Neil Forbes
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2021 competition runs until September 2021

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

8.5K50:02Oxfordshire Cross Country League4.90.73 Nov 19+
9.2K54:43Chiltern League4.41.57 Dec 19+
9.16K56:15Oxfordshire Cross Country League (Inc Oxfordshire County Championships)5.12.25 Jan 20+
8.4K48:54Chiltern League2.92.38 Feb 20+
3.9M33:04Kidlington AC Mota-vation Series (3.9)1.70.927 Jun 19+
8.5K48:40Oxfordshire Cross Country League6.5-1.03 Feb 19
8.5K58:40Oxfordshire Cross Country League9.92.31 Dec 19
8.4K45:36Chiltern League3.00.29 Feb 19
8.85K58:13Oxfordshire Cross Country League6.63.62 Feb 20
9.12K62:54Oxfordshire Cross Country League8.04.01 Mar 20
4.21M39:34Kidlington AC Mota-vation Series (4.21)3.23.825 Jul 19
9.15K48:25Chiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford Uni v RAF)2.0-0.210 Nov 18
8.5K50:07Oxfordshire Cross Country League (Inc Oxfordshire Championships)5.90.96 Jan 19
9.47K54:16Oxfordshire Cross Country League4.60.72 Dec 18
4M32:51Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.30.430 Aug 18
8.5K49:57Oxford Mail League5.01.74 Nov 18
4.21M36:39Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series3.01.226 Jul 18
3.9M32:58Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series2.20.928 Jun 18
8.5K61:39Oxfordshire Cross Country League10.05.13 Mar 19
10.2K56:14Results Base Chiltern League3.30.713 Jan 18
8.4K47:09Results Base Chiltern League4.01.310 Feb 18
9.5K51:14Chiltern League Inc. British Athletics Cross Challenge & RAF v Oxford University3.4-0.211 Nov 17
8.5K47:07Oxford Mail League4.9-0.25 Nov 17
8.5K50:30Oxford Mail League (Inc County Championships)6.81.07 Jan 18
5.2M46:04Kidlington AC Mota-vation Series1.23.226 Apr 18
4M32:01Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.30.731 Aug 17
5.2K24:11Oxfordshire County Road Relays0.6-0.730 Apr 17
3.9M30:36Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.10.129 Jun 17
4.21M34:43Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series2.21.027 Jul 17
8.9K48:27Results Base Chiltern League2.51.314 Oct 17
4.09M31:53Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4.09 Series0.80.327 Apr 17
8.4K42:45Chiltern League1.90.811 Feb 17
10.2K52:47Chiltern League2.01.014 Jan 17
8.9K46:12Chiltern League2.50.915 Oct 16
9.51K50:06Chiltern League (Inc British Athletics Cross Challenge & Oxford University v RAF)2.11.812 Nov 16
4.25M32:36Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4.251.2-0.92 Jun 16
4M31:35Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.10.71 Sep 16
5.2K24:06Oxfordshire Road Relays0.6-0.817 Apr 16
3.9M30:45Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.20.57 Jul 16
7M91:17Hooky Christmas Canter 77.111.017 Dec 17
10K48:20Welcombe Wobbler 10K-0.80.818 Oct 15
4M30:35Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series0.9-0.53 Sep 15
9.51K51:54Results Base Chiltern League (Inc British Cross Challenge and RAF v Oxford University)4.31.27 Nov 15
3.9M29:33Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.3-1.32 Jul 15
9K49:09Results Base Chiltern League3.42.35 Dec 15
4M30:20Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.70.030 Apr 15
4M32:37Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series4.2-1.04 Jun 15
5.3K24:08Oxfordshire Road Relays0.40.019 Apr 15
8.4K47:15Results Base Chiltern League2.54.713 Feb 16
4.02M29:22Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series0.90.028 Aug 14
10K51:01Welcombe Wobbler 10K3.00.019 Oct 14
5.3K23:21Oxfordshire Relays1.20.027 Apr 14
7M73:10Hooky Christmas Canter 75.86.920 Dec 15
4.26M31:20Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.10.05 Jun 14
4.21M32:26Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series2.10.07 Aug 14
4.1M30:43Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series0.80.01 May 14
4.02M29:00Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.00.029 Aug 13
3.9M28:03Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.00.04 Jul 13
7M60:04Hooky Christmas Canter 74.20.015 Dec 13
5.3K23:20Oxfordshire County Relay Championships1.50.05 May 13
5M36:56 EMGP Banbury 50.80.011 Jun 13
4.1M29:18Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series0.40.02 May 13
4.21M33:07Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series2.70.01 Aug 13
4.1M28:13Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.00.026 Aug 12
7M57:50Hooky Christmas Canter 74.40.016 Dec 12
4.25M31:07Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.50.02 Jun 11
3.9M27:18Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.00.07 Jul 11
4.25M30:43Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.40.04 Aug 11
4.03M28:11Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series0.70.01 Sep 11
7M55:33Hooky Christmas Canter 73.80.018 Dec 11
3.25M22:11Oxfordshire Road Relays1.80.011 Mar 12
4.26M29:33Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.20.031 May 12
3.9M27:34Kidlington AC Mota-vation 4 Series1.50.025 Jul 12
7M78:24Hooky Christmas Canter 74.40.021 Dec 14

Order By:

XC45:12Oxford Mail League3 Nov 13
XC49:08Apex Sports Chiltern League9 Nov 13
XC41:35Oxford Mail League1 Dec 13
XC43:10Oxford Mail League2 Mar 14
XC47:34Oxford Mail League4 Jan 15
XCNTApex Sports Chiltern League10 Jan 15
XC48:41Apex Sports Chiltern League (inc British Athletics Cross Challenge)7 Feb 15
XC45:47Oxford Mail League1 Nov 15
XC46:20Oxford Mail League6 Mar 16
XC46:28Oxford Mail League6 Nov 16
XC43:25Oxford Mail League4 Dec 16
XC46:56Oxford Mail League5 Feb 17