Hertfordshire County Championships External Results
8 Jan 12
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
136:09Neilson Hall SENMBedford & County/Thames Valley/Herts Phoenix29.7 
237:04Ben Nagy U23MEnfield & Haringey-2.8 
337:33Andy Cracknell SENMDacorum13.0 
439:12Orlando Edwards V35MShaftesbury Barnet/Civil Service2.4 
539:47Tom Crouch SENMSt. Albans Striders5.1 
640:12Alex Horton SENMBarnet1.4 
740:17Paul Adams SENMSt. Albans Striders-0.7 
840:20David Vaughan SENMGarden City Runners45.0 
940:22Nick Beresford V35MNorth Herts45.1 
1040:27Peter Townsend U23MHerts Phoenix/Cambridge Uni8.9 
1140:40Richard McCormick V45MBarnet/Enfield & Haringey5.8 
1240:45Alex Milne U23MEnfield & Haringey/Imperial College-4.4 
1340:47Jonathan Scott V35MSt. Albans Striders0.3 
1441:15Andy Mutton SENMNorth Herts7.4 
1541:20Edward Blake SENMSt. Albans Striders/Barnet18.5 
1641:20Mark Dickinson V40MGarden City Runners14.2 
1741:31Luke Delderfield SENMTring RC0.0 
1841:40Oliver J Saville SENMLuton5.1 
1942:03Mark Harris SENMTeam Trident/Huntingdonshire24.3 
2042:09Grant Ramsay V35MFairlands Valley Spartans/Scottish Vets H/Barnet3.1 
2142:16Jez Cox SENMSt. Albans AC54.0 
2242:23Adrian Mason V45MBarnet4.6 
2342:33Robert Harris SENMNorth Herts1.3 
2442:36Craig Halsey SENMFairlands Valley Spartans-2.2 
2542:53Simon Jackson V35MFairlands Valley Spartans0.2 
2643:06Andy Holt V45MGarden City Runners/Herts Phoenix5.0 
2743:27Paul Warrell SENMWatford Joggers51.3 
2843:31Ross Langley SENMTring RC1.2 
2943:34Peter Sibbett V45MNorth Herts7.8 
3043:40James Taylor V35MBarnet31.6 
3143:50Karl Cable V45MRoyston8.0 
3244:12Jaime Reed SENMGarden City Runners13.4 
3344:20John Ockenden SENMSt. Albans Striders23.6 
3444:26Andrew Patterson SENMFairlands Valley Spartans-0.5 
3544:35Costa Michael V45MBarnet/Enfield & Haringey5.8 
3644:45Russell Casey V35MGarden City Runners5.0 
3744:58Gary Warren V40MSt. Albans Striders6.2 
3845:03Peter Harvey V40MGarden City Runners3.2 
3945:09Paul Gurr V45MSt. Albans Striders51.5 
4045:21Graham Hill V40MRoyston5.1 
4145:25Richard Keith Harrison V40MRoyston4.8 
4245:29Tim Butler V45MBarnet6.5 
4345:37Nicholas G Downing SENMSt. Albans Striders8.5 
4445:41Grant West V40MSt. Albans Striders  
4545:47Thomas Lloyd North V40MGade Valley7.1 
4645:50Toby Hone U23MHerts Phoenix/Bath Uni2.1 
4746:02Robert Casserley V35MGarden City Runners3.5 
4846:12Dug Bates V40MSt. Albans Striders54.0 
4946:27Andy Cunningham V50MBarnet/Southern Counties Vets9.6 
5046:28Christopher Westcott V35MFairlands Valley Spartans1.4 
5146:29Joseph Dunn SENMSt. Albans Striders2.3 
5246:32Mark Taplin V45MSt. Albans Striders4.9 
5346:37Stewart Pepper V50MEnfield & Haringey10.6 
5446:45Steve Boyd V40MGade Valley/Unattached9.7 
5546:49Zac McDonough SENMWatford4.4 
5647:07Nick Harris V35MWatford9.2 
5747:18Colin Taylor V50MWatford Joggers10.4 
5847:26Markus Allen V35MGarden City Runners3.4 
5947:32Steve Smith V45MSt. Albans Striders9.8 
