Wessex League External Results
29 Sep 13
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
129:16Andrew Ridley V45MPoole AC-0.3 
229:45Niall Laming U23MRoyal Manor of Portland4.8 
329:54Joseph Arundel U17MBournemouth3.0 
429:58Rob McTaggart SENMBournemouth-3.2 
530:10Ben Renshaw SENMBridport-0.3 
630:31James Share U23MPoole Runners-2.5 
730:39Stephen Wyatt V45MWimborne8.9 
831:00Simon O'Herlihy V40MPoole AC7.4 
931:56Ian Luke V35MPoole Runners5.1 
1032:11Franklyn Young V50MWinchester/South West Vets5.3 
1132:21Nigel RogersonV40MPoole Ac  
1232:24Matthew East V40MPoole Runners/Army6.9 
1332:27Ed Gibbs V35MYeovil Town6.8 
1432:31David CrossSENMPoole Runners  
1532:35Neil Biss V35MWells City/Yeovil Town4.7 
1632:35Tim Hawkins V40MWells City7.4 
1732:50Ian Humphreys V50MMendip/Poole Runners13.0 
1832:51Mark Copeland V45MWimborne7.5 
1933:23Marcos SanzSENMPoole Ac  
2033:43Simon Hayter V55MPoole Runners13.1 
2134:07Iain Donnelly V40MTorbay35.7 
2234:15Hugh Hood V45MPoole AC28.6 
2334:28Jonathan Sutcliffe V40MBridport31.7 
2434:45Clint CormickSENMDorchester & Weymouth  
2534:51Stephen Horton V50MPoole AC23.0 
2634:58Mike Cure V45MPoole AC/New Forest Runners5.8 
2735:00Nick Ireland V45MDorchester40.2 
2835:03Stuart LittleV55MWimborne Ac  
2935:12Alan Lewis V60MPoole Runners13.6 
3035:15Peter Kingswell-Farr V45MWimborne9.4 
3135:29Pete Jakeman V60MYeovil Town22.4 
3235:36Matt Driver V45MYeovil Town12.8 
3335:41Jonathan Rowe V40MWells City22.2 
3435:48Brendan Kirkton U17MBournemouth39.0 
3536:32Clive Whaley V50MBridport14.4 
3636:33Bradley Moore U20MCity of Portsmouth34.8 
3737:20Stephen Torrance V50MWinchester14.0 
3837:31Richard House V45MWimborne13.6 
3937:34Nigel Furness V50MDorchester23.0 
4037:42Norman Wiggins V65MBridport14.0 
4138:09Jason Freshwater SENMPoole AC44.9 
4238:32Stephen Cook V40MPoole Runners1.7 
4339:04Richard Saunders V45MPoole AC17.8 
4439:13Nigel Moysey V60MYeovil Town43.4 
4539:15Daryl Davies SENMWimborne7.2 
4639:38Bob FramptonV50MPoole Runners  
4740:13Richard Davies V45MWimborne16.8 
4841:14Paul G Hine V50MWimborne37.5 
4941:59Glyn Davies V60MWimborne16.3 
5042:04Leslie Hawkins V65MBridport29.7 
5142:38Nigel Harding V55MPoole AC21.3 
5243:42Peter Barrie Blackmore V65MBridport  
5343:55Peter Cornes V45MPoole AC25.1 
5446:42Pete Clarke V65MWeymouth/South West Vets23.3 
5547:41Phil LastV50MDorchester & Weymouth  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:31Jason Sotheran U15MWimborne23.8 
215:43Fergus Johnson U17MDorchester-0.7 
315:52Ryan Walbridge U17MWimborne15.4 
416:39Liam Ackerman U17MDorchester39.6 
516:39Matt Lay U15MPoole AC11.7 
617:10Josh Downie U17MWimborne41.4 
717:44Tom East U17MPoole Runners5.4 
818:02Niall Instone U15MPoole AC8.5 
918:24Jonathan GreenwoodU17MWells City Harriers  
1018:50Matthew Cornes U17MPoole AC32.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:47Sam Brown Araujo U15MPoole Runners-2.4 
210:53Piers Copeland U15MWimborne-6.4 
311:13Ashley Parker U15MPoole AC26.2 
411:20Tom Freeman U15MPoole AC21.8 
511:23Alex Forster U13MNew Forest Junior9.9 
611:24Dominic Willmore U13MPoole Runners-2.0 
711:37Oscar Ginn U15MWinchester54.0 
811:48Michael Biss U15MWells City/Yeovil-0.2 
912:06Joseph Miles U15MWimborne24.8 
1012:14Matthew Yates U13MWimborne11.8 
1112:22James Millyard U15MNew Forest Junior50.0 
1212:31Matthew Gerrish U15MNew Forest Junior27.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:55Liam Murphy-Parry U13MWimborne23.3 
29:57Harry Moore U13MCity of Portsmouth18.0 
