2XU Surrey League Division 1 External Results
14 Jan 12

Boy's Results
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:47Chris Busaileh SENMHerne Hill-2.3 
228:52Alex Robinson U23MHercules Wimbledon/Durham Uni-0.4 
329:20Mark Dooley SENMHerne Hill/Donore/Ireland27.9 
429:27Martin Shore V35MThames Hare & Hounds6.2 
529:29Richard Ward SENMBelgrave14.4 
629:32Ben Paviour V35MHerne Hill-0.5 
729:36Alan Barnes SENMHerne Hill/Stock Exchange4.3 
829:41Matthew Jones SENMThames Hare & Hounds/Athletics Veterans of Hong Kong/Croydon4.0 
929:49Paskar Owor SENMBelgrave/Uganda0.5 
1029:50Kieran White V35MHercules Wimbledon/Royal Air Force0.6 
1129:54Richard Kowenicki SENMThames Hare & Hounds4.7 
1230:03Brian Wilder V40MHerne Hill15.5 
1330:04Liam White U20MHercules Wimbledon25.7 
1430:05Richard Gregory SENMRanelagh/Hercules Wimbledon4.2 
1530:08Jonathan Henderson SENMHerne Hill/Edinburgh Uni-0.8 
1630:10Phil Killingley SENMWinchester/Oxford Uni4.3 
1730:12Stuart Major V40MNewham & Essex Beagles/South London/Thames Hare & Hounds1.4 
1830:13Matthew Donnery SENMHerne Hill/Pensby/Epsom Oddballs/Wirral41.9 
1930:15Will Cockerell V35MBelgrave3.8 
2030:20John Kettle V35MHerne Hill-0.9 
2130:24Pawel Bal SENMSouth London11.2 
2230:26Sam Perkins SENMRanelagh/Birmingham Uni/Enfield & Haringey41.3 
2330:28James Ellis SENMClapham Chasers0.3 
2430:30Keith Newton V45MHerne Hill5.8 
2530:32Francis Marsh V45MNorth Down/Northern Ireland Masters/Herne Hill0.4 
2630:38Ryan Evans SENMSouth London-0.9 
2730:41Sarwar Khan SENMHerne Hill50.3 
2830:47Justin West V35MStragglers44.0 
2930:48Christopher Peach SENMHerne Hill18.1 
3030:49Simon Coombes V35MHerne Hill/Leighton Buzzard/Bedford & County-0.9 
3130:56Andrew LawrenceSENMTHH   
3230:57Peter Haarer V40MRanelagh2.5 
3330:59Gordon Pearce SENMKingston & Poly/Thames Hare & Hounds2.3 
3431:00Pat Canavan SENMSouth London5.3 
3531:02Andrew Weir V40MThames Hare & Hounds/Herne Hill3.6 
3631:14Jonathan Stead SENMHerne Hill34.9 
3731:17Graham Brook SENMStragglers3.3 
3831:17Seiko Angelo V45MRanelagh14.5 
3931:20Mike Causer V40MThames Hare & Hounds/Lewes42.2 
4031:22James Flood V35MStragglers43.8 
4131:23Bruce Harrold SENMDorking & Mole Valley/Holland Sports AC3.1 
4231:26Kristian Lennard V40MSouth London19.5 
4331:28Andy Tindall V50MSouth London/Veterans12.6 
4431:32Jim Burdett V40MSouth London3.0 
4531:36Simon Molden SENMThames Hare & Hounds9.8 
4631:41Riel Carol V35MClapham Chasers5.1 
4731:54Jamie White U23MClapham Chasers48.0 
4832:01Ian Connor SENMClapham Chasers53.4 
4932:02Roy Reeder V45MStragglers5.0 
5032:03Basil Wallace V35MHerne Hill27.3 
5132:04David Symons V40MThames Hare & Hounds/Croydon8.5 
5232:04An UnknownSENMHW  
5332:06Graeme Buscke SENMClapham Chasers43.5 
5432:08Nic Gould SENMThames Hare & Hounds/Croydon3.3 
5532:10Andy Howse V45MThames Hare & Hounds/Poole Runners7.1 
5632:14Nick Altmann V35MThames Hare & Hounds/Herne Hill3.8 
5732:16Chris Phelan V50MSouth London8.3 
5832:17Alexie Calvert-Ansari SENMHercules Wimbledon/Thames Hare & Hounds4.9 
5932:18Carl Selya-Hammer SENMRanelagh/United States1.6 
6032:19Mark Gray V40MStragglers24.0 
6132:23Marc Snaith SENMRanelagh/St. Mary's Richmond5.6 
