Medina I.O.W. parkrun # 56 External Results
Medina I.O.W.
26 May 12
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
118:51   Simon McMorran SBV50MIsle of Wight RRC17:5717:3926.6 
219:09   Stuart Backhouse  V40MIsle of Wight RRC/Prison Service Du-Tri Club18:2517:362.4 
319:10   Eric Smith  V45MIsle of Wight RRC18:5918:5310.5 
419:11   Steve Gratton  V55MWight Tri18:5018:5010.8 
520:12   Ben Holdsworth  U15MIsle of Wight20:1018:155.4 
620:13   Keith Masterton  V50MUnattached19:3819:3836.0 
720:57   Peter Herman  U15MIsle of Wight19:5419:5435.9 
821:25   Rob Merrifield PBV40MIsle of Wight21:2519:5232.0 
921:34   Christopher Murphy  V45MUnattached20:5620:1412.1 
1021:46   Glyn Jenkins  V55MRyde21:1421:1419.1 
1121:47   Sarah Louise Woods V40WUnattached    
1221:53   Peter Sexton PBV45MIsle of Wight RRC21:3417:495.6 
1322:00   Steve Bennett  V50MUnattached21:4520:209.4 
1422:11   Allan Cass PBV65MRyde22:1121:3136.0 
1522:29   Jay Tuck  S20MFinch Coasters21:4320:5414.6 
1622:30   Noel Finn  V40MIsle of Wight RRC21:1821:1810.9 
1722:53   Jacob Lewis  U15MIsle of Wight20:1618:164.8 
1823:04   Richard Whittington PBV45MIsle of Wight RRC22:4421:3624.5 
1923:07   Charlotte Rotureau SENWUnattached    
2023:35   Benjamin Timmons  U11MIsle of Wight22:4219:3710.0 
2123:49   Carla Paonessa  V40WIsle of Wight RRC23:1323:1314.0 
2223:57   Grace Crumplin  U18WHavant/Isle of Wight22:3520:4734.0 
2324:08   Stephen Harland  V60MUnattached23:0622:3216.4 
2424:20   Clare Jones PBSENWIsle of Wight RRC24:2024:2027.3 
2524:29   Peter Jolliffe  V65MRyde23:2422:0915.4 
2624:39   Timothy Keyte  V45MUnattached22:3120:5010.6 
2724:42   Thomas Timmons  U11MIsle of Wight22:3219:497.4 
2825:00   Alice Jackman PBU18WUnattached24:5424:5436.0 
2925:03   Trish Train PBV45WIsle of Wight RRC22:4820:208.9 
3025:08   Natalie Lazenby  S25WIsle of Wight RRC22:2922:2936.0 
3125:30   John Timmons  V55MUnattached24:0823:1920.2 
3226:00   James Lee Bradshaw  V40MUnattached23:4221:4524.1 
3326:01   Daniel Michael James Harwood V45MUnattached    
3426:06   Jane Herman V40WUnattached    
3526:23   Stephen Duff  V60MIsle of Wight24:5623:4936.0 
3626:24   Mabel Lewis  U11WIsle of Wight25:3020:124.8 
3726:31   Kieran Leahy PBV35MUnattached26:3122:5711.5 
3826:34   Andrew David Tapsell PBV40MIsle of Wight RRC24:4822:1516.9 
3926:35   Rees Cooper  U18MIsle of Wight24:3019:586.0 
4026:37   Finlay Grant SBU18MUnattached26:0526:0536.0 
4126:38   Katie Patricia Lewis  V35WUnattached25:4222:3515.1 
4226:47   Margaret Niland-Murphy  V45WUnattached24:1321:3514.8 
4326:58   Chris M Amy  V60WWest Wight26:2425:0224.8 
4427:24   James Perry  U18MUnattached24:4824:3436.0 
4528:00   Harry Furmidge  U18MUnattached25:5519:195.9 
4628:06   Nicky Stokes  V40WUnattached27:4227:4236.0 
4728:14   Paul Whitter  V45MUnattached28:0325:3821.6 
4828:27   Milly Bacon  U11WIsle of Wight26:0522:117.7 
4928:27   Eden Crumplin  U15WIsle of Wight21:5721:3729.8 
5028:32   Mark Hill  V45MUnattached26:0026:0019.0 
5129:14   Lucy Blake U20WUnattached    
5229:20   Cheryl Frampton  V50WUnattached26:0125:0622.7 
5329:29   Owen Furmidge  U18MUnattached25:5318:493.8 
5430:25   Bridget Keyte  V40WIsle of Wight RRC28:5228:4323.1 
5530:46   Elaine Parry PBV40WUnattached27:5622:0013.7 
5630:53   Abigail Keyte  U18WUnattached28:2024:5815.7 
5731:26   Sofia Paonessa SENWUnattached    
5831:33   Joy Furmidge  V55WRyde30:3230:3229.9 
5931:40   Nigel Walters  V55MUnattached30:2227:5220.6 
6031:52   Elsie Lewis  U11WIsle of Wight24:0920:3015.7 
6131:52   Simon Lewis  V35MUnattached19:3118:467.0 
6232:04   Deborah Blake V45WUnattached    
6332:23   Penny Humphries  V45WUnattached28:1226:2836.0 
6432:37   John Victor Langley  V75MUnattached30:3630:1130.1 
6532:50   Bob Engel  V70MBurnham31:4131:1534.1 
6633:02   Patrick Anthony Skelton  V65MUnattached30:4929:4836.0 
6734:26   Marion Harwood V45WUnattached    
6834:42   Gemma Prangnell SENWUnattached    
6935:01   James Dixon U15MUnattached    
7035:19   Anne Mcdine  V45WUnattached34:3534:3536.0 
7135:41   Tracey Cooper  V40WRyde/Petts Wood33:2832:2836.0 
7235:50   William Dixon U15MUnattached    
7335:51   Phillip Dixon V50MUnattached    
7436:06   Kay Anderson PBSENWUnattached33:2531:5536.0 
7536:21   Christine Powell  V55WRyde33:4833:3430.1 
7636:41   Alexander Cooper  U18MIsle of Wight29:4826:1323.9 
7738:24   Sarah Turtle PBSENWUnattached30:4429:1733.2