Wirral Multi Terrain Series 4.6 External Results
Royden Park
7 Sep 21
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:46Alex Poulston U17MWirral-0.4 
228:21Daniel Hayes U20MWirral-1.1 
328:26Edward Shepherd SENMWoodford Green Essex Ladies/San Francisco Uni/Herts Phoenix-4.9 
428:30Liam Brown SENMKirkby Milers-0.2 
528:53Oliver ChadwickSENMWallasey Athletic Club  
628:57James Mackie V45MWirral-0.1 
729:10Mark Clair V40MMersey Tri0.8 
829:24David Pastor V45MUTS Running2.7 
929:32Lawrence Eccles V35MPenny Lane0.7 
1029:37Jack Poland SENMWallasey0.2 
1129:46Colin Walsh V35MPenny Lane2.3 
1229:51Luke Samuel Hampshire U20MWirral/Wallasey1.8 
1329:56Christopher Jones V35MWallasey1.6 
1430:04Jack Bernhem U17MWirral1.3 
1530:07Simon Oliver V45MChester TC1.5 
1630:12Jez Brown V45MBuckley RC1.3 
1730:35John Myers V45MSandymoor2.7 
1830:38Steven Fernyhough V40MWest Cheshire1.4 
1930:46Steven King V45MWest Cheshire4.4 
2030:51Nigel Smith V45MChester TC11.9 
2130:52Ted BoltonU17MWirral AC  
2231:01Adam Gordon V45MHelsby RC3.1 
2331:08Tony WoodSENMDenbigh Harriers  
2431:18Rob Chesters V35MPenny Lane3.0 
2531:19Tom KennedySENMMersey Tri  
2631:20Sam Oliver U17MChester TC4.4 
2731:22Stuart Fludger V45MUTS Running5.0 
2831:22Rob Pearse V45MWallasey-0.9 
2931:28Naomi Alleyne SENWWirral/Manchester Uni16.7 
3031:37Mark Davies V40MWest Cheshire3.8 
3131:48Daniel WallerSENMMersey Tri  
3231:50Xavier DesseV50MPensby Runners  
3331:54Glen GrovesV50MMersey Tri  
3432:03Kate Moulds SENWVale Royal/Birmingham Uni4.5 
3532:06Andrew Clague V50MWest Cheshire4.1 
3632:11Julien Tour V35MPenny Lane3.1 
3732:13Ben Evans SENMPensby5.2 
3832:14James ChapmanV40MWirral AC  
3932:24Paul Shannon V60MTattenhall/Unattached5.1 
4032:29Colin Thompson V40MHelsby RC2.8 
4132:29Richard Farrar V50MWirral4.2 
4232:31Mark SuttonV50MWirral AC  
4332:33Christopher CoxSENMWallasey Athletic Club  
4432:39Mark Smith V45MPensby5.0 
4532:41John Hammond V40M100 Marathon Club/UTS Running6.1 
4632:48Michael Waring V50MChester TC5.8 
4732:49Michael Wilkinson SENMWirral2.4 
4832:54Neil Hershaw V55MWest Cheshire4.6 
4933:00Simon Edwards V45MBuckley RC4.8 
5033:07Chris Dobson SENMPenny Lane6.8 
5133:07Ralph Pawling V35MPensby5.3 
5233:11Matthew KelseySENMUTS Running Club  
5333:16Christopher Ryan V40MMersey Tri9.4 
5433:17Nick Wilson V50MWirral5.5 
5533:19Ellen Mary Kearney U20WWirral0.9 
5633:20Abbie Page-Jones U17WWirral8.1 
5733:20James MillerSENMUTS Running Club  
5833:23Chris Fitzpatrick V40MHelsby RC2.2 
5933:25Luke ParkerSENMMersey Tri  
6033:34Gary Wilton V40MKirkby Milers2.3 
6133:36Richard Bargh V35MWirral5.7 
6233:50David Green V40MPensby5.9 
