Invicta East Kent Open External Results
20 Sep 11
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Mile 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:00.3Bobby Clay  U15WInvicta East Kent4:59.74:44.4919.2 
25:10.4Ellie Hume PBU17WInvicta East Kent5:10.45:10.452.9 
35:14.4Alex Clay PBU17WInvicta East Kent5:14.44:55.3028.5 
45:20.0Helena Penfold PBSENWMedway & Maidstone/Invicta East Kent/Czech Republic5:20.05:20.053.3 
55:30.0Anna Weston  U15WInvicta East Kent/St. Mary's Uni5:28.835:23.15.6 
65:40.1Lilly Coward  U15WInvicta East Kent5:39.45:00.980.0 
75:46.9Emily McKane SBU17WInvicta East Kent5:46.95:09.317.1 
85:58.5Amy Old PBU15WInvicta East Kent5:58.55:08.9813.3 
96:08.4Sophie Willington PBSENWInvicta East Kent6:08.46:08.438.1 
106:12.2Vicky Talbot-Rosner SBV50WInvicta East Kent6:12.25:58.219.9 
116:18.0Beth Burnett SBU20WInvicta East Kent6:18.05:57.726.4 
126:25.2Beatrice Lever PBU13WThanet AC/Thanet RR6:25.26:25.229.6 
Mile 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:54.4Tony Tuohy  V45MDulwich4:53.74:48.332.1 
25:18.3James Lane Pitcher  U15MInvicta East Kent5:06.95:06.92.6 
35:22.8Robert Whittaker PBV50MInvicta East Kent5:22.85:22.88.3 
45:34.2Ben Hall PBU15MInvicta East Kent5:34.25:07.23.9 
55:37.5Jon Ness PBU23MInvicta East Kent5:37.55:37.549.0 
65:37.8James Sieloff PBU15MSittingbourne/Newington5:37.85:12.5024.9 
76:05.5Gareth Funnell  U15MNewington6:01.66:01.645.6 
86:17.4Ashley Paine SBU15MInvicta East Kent6:17.45:51.151.9 
96:17.9Josh Richards PBU13MInvicta East Kent6:17.96:17.923.2 
106:20.9Thomas Platts PBU13MKent Schs6:20.96:20.914.9 
116:36.2Russell Williams SBV65MCambridge H/Southern Counties Vets6:36.26:07.353.8 
127:32.2Richard Hudson SBV50MInvicta East Kent7:32.26:57.016.7 
Mile 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:29.2Kieran Reilly  U20MInvicta East Kent4:27.74:06.73-5.0 
24:41.4Luke Dawson PBU17MInvicta East Kent4:41.44:41.440.3 
34:44.6Jake Rogers SBU17MInvicta East Kent4:44.64:43.446.1 
44:48.6Sam Hudson PBU20MInvicta East Kent4:48.64:34.0823.5 
54:49.3Tim Corby PBSENMInvicta East Kent4:49.34:34.6214.0 
64:59.3Chris Thomas PBU20MInvicta East Kent4:59.34:59.3-2.7 
75:04.0Thomas Purnell  SENMInvicta East Kent4:59.254:47.96.6 
85:20.4Jack Smith SBU17MInvicta East Kent5:20.45:15.444.5 
95:36.6Barry Hopkins PBSENMInvicta East Kent5:36.65:31.518.6