Cambridgeshire County Championships External Results
St. Neots
8 Jan 12
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
134:48Daniel Watts SENMShaftesbury Barnet/City of Norwich2.3 
235:49William Mackay U23MBedford & County/Thames Hare & Hounds-3.9 
336:04John Herbert V40MNene Valley/Peterborough/Eastern Masters-1.5 
436:08Paul Halford V35MWerrington/Nene Valley6.1 
536:38Duncan Coombs SENMCambridge & Coleridge-2.1 
636:42Paul Hayman SENMPeterborough/Serpentine36.8 
736:49Miguel Branco SENMSerpentine/Cambridge & Coleridge/Portugal-0.3 
836:59James Chettle SENMCambridge Uni Hare & Hounds-1.4 
937:19Neil Addison SENMShaftesbury Barnet42.6 
1037:25Michael Moore V35MNene Valley-0.6 
1137:40Mazeyar Firouzi V35MCambridge TC/Cambridge Uni Hare & Hounds41.2 
1237:59Chris Wright U20MLeeds City-2.8 
1338:11Alan Turnbull V45MBedford & County/Royal Air Force/Riverside6.1 
1438:13Kye Liddle SENMCambridge & Coleridge38.6 
1538:17Sean Beard V45MNene Valley4.8 
1638:28Noel Carroll SENMCambridge & Coleridge48.4 
1738:33Jonathan Escalante-Phillips U20MCambridge & Coleridge-5.8 
1838:37William Mycroft U23MCambridge & Coleridge/Oxford Uni-4.9 
1938:40John Murray SENMLasswade/PACTRAC36.8 
2038:48Matthew Nicholson U20MBedford & County/Riverside-0.4 
2138:51Edgars Sumskis SENMNene Valley/Latvia-4.0 
2238:52Ian Turner SENMRiverside/Huntingdonshire-0.6 
2339:07Nicholas Stone U20MPeterborough10.7 
2439:16Christopher Dunn U23MSunderland Strollers/Sunderland Uni30.3 
2539:18Alan Pritchard V35MCambridge & Coleridge1.4 
2639:33Timothy O'Connor SENMBRJ Huntingdon48.7 
2739:41Mike Chapman SENMNene Valley4.7 
2839:45Adam Birch SENMNene Valley21.9 
2939:50Darren Preston V35MBRJ Huntingdon1.1 
3040:01Paul Lunn V35MNene Valley1.2 
3140:01Josh Lunn U20MNene Valley/Team Cambridgeshire-5.0 
3240:12Stuart Haw U20MPeterborough1.0 
3340:31Olly Slater SENMNene Valley13.0 
3440:45Richard Holland V50MWoodford Green Essex Ladies/Eastern Masters/Enfield & Haring3.8 
3540:48Jeff Lucas V35MWerrington3.5 
3640:57Ian Day V40MHuntingdonshire42.0 
3741:04Paul Veitch V40MRiverside3.3 
3841:10John Ferguson V45MCambridge & Coleridge5.3 
3941:24Oliver Mason SENMPeterborough5.6 
4041:28Steve Hall V40MPeterborough5.9 
4141:35John Baslington U20MCambridge & Coleridge/Nottingham Uni0.3 
4241:43Russell Atkinson V40MCambridge TC12.9 
4342:07Stuart Hodgson SENMCambridge TC20.0 
4442:09Matthew Applegate SENMCambridge & Coleridge23.2 
4542:11Simon Hunt V40MYaxley19.1 
4642:17Lee Brooks SENMBRJ Huntingdon/BRJ Huntingdon23.8 
4742:25Andrew J Shields V45MCambridge & Coleridge3.4 
4842:28Steven Church V40MHuntingdonshire3.2 
4942:44Paul Nelson V40MCambridge & Coleridge7.0 
5043:01Keith Pritchard V40MRiverside11.1 
5143:09David Rayment V40MWerrington36.1 
5243:11Shane Hunt V50MHuntingdonshire7.1 
5343:15David Pettitt V45MCambridge & Coleridge31.8 
5443:17Sean Barker V45MHuntingdonshire4.3 
5543:19Martin Rowe V45MHuntingdonshire10.1 
5643:21Paul Ridley V40MRiverside7.7 
