Cliffe Castle parkrun # 139 External Results
Cliffe Castle
10 Sep 22
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PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:43Tommy Power  S25MHallamshire15:5115:51-4.7 
218:10Callum James  S20MKeighley & Craven16:5716:57-0.2 
321:09Jamie Greenwood S25MUnattached    
421:32Richard Mallinson V40MUnattached    
521:35Matthew Todd S25MUnattached    
621:39Ishtiaq Suleman  V40MUnattached21:1721:179.1 
721:48Robert Grillo V50MUnattached    
822:12Henry Pettinger V60MUnattached    
922:28Thomas John Mountain S30MUnattached    
1022:45Chris Bates V35MUnattached    
1122:57Richard Lay V45MMAN v FAT Runners    
1223:27Jonathan Eagle  V60MHorsforth Harriers20:5919:279.1 
1323:29Lorna Hubbard  V35WKeighley & Craven21:5521:129.4 
1423:49Keith Birkhead V60MUnattached    
1523:52Sam Morphet S25MUnattached    
1624:04Timothy Clegg  V60MKeighley & Craven22:1820:5011.1 
1724:25Andrew Nicoll  V50MBingley22:5118:3513.3 
1824:29Lucy Griffiths  V35WWharfedale23:0419:5711.1 
1924:42Helder Goncalves V45MUnattached    
2025:01Lee Athersmith  V40MWharfedale/Royal Air Force/Northern Masters17:1116:31-0.6 
2125:40Steve Vink V50MUnattached    
2225:49Max Rowe V60MUnattached    
2325:52Eleanor Tew S25WUnattached    
2425:53Lucas Davenport U15MNo Club Running Club    
2526:02Richard Hargreaves V50MUnattached    
2626:22Penny Strudwick V50WUnattached    
2726:39Arshad Akram V40MUnattached    
2826:48Steven Searby V50MUnattached    
2926:56Martin Southam V45MUnattached    
3027:24Damien Scholes V40MUnattached    
3127:44Adam Jones V35MUnattached    
3227:59Dave Tait  V75MDark Peak/Ilkley26:2620:5619.9 
3328:05Owen Lacey S25MUnattached    
3428:36Kim Shaw  V60WKeighley & Craven26:1326:1319.8 
3528:40Scuba Dee V50MWRG (Semaphore)    
3628:54David Tew  V60MSaffron Striders27:1025:2321.6 
3728:57Mark Dyson V50MUnattached    
3828:59Matilda Neary U15WUnattached    
3929:00Tony Neary V45MUnattached    
4029:02Kamran Maskin V40MUnattached    
4129:11Gareth Byrne V55MUnattached    
4229:28Ewan Forster U15MUnattached    
4329:29Aiden Forster V55MUnattached    
4429:29Michelle Davenport V45WUnattached    
4529:33Lydia Tew S20WUnattached    
4629:34David Bradley  V50MWharfedale26:4623:1922.1 
4729:38Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
4830:17Chantal Driver V50WUnattached    
4930:21Thomas Aidan Cunningham  S25MUnattached25:1023:1318.7 
5030:24Simon Clarke V35MUnattached    
5130:26Joseph Dowling V50MUnattached    
5230:38Paul Kempster V60MUnattached    
5330:43Alex Gill V45MUnattached    
5430:47Rachel Rowell V40WUnattached    
5530:58Wendy Winterbottom V50WUnattached    
5631:04Leah Godden U11WUnattached    
5731:30Helen Gilert V50WAiredale Dodgers    
5831:31Sharon Sewards V40WKeighley & Craven AC    
5932:19Aarav Raval U11MUnattached    
6032:48Heather Gardner V45WAiredale Dodgers    
6132:49Tracey Healey  V55WBradford Airedale28:1726:3124.5 
6233:08Stephen Nicholson V60MKeighley & Craven AC    
6333:12Laura Hepworth S25WUnattached    
6433:14Arya Raval U11WUnattached    
6533:19Mick Hudson V55MUnattached    
6633:35Miroslawa Talarek V40WUnattached    
6733:35Stephen Hill V60MUnattached    
6833:43Natalie Nutting V35WUnattached    
6933:44Lesley Lyon V40WUnattached    
7033:52David Barwick V60MUnattached    
7133:58Cherry Connolly V65WUnattached    
7234:34Lucy Anne Cunningham  V45WUnattached31:4530:0226.0 
7334:46Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
7435:02Raegan Dunbar V40WUnattached    
7535:16Alison Jennings V55WUnattached    
7635:32Stirling Shaw U15MUnattached    
7735:48Jonathan Hayes V55MUnattached    
7835:56Jo Dallas  V55WSaffron Striders34:2931:4530.4 
7936:05Angela Godden V40WUnattached    
8036:08Andrea Stead V40WUnattached    
8136:42Alison Goncalves V45WUnattached    
8237:27Monroe Shaw U11WUnattached    
8337:28Lucy Shaw V40WUnattached    
8437:54John Mannion V60MUnattached    
8537:55Cath Wood V55WUnattached    
8638:25Lynne Carter V60WWith Me Now    
8738:40Diana Parker V55WUnattached    
8839:05Laurie Manley V70MUnattached    
8939:11Nigel Searby V75MKeighley & Craven AC    
9039:15Lisa McMahon V40WUnattached    
9139:21Norma Peace V80WUnattached    
9239:22Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9339:29Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9439:29Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
9540:01Margaret Fletcher  V50WBradford Airedale33:5623:3230.2 
9640:06Carole Allan V55WAiredale Dodgers    
9740:12Tonia Simons V50WAiredale Dodgers    
9840:16Racquel Hall V45WUnattached    
9940:29Helen Bradley V50WUnattached    
10040:54Jennifer Nicholson V65WUnattached    
10141:09Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10241:13Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
10341:34Liesl Rowe S25WUnattached    
10442:05Mark Lister V50MUnattached    
10543:12Fiona Gostling SBV55WKeighley & Craven43:1235:5732.9 
10646:09Martin Taylor V55MCraven Energy    
10748:25Emma McGuire V45WUnattached    
10848:27Maeve Rock V75WUnattached    
10948:49Linda Tetley V70WUnattached    
11051:43Jo Kurasinski V55WUnattached    
11151:49Unknown Athlete SENMUnattached    
11251:50Anand Raval V40MUnattached