East Surrey League Relays External Results
Wimbledon Common
4 Feb 12

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:40Paul Burgess U13MHerne Hill11.7 
210:54Feysel Nadew U13MHerne Hill9.3 
310:56Saskia Millard U13WHerne Hill0.8 
411:08Sam Helm U13MHercules Wimbledon43.8 
511:14Sam Cohen U13MHerne Hill37.1 
611:16Tom Singhgolden U13MHerne Hill22.2 
711:26Callum Barker U13MHerne Hill24.9 
811:32Oscar Millard U11MHerne Hill12.0 
911:53Daniel Haughton U13MSutton & District34.5 
1012:16Alexander Bond U13MHercules Wimbledon43.4 
1112:24Olivia Lamont U13WHerne Hill44.4 
1212:27Thomas Wodajo U13MHerne Hill51.5 
1312:27Elliot Mier U11MHercules Wimbledon21.5 
1412:29Harris Mier U11MHercules Wimbledon-0.5 
1512:35Saskia Crawford U13WHerne Hill54.0 
1612:44Dylan Pitter-Fagan U13MHerne Hill52.9 
1712:47Izzie Lamport-Went U13WHerne Hill49.6 
1812:58Lily Newton U11WHerne Hill/Cambridge H8.6 
1913:13Moa WadjadoU13MHerne Hill H  
2013:26Finlay White U13MHercules Wimbledon3.3 
2113:28Tomer Tarragano U13MHercules Wimbledon-4.3 
2214:02Bozena Fanner-Brzezina U13WHerne Hill54.0 
2314:16Rebekah Riches U11WHercules Wimbledon7.3 
2414:30Poppy Wardley U11WReigate Priory14.6 
2514:34Anousha Wardley U13WReigate Priory17.9 
2614:34Eve Hassan U13WReigate Priory53.0 
2715:57Jasmine Kalsi U13WReigate Priory54.0 
2815:57Ewan White U11MHercules Wimbledon12.8 
2916:43Sarita Harris U11WHercules Wimbledon54.0 
3016:44Hannah Bond U13WHercules Wimbledon46.8 
3116:44Naveen Harris U13MHercules Wimbledon  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:51Mark Plackett U20MCroydon31.7 
29:57Clayton Payne SENMEpsom & Ewell11.7 
310:08Alexie Calvert-Ansari SENMHercules Wimbledon/Thames Hare & Hounds0.8 
410:17Vic Maughn V45MHerne Hill/Veterans4.8 
510:31Fiona Clark SENWArena 80/Reigate Priory5.8 
610:38Damian MacEnhill V40MStriders of Croydon5.8 
710:45Katie Snowden U20WHerne Hill4.6 
811:11Andrew Del Nevo V40MDacorum & Tring/Southern Counties Vets/Croydon8.1 
911:12Robert Knight SENMCollingwood/South London0.5 
1011:19Jo RodriguezSENWEpsom & Ewell H  
1111:26Geoff Jerwood V50MHerne Hill47.4 
1211:36Neil James Hamilton V45MReigate Priory12.8 
1311:47Frank Wood V45MHercules Wimbledon19.4 
1412:03Chris Morton V45MStriders of Croydon8.2 
1512:05Vanda Caulfield V45WEpsom & Ewell12.2 
1612:23Claire Grima SENWHercules Wimbledon1.2 
1712:28Bob Ewen V55MStriders of Croydon13.1 
1812:42Malcolm Woodman V45MReigate Priory19.9 
1912:43Jas Dhanda V35MReigate Priory14.2 
2014:04Paddy ClarkeV65MVeterans AC  
2114:27Fenella Willis V40WHercules Wimbledon16.7 
2216:03Sandhya Drew V45WCollingwood31.1 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:31Michael Dyer SENMNorth Down/Herne Hill10.7 
210:05Alex Hawkins U23MEpsom & Ewell9.2 
310:33Peter Clarke V45MHercules Wimbledon9.9 
410:53Gavin Lawrence V35MReigate Priory/Crawley4.9 
510:58Jaran Finn V35MCroydon5.7 
611:04Kartik Iyer U15MCroydon1.7 
711:09Tony Harran V50MHerne Hill8.9 
811:16Morris Tarragano V45MHercules Wimbledon1.2 
911:21Zoe West V35WEpsom & Ewell20.1 
1011:37Stephen Massey V40MStriders of Croydon6.7 
1111:54Serena Stracey V35WStriders of Croydon10.7 
1212:17Chris FannerV45MHerne Hill H  
