Sweatshop Southern Athletics League Division 2 S External Results
20 Apr 13
800 1500 3000 5000 

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800 SM A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
11:58.10Tom Cox PBU23MTonbridge1:54.561:54.564.8 
22:00.75Robert Macdonald SBU23MCambridge H/Brighton Uni2:00.751:59.3139.2 
32:16.01Soloman Lane  U20MAndover2:14.192:14.197.2 
800 SM B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:01.47Toby Ralph PBU17MTonbridge1:59.131:52.64-1.1 
22:08.18Stephen Ball  U17MCambridge H1:56.811:56.8127.6 
800 SM ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:12.99Ben Murphy PBU17MTonbridge2:07.351:48.84-4.9 
800 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:23.48Alice Wood SBU20WTonbridge2:22.482:21.574.0 
22:24.87Clare Elms  V45WDulwich/Blackheath & Bromley/Veterans2:17.812:15.502.1 
32:41.37Emma Jones  U17WAndover2:33.572:29.1641.0 
800 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:23.56Sian Driscoll  U17WTonbridge2:19.142:14.2222.3 
22:59.14Ella Neil SBU17WAndover2:59.142:40.551.0 
800 SW ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:32.1Emma Wood SBV40WTonbridge2:32.12:06.540.9 
1500 SM A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:06.01Luca Russo  U23MTonbridge/St. Mary's Uni3:52.793:46.478.3 
24:27.74Dimosthenis Evangelidis PBV35MBrighton & Hove/Greece4:27.744:27.74-2.1 
35:32.99Keiran Nicholls SBU17MAndover5:32.995:04.9834.3 
1500 SM B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:15.39Maximilian Nicholls  U20MTonbridge4:15.284:04.23-5.2 
24:39.62Phil McManus SBSENMBrighton & Hove/Loughborough Students4:39.624:31.73.2 
35:35.17AN Other SENMAnd/Over    
1500 SM ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:30.07Euan Nicholls SBU17MTonbridge4:19.524:10.550.2 
24:36.76Jordan Saul  U20MTonbridge4:26.614:22.596.0 
1500 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:56.30Clare Elms  V45WDulwich/Blackheath & Bromley/Veterans4:40.784:31.872.1 
25:00.43Nicola Wilkinson PBU20WTonbridge5:00.435:00.4318.9 
35:06.88Rachel Titheradge PBU23WBrighton & Hove5:03.25:03.217.5 
45:32.71Emma Jones  U17WAndover5:22.65:12.641.0 
1500 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:04.12Saffron Salih  U20WTonbridge5:01.834:52.4427.7 
25:24.25Katy Hedgethorne SBSENWBrighton & Hove/Cambridge Uni Hare & Hounds5:24.254:37.462.1 
35:29.96Nicola Richmond  V40WDulwich/Veterans/Cambridge H5:08.705:05.4312.4 
45:48.22Natalie Thomas SBSENWAndover5:48.225:15.67.0 
3000 SW A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
110:50.46Clare Elms  V45WDulwich/Blackheath & Bromley/Veterans10:04.929:49.952.1 
210:57.21Katy Hedgethorne SBSENWBrighton & Hove/Cambridge Uni Hare & Hounds10:57.219:36.842.1 
311:10.51Natalie Thomas SBSENWAndover11:10.5110:40.17.0 
3000 SW B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
111:43.99Nicola Richmond SBV40WDulwich/Veterans/Cambridge H11:43.9911:04.4312.4 
213:17.80Emma Leeson PBSENWBrighton & Hove13:17.8013:17.8010.1 
313:28.47Jessica Allison PBU20WAndover13:28.4713:28.4754.0 
5000 SM A
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:18.70Howard Bristow PBV35MBrighton & Hove/Thames Hare & Hounds15:10.214:38.19-1.7 
215:40.26Ben Shearer  V35MCambridge H15:38.715:05.19-3.2 
316:40.27Graeme Saker SBV50MTonbridge16:40.2716:13.14.4 
417:12.56Soloman Lane PBU20MAndover17:12.5617:12.567.2 
5000 SM B
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:48.27Dimosthenis Evangelidis PBV35MBrighton & Hove/Greece15:48.2715:48.27-2.1 
216:35.84James Gordon PBV35MCambridge H16:35.8416:18.525.1 
318:42.12David Willumsen PBV45MTonbridge18:42.1218:42.1240.1 
419:37.75Mark Neil PBV45MAndover19:37.7519:37.7530.1 
5000 SM ns
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:15.86Philip Caine PBSENMBrighton & Hove16:15.8616:15.8611.1 
217:30.08Rob Shearer SBSENMCambridge H17:30.0816:48.541.7