6047:34Chris Eland V40MGarden City Runners3.4 
6147:34Godfrey Tofts V45MRoyston12.5 
6247:35Danny Digweed SENMSt. Albans Striders8.2 
6347:52Mel Parker V45MBarnet50.5 
6448:00Steve White V45MHerts Phoenix42.2 
6548:04Stuart Middleton V35MSt. Albans Striders5.4 
6648:18Patrick Green V35MSt. Albans Striders10.1 
6748:22Colin Braybrook V50MSt. Albans Striders/Orion8.8 
6848:30Todd Craig Gray SENMFairlands Valley Spartans10.3 
6948:47Sean Bowen V45MGarden City Runners5.8 
7048:51Toby Staines SENMRoyston6.6 
7148:53Paul Martin V45MRoyston27.8 
7249:11Trevor Lark V50MTring RC11.7 
7349:12Jonathan Redshaw V35MSt. Albans Striders11.8 
7450:00Peter Fitzpatrick V55MHerts Phoenix15.1 
7550:03Richard Somerset V40MGarden City Runners5.0 
7650:08John Broom V40MSt. Albans Striders/Gade Valley16.4 
7750:13Ian Markwell V45MSt. Albans Striders32.6 
7850:16Stephen Newing SENMGade Valley6.1 
7950:30Patrick Bird V50MGarden City Runners22.9 
8050:52Richard Bloom V65MHerts Phoenix12.4 
8150:57Colin Ewin V55MGarden City Runners43.4 
8251:00Stewart Dearman V45MWatford16.4 
8351:04Graham Mayoh V45MWatford19.5 
8451:14Philip Cunningham V45MShaftesbury Barnet17.0 
8551:17Graham M Blackburn V45MFairlands Valley Spartans15.6 
8651:33Richard Foskett V55MHerts Phoenix18.9 
8751:47Matthew Reidy SENMWatford47.0 
8852:01Paul Illing V45MWatford23.3 
8952:04Tony Bradford V45MFairlands Valley Spartans49.7 
9052:08Geoff Head V50MTring RC50.4 
9152:15Steve Mayfield V45MFairlands Valley Spartans12.1 
9252:22Richard Derrick V55MSt. Albans Striders13.8 
9352:23Dave Edwards V50MGarden City Runners15.1 
9452:27Andy Dean SENMWatford Joggers27.0 
9552:41Andrew Maher V35MSt. Albans Striders13.0 
9652:56Anthony Williams SENMWatford54.0 
9753:12Ray Powell V45MShaftesbury Barnet19.7 
9853:16John Hope V60MSt. Albans Striders36.2 
9953:20Andrew Angus V50MQueens Park37.3 
10053:30Vince Ellerby V45MGade Valley7.2 
10153:54Duncan Hooker V50MNorth Herts52.1 
10253:56Pete Eames V50MStevenage & North Herts54.0 
10354:09John Owen V65MBarnet15.8 
10454:19Tim Saban V40MGarden City Runners9.1 
10554:23Mark Travers V45MTring RC13.6 
10654:40AN Other      
10754:44Rob Prater SENMBarnet41.6 
10854:50Tim Woolridge V50MWatford Joggers47.0 
10955:00Paul Gatens V45MGarden City Runners11.0 
11055:12Huw Hamer V35MWatford Joggers19.9 
11156:03John Murphy V40MBarnet49.8 
11257:33Steve Allen V55MBarnet/Southern Counties Vets53.4 
11357:50Trace Allen V65MGarden City Runners41.4 
11458:01Russell Devitt V60MShaftesbury Barnet22.7 
11558:37John Davis V55MGarden City Runners22.7 
11658:50Jason Champion V35MBroxbourne5.9 
11759:01Patrick Joseph Higgins V55MSt. Albans Striders20.9 
11859:04Jon Sypula V35MFairlands Valley Spartans21.9 
11959:24Jim Brown V55MFairlands Valley Spartans15.3 
12061:10Nick D Slade V40MWatford Joggers22.9 
12162:19Jonathon Milne V40MSt. Albans Striders18.4 
12263:21Andrew Philip Newing V45MGade Valley37.9 
12373:30John Nugent V65MBroxbourne41.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
