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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2021 competition runs until September 2021

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Mar5:07:52Gin Pit Double Marathon (Day 2)7.8-1.224 Mar 19+
HM2:11:09Taunton Half Marathon0.21.97 Apr 19+
Mar5:04:53Virgin London Marathon1.34.128 Apr 19+
Mar5:13:43Wuthering Heights Winter Wander10.0-2.613 Jan 18+
HM2:27:16Torbay Half Marathon1.23.723 Jun 19+
HM2:36:34Run Falmouth Half Marathon1.65.615 Mar 20
HM2:41:19Bideford Half Marathon0.38.08 Mar 20
Mar5:07:09Virgin London Marathon3.23.322 Apr 18
Mar5:01:50Brighton Marathon2.43.415 Apr 18
Mar4:28:49Walled City Marathon2.2-0.24 Jun 17
Mar4:23:50Virgin London Marathon1.5-0.323 Apr 17
Mar4:56:36Lanzarote International Marathon2.82.39 Dec 17
Mar5:15:08Gin Pit Double Marathon (Day 1)8.00.818 Mar 17
Mar4:29:22MBNA Chester Marathon1.50.62 Oct 16
Mar5:44:55Enigma Fireworks Day 24.66.25 Nov 17
Mar5:12:59Enigma Good Friday Marathon3.05.514 Apr 17
Mar5:27:42Asics Windermere Marathon3.76.521 May 17
Mar5:45:11Enigma Week at the Knees Marathon Day One6.06.013 Mar 17
Mar5:27:56Brighton Marathon3.17.29 Apr 17
Mar4:16:50Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon0.9-1.611 Oct 15
Mar5:22:35ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon1.48.32 Apr 17
Mar5:59:24Yeovil Marathon3.69.611 Jun 17
Mar4:42:14Gin Pit Marathon Day 11.52.719 Mar 16
Mar5:58:04Cornish Marathon2.910.220 Nov 16
Mar6:24:48World Cup Anniversary Marathon6.08.230 Jul 16
Mar5:41:00Brathay Windermere Marathon3.87.822 May 16
Mar5:52:06Fireworks Enigma Marathon Day 21.411.26 Nov 16
Mar4:33:08Kielder Marathon3.84.65 Oct 14
Mar4:40:12Virgin London Marathon0.88.726 Apr 15
Mar4:58:50Enigma Back to Front Marathon (Morning)1.510.720 Jun 15
Mar4:20:58Flying Fox Marathon2.04.325 May 14
5M38:37National Lottery Anniversary Run 51.7-6.921 Jul 13
Mar4:51:19ASICS Greater Manchester Marathon0.410.819 Apr 15
Mar4:36:52Brathay Windermere Marathon3.65.418 May 14
HM2:05:00Torbay Half Marathon1.85.029 Jun 14
Mar4:53:11Kent Coastal Marathon3.67.87 Sep 14
Mar5:06:15Enigma Bletchley Marathon1.511.73 Apr 15
Mar5:09:26Brighton Marathon1.612.112 Apr 15
Mar6:01:36New Forest Marathon4.08.613 Sep 15
Mar4:52:35Brighton Marathon1.40.018 Apr 10
HM2:09:49Truro Half Marathon0.8-3.719 Sep 10
HM2:13:28Eden Project Half Marathon3.0-4.710 Oct 10
HM2:04:27John Austin Half Marathon1.0-5.713 Mar 11
HM2:03:23Taunton Half Marathon0.4-5.53 Apr 11
Mar5:05:32Virgin London Marathon1.55.417 Apr 11
HM2:06:51Great West Half Marathon0.90.31 May 11
Mar5:08:28Brathay Windermere Marathon3.04.322 May 11
HM2:07:58Plymouth Half Marathon0.61.029 May 11
HM2:03:01Torbay Half Marathon0.8-0.919 Jun 11
Mar4:54:20Robin Hood Marathon3.02.511 Sep 11
HM2:08:01Truro Half Marathon1.30.518 Sep 11
Mar5:01:21New Forest Marathon3.23.325 Sep 11
Mar5:05:01Cornish Marathon3.23.820 Nov 11
Mar4:37:36Gloucester Marathon2.20.822 Jan 12
Mar4:41:30Brighton Marathon1.62.015 Apr 12
Mar4:59:32Milton Keynes Marathon2.93.329 Apr 12
HM2:00:33Torbay Half Marathon0.9-1.824 Jun 12
Mar4:28:19Boddington Marathon1.80.61 Jul 12
Mar6:54:19Cheddar Gorge Marathon5.011.79 Sep 12
Mar5:30:22Enigma Staffordshire Trail Marathon Day One1.59.531 Oct 12
Mar4:54:26Cornish Marathon3.03.418 Nov 12
Mar5:16:14Christmas Enigma Double Marathon (Day 1)0.88.515 Dec 12
Mar5:30:22Christmas Enigma Double Marathon (Day 2)1.010.016 Dec 12
Mar5:06:54Enigma Quadzilla Day 11.56.67 Feb 13
Mar5:28:07Enigma Quadzilla Day 21.59.28 Feb 13
Mar5:34:05Enigma Quadzilla Day 33.08.49 Feb 13
Mar5:02:32Enigma Quadzilla Day 41.56.110 Feb 13
Mar4:47:58Duchy Marathon2.23.33 Mar 13
Mar4:58:44Brathay Windermere Marathon2.84.219 May 13
Mar6:05:07Enigma Back to Front Marathon - Front1.512.522 Jun 13
Mar5:20:49Enigma Back to Front Marathon - Back1.58.422 Jun 13
Mar5:25:27Summer Enigma Triple Crown Reverse Marathon1.58.97 Jul 13
Mar4:38:28Chester Marathon1.67.66 Oct 13
Mar4:46:56Enigma 3 Lakes Challenge Day 31.59.031 Oct 13
Mar4:37:02Enigma Buff Furzton Marathon1.57.515 Jan 14
Mar4:49:51Buff Enigma Quadzilla1.59.46 Feb 14
Mar5:26:23Buff Enigma Quadzilla0.415.37 Feb 14
Mar5:28:32Buff Enigma Quadzilla1.514.58 Feb 14
Mar5:31:25Buff Enigma Quadzilla1.514.89 Feb 14
Mar4:50:15Summer Enigma Running Festival1.59.55 Jul 14
Mar5:18:52Enigma Reverse Marathons1.513.430 Aug 14
Mar5:53:08Enigma Reverse Marathons1.516.831 Aug 14
50M12:36:22Round Rotherham 501.516.818 Oct 14
Mar5:23:55Enigma Fireworks Marathon Day 11.514.08 Nov 14
Mar5:24:47Enigma Quadzilla Day 11.514.15 Feb 15
Mar5:58:59Enigma Quadzilla Day 21.517.36 Feb 15
Mar5:44:23Enigma Quadzilla Day 31.516.17 Feb 15
Mar5:51:23Enigma Quadzilla Day 41.516.78 Feb 15
Mar5:25:55Gin Pit Marathon Day 11.514.221 Mar 15
Mar6:28:28Super Hero Marathon1.518.521 Jun 15
Mar5:50:01Enigma Shaken But Not Stirred Marathon1.510.230 Aug 15

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6H42.49Cream Tea Caper 6-Hour (Day 1)15 Sep 18
6H42.48Cream Tea Caper 6-Hour (Day 2)16 Sep 18