Eastern AA Championships External Results
Royal Hospital School
27 Nov 11
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
137:02Steven Robinson SENMBedford & County/Royal Air Force-0.4 
237:55Alan Turnbull V45MBedford & County/Royal Air Force/Riverside7.0 
338:30Wesley Benton SENMColchester H43.2 
439:22Paul Spowage V45MColchester H/Eastern Masters5.7 
539:36David AllworthySENMColchester Harriers  
639:58Ben Caisey V35MIpswich TC21.2 
740:48Andrew Kearton SENMColchester H48.8 
840:51Rob Gibby V35MColchester H/Fire Service11.0 
941:07Jonathan Nears V35MColchester H0.9 
1041:22Paul Preston V35MColchester H4.6 
1141:59Peter West V45MColchester H5.8 
1242:52Dave Copland V45MIpswich TC5.3 
1343:49John Wankowski SENMIpswich TC54.0 
1445:58Kevin Grant V40MIpswich TC46.7 
1546:19Kevin Frost V40MColchester & Tendring18.1 
1646:36Neil Catling SENMIpswich TC48.5 
1746:48Chris Tye V40MIpswich TC7.1 
1846:51Adrian Peake V45MIpswich Jaffa8.6 
1947:33Russel Breyer V45MIpswich TC11.4 
2049:45Robin Belsom V50MIpswich Jaffa8.4 
2153:26Simon Green V55MIpswich TC19.5 
2254:19John Moody V35MIpswich TC54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:27Adam Essa U20MThurrock50.2 
226:52Rhys Gillard U20MSouthend-1.7 
327:20Dennis Cross U20MThurrock29.5 
428:34Harrison JeffriesU20MRoyal Hospital School  
529:13Adam Dowman U20MThurrock1.2 
629:35Adam Edwards U20MHavering54.0 
730:12Thomas Gifford U20MColchester & Tendring1.0 
830:33Ross Earney U20MHavering54.0 
931:48Christopher Hyde U17MHavering54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:44Hoseah Gikungu U17MHavering43.5 
219:29Ross Tennant U17MIpswich13.1 
319:35Joe Alexander U17MColchester & Tendring/Great Bentley25.9 
419:44Oliver Kyriakides U17MSouthend4.6 
519:47Dominic Oliver U17MGreat Yarmouth-0.1 
620:16George Jones U17MColchester & Tendring  
720:26Ben Franklin U17MSouthend37.7 
820:30Dean Frost U17MColchester & Tendring25.3 
920:36Steven Hancock U17MSouthend24.0 
1020:38Keelan Pywell U17MGreat Yarmouth48.3 
1120:41Kyle Ella U17MGreat Yarmouth13.4 
1220:57Guy Kendall U17MCambridge & Coleridge43.3 
1320:59Thomas Davis U17MHavering5.9 
1421:01Tobias Rankin U17MIpswich/Hadleigh Hares20.4 
1521:03Alec Finch U17MThurrock-1.3 
1621:14Kieran Wood U17MCambridge & Coleridge-3.7 
1721:40James Thompson U17MColchester & Tendring33.2 
1821:56Michael Porter U17MColchester & Tendring21.2 
1922:07Jack RennisonU17MRoyal Hospital School  
2022:09Connor Price U17MColchester H37.8 
2122:25Robert Smailes U17MSt. Edmund Pacers8.0 
2222:35Andrew Holland U17MHavering8.9 
2322:41Thomas Brennan U17MHavering54.0 
2424:12Ben Green U17MIpswich TC12.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
113:38Jordan Rowe U15MColchester & Tendring-4.5 
213:41Laurence Willmore U15MSouthend/Leigh on Sea30.5 
313:59Adam Jordan U15MSouthend26.4 
414:04Thomas Heylen U15MCambridge & Coleridge31.4 
514:39Gary Cahill U15MThurrock27.9 
614:55Richard Ling U15MIpswich44.7 
714:57Sean Wilson U15MHavering47.0 
814:58Edward Thompson U15MHavering22.2 
915:20Robert Cowper-ColesU15MRoyal Hospital School  
1015:27Adam Hill U15MHavering42.7 
1115:32Dylan Campbell U15MEly52.9 
1215:32Ieuan Alldis U15MSt. Edmund Pacers29.4 
1315:47Elliott Nunn U15MHavering42.6 
1415:57George WilliamsU15MIpswich Harriers  
1523:41Sam Dell U15MHavering54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:35Jamie Philpott U13MHerts Phoenix10.8 
210:54Henry Milldown U13MIpswich20.7 
311:08Max Williams U13MColchester & Tendring4.8 
411:14Lordie Bevan U13MPeterborough/Berkshire Schs15.4 
511:33Finn Barnes U13MCambridge TC/Cambridge & Coleridge24.4 
611:37Christopher Jones U13MIpswich44.4 
712:00Joshua Stephens U13MHavering54.0 
812:09Aaron Westwood U13MHavering50.2 
912:14Jack Mabbutt U13MColchester & Tendring53.8 
1012:28William Page U13MColchester & Tendring0.4 
1113:01Daniel Mouldon U13MHavering  
1213:13Thomas Hewes U13MColchester & Tendring46.2 