124:33Khalid Al-Abaidy U20MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow36.2 
225:11Matthew Salt U20MDacorum/Portsmouth Uni3.6 
325:18Christopher Hilton U20MStevenage & North Herts4.3 
426:07Matt Leach U20MNorth Herts/Cambridge Uni-5.8 
526:34Alex Cloona U20MHerts Phoenix20.7 
629:43Daniel Abrey U20MShaftesbury Barnet48.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:14James McMurray U17MSt. Albans AC-5.2 
218:19Michael Callegari U17MShaftesbury Barnet4.0 
318:49Liam Dee U17MHerts Phoenix-5.6 
419:30Phillip Crout U17MShaftesbury Barnet-4.5 
519:37Ben Rochford U17MWatford0.5 
619:47Cameron Laleye U17MHerts Phoenix12.1 
719:50Joe Redwood U17MShaftesbury Barnet41.3 
819:56Liam Cloona U17MHerts Phoenix41.6 
920:17Kyle Langford U17MShaftesbury Barnet-5.1 
1020:19William Floyd U17MShaftesbury Barnet/Hertfordshire Schs52.4 
1120:26Ben Whitney U17MChiltern53.1 
1220:32Mark Pearce U17MShaftesbury Barnet-4.8 
1320:52Nicholas Doyle U17MHerts Phoenix20.7 
1421:18Oliver Poulain U17MSt. Albans AC8.8 
1521:40George Pettipher U17MHerts Phoenix43.8 
1621:53Ashok Mathur U17MShaftesbury Barnet/NEJ RC8.3 
1722:30Jack Simpson U17MSt. Albans AC29.4 
1822:45Ashley Altman U17MShaftesbury Barnet49.6 
1922:52Jack Quoroll U17MDacorum50.6 
2023:08Ryan Allen U17MSt. Albans AC/St. Albans Striders7.2 
2127:25Sean White U15MBarnet54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:30Jamie Dee U15MHerts Phoenix-4.4 
214:49Robert Lightowler U15MShaftesbury Barnet/Hertfordshire Schs4.6 
315:33Adam Thorpe U15MShaftesbury Barnet3.1 
415:54Aaron Cooper U15MHerts Phoenix1.9 
516:09Harvey O'Brart U15MWatford32.7 
616:11Joel Rabinowitz U15MDacorum52.4 
716:15Corey Keane U15MWatford36.2 
816:18James Down U15MSt. Albans AC50.8 
916:26Dan Myers U15MHertfordshire Schs25.7 
1016:27Samuel Jones U15MSt. Albans AC-2.8 
1116:27Harrison Pyrke U15MBarnet46.0 
1216:57Jonty Wager-Leigh U15MDacorum2.8 
1317:04Matthew Simpson U15MDacorum37.7 
1417:14Lewis Sills U15MWatford12.7 
1517:15Benjamin Purcell U15MHerts Phoenix53.7 
1617:15Tom Butler U15MBarnet-4.4 
1717:22Callum Neal U15MChiltern31.8 
1817:38Joshua Cooke U15MSt. Albans AC13.1 
1917:55George Cook U15MHerts Phoenix0.0 
2018:01Louis Glyn U15MDacorum54.0 
2118:05Marcus Godfrey U15MHarrow54.0 
2219:01Mark Cunningham U15MBarnet28.4 
2319:07Jack Gladman U15MStevenage & North Herts7.6 
2419:17Matthew Livesey U15MStevenage & North Herts47.9 
2520:18Tom HallingU15MSt Albans School  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:13Jamie Philpott U13MHerts Phoenix11.3 
210:18George Groom U13MBarnet-2.3 
310:32Nathan Davies U13MShaftesbury Barnet37.5 
410:36Adam Wilmshurst U13MSt. Albans AC46.8 
510:43Thomas Conway U13MChiltern/Hertfordshire Schs43.8 
610:46Samuel Howell U13MChiltern4.4 
710:54Ricardo James U13MSt. Albans AC49.2 
811:04Rory Sale U13MBishops Stortford/Herts Phoenix32.1 
1011:07Rufus Kent U13MBarnet8.2 
911:07Thomas Rayner U13MDacorum18.1 
