Jonathan Cook
Woodford Green Essex Ladies
Age Group:
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2021 competition runs until September 2021

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

15003:54.16Achilles v Tokyo University1.70.66 Aug 17+1
15003:46.20Memorial Rasschaert0.60.515 Jul 17+2
15003:48.74Internationaal Antwerps Atletiekgala0.21.329 Jul 17+3
8001:49.92BMC Regional Races0.30.517 Aug 16+4
15003:38.64Memorial Rasschaert0.0-0.223 Jul 16+5
15003:44.45British Championships1.1-0.425 Jun 16
15003:45.97British Championships1.1-0.226 Jun 16
15003:42.19Brussels Grand Prix0.40.019 Jun 16
15003:39.83Memorial Leon Buyle0.0-0.34 Jun 16
15003:43.83BMC Grand Prix0.30.014 May 16
8001:49.7BMC Regional Races0.00.39 May 16
8002:01.57British Athletics League Division Premiership1.42.96 Aug 16
15003:54.89BUCS Indoor Championships0.51.420 Feb 16
15003:59.49BUCS Indoor Championships0.52.121 Feb 16
8001:58.9Stan Calvert Cup inc. Newcastle University v Northumbria University0.62.46 Mar 16
8001:48.86BMC Grand Prix0.1-0.122 Aug 15
8001:49.62BMC Regional Races0.20.019 Aug 15
15004:07.06BUCS Indoor Championships0.53.220 Feb 16
8001:50.89BMC Gold Standard Races0.50.111 Aug 15
15003:42.85Memorial Rasschaert 0.11 Aug 15
Mile4:05.47BMC Grand Prix0.50.318 Jul 15
8001:48.91BMC Gold Standard Races0.2-0.315 Jul 15
15003:49.47Sainsbury's British Championships1.3-0.14 Jul 15
15003:43.40BMC Grand Prix0.30.027 Jun 15
15003:53.25Sainsbury's British Championships1.30.45 Jul 15
15003:45.24Putbosmeeting0.60.030 May 15
8001:51.66British Athletics League Division Premiership0.80.16 Jun 15
15003:51.48BUCS Championships1.8-0.34 May 15
8001:52.66Atletissima0.60.627 May 15
15003:56.31BUCS Championships1.80.43 May 15
8001:52.2BMC Regional Races0.30.711 May 15
15004:00.26BUCS Championships1.81.02 May 15
30008:53.83BUCS Indoor Championships0.53.521 Feb 15
15003:47.27BMC Grand Prix0.60.316 Aug 14
15003:42.27Memorial Rasschaert0.2-0.12 Aug 14
Mile4:04.63BMC Grand Prix0.8-0.119 Jul 14
8001:50.46BMC Gold Standard Races0.50.012 Aug 14
8001:49.57BMC Gold Standard Races0.10.216 Jul 14
15003:45.60BMC Grand Prix0.20.412 Jul 14
15003:50.89British Championships (Inc European Trials)0.90.528 Jun 14
parkrun16:15Riverside parkrun # 1341.0-0.914 Feb 15
15003:42.28BMC Grand Prix0.10.017 May 14
8001:50.12Atletissima0.40.028 May 14
Mile4:11.0North Eastern Open Grand Prix Series0.80.818 Jun 14
15003:45.12IFAM Outdoor0.00.531 May 14
8001:54.23Oxford & Cambridge v Penn & Cornell Match0.61.130 Jun 14
8001:50.4BMC Regional Races0.10.412 May 14
15003:52.52BUCS Championships1.20.44 May 14
parkrun16:13Riverside parkrun # 1201.00.08 Nov 14
15003:57.97BUCS Championships1.21.23 May 14
15003:52.2North Eastern Open Grand Prix Series0.11.523 Apr 14
5.053K16:02 Southern Men's 12 Stage Relays0.80.016 Mar 14
8001:48.73British Athletics League Premiership0.7-0.86 Jul 13
8001:49.49Copenhagen Athletics Games0.20.01 Aug 13
Mile4:06.81BMC Grand Prix0.90.120 Jul 13
8001:51.31BMC Gold Standard Races0.50.316 Jul 13
15003:42.95Reunión Internacional de Atletismo "Villa de Bilbao"0.4-0.221 Jun 13
8001:49.96BMC Grand Prix0.4-0.130 Jun 13