1314:08George Youngs U13MHuntingdonshire45.3 
1414:54Robert Brunton U13MCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge TC43.6 
1514:56Ben Charles U13MDiss48.4 
1617:08Joshua Richards U13MIpswich TC/Ipswich50.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
122:14Jo Coates V35WSt. Edmund Pacers/Cambridge & Coleridge12.1 
222:33Stacey Wheat U23WColchester H31.6 
323:06Marie Shirley SENWColchester H13.2 
423:48Lynn Higgs V50WColchester H17.5 
524:34Helen Grant V45WCambridge & Coleridge20.3 
625:53Laura Stott-Allworthy SENWColchester H14.1 
726:24Sian Gifford V40WColchester & Tendring17.1 
828:22Diana Braverman V60WCambridge & Coleridge/Newmarket J19.9 
930:01Karen Cameron V45WHuntingdonshire14.1 
1032:19Mary Holmes V75WCambridge & Coleridge/Eastern Masters30.4 
1132:41Sarah Smith V45WHuntingdonshire32.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
122:20Samantha Redgrave U20WColchester H53.6 
227:40Patsy McWeeney U20WHavering54.0 
330:41Tamsin Desborough U20WGreat Yarmouth23.8 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
123:41Eleanor Smith U17WHuntingdonshire14.0 
223:45Zoe MacDonald U17WCambridge & Coleridge3.6 
324:03Catherine Lee U17WGreat Yarmouth38.5 
424:11Hattie Algar U17WCambridge & Coleridge54.0 
524:25Molly Huggins U17WColchester H49.4 
624:53Sarah Imbush U17WSouthend6.3 
725:30Emily Gooderham U17WSt. Edmund Pacers11.5 
825:36Claire Cuddihy U17WSuffolk Schs37.5 
926:07Lisa Crowhurst U17WColchester & Tendring54.0 
1026:21Jordan Lacey U17WSouthend7.3 
1126:53Faye McLellan U17WCambridge & Coleridge48.4 
1232:41Kirsty Palmer U17WDiss54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:16Gemma Holloway U15WThurrock7.8 
214:45Claire Wilson U15WCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge TC26.6 
314:56Charlotte Tara Murphy U15WCambridge & Coleridge4.3 
415:16Hollie Parker U15WCambridge & Coleridge4.8 
515:19Eleanor Drake U15WDiss37.7 
615:39Ellie Baker U15WHerts Phoenix-1.6 
715:51Elizabeth Parry U15WHerts Phoenix26.7 
815:53Katherine-Jayne Watts U15WColchester H33.9 
915:54Emily Moyes U15WStowmarket1.6 
1015:55Charlotte Gillard U15WCambridge & Coleridge25.9 
1116:13Emma Watts U15WSt. Edmund Pacers42.1 
1216:22Diana Chalmers U15WCambridge & Coleridge9.3 
1316:24Ami Fosker U15WColchester & Tendring26.8 
1416:28Lucy Kidwell U15WSouthend40.5 
1516:33Katie Scholey U15WCambridge & Coleridge54.0 
1616:39Charlotte Head U15WColchester H50.1 
1716:47Charlotte Kew U15WColchester & Tendring50.8 
1816:49Polly Smith U15WHuntingdonshire11.1 
1916:59Rebecca Ward U15WHavering54.0 
2017:06Olivia Mair U15WIpswich38.6 
2117:17Emily Strickland U15WSt. Edmund Pacers54.0 
2217:19Molly O'Donnell U15WSt. Edmund Pacers51.1 
2317:26Robbie Nunn U15WHavering53.5 
2417:27Jessica Gooderham U15WSt. Edmund Pacers5.6 
2517:40Sian Hicks U15WColchester & Tendring36.3 
2618:00Joy Huggins U15WColchester H48.6 
2718:08Kate Frost U15WColchester & Tendring54.0 
2818:39Katie Peake U15WIpswich38.0 
2918:57Gabriella Hartfield U15WIpswich54.0 
3019:36Megan Breen U15WHerts Phoenix37.6 
3123:19Sophie Wilkinson U15WColchester & Tendring54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:37Amy Chalmers U13WCambridge & Coleridge19.8 
211:41Alice Newcombe U13WCambridge & Coleridge2.0 
311:57Emma Schaertlin Coffey U13WCambridge & Coleridge24.8 
412:11Amy Dowsett U13WGreat Yarmouth33.1 
512:21Lauren Murphy U13WCambridge & Coleridge29.3 
612:40Hannah Booth U13WHerts Phoenix12.5 
712:46Erin Breen U13WHerts Phoenix45.2 
812:58Jessica Ward U13WHavering22.3 
913:09Gemma Grose U13WSt. Edmund Pacers43.9 
1013:13Erin Irwin U13WGreat Yarmouth52.0 
1113:13Chloe Godbold U13WIpswich15.4 
1213:30Sarah Brunton U13WCambridge & Coleridge/Cambridge TC34.7 
1313:54Emily Gillard U13WCambridge & Coleridge46.4 
1413:56Chloe Long U13WGreat Yarmouth54.0 
1514:01Georgina Sturgeon U13WColchester & Tendring24.0 
1614:11Francesca Worrall U13WHuntingdonshire22.2 
1714:17Amelia Darnell U13WHuntingdonshire8.6