North West 5K Grand Prix External Results
3 May 14
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:26   Chris Prior PBV35MSalford H15:2615:262.1 
216:22   Mark Clair PBSENMKnowsley16:2216:061.1 
316:39   Peter Green SBV35MKnowsley16:3916:285.7 
417:29   Ashley Crawford  SENMSperrin16:4416:441.5 
517:51   Kevin Brennan PBV45MSt. Helens Striders17:2617:265.6 
618:00   Andrew Heys PBSENMBlackburn18:0018:009.3 
718:05   Chris Marshall SBV45MChester TC18:0517:256.4 
818:11   Max De Salis  V40MUnattached17:5517:5418.2 
918:15   Steve Lewis SBV35MSouthport Waterloo18:1518:0512.5 
1018:21   Rob Supria SENM     
1118:22   Steve McLean SBV50MSouthport Waterloo18:2217:4010.6 
1218:22   Roger Parkinson V35M     
1318:33   Lawrence Eccles  SENMPenny Lane17:3716:590.6 
1418:34   Tony Morgan PBV45MKnowsley18:3018:3031.6 
1518:59   Mike Coogan  V40MEast Cheshire18:3118:3131.4 
1619:05   Peter Fairclough PBSENMSt. Helens Striders17:3216:360.9 
1719:06   Andrew Keeley  V50MPenny Lane18:4418:446.1 
1819:12   Ivan Davies PBV35MHelsby RC19:0219:0221.9 
1919:14   Daniel Connell PBSENMPenny Lane19:1419:1436.0 
2019:16   Clare Constable SBV40WSouthport Waterloo19:1619:055.6 
2119:19   Paul D Cain SBV45MSouthport Waterloo19:1918:4627.9 
2219:25   Tom Dejong U20MHelsby    
2319:25   Paul Demore  V45MSt. Helens Striders18:1218:125.8 
2419:34   Stephen McNicholas  V45MPenny Lane19:1417:216.2 
2519:36   Tony Metcalfe V60MMossley Hill    
2619:37   Andrew Leslie PBSENMPenny Lane19:2018:003.6 
2719:41   Andrew Cass V40M     
2819:43   Andrew Biddle SBV35MPenny Lane/Unattached19:4318:346.1 
2919:53   Rachael Fairclough  SENWSt. Helens Striders/St Helens Tri19:3418:545.8 
3020:07   Chris Falls SBV35MSt. Helens Striders20:0719:489.6 
3120:07   David Meskell V50M     
3220:15   Daniel Pennington U20M     
3320:17   Robert Wood  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:2819:237.7 
3420:30   Tracey Allan  SENWSouthport Waterloo19:5518:556.1 
3520:31   April Morgan  V45WKnowsley20:0920:0926.3 
3620:48   Jim Savage SBV35MKnowsley20:4818:0415.9 
3720:58   Amy Bolton PBSENWWirral20:5820:5835.2 
3820:59   David Madders SBV40MHelsby RC20:0820:0820.4 
3921:11   Joanne Lacking PBSENWHelsby RC20:0919:2320.8 
4021:12   Julie Pennington PBV45WSt. Helens Sutton21:1221:1235.8 
4121:15   Pauline Horsfall PBV55WSt. Helens Striders21:1521:1512.5 
4221:21   Dave Pinnington SBV50MPenny Lane21:2120:0611.8 
4321:28   Dave Tomkins SBV65MNorthern Masters/Lonely Goat RC/Warrington AC21:2820:2417.8 
4421:36   Paul Williams V50MKnowsley Harriers Ac    
4521:55   Fiona Dutton  SENWPenny Lane21:0820:0831.0 
4621:58   Sue Cooper  V60WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters21:5619:1715.5 
4722:07   Les Woods SBV55MKnowsley22:0721:4024.9 
4822:10   Savannah Morgan PBU15WKnowsley/St Helens Tri22:1022:1036.0 
4922:17   Martin Farrar PBV45MSt. Helens Striders22:1722:1716.2 
5022:23   Lewis Shaw SENMKnowsley Harriers Ac    
5122:30   Mark Wilson V40M     
5222:31   Justine Moore PBV40WKnowsley21:5021:1010.2 
5323:13   Paula Dixon PBSENWMossley Hill23:1323:0118.7 
5423:34   Geoff Beattie  V60MSale Harriers Manchester22:4620:4415.9 
5523:44   Lee Melvin V40M     
5623:44   Sam Tiger  V35WMossley Hill23:2021:3935.9 
5723:55   Jessica Peters PBSENWUnattached23:5523:5536.0 
5824:15   John Kirk PBV65MNorthern Masters23:5623:5635.7 
5924:21   James Connor V35M     
6024:30   Sian Robinson PBV45WWidnes Wasps/Belfast RC24:3024:3033.3 
6124:49   Samuel Cain PBU13MSouthport Waterloo24:4921:1524.0 
6224:51   Helen Lodge  V45WSouthport Waterloo23:3623:2516.4 
6324:55   Linda Moore PBV50WWidnes Wasps24:5524:5524.4 
6424:57   Sam Darby  V55MPenny Lane24:1522:4120.6 
6525:01   Michelle Kelly  V55WPenny Lane24:0524:0521.7 
6625:09   John Kelly  V50MPenny Lane20:5619:4120.3 
6725:18   Joanne Keogh  V35WSt. Helens Striders24:5224:5221.2 
6826:05   Ronnie Thomson V60M     
6926:13   Louise Simpson T11/F11 PBSENWSouthend/Barking26:1326:1326.1 
7026:13   Mike Leatherbarrow V35M     
7126:15   Jane Nicholson V50W     
7226:16   Donna Girvan PBSENWWarrington RR26:1626:1636.0 
7326:28   Catherine Rigby PBV45WMossley Hill26:2823:3623.6 
7426:45   Lauren Mcnicholas SENW     
7526:57   Nicola Howarth  V40WSt. Helens Striders24:4324:1023.5 
7627:14   Liz Simpson SBV65WPenny Lane27:1425:4023.6 
7727:45   Sarah Waters PBV40WUnattached27:4527:4525.4 
7828:02   Michelle Williams SBV45WMossley Hill28:0226:4433.8 
7928:04   Vicky Unsworth  SENWLiverpool H22:4719:045.1 
8028:27   Reg Armstrong PBV70MPenny Lane28:2728:2731.1 
8128:59   Patrick Henley SBV65MLiverpool H26:5723:3836.0 
8229:18   Derek Hughes SBV60MKnowsley28:1924:4328.2 
8329:46   Victoria Kehoe SBV40WSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton29:4629:1736.0 
8431:25   Darren Finnegan  V40MKnowsley30:2229:4725.5 
8531:40   Ann Green V50W