Dorset Schools' Championships External Results
17 Jan 13
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTBenedict Westhenry U20MWeymouth/Poole AC-1.5 
10NTAlex Brain U17MPoole Runners  
11NTW LyonsU20MDorset  
12NTJames Sewry U17MYeovil/Wells City11.5 
13NTDeclan Toth U17MPoole Runners28.4 
14NTPeter Horne U17MDorchester46.6 
15NTO BackhouseU20MDorset  
16NTA LesterU20MDorset  
17NTS ThompsonU20MDorset  
18NTM HenmanU20MDorset  
19NTH ChisholmU20MDorset  
2NTChristopher Perham U20MPoole AC-3.3 
20NTK Donnelly-LeachU20MDorset  
21NTE RareU20MDorset  
22NTR ChristopherU20MDorset  
23NTOliver Caudwell U20MDorset Schs2.5 
24NTM BorgliiU20MDorset  
25NTT HutchingsU20MDorset  
26NTJ LandymoreU20MDorset  
27NTD DochertyU20MDorset  
3NTDaniel Mulryan U17MPoole Runners-4.1 
4NTJoseph Arundel U17MBournemouth3.0 
5NTDavid Long U20MBournemouth-2.7 
6NTCallum Kennedy U20MWimborne23.1 
7NTH LaneU20MDorset  
8NTJoshua King U17MBournemouth0.5 
9NTJosh Nevin U17MBournemouth18.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTAndrew Smith U17MPoole Runners-1.0 
10NTK WellmanU17MDorset  
11NTOscar Esposti U17MPoole AC48.6 
12NTO ThomsonU17MDorset  
13NTJ MondinoU17MDorset  
14NTJ PerrinsU17MDorset  
15NTD TrickettU17MDorset  
16NTH RiddleU17MDorset  
17NTE HornU17MDorset  
18NTS CraneU17MDorset  
19NTF ReadU17MDorset  
2NTFergus Johnson U17MDorchester-0.7 
20NTB AsplenU17MDorset  
21NTM ChapmanU17MDorset  
22NTLewis Golden U15MBournemouth42.8 
23NTJ PorchU17MDorset  
24NTG HatchardU17MDorset  
25NTK ParrettU17MDorset  
26NTOliver Alder U17MDorset Schs42.1 
27NTM LayU17MDorset  
28NTMuiris Egan U17MBournemouth32.6 
29NTA NeildU17MDorset  
3NTJason Sotheran U15MWimborne23.8 
30NTS BakerU17MDorset  
31NTC Gridley U17MDorset Schs  
32NTJ DuganU17MDorset  
33NTA BalsomU17MDorset  
34NTR CarrU17MDorset  
35NTJ ClayU17MDorset  
36NTC GeorgeU17MDorset  
37NTC ParnellU17MDorset  
38NTJ HalliwellU17MDorset  
39NTH OsborneU17MDorset  
4NTRyan Walbridge U17MWimborne15.4 
40NTO PayneU17MDorset  
41NTM PearceU17MDorset  
42NTE WelchU17MDorset  
43NTA GuinnessU17MDorset  
44NTX NormanU17MDorset  
45NTL KentU17MDorset  
46NTJ SwaineU17MDorset  
47NTJ TollmanU17MDorset  
48NTL MarshU17MDorset  
49NTC JonesU17MDorset  
5NTJordan Symington U17MPoole Runners44.5 
50NTB BurbidgeU17MDorset  
51NTG SladeU17MDorset  
52NTJ GreenwoodU17MDorset  
53NTW BucktonU17MDorset  
54NTL CopardU17MDorset  
55NTH Helyar U17MDorset Schs  
56NTD Thomas-HillmanU17MDorset  
57NTT PringleU17MDorset  
58NTJ DuffyU17MDorset  
59NTD GulliverU17MDorset  
6NTCorrie Norton U17MBournemouth32.0 
60NTN WarrenU17MDorset  
61NTT RutlandU17MDorset  
62NTJ ArmstrongU17MDorset  
63NTA AlthamU17MDorset  
64NTR JohnsonU17MDorset  
65NTJ McseveneyU17MDorset  
66NTA BryantU17MDorset  
67NTB BychananU17MDorset  
68NTJ CurryU17MDorset  
69NTH NewsteadU17MDorset  
7NTJ CoatesU17MDorset  
70NTJ ShanesU17MDorset  
71NTS GroseU17MDorset  
72NTI RossU17MDorset  
73NTT McelhoneU17MDorset  
74NTM SangsawangU17MDorset  
75NTAn OtherU17MDorset  
76NTM HowcroftU17MDorset  
77NTE SmithU17MDorset  
78NTC SnellU17MDorset  
79NTS PikeU17MDorset  
8NTTom East U17MPoole Runners5.4 
80NTR CalvertU17MDorset  
81NTO SteelU17MDorset  
82NTB HallowesU17MDorset  
83NTM LewisU17MDorset  
84NTC DoogueU17MDorset  
85NTC HeynesU17MDorset  
86NTR BroadfootU17MDorset  
87NTD WalkerU17MDorset  
88NTS JordanU17MDorset  
89NTM MoglesU17MDorset  
9NTLiam Ackerman U17MDorchester39.6 
90NTT UramU17MDorset  
91NTH WealU17MDorset  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTPiers Copeland U15MWimborne-6.4 
10NTS DrakeU15MDorset  
100NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
101NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
11NTWilliam Palmer U15MPoole Runners52.5 
