Blackheath V South London Harriers Mob Match External Results
15 Mar 14
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
148:13Gary Laybourne SENMSouth London-4.2 
248:23Brendan MurphySENMSLH  
348:48Gareth Evans V35MBlackheath & Bromley1.6 
449:56Kevin May V45MBlackheath & Bromley22.6 
550:49Neil Reissland V45MCollingwood1.3 
650:56Robert Knight SENMCollingwood/South London0.5 
751:15Robert Drake SENMSouth London-1.4 
851:32Daniel Gillett V40MSouth London3.2 
952:10Jim Burdett V45MSouth London9.6 
1052:55Joe Lyne U17MSouth London/Trafford1.7 
1153:11Stuart SerleSENMSLH  
1254:36Andy Collins V45MSouth London7.5 
1355:32Alex Halpin V40MSouth London39.0 
1455:38Paul Mitchell V50MSouth London7.7 
1555:50David Baker V45MSouth London5.6 
1656:01Tom Desborough U17MBlackheath & Bromley-1.4 
1756:03David Ogden V50MSouth London2.5 
1856:06Andy Tucker V45MBlackheath & Bromley12.2 
1956:12John Foss V55MSouth London6.6 
2056:13John Mackay SENMSouth London28.3 
2156:22David Beadle V45MBlackheath & Bromley6.9 
2256:43Graham Hollingdale SENMBlackheath & Bromley/Ravens City of London10.6 
2357:01Ian Montgomery V45MBlackheath & Bromley10.2 
2457:11Robin Dow V40MSouth London16.8 
2557:22Ross Gentry SENMSouth London6.3 
2657:40Patrick Bew U17MSouth London1.7 
2757:50Steve Pairman V50MBlackheath & Bromley6.5 
2858:07Ruth Hutton V45WSouth London6.6 
2958:14Barry AtwellSENMSLH  
3058:46Alexis Tobin V40MBlackheath & Bromley/Ireland10.7 
3158:54Stephen Vincent V45MSouth London10.3 
3259:09Stephen Clancey V40MSouth London11.5 
3359:18Mark Watling V55MBlackheath & Bromley38.9 
3459:34Nigel Haffenden V45MBlackheath & Bromley8.0 
3559:54Mark Ellison V50MBlackheath & Bromley11.5 
3660:01Simon LloydSENMBBHAC  
3760:25Andy Davis V40MSouth London13.0 
3860:29Nicolas Corry V40MBlackheath & Bromley13.6 
3960:37Carole Coulon V35WBlackheath & Bromley/France7.0 
4061:01Steve Collins V35MSouth London7.5 
4161:05Graham Coates V60MBlackheath & Bromley18.2 
4261:46Adrian Stocks V40MBlackheath & Bromley8.6 
4361:53Matthew Saunders V55MSouth London12.1 
4461:57Caroline Cattini V35WSouth London11.6 
4562:05Natalie Gentry SENWSouth London11.0 
4662:48Ed Thruston SENMSouth London48.8 
4762:57Sarah Belaon SENWBlackheath & Bromley/Benfleet12.9 
4863:23Ben Hieatt-Smith SENMSouth London12.0 
4963:33Nigel Bush V55MSouth London29.9 
5063:40John Barlow V50MBlackheath & Bromley41.0 
5163:44Rosemary Ferguson V50WBlackheath & Bromley42.0 
5264:23Barry Wetherilt V55MBlackheath & Bromley12.1 
5364:24Chris Pike V60MBlackheath & Bromley16.2 
5464:49John Fenwick V65MBlackheath & Bromley23.0 
5565:04Tim Cooke V50MSouth London17.0 
5665:24Matthew Taylor V40MBlackheath & Bromley  
5765:42Jim Phelan V65MBlackheath & Bromley21.7 
5865:58Steve Rigby V50MSouth London17.7 
5966:25Toby Kent V45MSouth London9.5 
6066:39Rob Brown V60MBlackheath & Bromley9.9 
6166:43Paul Williams V60MSouth London/Wrekin25.8 
6266:46Sally Haffenden V40WBlackheath & Bromley9.3 
6366:47Jason Short V40MBlackheath & Bromley14.3 
6467:50Peter Emery V55MSouth London10.0 
6568:18David Dawson V55MSouth London48.0 
6668:23Gina Coulson V55WEpsom & Ewell15.5 
6768:49Anne Cilia V50WBlackheath & Bromley19.9 
6869:01David Leal V55MBlackheath & Bromley15.2 
6970:17Pam Iannella V55WSouth London13.2 
7070:54AN Other      
7171:12Ken Lee V65MSouth London22.9 
7272:10Neil Roberts V40MBlackheath & Bromley34.5 
7372:40Mike RichardsSENMBBHAC  
7477:02Scott Bulmer U15MBlackheath & Bromley24.3 
7577:04Nigel Bulmer V45MBlackheath & Bromley8.1 
7678:26Maureen Traynor V45WSouth London21.0 
7783:15Dick GriffinSENMBBHAC  
7883:51Cathy Messent V55WBlackheath & Bromley46.3 
79dnfCharlie Davis U15MBlackheath & Bromley-4.8