1111:10Jamie Cohen U13MHarrow44.0 
1211:27Thomas Fulton U13MShaftesbury Barnet0.8 
1311:34Eddie DuncombeU13MDacorum & Tring  
1411:35Benjamin Mitchell U13MSt. Albans AC50.2 
1511:39Jake Alderson U13MDacorum/Hertfordshire Schs14.8 
1611:41Jacob Heighway U13MHerts Phoenix  
1712:01Byron Johal U13MWatford25.6 
1812:01Jack Anderson U13MSt. Albans AC41.2 
1912:09Hugh Thomas U13MSt. Albans AC2.2 
2012:17Andrew Shaw U13MSt. Albans AC1.9 
2112:31Dean Johal U13MWatford32.0 
2212:33Thomas LiveseyU13MStevenage & NH  
2312:45Jamie Sanderson U13MSt. Albans AC  
2412:48Max SahotaU13MSt Albans School  
2513:55Owen Dearman U13MWatford27.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
15:48Jamie Harper U13MShaftesbury Barnet9.9 
25:55Joe ChottU11MShaftesbury BH  
36:02Cameron HoskinsU11MHerts Phoenix  
46:04Jed Lumb U13MSt. Albans AC7.3 
56:06Elliott BreenU11MHerts Phoenix  
66:10Benjamin Hunt U11MDacorum52.6 
76:10Callum Walsh U11MSt. Albans AC25.4 
86:13Woody Castang U13MBarnet50.7 
96:19Alfie Castang U13MBarnet48.4 
106:24David Ali U11MWatford39.3 
116:28Elby Cinnamond U11MShaftesbury Barnet34.0 
126:30Sam Meek U11MStevenage & North Herts  
136:32Liam Jones U11MSt. Albans AC40.6 
146:34Louis Charlish-JacksonU11MHerts Phoenix  
156:36Max Castang U13MBarnet49.5 
166:38Ben Howell U11MDacorum21.5 
176:40Daniel Jack U13MBarnet54.0 
186:53Archie Southwell U11MHerts Phoenix18.9 
196:53Ellis NorthU11MShaftesbury BH  
207:06Francesco RodriguezU11MWatford Harriers  
217:10Cameron Clark U11MWatford8.3 
227:10Rory Brenson U11MSt. Albans AC54.0 
237:10Dominic Vaughan U11MHerts Phoenix  
247:20Cole Cowler U11MHerts Phoenix54.0 
257:25George Smith U20MHerts Phoenix/Millfield Sch  
267:32Oliver ShepherdU11MStevenage & NH  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:07Victoria Pritchard SENWShaftesbury Barnet/St. Albans Striders8.4 
227:17Lizzy Janes SENWHerts Phoenix/North Herts0.2 
328:22Lucy Waterlow SENWSt. Albans Striders4.9 
428:30Rebekah Gardiner U23WShaftesbury Barnet/Birmingham Uni7.1 
528:36Jo Kent V40WBarnet6.5 
628:59Deborah Steer V45WSt. Albans Striders12.4 
729:11Sally Onn SENWSt. Albans Striders8.0 
829:26Lois Bowles SENWEnfield & Haringey19.5 
929:33Deborah Rushman V45WWalden Tri5.5 
1029:58Karen Murphy V40WBarnet6.2 
1130:30Caroline WalshSENWSt Albans Striders  
1230:36Katherine March SENWBarnet7.8 
1330:59Nicola Froud V45WBarnet10.7 
1431:24Zoe Lowe V45WSt. Albans Striders13.7 
1532:00Sharon McHugh V35WMet Police20.3 
1632:03Helen Johal V40WWatford14.0 
1732:05Gill Jubb V35WSt. Albans Striders27.9 
1832:12Lisa WilliamsSENWWatford Harriers  
1932:22Jo Laing V40WFairlands Valley Spartans30.9 
2032:28Lisa Burgess SENWFairlands Valley Spartans50.6 
2132:31Moira Craft V40WDavid Lloyd Pacers44.5 
2232:33Celia Findlay V45WDavid Lloyd Pacers11.5 
2332:35Caroline Whittaker V50WWatford Joggers30.1 
2432:51Alison Harding V50WTring RC15.7 
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