Alan Haresnape
100 Marathon Club
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Every Wednesday, until September, one runner, drawn at random, who improves their handicap since last week and clicks their clock will win a prize.

 Rewards Running 2022 competition runs until September 2022

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Time  Hrs  Mins  Secs

HM1:42:48Reading Half Marathon0.7-0.214 Apr 24+1
20M2:49:52Bramley 10 / 202.31.411 Feb 24+2
HM1:47:28Saturn - The Spring time Turner10.0-10.326 Mar 22+3
Mar3:53:18PHOENIX Fridays - Intergalactic Friday6.0-1.225 Nov 22+4
HM1:41:33Reading Half Marathon0.60.52 Apr 23+5
HM1:49:16PHOENIX - Titanic Run1.52.815 Jul 23
Mar3:57:10Saturn Running - The One Where No Ones Ready to Run4.21.326 Feb 23
Mar4:47:43Hampshire Hoppit Half Marathon / Marathon9.84.318 Jun 23
Mar4:12:01PHOENIX - The Intrepid Scroll1.56.729 Mar 24
Mar3:46:00The Yellow Brick Run10.0-12.63 Apr 21
Mar4:18:56PHOENIX Fridays - Christmas Jumper Friday7.22.29 Dec 22
Mar4:18:03PHOENIX - The Indomitable Scroll1.57.830 Mar 24
Mar3:51:36Saturn Running - The Rocky Horror Picture Run10.0-11.58 May 21
Mar3:28:52Therme Manchester Marathon0.9-4.73 Apr 22
Mar3:56:28Saturn Running - Runners Memorial Run10.0-10.68 Aug 21
Mar4:16:43Larmer Marathon10.0-4.86 Mar 22
Mar4:13:31Saturn Running - Vamos Run1.57.03 Jun 23
Mar4:28:47Giants Head Marathon10.01.126 Jun 22
Mar4:26:17Saturn Running - The Flying S Run10.00.722 May 22
Mar4:27:08PHOENIX - The Invincible Scroll1.59.31 Apr 24
Mar3:55:34Phoenix Excalibur Twelve 6-Hour10.0-10.321 Dec 19
Mar4:17:49The 2022 New Years Hangover Cure Run10.0-4.61 Jan 22
Mar3:41:06Phoenix - Twelve in Twelve1.51.017 Apr 22
Mar3:46:54Double Rock Weekend Runs n Roses (Day 1)6.6-9.017 Apr 21
Mar3:58:51PHOENIX - SG-100 Cathy's 100th8.6-8.718 Apr 21
Mar3:43:53Saturn Running Lost Runs 7-Hour5.6-8.115 Mar 20
Mar4:09:24Phoenix - One Run the Elven Red10.0-8.229 May 21
Mar3:44:06Phoenix - Runificent1.0-1.812 Feb 22
Mar4:06:03Saturn Running The Run Before Christmas 7-Hour10.0-8.47 Dec 19
Mar4:14:21Phoenix PRDNDTS Run 6-Hour10.0-6.99 Feb 20
Mar3:48:05Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon3.10.024 Oct 21
Mar4:23:13QE Spring Half Marathon / Marathon10.0-5.417 Oct 20
50K5:01:37Round Reading 50K7.0-5.331 Jul 21
Mar3:49:31Saturn Running Rejected Run Home Run 7-Hour4.4-5.831 Jan 20
Mar3:56:40April Fools' Challenge5.2-5.71 Apr 21
Mar3:39:35Saturn Running - Run To Infinity & Beyond 21.5-5.34 Jul 21
Mar4:00:55Saturn Running Frozen A-RUNdelle 7-Hour7.0-6.324 Nov 19
Mar4:24:15PHOENIX - Skull Runner9.4-5.031 Oct 20
Mar3:57:00Phoenix Hercules One 6-Hour5.0-5.026 Jan 20
Mar4:13:14Phoenix Running Man9.4-6.519 Oct 19
421953:45:58Phoenix Track Wars2.0-4.113 Mar 20
Mar4:13:40Phoenix - Wrath of Poseidon7.0-4.46 Jun 21