6232:30Rory O'Neill SENMClapham Chasers33.1 
6332:32Guy Mclaren V35MClapham Chasers43.0 
6432:37Mike Trees V45MBelgrave2.0 
6532:39Joe Toomey U20MHercules Wimbledon/Liverpool Uni-0.2 
6632:42Daniel Gillett V40MSouth London3.1 
6732:48Malachi Byansi V35MBelgrave/Uganda35.1 
6832:50Robert Tuer SENMClapham Chasers/Hercules Wimbledon3.3 
6932:52Gaetan Terra SENMClapham Chasers27.8 
7032:53Peter Lee V45MHercules Wimbledon6.7 
7132:54Chris Bundhun SENMRanelagh/Kingston & Poly7.7 
7232:56Philip Glynn SENMHercules Wimbledon26.5 
7332:59Tobias Mews SENMClapham Chasers21.7 
7433:01Trevor Maguire V45MRanelagh23.6 
7533:05Nathan Mills V35MRanelagh53.7 
7633:11Sean Crummy U23MHercules Wimbledon17.6 
7733:12David Moore V45MDorking & Mole Valley2.7 
7833:21Carl Plumpton V45MSouth London31.7 
7933:27Bob Creed V50MCrawley/Herne Hill8.7 
8033:31Craig Orgill V40MClapham Chasers51.2 
8133:34David Baker V45MSouth London9.9 
8233:40Alex Urban SENMHercules Wimbledon43.6 
8333:54Tom KnightSENMHHH   
8433:56Rajdave Singh SENMHerne Hill32.2 
8533:58David Ogden V50MSouth London2.6 
8634:02Deron Fagan V35MHerne Hill5.4 
8734:03Paul Kelly SENMClapham Chasers3.7 
8834:07Philip Pearson V45MSouth London7.9 
8934:18Peter Kennedy V40MStragglers15.2 
9034:19Mark Herbert SENMRanelagh2.3 
9134:21Marc Henrion SENMMornington Chasers34.4 
9234:23Knut Hegvold V50MBelgrave/Norway11.3 
9334:27Christian Rose-Day V35MClapham Chasers14.5 
9434:27Tom Kingham SENMHerne Hill19.7 
9534:29Stuart Searle V35MSouth London17.6 
9634:31Simon Brazil V45MStragglers11.0 
9734:31Andrian SaveySENMClapham Chasers   
9834:34Andy Collins V45MSouth London9.7 
9934:46Winston Parkinson V35MHerne Hill38.1 
10034:51Fraser Dawson V45MDorking & Mole Valley4.4 
10134:55Nick Burkitt V35MClapham Chasers41.1 
10234:57Robert Norville V35MBelgrave5.6 
10335:03Ian Pegler SENMHercules Wimbledon46.2 
10435:12Dan Holmes SENMClapham Chasers12.9 
10535:15Charlie Wallace V35MWimbledon Windmilers/Thames Hare & Hounds/Fleet & Crookham27.2 
10635:18Simon Hedger V50MRanelagh16.5 
10735:22Stewart Bond V40MHercules Wimbledon9.0 
10835:28Tim Weeks SENMBelgrave35.8 
10935:31Alex Halpin V40MSouth London43.5 
11035:33Paul Stevens V45MHerne Hill54.0 
11135:35Tom Mitchell SENMClapham Chasers24.1 
11235:38Robert Mccaffrey V40MDorking & Mole Valley6.9 
11335:42Stephen Wilkins SENMSouth London51.3 
11435:43Rupert Mainwaring V35MHerne Hill18.2 
11535:47Paul TimblickV40MSLH   
11635:50Paul Mitchell V45MSouth London8.2 
11736:05Trevor Ford V35MStragglers10.3 
11836:15Nigel Rothwell V45MStragglers38.3 
11936:20George Palmer SENMClapham Chasers50.8 
12036:20Rohan Crouse SENMHercules Wimbledon40.9 
12136:25Andy Bickerstaff V50MRanelagh/Cirencester21.4 
12236:30Spencer Mildon SENMSerpentine54.0 
12336:30Mark Pattinson V50MStragglers/Royal Air Force9.4 
12436:37Michael Leong SENMClapham Chasers4.0 
12536:51Chris Owens V55MRanelagh12.3 
12636:54Nick Dilley SENMBelgrave35.4 
12736:54Barbe GeoffroySENMDMV   
12837:12Massimo Barcellona SENMDorking & Mole Valley13.1 
12937:15David Grima SENMHercules Wimbledon-0.2 
13037:18Glenn Quarton V50MSouth London5.1 
13137:20Bill Arnold V45MSouth London7.9 
13237:26Howard Jones V45MDorking & Mole Valley4.3 