6333:55Anthony Brennan V40MChester TC8.4 
6434:01Victoria Garrad SENWWirral/Royal Air Force36.8 
6534:02Ian Shorrock V45MPensby7.9 
6634:09Derek Gibbon V50MChester TC8.9 
6734:11Ian Roche V55MMersey Tri5.9 
6834:18Stephen Harrison V45MBirkenhead/Liverpool Pembroke Sefton8.9 
6934:23Tony Man V50MPenny Lane12.0 
7034:29Christopher Ball V50MWirral6.1 
7134:37Rachael Theobald U20WWirral5.4 
7234:54Patrik Corrigan V60MPensby9.6 
7334:58David Longford V40MPensby8.1 
7434:59Jeff Gifford V55MErewash Valley/Buckley RC6.0 
7535:03Bryan Stevenson V40MUTS Running7.8 
7635:07George Aylward V35MPenny Lane6.9 
7735:26Tracy Rogers SENWBuckley RC4.9 
7835:33Peter Hampshire V45MPensby6.1 
7935:36Robert Burke V55MLiverpool RC7.4 
8035:48Joseph WalshSENMMersey Tri  
8135:51Emma Theobald U17WWirral9.2 
8235:53Andrew Carter V50MWest Cheshire3.7 
8335:56Peter Cushion V45MWirral Vikings16.7 
8436:01Stephen JollyV50MN/A  
8536:04Melina Morris V45WDenbigh9.4 
8636:05James Gibson V40MBTR Road Runners14.6 
8736:07Kevin Enright V35MWallasey7.0 
8836:13Ian Sadler V60MPenny Lane9.0 
8936:14Neil Beckett V40MUTS Running9.0 
9036:17Helen Skipper V35WMersey Tri10.2 
9136:25Nadine Weeks V40WUTS Running8.4 
9236:37Jonty Goodchild V50MBTR Road Runners12.7 
9336:39Emma Collins V55WDenbigh/Welsh Masters9.0 
9436:40Vic Belshaw V60MDenbigh8.0 
9536:42Andrew Keeley V55MPenny Lane6.4 
9636:44Nicola Harris SENWWirral10.7 
9736:46Christine Cammillare V35WDeestriders RC10.9 
9836:47Victoria McConnellSENWWallasey Athletic Club  
9937:00Phillip Magraw SENMEllesmere Port8.0 
10037:03Peter Rodriguez V40MHelsby RC7.9 
10137:04John Bassett V55MWallasey9.8 
10237:10Steve Norton V55MWallasey8.1 
10337:12Michael O'rourke V35MPenny Lane7.5 
10437:14Ruth Isaacs V60WPensby16.9 
10537:16Shona MooreSENWMersey Tri  
10637:18Graham Cushion V45MLiverpool RC8.2 
10737:20Nicola Laurence V40WWidnes RC10.1 
10837:33Christopher McCoySENMMersey Tri  
10937:34Sarah Phelan V40WWirral8.7 
11037:36Peter Atkin SENMLiverpool RC9.2 
11137:37Tim Grace V50MMersey Tri7.0 
11237:37Hayley Fairclough V35WLiverpool RC9.9 
11337:39Alex Yem V35MWallasey8.7 
11437:44Daniel Shannon V35MSandymoor9.6 
11537:46Michael Lemmy V50MChester TC21.8 
11637:49Matty Williams SENMPenny Lane10.5 
11738:03Paul Aird V60MDeestriders RC11.5 
11838:11Jeff Adams V65MPensby9.0 
11938:11Stuart Jones SENMPensby5.0 
12038:13Graham ElliottV50MWirral Striders  
12138:13Greg Sinnott V35MUTS Running11.3 
12238:15David Brown V50MChester TC7.2 
12338:15Louis Tegg U17MWest Cheshire16.7 
12438:17Kevin Hall V50MWallasey7.2 
12538:23Lizzie O'MahonySENWMersey Tri  
12638:26Verne Wignall V55MLiverpool RC12.0 
12738:26Lorna HarperSENWMersey Tri  
