North West 5K Grand Prix External Results
7 Dec 13
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
114:58Daniel Mooney SBSENMLiverpool H/Letterkenny/Ulster Uni/Ireland14:5814:374.1 
215:19Harry Harper PBSENMLiverpool H/Birmingham Uni15:1915:1927.0 
315:46Richard Evans SBU20MLiverpool H15:4615:3821.4 
416:08Jamie Webb  U20MLiverpool H/Manchester Metropolitan Uni15:5714:33-3.7 
516:22Nzimah Akpan  U20MLiverpool H16:1716:061.4 
616:52Glen Groves  V45MLiverpool H16:2615:4014.1 
717:24Stephen Doyle  V35MKnowsley16:4616:3719.7 
817:28Neil Cosgrove  SENMKnowsley17:2616:5519.2 
917:33Ashley Crawford  SENMSperrin16:5816:442.0 
1017:45Colin Thompson  SENMHelsby RC17:3116:473.9 
1117:55Chris Marshall  V45MChester TC17:5017:257.1 
1217:56Nick Burke  V45MAltrincham17:4316:1816.4 
1318:05AN Other         
1418:10Ben Lewington PBU23MKnowsley18:1015:54-0.3 
1518:11Danielle Webb SBU17WLiverpool H18:1117:4915.5 
1618:12Paul Demore PBV45MSt. Helens Striders18:1218:124.3 
1718:19Steve Broadfoot PBV50MKnowsley18:1918:1926.7 
1818:21Dan Powell SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
1918:30Patrick Boyle V35M     
2018:31Christian Woods PBU15MLiverpool H18:3118:3110.0 
2118:32Bradley Yates  U17MSale Harriers Manchester17:1617:1642.4 
2218:35Lawrence Eccles  SENMPenny Lane17:5616:401.0 
2318:36Dave Connor  V40MKnowsley18:3117:5513.7 
2418:37Steve McLean  V50MSouthport Waterloo18:1217:4017.7 
2518:38Ian Roche  V50MMersey Tri17:4617:467.4 
2618:39Caroline Betmead SBV40WBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde18:3917:206.0 
2718:47Kevin Brown PBV40MKnowsley18:4718:4727.1 
2818:50Lyndon Easthope  V35MPenny Lane18:0417:5318.0 
2919:05Harvey Lord  SENMAllithwaite18:5717:588.5 
3019:11Clare Constable  V40WSouthport Waterloo19:0519:0511.5 
3119:16Paul Goodwin  V45MKnowsley19:0318:0112.8 
3219:19Thomas Rimmer PBSENMPenny Lane19:1919:0528.3 
3319:22Hannah Whiteside SBU20WLiverpool H19:2218:5447.0 
3419:28Christopher Lee PBSENMPenny Lane19:2817:5433.1 
3519:34Molly Betmead  U17WBlackpool, Wyre & Fylde18:3818:383.3 
3619:35Tim Grace  V40MMersey Tri18:3718:3715.1 
3719:46Jonathan Toft PBSENMPenny Lane19:4618:0822.4 
3819:53Jerome Doyle SBV40MPenny Lane19:5319:2518.6 
3919:54John Jensen SBV35MPenny Lane19:5419:2612.9 
4019:56Alan Joyce  V55MSouthport Waterloo19:4519:258.9 
4119:59Marie Shirley  SENWColchester H18:5618:5622.2 
4220:02Brian Middleton SBV60MSt. Helens Striders20:0219:43 18.6 
4320:04William Jones V45M     
4420:06Chris Falls PBV35MSt. Helens Striders20:0619:4815.8 
4520:10Joe Grundy PBU23MKnowsley20:1016:365.2 
4620:14Andrew Biddle SENM     
4720:16Chris Prior V45M     
4820:30Tracey Allan  SENWSouthport Waterloo19:4118:5513.1 
4920:34Sean Daniel Brown PBSENMPenny Lane20:3420:349.9 
5020:39Rachael Fairclough  SENWSt. Helens Striders/St Helens Tri20:1918:547.6 
5120:42Sharon Samson  SENWKnowsley20:2519:279.0 
5220:44Kate Mcging SENWPenny Lane Striders    
5320:50Graham Taylor SENMKnowsley Harriers AC    
5420:52David Madders PBV40MHelsby RC20:5220:0823.4 
5521:02Tony Horsfall V45MSt Helens Striders    
5621:10Francis Slavin SBV60MNorthern Masters21:1020:3916.2 
5721:11Andrew Clark SENM     
5821:32Steven Owens SENM     
5921:35Kathryn Sharkey SENWPenny Lane Striders    
6021:41Rob Williams  V35MKnowsley18:0217:4931.7 
6122:01Robert Astley PBV45MPenny Lane22:0122:0154.0 
6222:03Sue Cooper  V60WSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters21:0819:1719.4 
6322:19Derek Robinson V35M     
6422:32Steve Knowles V45M     
6522:40Martin Farrar PBV45MSt. Helens Striders22:4022:1718.8 
6622:48Michael O'rourke  SENMPenny Lane21:4619:496.1 
6723:04Jake Goodwin  U17MKnowsley19:4218:2023.0 
6823:19Chris Wills SBV35MKnowsley23:1920:2712.2 
6923:29Steve Pemberton  V55MPenny Lane20:2518:4715.2 
7023:37Stephen Neal V40M     
7123:41James Connor V35M     
7224:00Lydia Renton U17W     
7324:12Michael Sharkey V65M     
7424:21James Holland V45M     
7524:29Tommy Gates  V50MPenny Lane23:2223:2227.0 
7624:36William Brophy V55M     
7724:43wayne Franklin SENW     
7824:43Mellisa McCarthy SENW     
7924:59Mandy Lee V40WKnowsley Harriers AC    
8025:05Sean Donafee V45M     
8126:01Maria Woodcock PBU20WKnowsley26:0126:0131.6 
8226:14Paul Leadbetter V45MKnowsley Harriers AC    
8326:26Rowena Eakins SENWNorth West Barefooters    
8426:33Georgina woods V40W     
8526:33Sylvan Husson SENM     
8627:24Esther Denton U20W     
8727:30Adele Rosenbloom PBV35WKnowsley27:3027:3031.9 
8827:31Vicky Unsworth PBSENWLiverpool H27:3119:046.0 
8927:35Jo Sutherland PBV35WPenny Lane27:3525:3619.7 
9027:59John Hindley V35M     
9128:32Jennifer Parry V35W     
9228:33Jennifer Clair SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
9328:48Derek Hughes  V60MKnowsley24:5824:4332.7 
9428:55Liz Dennett V40WKnowsley Harriers AC    
9528:55Nicola Tidbury SENW     
9629:05Jane Nicholson V50W     
9729:31Rachel Knowles U20W     
9829:49Anthony Stretch V35M     
10029:54Victoria Neely V35W     
9929:54Darren Unsworth  V40MKnowsley20:4120:4123.3 
10129:55Mike Brunt V40MSt Helens Striders    
10233:15Aaron Evans SENM     
10334:39Ann Green V50W