310:10Elliott Symes U13MWimborne11.7 
410:23Ben Wedlake U13MPoole Runners38.4 
510:34Oliver Howse U13MPoole Runners36.5 
610:38Harry Parkinson U13MWinchester33.8 
710:42James Baxter U13MWinchester/Hampshire Schs45.2 
810:43Luke Macpherson U13MWells City/Yeovil15.9 
910:48Adam Sandison U13MSouthampton4.0 
1010:55Joe Hoff U13MWinchester20.8 
1110:55Tomas Rhodes U13MPoole AC44.2 
1210:59Mathew James U13MNew Forest Junior6.7 
1311:03Ben Bowles U13MSouthampton23.7 
1411:05Max Satterly U13MLordshill/Southampton3.9 
1511:07Fred Harris U13MPoole AC34.2 
1611:12Tom Morrison U13MWimborne39.5 
1711:18Ben Schofield U13MSouthampton41.9 
1811:23Owen Phillips U13MNew Forest Junior52.3 
1911:30Ryan Purse U13MWeymouth29.4 
2011:34Benjamin Aspin U13MWinchester22.7 
2111:40Josh Jack U13MPoole Runners5.3 
2211:40Max Freeman U13MPoole AC4.0 
2311:42Owen Silcox U13MPoole Runners33.8 
2412:01Jessica Bourne U13WWimborne28.9 
2512:04Robert Hughes U13MWimborne18.4 
2612:05Nathaniel Willmore U13MPoole Runners1.7 
2712:34Daniel Hoiles U13MSouthampton46.7 
2812:58Adam Booth U13MPoole AC3.2 
2913:00Samuel Caplen U13MNew Forest Junior46.1 
3013:31George Biss U13MWells City/Yeovil Town7.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:40Ryan Symington U11MPoole Runners-0.5 
26:53Max Meadwell U13MWimborne9.7 
36:58Thomas Farwell U11MBournemouth0.3 
46:59Billy RichardsonU11MNew Forest Runners  
57:02Sean Harnett U11MNew Forest Runners6.3 
67:09Robert Jones U11MNew Forest Junior0.7 
77:11Callum Olden U11MNew Forest Runners1.7 
87:29Thomas Hockley U11MNew Forest Junior28.0 
97:36Josh Smith U11MPoole Runners-1.4 
107:43Jordan McGregor U11MWimborne28.5 
117:45Oliver Thatcher U13MSouthampton5.7 
127:46Liam Nixon U11MPoole Runners14.2 
137:47Oliver Herbert U11MNew Forest Runners29.8 
147:49Ben Butcher U11MWimborne16.3 
157:52Benjamin Vaughan U11MSouthampton17.8 
167:53Matthew Lissenburg U11MPoole AC16.3 
177:54Iwan Wrey Brown U11MWinchester25.5 
187:55Derry Sowinski-Brown U11MWimborne42.0 
198:00Thomas Forster U11MNew Forest Junior10.6 
208:02Charles Davies U11MWimborne2.5 
218:06Cameron Corbin U11MPoole AC8.1 
228:12Zach Soutine U11MPoole Runners  
238:18Thomas Macfadyen U11MSouthampton  
248:20Joel Green U11MWimborne3.4 
258:22George BartlamU11MNew Forest Juniors  
268:27Tomas Popowicz U11MWinchester31.9 
288:32Edward BirdU11MPoole Runners  
298:34Callum Gregson U11MSouthampton9.7 
308:35Sam Schofield U11MSouthampton  
318:42Joel Bibby U11MPoole AC22.2 
328:56James Whiffin U11MSouthampton  
338:57Nathan Gerrish U11MNew Forest Junior37.3 
349:01George WoodU11MPoole Ac  
359:08David Aspin U11MWinchester39.8 
369:33Harrison BellU11MNew Forest Juniors  
379:58Khalid ElsheilehU11MWinchester & District Ac  
3810:00Luke JonesU11MWinchester & District Ac  
3910:01Sonny Quayle U11MWinchester  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
125:02Jennifer McLachlan U20WWinchester/Bournemouth Uni/Poole AC16.3 
226:50Samantha Parkinson V40WWinchester6.8 
327:18Louella O'Herlihy V40WPoole AC14.1 
429:38Frances JohnsonSENWDorchester & Weymouth  
530:10Jane Neal V55WPoole AC14.8 
630:35Helen Ambrosen V55WBournemouth15.6 
730:58Helen Edbrooke V45WWimborne21.8 
830:59Emily Fort U23WYeovil Town43.4 
932:39Victoria Ackerman SENWBridport16.0 
1033:20Mel Carroll V45WPoole Runners15.3 
1133:53Claire Scammell V35WWimborne20.6 
1235:07Marion Frampton V50WPoole Runners24.0 
1336:27Aimee Deeney SENWYeovil Town37.8 
1436:37Angela Brown V40WPoole Runners29.1 
1537:46Maureen WakelingV45WDorchester & Weymouth  
1638:12Jane Chandler V55WPoole Runners26.5 