12838:27Graham Earlam V60MEllesmere Port9.7 
12938:33Michael Scowcroft V40MSandymoor8.6 
13038:34Nigel Crompton V60MPensby11.9 
13138:34Matt Routledge V45MUTS Running11.3 
13238:40Anna Woolgar V45WChester TC11.7 
13338:43Peter Barham V50MWallasey11.5 
13438:47Lenka Vidamour V40WPenny Lane11.1 
13538:55Robert Chalmers V40MPensby12.3 
13638:57Bree Sutcliffe V45WWirral11.8 
13739:00John Suckley V60MPensby11.8 
13839:03Charlotte Rawcliffe V40WPenny Lane13.2 
13939:08Stephen EntwistleV50MWirral Vikings Racing Team  
14039:09Holly Brown SENWPenny Lane12.8 
14139:11Denis Duret V55MChester TC11.7 
14239:12Emily Mills V35WUTS Running14.2 
14339:14Kirsty Seddon V35WChester TC11.8 
14439:15Jennifer WestV40WMersey Tri  
14539:17Paul Donoghue V50MBuckley RC9.5 
14639:20Dave Hechle V45MLiverpool RC13.5 
14739:22Brian SealSENMWallasey Athletic Club  
14839:24David Lawton V40MLiverpool RC7.1 
14939:27Stephen Bellis V65MBuckley RC8.5 
15039:30Anna Fraser U17WWirral4.5 
15139:43Kate Lightfoot V50WTattenhall14.7 
15239:45Kieran CollinsSENMBTR Road Runners  
15339:48Jasmine BakerSENWMersey Tri  
15439:54Christopher EnwrightSENMMersey Tri  
15539:54Matt Helme V60MLiverpool RC9.6 
15639:57Roger Graham V45MUTS Running10.6 
15740:09Aileen Kearney SENWWirral/Oxford Uni10.3 
15840:12Derek WilliamsV50MWirral Vikings Racing Team  
15940:12Michele Alty V50WWallasey12.1 
16040:15Richard Latten V40MUTS Running15.1 
16140:16Ann Griffiths V40WUTS Running14.7 
16240:21Stephen Mcconville V55MPensby12.6 
16340:27Julian Tegg V50MWest Cheshire11.6 
16440:41Michael Mcgee SENMMersey Tri19.4 
16540:48Sharon Goldrick V45WMiddleton11.2 
16641:00Nigel Foo V50MPenny Lane9.8 
16741:03Frank Kelly V55MLiverpool RC11.2 
16841:08Lisa Grantham V45WPensby/Chester TC12.1 
16941:09Steve Pemberton V65MPenny Lane13.5 
17041:19Lucie Michaelson V35WPenny Lane13.1 
17141:23Charlie Peter Eldred V55MChester TC19.0 
17241:34Michelle ParkerSENWPenny Lane Striders  
17341:37Joniece Thompson SENWWallasey16.3 
17441:42Neil Blakemore V55MPensby12.8 
17541:45Philip CuthbertV40MWallasey Athletic Club  
17641:46Timothy Cookson V35MChester TC20.4 
17741:48Mark PoustieV50MWallasey Athletic Club  
17841:50Bryony Lucas-Swale V45WPensby14.4 
17941:51Stewart Foster V55MWallasey12.0 
18041:54Alison MacdonakdV50WUTS Running Club  
18142:07Patrick WaltersV50MMersey Tri  
18242:10Luke WatsonU17MDockside Runners  
18342:10Chris Marsland V55MPensby16.7 
18442:15Kerry Whelan SENWEllesmere Port15.8 
18542:19Ella Heap U17WWirral9.1 
18642:19Georgina Duffey U17WWest Cheshire14.0 
18742:24Jan Mcard V50WWallasey14.5 
18842:24Nicholas Shah V55MUTS Running17.7 
18942:28Emma Fraser V40WSandymoor14.4 
