:58RunThrough Hyde Park 10K1.03.63 Aug 16
10K47:29RunThrough (Chase the Sun) 10K1.43.727 Jul 16
10K47:22QEOP Summer 10K Series1.63.42 Jul 16
10K46:45QEOP Summer 10K Series2.02.47 May 16
10K46:37London Easter 10K1.82.528 Mar 16
10K50:14QEOP Summer 10K Series2.45.16 Aug 16
10K44:50Kingston 10K1.01.629 Nov 15
1M5:43City of London Mile1.4-1.514 Jun 15
HM1:51:48Run Reigate Half Marathon1.06.918 Sep 16
1M5:44Bupa Westminster Mile1.0-1.124 May 15
Mar3:52:30Virgin London Marathon0.95.324 Apr 16
HM97:51Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon2.8-0.612 Apr 15
HM95:22Run Hackney Half Marathon0.80.310 May 15
10K44:49QEOP Summer 10K Series1.01.68 Aug 15
10K46:27WestRun London 10K1.03.115 Nov 15
10K42:09QEOP Summer 10K Series0.2-0.64 Apr 15
Mar4:18:05Richmond RUNFEST Marathon2.08.918 Sep 16
10K42:18Hyde Park 10K0.2-0.119 Apr 15
HM97:31North London Half Marathon0.70.915 Mar 15
HM1:58:58Vitality Run Hackney Half Marathon2.28.58 May 16
10K42:47Regents Park 10K Winter Series1.4-1.22 Nov 14
HM1:46:02Silverstone Half Marathon0.40.011 Mar 12
HM96:27Ealing Half Marathon0.6-4.730 Sep 12
HM93:56Silverstone Half Marathon0.2-1.33 Mar 13
1M5:45Westminster Mile1.50.026 May 13
10M76:12Heckington Show 102.21.227 Jul 13
HM1:44:53Ealing Half Marathon0.74.029 Sep 13
Mar3:54:21Munich Marathon1.26.013 Oct 13
HM1:43:59Sleaford Half Marathon1.23.123 Feb 14
HM99:17Silverstone Half Marathon0.81.52 Mar 14
HM96:02Wimbledon Half Marathon1.2-0.316 Mar 14
10K45:12London Easter 10K1.80.721 Apr 14
Mar3:39:40Rock ‘n’ Roll Madrid Maratón1.03.427 Apr 14
HM1:46:26Run Hackney Half Marathon1.04.322 Jun 14
1M6:30City of London Mile1.63.622 Jun 14
HM1:42:25Ealing Half Marathon1.32.428 Sep 14
HM97:42Putney & Fulham Riverside Half Marathon1.8-0.119 Oct 14
Mar4:11:21Virgin London Marathon0.89.526 Apr 15
10K55:48QEOP Summer 10K Series0.611.66 Jun 15

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XC43:55MABAC League7 Oct 12