15003:46.08Sainsbury's British Championships0.70.012 Jul 13
8001:50.11Meeting voor Mon0.6-0.28 Jun 13
15003:52.89British Athletics League Premiership0.80.93 Aug 13
8001:50.11IFAM0.40.01 Jun 13
8001:50.10Loughborough International0.30.119 May 13
8001:52.87Sainsbury's British Championships0.60.613 Jul 13
15003:48.22Míting d´Atletisme Palafrugell-Costa Brava0.60.34 May 13
8001:49.91Sun Angel Classic0.4-0.16 Apr 13
8001:52.38Harvard/Yale University v Oxford/Cambridge University0.60.416 Apr 13
8001:49.57ACNW Special Invitational Meeting0.20.019 Mar 13
15003:58.86Oxford University v Cambridge University0.81.718 May 13
8001:51.80ACNW League Meeting 20.50.430 Jan 13
15003:56.07ACNW League Meeting 30.51.66 Feb 13
8001:49.93BMC Grand Prix Final0.8-0.525 Aug 12
8001:48.90Copenhagen Athletics Games0.4-0.421 Aug 12
8001:50.70BMC Gold Standard Races0.20.34 Sep 12
8001:49.19Morton International Games0.20.025 Jul 12
8001:49.87Meeting National de la Roche sur Yon0.40.018 Jul 12
8001:50.99Aviva British Championships inc. Olympic Trials1.0-0.323 Jun 12
8001:50.8BMC Regional Races0.40.215 Aug 12
15003:47.02BMC Gold Standard Races0.50.37 Aug 12
15003:45.99BMC Grand Prix0.30.421 Jul 12
8001:49.21BMC Grand Prix0.10.17 Jul 12
8001:51.74British Athletics League Premiership0.80.130 Jun 12
8001:49.50BMC Gold Standard Races0.4-0.116 May 12
8001:49.01IFAM0.2-0.126 May 12
8001:49.17Reunión Internacional de Atletismo "Villa de Bilbao"0.20.03 Jun 12
8001:49.61BMC Grand Prix0.30.09 Jun 12
8001:52.15Oxford v Cambridge 138th Varsity Sports0.80.319 May 12
8001:50.63BUCS Championships0.60.06 May 12
Mile4:05.73UW Final Qualifier0.50.43 Mar 12
Mile4:13.09Oxford v Cambridge 138th Varsity Sports0.01.919 May 12
8001:49.3BMC Regional Races0.3-0.117 Aug 11
8001:49.33Folksam Challenge0.20.03 Sep 11
8001:49.00Copenhagen Athletic Games0.6-0.511 Aug 11
8001:50.09Aviva British Championships inc. World Trials0.9-0.530 Jul 11
8001:49.22BMC Gold Standard Races0.10.123 Aug 11
8001:51.94Aviva British Championships inc. World Trials0.90.129 Jul 11
8001:50.12BMC Nike Grand Prix0.20.223 Jul 11
8001:49.94Donnas Meeting "Via col...Vento"0.40.03 Jul 11
8001:48.99Meeting Arcobaleno Atleticaeuropa0.00.15 Jul 11
15003:54.47British Athletics League Premiership Division0.81.127 Aug 11
8001:50.19BMC Gold Standard Races0.30.213 Jul 11
Mile4:09.39Oxford And Cambridge v Harvard And Yale0.60.828 Jun 11
8001:51.90BMC Nike Grand Prix0.50.511 Jun 11
8001:53.2Southern Men's League Division 1 Match 20.60.84 Jun 11
15003:51.11BMC Gold Standard Races0.11.315 Jun 11
8001:48.65BMC Regional Races0.3-0.418 Aug 10
8001:50.40Joensuu Games0.6-0.121 Aug 10
8001:48.99BMC Nike Grand Prix0.3-0.224 Jul 10
8001:49.85Amsterdam Open0.40.07 Aug 10
8001:54.23England Senior Closed Championships1.20.517 Jul 10
Mile4:12.87Northumberland Classic0.81.129 Aug 10
8001:49.40BMC Nike Grand Prix0.3-0.112 Jun 10
8001:49.51BMC Gold Standard Races0.30.018 May 10
8001:50.30BMC Nike Grand Prix0.50.029 May 10
15003:51.3BMC Gold Standard Races0.21.327 Jul 10
15003:57.02North Eastern Counties Championships1.31.08 May 10

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