Mar3:45:20Midweek Chasing Numbers - The S Run Rerun1.5-4.230 Apr 21
Mar4:04:37Phoenix 100 Marathon Club AGM Marathon4.4-3.022 Feb 20
Mar4:16:47The Hampshire Hoppit Marathon6.0-2.920 Jun 21
50M15:16:39Pennine Barrier 5010.015.64 May 24
10K48:53Highclere Castle Challenge 10K4.4-6.222 Sep 19
Mar4:04:45Phoenix - Remembrance Day Marathon & Half1.61.514 Nov 21
Mar4:04:57The Big Run Theory1.51.719 Nov 21
50M10:38:19Manchester to Liverpool 501.414.18 Apr 23
Mar4:22:20Richmond Park Marathon5.0-1.026 Sep 21
Mar3:54:10Liverbird Marathon Double (Day 2)1.8-2.41 Jan 20
Mar3:57:58Saturn Running I Run And I Know Things 7-Hour1.5-1.31 Mar 20
Mar3:58:48Saturn Running - The Cheeky Little Christmas Pop-Up Run1.5-1.618 Dec 20
Mar3:58:53Phoenix Zeus & the Thunderbolt 6-Hour1.5-1.219 Jan 20
Mar4:53:25Larmer Marathon10.0-0.68 Mar 20
Mar3:59:18Phoenix One Run to Rule Them All - The Elven Blue Run 6-Hour1.5-1.18 Feb 20
Mar4:12:41Phoenix - Ghost Train1.53.030 Oct 21
Mar3:52:53Liverbird Marathon Double (Day 1)0.2-1.031 Dec 19
Mar4:11:52Saturn - The 100 Marathon Club AGM Marathon1.40.84 Sep 21
Mar4:12:04Phoenix Day and Knight Excalibur Four 6-Hour7.8-5.16 Apr 19
Mar4:22:49Phoenix - God of Thunder4.00.15 Jun 21
Mar4:19:31Saturn - The Day After The Day Before George's Birthday Run1.50.015 Oct 21
Mar4:16:20Phoenix Remembrance Day Marathon4.4-0.910 Nov 19
Mar4:04:26ASICS Windermere Marathon4.6-3.319 May 19
Mar3:59:29BMW Berlin Marathon0.9-0.529 Sep 19
Mar4:17:26Saturn Running Midweek Trolls Challenge 7-Hour1.52.121 Feb 20
50K6:58:04Round Reading 50K7.413.730 Jul 22
Mar4:09:58Saturn Running Despicable Run 7-Hour5.6-3.323 Mar 19
Mar4:07:01PHOENIX Di-PLOD-ocus 6-Hour3.8-2.017 Apr 19
Mar4:40:06Bournemouth Marathon Festival Marathon3.63.86 Oct 19
Mar5:23:51Crafty Fox Marathon10.03.47 Sep 19
Mar3:57:08Abingdon Marathon1.0-5.021 Oct 18
Mar4:12:17Phoenix Excalibur Two 6-Hour1.51.221 Feb 19
50K6:49:45Run To The Sea 50K5.20.016 Oct 21
50K6:48:59Round Reading 50K6.28.61 Aug 20
Mar4:09:25Running Miles at Dorney Lake 6-Hour4.20.04 Mar 18
Mar4:19:42ABP Southampton Marathon4.40.022 Apr 18
Mar5:05:29Rock 'n' Roll Liverpool Marathon3.08.126 May 19
Mar5:58:00Bath Two Tunnels Marathon5.611.018 Aug 19
Mar5:04:56MK Marathon Weekend Marathon1.99.16 May 19
Mar5:34:25MK Marathon Weekend Marathon5.35.27 May 18
HM98:26Sweatshop Reading Half Marathon0.70.021 Mar 10
HM99:03Reading Half Marathon0.10.01 Apr 12
5.3M41:35Chieveley Chase May 12
HM1:40:37Bupa Great North Run0.20.516 Sep 12
10M76:25Bupa Great South Run 100.30.928 Oct 12
HM1:40:43Reading Half Marathon0.30.417 Mar 13

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12H42Ox Frolic11 May 19
8H42.84Cider Sessions16 Jul 21
7H31.7Phoenix - Rhino Run19 Mar 22
12H42.1Ox Frolic7 May 22