1738:51Lesley Davies V50WWimborne27.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:00Elisabeth Hood U15WPoole AC26.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:22Grace Copeland U13WWimborne1.1 
212:00Aiste Razmaite U15WPoole AC/Leicester Uni8.8 
312:33Shelby Cross U13WDorchester36.8 
412:36Holly Collier U15WNew Forest Runners3.6 
512:46Abigail Rutter U13WPoole AC25.3 
612:59Flora Johnson U15WDorchester7.1 
713:04Amelia Davis U13WPoole AC34.1 
813:23Lucy Anderson U13WPoole Runners41.6 
913:43Macy Godden U13WPoole AC43.1 
1013:45Jessica Warwick U13WNew Forest Junior28.8 
1113:48Anna Reavey U15WSouthampton13.3 
1213:52Louise Cole U13WNew Forest Junior29.0 
1313:54Amy Barlow U13WMendip41.7 
1413:57Louise Ridgley U13WNew Forest Junior35.6 
1514:13Olivia Snellgrove U13WNew Forest Runners46.6 
1614:57Hannah Ingram U13WNew Forest Junior24.3 
1715:15Pippa Hine U13WWimborne48.1 
1816:36Lisa Henderson U13WWimborne53.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:48Isabel Richardson U11WNew Forest Junior11.4 
211:42Holly Earley U13WPoole AC/Poole Runners29.6 
311:47Grace Reavey U13WSouthampton28.7 
411:50Katie Corbin U13WPoole AC38.6 
511:53Bethanie Kingswell-Farr U13WWimborne15.7 
611:55Lita Short U13WPoole Runners10.0 
711:58Poppy Wright U13WSouthampton25.6 
812:20Jemima Weston U13WWinchester40.5 
912:22Kate StangerU13W   
1012:30Hannah Fairchild U13WWimborne21.3 
1112:30Daisy GallimoreU13W   
1212:36Phoebe Moriarty-Palios U13WSouthampton15.8 
1312:39Holly Snellgrove U13WNew Forest Runners37.6 
1412:45Polly SandersonU13WSouthampton Ac  
1512:57Emily Jeffries U13WPoole AC20.4 
1612:59Lucy Moore U13WCity of Portsmouth37.2 
1713:04Yasmine ElsheilehU13WWinchester & District Ac  
1813:09Isabelle Kingswell-Farr U13WWimborne20.6 
1913:09Phoebe LoweU13WNew Forest Runners  
2013:10Fern Morrison U13WWimborne43.5 
2113:26Lara Goldsmith U13WWinchester52.7 
2213:27Alice Orr U13WSouthampton53.9 
2313:27Izzy BennettU13WSouthampton Ac  
2413:58Elise Gill U13WWimborne36.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:59Hannah Sheridan U13WMendip/Langport35.6 
27:16Elizabeth Adamson U11WSouthampton23.7 
37:21Abbie Lovering U11WWimborne13.9 
47:32Maddy JohnsonU11WDorchester & Weymouth  
57:33Chloe Fleming U11WWimborne  
67:38Grace Griffiths U11WSouthampton28.2 
77:38Ellie Sproul U13WSouthampton22.2 
87:50Isabelle Robinson U11WWinchester29.3 
97:51Ashia Wilson U11WPoole AC4.4 
108:01Abigail Warrington U11WSouthampton28.4 
118:08Olivia Reavey U11WSouthampton14.0 
128:10Amelia Fumpston U11WPoole Runners39.8 
138:12Fern Kimber U11WPoole Runners6.8 
148:13Iona Morley U11WWinchester30.9 
158:19Libby Howse U11WPoole Runners27.3 
168:23Aisling Dunne U13WWinchester6.4 
178:24Fenella Weston U11WWinchester31.6 
188:27Lilly Jones U11WNew Forest Junior7.0 
278:27Jamie WoodU11WPoole Ac  
198:33Lily GallimoreU11W   
208:40Ella Mae Popowicz U11WWinchester48.8 
218:43Sophie Torrance U11WWinchester20.3 
228:44Ava Keay U11WWimborne54.0 
238:44Gemma WyattU11WDorchester & Weymouth  
248:46Natalya Smith U11WNew Forest Junior7.2 
259:02Indy Silcox U11WPoole Runners54.0 
269:05Shannon McCoashU11WSouthampton Ac  
279:06Jessica Charlie Bennett U11WSouthampton44.4 
289:17Jessica Higgins U11WSouthampton46.8 
299:33Abbi Slade U11WWimborne/Poole Runners23.7 
309:43Emily James U11WNew Forest Junior38.4 
319:48Charlotte Smith U11WPoole Runners14.8 
329:53Lucy Wilkinson U11WSouthampton54.0 
3310:57Rebecca Mitchell U11WSouthampton42.9 
3411:55Lucy Odell U11WSouthampton18.5