13337:29Warren Lynch V40MBelgrave54.0 
13437:45Nick Brown V45MStragglers9.4 
13537:48Ben Shore SENMRanelagh9.6 
13637:52Stuart KempSENMDMV   
13737:58John Ricketts V50MRanelagh19.0 
13838:07Charles Hampden-Smith V50MHercules Wimbledon9.4 
13938:13Ross Gentry SENMSouth London7.1 
14038:19Nigel Bush V55MSouth London27.9 
14138:40Tom Cheetham V45MHercules Wimbledon5.9 
14238:50Andrew Ormesher V45MClapham Chasers25.8 
14338:57Phil Scarles V45MSouth London40.9 
14439:06Daniel Powell V35MClapham Chasers35.6 
14539:09Mike Airey V50MSouth London53.6 
14639:12Chris Camacho V40MRanelagh23.2 
14739:13Nigel Stevens V50MDorking & Mole Valley38.5 
14839:13Mark Livingstone V40MHercules Wimbledon14.3 
14939:15Jon Parry V35MStragglers22.0 
15039:22Mark Baron SENMClapham Chasers13.2 
15139:24Alistair Morton V45MSouth London16.3 
15239:28Josserand AntoineSENMDMV   
15339:32Michael Prout V50MStragglers16.2 
15439:43Andrew Woodhouse V40MRanelagh19.8 
15540:33Dan Hayes V40MBedford H/South London34.2 
15640:42Mark Thomas V50MStragglers18.3 
15740:47John Hall V60MBelgrave/Veterans/Civil Service51.5 
15841:00Vincent Starr V35MMornington Chasers/Clapham Chasers9.8 
15941:21Stephen Vincent V40MSouth London13.2 
16041:30Graham Taylor V65MDorking & Mole Valley13.4 
16141:34Rhiwallon Leadbeater SENMClapham Chasers19.4 
16241:37David Strange V35MStragglers39.5 
16341:40Paul Reidy V40MClapham Chasers54.0 
16441:45Ryan Bayly V35MClapham Chasers42.0 
16541:56Alastair Carr V50MSouth London28.0 
16641:58Christian Rijs SENMClapham Chasers27.7 
16743:04Hugh Vance V45MHercules Wimbledon  
16844:23Steve Rowland V60MRanelagh50.1 
16946:06Russell ThompsonSENMClapham Chasers   
17047:11Peter Fordham V55MRanelagh23.6 
17147:15Tiago Ramos SENMStragglers14.0 
17260:59Andy GerrardV50MHHH   
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:42Timothy Livingstone U17MHercules Wimbledon35.5 
215:44Joe Lyne U15MSouth London/Trafford2.1 
315:47Ben Palmer U17MWimbledon Windmilers31.3 
415:59Cassian Hyde U15MHercules Wimbledon26.3 
516:30AN Other      
616:31Ross Vance U15MHercules Wimbledon26.0 
716:34John Tayleur U17MHerne Hill10.4 
816:35Abdu Mohamed U15MHerne Hill40.1 
916:36Paul Burgess U13MHerne Hill16.0 
1016:42William Bardsley U15MSouth London3.1 
1116:47Laurie Pope U13MSouth London12.1 
1217:12Callum Barker U13MHerne Hill29.4 
1317:14Sam Cliff U13MDorking & Mole Valley33.3 
1417:15Max Ferrari U15MHerne Hill46.4 
1517:19Augustin Mallon U17MHercules Wimbledon33.1 
1617:19Oscar Millard U11MHerne Hill16.5 
1717:32Andres Navarrete U13MSouth London53.2 
1818:01Tom Lowry U13MDorking & Mole Valley39.2 
1918:17James Bates U15MHerne Hill54.0 
2018:17Oliver Fox U13MHerne Hill54.0 
2118:34Aaron Wells U15MSouth London0.8 
2218:40Patrick Bew U15MSouth London5.3 
2318:46Matt Newton U15MHercules Wimbledon17.8 
2419:07Malik Nehaili U13MBelgrave/Herne Hill33.0 
2519:07Henry Stiff U13MSouth London4.2 
2619:27Scott George Thomas Bedford U13MSouth London52.2 
2719:34Shiloh Newell U15MHerne Hill  
2820:09Alexander Bond U13MHercules Wimbledon47.9 
2920:45Matthew Gibbons U13MHercules Wimbledon5.3 
3020:54Moa Wodajo U13MHerne Hill54.0 
3120:55Thomas Wodajo U13MHerne Hill54.0