5743:24Alex Eberlin V40MCambridge TC9.9 
5843:33Chris Brown V40MCambridge TC29.1 
5943:38Pete J Russell V40MCambridge TC42.2 
6043:43Phil Curtis SENMCambridge TC9.1 
6143:48Stephen Tovey V35MEly18.9 
6243:52Martyn Blackwell V45MBedford & County18.6 
6344:07Peter Ward V45MThorney4.9 
6444:10Graham Chapman V55MEly7.7 
6544:19Frank Holmes V40MBRJ Huntingdon6.0 
6644:28Eamonn Dorling V55MThorney16.4 
6744:33Theo Boyce V35MOwls Leicester37.4 
6844:41Andy Boast V55MBedford & County/Riverside27.0 
6944:45Kurt Sanders U20MBedford & County/Biggleswade9.2 
7044:47Roger Holliday V45MBRJ Huntingdon9.6 
7145:02Richard Pawlak U23MNene Valley35.5 
7245:06Will Adams U20MCambridge TC53.2 
7345:33Christof Schwiening V45MCambridge & Coleridge6.4 
7445:45Derek Darnell V50MHuntingdonshire/Eastern Masters5.3 
7545:51Daniel Sadler U20MRiverside5.1 
7646:11Ray Wilson SENMPeterborough/Thorney26.9 
7746:42Hugh Burton V40MYaxley6.3 
7846:55Gilles Corby V45MBRJ Huntingdon9.4 
7947:05Kevin Sadler V45MRiverside/Bedford & County26.5 
8047:09Andrew Cowling V50MThorney13.3 
8147:16Jonathan Coulson SENMCambridge TC27.7 
8247:21Conan Fryer V40MEly6.6 
8347:50Tom Hales SENMCambridge TC4.5 
8447:52Ray Dowland V60MNene Valley19.1 
8547:55Maurice Hemingway V55MRiverside10.0 
8647:57Phillip Hamlyn V40MWerrington7.5 
8748:08Paul Myland V40MWerrington52.6 
8848:10Andrew Enticknap V40MHuntingdonshire9.1 
8948:27Steven Thoday V35MCambridge & Coleridge11.3 
9048:33Tim HuntV40MNene Valley Harriers  
9148:46Harry Druiff V45MCambridge TC11.9 
9249:07Andrew Rawlins V40MWerrington17.6 
9349:12Steve Pledger V50MRiverside38.7 
9449:14David Mail V55MCambridge & Coleridge17.9 
9549:30John Smith V40MHuntingdonshire32.5 
9649:39Ian VallianceSENMYaxley Runners  
9749:46Jose Perez V35MEly14.2 
9849:54Glyn Smith V65MCambridge & Coleridge14.5 
9951:02Lionel Smith V55MEly14.3 
10051:55Michael Gullis V50MBRJ Huntingdon38.1 
10152:09Jafar Yousef SENMCambridge TC54.0 
10252:26Peter Harris V60MEly9.7 
10353:02Richard Lyle V45MCambridge & Coleridge15.4 
10453:05Richard OliverV40MKings School Ely  
10553:56Mark ChapmanV50MHunts AC  
10654:39John Turner V65MEly20.9 
10758:35Don Hutchinson V65MCambridge TC31.2 
10861:14Timothy Cook V50MThomas Cook/Werrington22.4 
10979:23Daniel Bayles V35MCambridge & Coleridge33.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
119:08Kieran Jack U17MNene Valley17.9 
219:19Chris Darling U17MCambridge TC-4.0 
319:30Daniel Cade U17MCambridge & Coleridge37.6 
420:00Guy Kendall U17MCambridge & Coleridge41.8 
520:11Joe Bradshaw U17MMarch/Cambridgeshire Schs47.3 
620:18James Downing U17MHuntingdonshire1.2 
720:20Christopher Allison U17MNene Valley2.6 
820:24Kieran Wood U17MCambridge & Coleridge-4.3 
920:32Tom Hemingway U17MRiverside2.4 
1020:52Ross Huskisson U17MNene Valley17.4 
1121:03Callum Reid U17MNene Valley38.9 
1221:25Josh White U17MPeterborough2.8 
1321:35Josh Sambrook U17MCambridge TC-2.1 
1421:49Sam Smith U17MBiggleswade12.0 