19042:39Iain Arnison V45MPensby14.3 
19142:40Neil Fergusson V65MHelsby RC16.8 
19242:47David Quinn V45MLiverpool H14.0 
19342:47Matthew Joyce V40MUTS Running20.7 
19442:48Donna Adlard V45WWirral13.5 
19542:50Henrietta Duffey U17WWest Cheshire15.6 
19642:54Trevor Astell V60MPenny Lane10.6 
19742:58Barry Mcdonnell V35MBirkenhead13.3 
19843:02David Berry V55MBTR Road Runners14.3 
19943:03Kenneth NobleV60MWallasey Athletic Club  
20043:16Tony Fishwick V50MKirkby Milers16.9 
20143:18Angela Tegg V45WWest Cheshire14.7 
20243:19Darren Shillington V50MWest Cheshire14.5 
20343:23Cheryl Pace V40WPenny Lane16.2 
20443:25Helen SimpsonV50WWallasey Athletic Club  
20543:28Katie Pownell SENWKnowsley13.7 
20643:35Karl Pearson V50MChester TC13.9 
20743:38Susan Reynolds V45WWallasey14.2 
20843:38Michael Devereux V70MPenny Lane18.4 
20943:42Tony Holmes V60MLiverpool RC12.4 
21043:47Phillip Stanley V55MUTS Running15.3 
21144:03James SmithV40MN/A  
21244:11Sheila SmoutV40WWirral AC  
21344:11Karen SmithV40WChester Triathlon Club  
21444:12Isabella CuthbertU17WWallasey Athletic Club  
21544:13Caroline Usborne V55WPensby19.5 
21644:13Amena R Madden V45WLiverpool RC16.5 
21744:16Katherine Andrews V40WWallasey9.8 
21844:17Kam Dosanjh V45WPenny Lane18.2 
21944:19Neil Jenkins V50MChester TC14.8 
22044:24Rob Lloyd V50MWidnes RC13.5 
22144:26Debbie Read V60WHelsby RC15.7 
22244:28Neil KellyV60MBTR Road Runners  
22344:28Joel Smith U23MUTS Running19.7 
22444:33Lynda Bayley V55WPensby15.3 
22544:52Mike Barnard V50MHelsby RC14.5 
22644:59Mark Taylor V40MChester TC20.2 
22745:08Brian Higgins V55MPenny Lane19.0 
22845:28Katie Bellew V45WWallasey14.2 
22945:29Kate AllenV40WWirral Striders  
23045:46Caroline CafferyV40WBuckley Runners  
23145:56Susan Mary Rees V65WWallasey21.1 
23246:27Ben BedfordSENMBTR Road Runners  
23346:32Anthony Brockway V60MWirral18.6 
23446:38Chris Anderson V50MPenny Lane17.3 
23546:40Jane Dasgupta V50WBTR Road Runners17.0 
23646:41Sarah Jackson V40WPenny Lane12.8 
23746:44Wendy Jones V50WBTR Road Runners20.5 
23847:03Christopher Sullivan V45MKirkby Milers19.4 
23947:05Carole Morrison V55WPensby20.1 
24047:09Olivia DenmanV40WUTS Running Club  
24147:20Daryl WilliamsSENMMersey Tri  
24247:24Sam Owen V35WBTR Road Runners15.7 
24347:26Maria Hunter V40WWallasey18.6 
24447:39Paula DixonV40WWirral Striders  
24547:51Mike GoodV40MWallasey Athletic Club  
24647:53Sharon Eaton V50WChester TC16.2 
24748:03John Brown V60MPenny Lane12.7 
24848:07Maria Brockway V55WWirral17.7 
24948:09Tracey Sanderson V55WPenny Lane24.4 
25048:12Fiona Duckers V50WBTR Road Runners20.2 
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