Liverpool & District League External Results
Beacon Park
27 Oct 12
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
130:29James Riley SENMLiverpool H11.7 
231:10Alistair Nelson U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton23.9 
331:12Ricky Challinor U23MLiverpool H/Deeside AAC-2.3 
431:22Lee Siemaszko SENMLiverpool H-1.2 
532:08Joseph Vis U23MSouthport Waterloo/Manchester Uni-2.1 
632:15Martin Swensson V35MPenny Lane-1.8 
732:28David Hamilton V45MSouthport Waterloo0.3 
832:42Ben Johnson SENMSouthport Waterloo/Loughborough Students-5.0 
932:49Matthew Drury U20MCardiff/Liverpool Uni21.9 
1033:10Ash Chambers U20MLiverpool H/Liverpool Uni-1.7 
1133:56Matthew Davies SENMMossley Hill23.5 
1234:21Colin Taylor Potts V40MLiverpool H1.6 
1334:30Joe Johnson V40MWirral4.0 
1434:36Kevin Buxton V55MWirral23.4 
1534:38Lee Midghall V35MLiverpool H3.7 
1634:47Greg Jones SENMWallasey1.5 
1734:53Matt Thompson V40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Village RR6.8 
1834:59Guy Roberts SENMMossley Hill2.9 
1935:03Carl PickstockSENMWallasey AC  
2035:11Jonathan Barnard SENMMossley Hill5.3 
2135:21Glen Groves V40MLiverpool H4.5 
2235:28Robert McGrath V45MSouthport Waterloo2.4 
2335:30Sion Wynne-Williams SENMLiverpool H/Liverpool Uni35.8 
2435:33Carl Mountain SENMLiverpool H23.2 
2535:51Peter Scarrett V45MWirral41.1 
2636:04William Ferguson SENMWirral/Unattached10.1 
2736:22Mark GittensSENMChester Tri  
2836:24Graham Cairns V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton9.6 
2937:01John Greenall V45MSt. Helens Sutton4.8 
3037:02Dominic Cooper SENMMossley Hill6.5 
3137:03Chris Pedder V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters7.6 
3237:06Richard Bowker V50MSouthport Waterloo42.0 
3337:08Paul TargettSENMLPS  
3437:17John Cross V40MWirral25.0 
3537:19Paul Harrison SENMLiverpool H38.6 
3637:20Matthew Goddard SENMSouthport Waterloo26.7 
3737:24Phil Cuthbert V35MWallasey7.3 
3837:27Neil Toner V35MWirral8.8 
3937:31John Armstrong V40MWallasey2.8 
4037:32John Thompson V40MSkelmersdale25.8 
4137:45Keith Simpson V45MWallasey18.8 
4237:53Mike Green V35MWallasey2.9 
4338:03Gareth Howell SENMLiverpool H19.1 
4438:13Greg Callaghan V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton5.0 
4538:27Ian White V50MSt. Helens Sutton20.3 
4638:32Ross ChambersSENMLiv Uni  
4738:36Simon Fox V45MWirral7.2 
4838:37Geg BeckSENMMossley Hill AC  
4938:39Tony MetcalfSENMMossley Hill AC  
5038:41Nick Wilson V40MWirral6.6 
5138:45Steve SmithSENMWallasey AC  
5238:58Robert Wood V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton8.3 
5339:01Keith Lunt V40MSouthport Waterloo5.6 
5439:16Kirsty Seddon SENWChester TC12.3 
5539:20Des McIvor V45MWirral/Pensby17.1 
5639:25Paul D Cain V45MSouthport Waterloo29.5 
5739:40George Pierce V40MLiverpool RC13.7 
5839:44William Amis SENMWallasey33.2 
5939:49Olivier Giger SENMMossley Hill29.5 
6039:57Matt Guilder SENMWirral0.8 
6140:01Kevin Dandy V35MChester TC41.7 
6240:05Tony Devoy V55MWirral9.0 
6340:13Martin Connell V40MWallasey17.7 
6440:24Simon Tobin V45MSouthport Waterloo9.8 
6540:36Jacob PeakeSENMLiv Uni  
6640:40Dave Reynolds V45MSkelmersdale54.0 
6740:45Danny Gilbody SENMLiverpool Pembroke Sefton8.4 
6840:47Martin Sutton V35MSouthport Waterloo13.9 
6940:53Alan R Mcnally V50MSt. Helens Sutton12.9 
7041:01An OtherSENM   
7141:12Neil Silcock V40MSouthport Waterloo13.0 
7241:16Christopher Gibbs V50MWirral17.5 
7341:29Brian StephsonSENMWallasey AC  
7441:44Peter J Weatherhead V60MWirral24.0 
7541:49Mike Hughes V45MWallasey40.9 
7642:00Sallie Holt V35WWallasey8.8 
7742:12An OtherSENMSWAC  
7842:16Michael Stone V50MWirral14.6 
7942:33Tom GoldsmithSENMLiv Uni  
8042:39Andrew Lilley V35MChester TC46.6 
8142:43James Atkin V55MWirral19.7 
8242:49Clare Constable V40WSouthport Waterloo7.2 
8342:51An OtherSENM   
8443:00Chris Bowers V35MWallasey8.5 
8543:21Diane McArdle V50WWallasey37.8 
8643:29Peter Johnson V40MSt. Helens Sutton32.0 
8743:51Leon SummerfieldSENMMossley Hill AC  
8843:57Charlotte Wilson-Dewhurst SENWLiverpool H7.3 
8944:15Elliot Foley U17MWallasey50.1 
9044:24Billy Hargreaves V65MSouthport Waterloo17.7 
9144:25Billy Merritt V50MKnowsley13.0 
9244:37Ian Mccall SENMWallasey14.4 
9344:50Derek McArdle V45MWallasey15.9 
9445:00Andy Dalton V50MSkelmersdale20.9 
9545:09Jess Lovell SENWWallasey12.7 
9645:19Steve James V70MSouthport Waterloo/Northern Masters25.5 
9745:42Philip Baxendale V60MSouthport Waterloo52.9 
9846:45Richard Harmsworth SENMMossley Hill32.8 
9947:02Carol Quirk V55WSkelmersdale38.9 
10047:07Darren Earley V40MWirral  
10147:15Carole James V45WSouthport Waterloo15.9 
10247:17Peter McArdle V50MWallasey29.8 
10347:21Stan Williams V60MWallasey18.1 
10448:12John Vis V45MSouthport Waterloo53.0 
10548:21Neil GoldieSENMSkem/Boun  
10648:34Andy Smith V50MHelsby RC/St Bees Triers15.4 
10748:49Jon GreenSENMWallasey AC  
10849:11Dave McAlister V50MWallasey14.9 
10949:25Kaz DolbySENWLiv H  
11049:37Louise HoySENWSt Hel Sutt  
11150:38Anil Bose V50MSkelmersdale54.0 
11250:52Sharon Lamont V45WWallasey19.4 
11351:34Susan Stewart V65WSouthport Waterloo17.6 
11451:45Nicci Davies V55WWallasey24.3 
11552:03Stan KendallSENMLPS  
11652:36Pete AbbottSENMLiv Uni  
11756:40Amanda Bradbury SENWSouthport Waterloo16.4 
11857:18Patrick Henley V65MLiverpool H52.5