1522:20Philip Wilson U17MNene Valley38.8 
1624:12Toby Hall U17MPeterborough2.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:57Thomas Heylen U15MCambridge & Coleridge29.9 
216:18Timothy Cobden U15MCambridge & Coleridge18.5 
316:21Oliver Cantrill U15MCambridge & Coleridge39.4 
417:07Thomas Blatch U15MCambridge & Coleridge35.5 
517:13Liam Ward U15MPeterborough30.6 
617:19James Thomas U15MBiggleswade52.7 
717:24James Tapley U15MCambridge & Coleridge17.2 
817:27Joel Reed U15MPeterborough23.5 
917:29Artem Chymbai U15MPeterborough32.6 
1017:38William Ingle U15MBedford & County50.3 
1118:21Dylan Campbell U15MEly52.0 
1218:27Matthew Sellick U15MRiverside17.5 
1318:58Daniel Stephenson U15MNene Valley37.6 
1419:30Jared Taylor U15MBiggleswade48.8 
1519:35Dan Corrigan U15MNene Valley35.1 
1620:09William Holmes U15MCambridge & Coleridge  
1720:20Rob Sewell U15MCambridge & Coleridge26.6 
1821:29Alexander Ellwood U15MEly33.4 
1922:15jamie rose U15MWerrington54.0 
2022:25Joshua OliverU15MKings School Ely  
2123:06Jacob ChamberlinU15MRiverside Runners  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:59Finn Barnes U13MCambridge TC/Cambridge & Coleridge22.9 
210:03Rob Huckle U13MCambridge & Coleridge11.3 
310:19Luke Crisp U13MEly35.2 
410:43Zachary Stevens U13MNene Valley49.3 
510:43Ollie Bowling U13MNene Valley3.3 
610:51Peter Cooke U13MCambridge & Coleridge14.9 
710:52Michael Ford U13MPeterborough34.1 
811:14Ewan Frolich U13MRiverside36.3 
911:27Elliot Smith U13MBiggleswade50.1 
1011:40Austin HerbertU13MNene Valley Harriers  
1111:45Robert Brunton U13MCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge TC42.1 
1211:47Jonathon Friend U13MNene Valley47.3 
1311:48Isaac Dunn U13MRiverside  
1411:54Audunn OlafssonU13MWerrington Joggers  
1511:57Oliver Pocklington U11MHuntingdonshire0.0 
1612:04Edward BullockU13MCambridge Tri Club  
1712:07Angus Hutchison U13MEly20.3 
1812:10Christopher Blatch U13MCambridge & Coleridge45.7 
1912:11Oliver Hutchinson U13MNene Valley31.0 
2012:17Patrick BevanU13MCambridge Tri Club  
2112:26Arcadio FernandezU13MCambridge Tri Club  
2212:31Daniel Kerwin U13MCambridge & Coleridge8.1 
2312:33Oliver Hutchinson U13MNene Valley31.0 
2412:33Charlie Bamford U13MNene Valley43.9 
2512:35James Holland U13MEly  
2612:39Thomas Hamlyn U13MWerrington9.8 
2712:48Ethan Lunn U13MNene Valley54.0 
2812:54Joe ParrU13MRiverside Runners  
2913:04George Youngs U13MHuntingdonshire44.1 
3013:12Scott Thomas U13MRiverside2.2 
3113:17Ben HutchinsonU13MKings School Ely  
3213:27Miro HoivusU13MCambridge Tri Club  
3313:33Samuel Clarke U13MCambridge & Coleridge17.6 
3413:37Ivor CrooksU13MCambridge Tri Club  
3513:37Tom Lynn U13MHuntingdonshire52.4 
3613:58Andrew CampbellU13MCambridge Tri Club  
3714:21Thomas GurnellU13MKings School Ely  
3814:28Harry BarkerU13MKings School Ely  
3914:30Nicholas HallU13MCambridge Tri Club  
4014:45Xan HillU13MCambridge Tri Club  