12NTJoseph Miles U15MWimborne24.8 
13NTC MorrisonU15MDorset  
14NTMichael Biss U15MWells City/Yeovil-0.2 
15NTJoe Palmer U15MPoole AC  
16NTI RossU15MDorset  
17NTB ThorpeU15MDorset  
18NTDominic Willmore U13MPoole Runners-1.8 
19NTS BelcherU15MDorset  
2NTThomas Bourne U13MWimborne12.4 
20NTW HutchingsU15MDorset  
21NTAidan Turner U15MWeymouth6.7 
22NTM YatesU15MDorset  
23NTHugh Ireland U15MDorchester52.7 
24NTSebastian Noble U13MPoole AC44.6 
25NTJ HoltU15MDorset  
26NTLewis Sainval U15MBournemouth5.6 
27NTB HodgeU15MDorset  
28NTG BushU15MDorset  
29NTQ WatersU15MDorset  
3NTR MillerU15MDorset  
30NTD O'Sullivan U15MDorset Schs54.0 
31NTC RutlandU15MDorset  
32NTO CauteU15MDorset  
33NTB CassanoU15MDorset  
34NTH HuntU15MDorset  
35NTBenjamin Dickinson U15MBournemouth54.0 
36NTJ CourticeU15MDorset  
37NTA Bramwell ReeksU15MDorset  
38NTJ HoganU15MDorset  
39NTM TippingU15MDorset  
4NTSam Brown Araujo U15MPoole Runners-2.3 
40NTD PowellU15MDorset  
41NTJames Tufnail U13MWeymouth42.7 
42NTC O'NeillU15MDorset  
43NTJ, KelliherU15MDorset  
44NTB GautierU15MDorset  
45NTS KargboU15MDorset  
46NTD HawkinsU15MDorset  
47NTJ HarswellU15MDorset  
48NTL BurtU15MDorset  
49NTThomas Boulton U15MWimborne43.9 
5NTGlenn Balfour U13MBournemouth16.5 
50NTJ BruchezU15MDorset  
51NTW ChristmasU15MDorset  
52NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
53NTM GeorgeU15MDorset  
54NTAshley Matthews U15MPurbeck  
55NTJ LindleyU15MDorset  
56NTG DennettU15MDorset  
57NTE RobertshawU15MDorset  
58NTZ AitchinsonU15MDorset  
59NTRoss Crabbe U15MWimborne51.8 
6NTC CrabbU15MDorset  
60NTS HandysideU15MDorset  
61NTA CarterU15MDorset  
62NTT BradburyU15MDorset  
63NTC FarrugiaU15MDorset  
64NTA SelbyU15MDorset  
65NTH MccraeU15MDorset  
66NTJ MacdonaldU15MDorset  
67NTC Campbell-SmithU15MDorset  
68NTAndrew Dumbrell U15MDorchester2.7 
69NTJ RaynerU15MDorset  
7NTSam Shepherd U15MPoole Runners24.5 
70NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
71NTG DeverellU15MDorset  
72NTB SlimU15MDorset  
73NTL RobinsonU15MDorset  
74NTJ LaneU15MDorset  
75NTAlexander Jeffries U15MPoole AC21.6 
76NTK AbleyU15MDorset  
77NTT CurtisU15MDorset  
78NTG RidleyU15MDorset  
79NTC Pallister U15MDorset Schs  
8NTR SailsburyU15MDorset  
80NTJ HaydonU15MDorset  
81NTC SeabyU15MDorset  
82NTM HouseU15MDorset  
83NTJ NoonanU15MDorset  
84NTC WrU15MDorset  
85NTJ MarkhamU15MDorset  
86NTC ParsonsU15MDorset  
87NTE BaynesU15MDorset  
88NTF GrahamU15MDorset  
89NTT CooperU15MDorset  
9NTZ JocoU15MDorset  
90NTB SimpsonU15MDorset  
91NTAn OtherU15MDorset  
92NTK EvansU15MDorset  
93NTSimon Page U15MPurbeck  
94NTG ConnellyU15MDorset  
95NTD PrawdzikU15MDorset  
96NTN HarropU15MDorset  
97NTW KnightU15MDorset  
98NTJ St JohnU15MDorset  
99NTJ ShippU15MDorset  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTJed Skilton U13MPoole AC5.2 
10NTRuben Wilson-Connell U13MKent16.5 
100NTS KeatesU13MDorset  
101NTM HodgettsU13MDorset  
102NTAn OtherU13MDorset  
103NTT RichardsU13MDorset  
104NTAn OtherU13MDorset  
105NTL CowardU13MDorset  
106NTE CowdrillU13MDorset  
107NTS CarswellU13MDorset  
108NTB BrownU13MDorset  
109NTJ SpyersU13MDorset  
11NTOliver Howse U13MPoole Runners36.5 
110NTW BettsU13MDorset  
111NTGeorge Biss U13MWells City/Yeovil Town7.4 
112NTA ChipanguraU13MDorset  
113NTR AngellU13MDorset  
114NTS WilliamsU13MDorset  
115NTB WrU13MDorset  
116NTS FrickerU13MDorset  
117NTT BrydenU13MDorset  
118NTC Maidment U13MDorset Schs49.3 
119NTD TrimmerU13MDorset  
12NTBen Butterworth U11MPoole AC20.1 
120NTJ HarropU13MDorset  
121NTR ConnorU13MDorset  
122NTM HooleyU13MDorset  
123NTA WarvsU13MDorset  
124NTAn OtherU13MDorset  
125NTAn OtherU13MDorset  
126NTF BowersU13MDorset  
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