1312:24Michaela Knespl U20WHercules Wimbledon/Loughborough Students50.6 
1412:36Gerry Smith V60MEpsom & Ewell11.8 
1512:56Andy Alsleben V40MCollingwood48.4 
1613:10Alice Ewen SENWStriders of Croydon13.1 
1713:23Annette Morris V50WReigate Priory14.9 
1814:02Clare Morley V35WReigate Priory42.0 
1914:37Dennis Williams V65MHercules Wimbledon/Veterans35.3 
2015:09Irene Leitner V40WReigate Priory/South Africa51.7 
2117:36Marina Murdoch V45WCollingwood27.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
19:57Stuart Flack V35MEpsom & Ewell4.3 
210:01Bob Creed V50MCrawley/Herne Hill6.8 
310:24Michael Dyer SENMNorth Down/Herne Hill10.7 
410:51Fiona Clark SENWArena 80/Reigate Priory5.8 
511:02Stewart Bond V40MHercules Wimbledon6.4 
611:10Damian MacEnhill V40MStriders of Croydon5.8 
711:18Martin RoweSENMCroydon H  
811:20Paul Stanford V40MStriders of Croydon23.0 
911:25Jeffrey Butler V45MEpsom & Ewell9.4 
1011:29Natalie Wilson V35WReigate Priory9.0 
1112:00Martin Lloyd V50MCollingwood9.5 
1212:05Bill Arbury V45MEpsom & Ewell7.6 
1312:17Paddy Patrick V45MReigate Priory10.7 
1412:23Vikki Filsell V40WThames Hare & Hounds/Hercules Wimbledon9.1 
1512:40Dave Betts V60MHercules Wimbledon20.9 
1613:05David LanfranchiSENMHercules Wimbledon  
1713:09Josephine Thompson SENWStriders of Croydon31.5 
1813:42Paul Walters V45MReigate Priory8.6 
1914:55Matthew Kiernan SENMCroydon8.6 
2016:06Andy Lea-GerrardV55MHerne Hill H  
2116:19Rupert Quested V60MCollingwood28.4 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:20Jeremy Meredith SENMHerne Hill32.7 
210:36Mohammed Ismail SENMHerne Hill/Serpentine0.3 
310:53Phil SavageSENMEpsom & Ewell H  
410:55Andrew Davies V35MSerpentine/Hercules Wimbledon5.7 
511:12Barry White V35MStriders of Croydon11.7 
611:13Wayne Chappell V40MReigate Priory17.1 
711:14Ercole Lugari V35MCollingwood6.5 
811:22Colin Oxlade V50MCroydon/Southern Counties Vets/Broxbourne7.9 
911:31Gavin Lawrence V35MReigate Priory/Crawley4.9 
1011:38Lee Pollock V45MEpsom & Ewell53.3 
1111:38Chris Hayward U20MEpsom & Ewell50.2 
1211:47Mick Turner V45MStriders of Croydon9.1 
1311:59Chris Morton V45MStriders of Croydon8.2 
1412:10Fiona ClarkSENWHerne Hill H  
1512:56Maire Gilmartin U17WHercules Wimbledon33.4 
1613:06David Condon SENMCollingwood18.4 
1713:15Mark White V45MHercules Wimbledon20.0 
1813:24GaĆ«lle Delmas SENWReigate Priory54.0 
1913:50Malcolm Woodman V45MReigate Priory19.9 
2014:11Robin Dickson V65MThames Hare & Hounds/Croydon52.0 
2116:20Mike Fuller V65MHercules Wimbledon54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:35Augustin Mallon U17MHercules Wimbledon49.1 
210:40John Tayleur U17MHerne Hill9.7 
310:46Edward Olsen U15MHerne Hill8.0 
411:53Joshua BarthlomewU15MSutton & District  
511:59Andrez Fanner-BrezinaU15MHerne Hill H  
614:04Alice SatyabuleU15WHerne Hill H  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:24Amin JisonU17MHerne Hill H  
211:19Alexander Lloyd-Jones U15MHercules Wimbledon39.0 
311:48Aaron Clark U15MHerne Hill54.0 
415:32Patsy SetyabuleU15WHerne Hill H  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:53AN Other      
211:30Max Ferrari U15MHerne Hill41.9 
312:18Francesca Reid Lloyd U15WHerne Hill41.6 
415:14Imogen Willis U15WHercules Wimbledon16.9