4115:20Joel ThomsonU13MCambridge Tri Club  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:46Owen Barker U11MPeterborough51.6 
26:51Ollie OakleyU11MNene Valley Harriers  
36:52Benjamin RobertsU11MUnattached  
46:57Evan Hosking U11MRiverside13.6 
57:01Lewis Leonard U11MEly45.4 
67:18Benjamin AbbottU11MCrosshall School  
77:22Joeseph BottomleyU11MCrosshall School  
87:27Andrew Worrall U11MHuntingdonshire21.4 
97:30Adrian O'Hara U11MRiverside  
107:31Michael PitmanU11MPriory School  
117:34Harvey Bullin U11MHuntingdonshire51.3 
127:37Matthew Church U11MNene Valley8.8 
137:39Daniel Ridley U11MRiverside31.7 
147:49Benjamin Pratley U11MCambridge & Coleridge  
157:49Joshua BorrettU11MCambridge Tri Club  
167:53Lewis SmithU11MCrosshall School  
177:55Daniel GrapesU11MKings School Ely  
187:56Iwen JonesU11MPriory School  
197:57Matt UnderwoodU11MNene Valley Harriers  
207:58Tommy HutchinsonU11MKings School Ely  
217:59Jason PitmanU11MPriory School  
227:59Sebastian Darnell U11MHuntingdonshire1.7 
238:07Jensen Baird U11MBedford & County  
248:10Alex ThomasU11MCrosshall School  
258:10Tom BickleyU11MCrosshall School  
268:12Luke SturmanU11MEly Runners  
278:12Evan MarlowU11MCrosshall School  
288:19Callum Nicholson U11MBedford & County3.8 
298:22Kieron BrewerU11MRiverside Runners  
308:22Jordan BradfordU11MCambridge Tri Club  
318:25Nathan MccormackU11MRiverside Runners  
328:27Reece DrewU11MNene Valley Harriers  
338:36Liam BellU11MCambridge Tri Club  
348:45Fraser Kerr U11MHuntingdonshire52.2 
358:47Maxwell Sandever U11MRiverside14.4 
369:00George PlummerU11MCambridge Tri Club  
379:16Barnaby SmithU11MHunts AC  
389:40Faris AshrafU11MKings School Ely  
399:46Oliver SandfordU11MKings School Ely  
4010:10Charlie KingsburyU11MPriory School  
4110:16Joshua HetheringtonU11MPriory School  
4210:40Elliott CorneliusU11MCrosshall School  
4313:17Nathan HuntU11MCrosshall School  
4413:33Quinn MitchellU11MCrosshall School  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
120:01Lucy Gossage SENWCambridge TC/Cambridge Uni4.1 
220:30Ellen Leggate SENWCirencester/Cambridge & Coleridge35.4 
320:33Esther Rodriguez SENWCambridge TC49.7 
420:34Suzi Boast U23WBedford & County/St. Mary's Uni13.6 
521:29Ruth Jones SENWNene Valley/Cambridge & Coleridge5.7 
622:41Madeline Boardman SENWCambridge & Coleridge43.3 
722:48Alice Sharpe U20WCambridge TC41.0 
822:52Caroline Wright SENWCambridge & Coleridge46.5 
922:54Sophie Darling U20WSouthampton/Cambridge TC3.6 
1023:07Nicky Morgan V40WNene Valley12.4 
1123:23Emma Randall U20WNene Valley6.8 
1223:33Helen Grant V45WCambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters19.0 
1323:43Tracey Patmore V40WCambridge & Coleridge53.2 
1424:06Kelly Green U20WWerrington40.1 
1524:20Laura RobinsonSENWPeterborough AC  
1624:22Eleanor Swire U20WCambridge & Coleridge/York Uni7.4 
1724:33Karine Ferrin V35WCambridge TC38.1 
1824:44Tracey Barnes V45WNene Valley15.0 
1924:52Jade Watson U20WWerrington9.9 
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