Buckinghamshire County Championships External Results
High Wycombe
8 Jan 11
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
141:30Tom Comerford U23MMarshall Milton Keynes/St. Mary's Uni-3.4 
242:12Tom Beedell SENMChiltern/University of London-2.9 
342:23Matthew Bennett U23MChiltern/Southampton Uni/Southampton-1.7 
442:37Dave Cole V50MRoyal Air Force52.0 
542:48William Langley U20MWycombe8.3 
643:15Eddie O'Gorman V35MChiltern4.0 
743:23Steven Tuttle U23MBedford & County-2.1 
843:30Charlie May SENMVale of Aylesbury-1.6 
944:50Declan Hamblin V40MVale of Aylesbury/London Heathside12.1 
1044:55Frank Fulcher V40MHandy Cross2.2 
1144:59James Repper V35MChiltern2.0 
1245:32Jack Hillier U23MWycombe/Durham Uni2.0 
1345:45Eliot Winter U20MMarshall Milton Keynes/Loughborough Students4.6 
1446:00Stephen Herring V40MMarshall Milton Keynes-0.2 
1546:06Andrew Inchley SENMLeighton Buzzard2.2 
1646:29Justin Fowler V35MChiltern13.0 
1746:51Rob Taylor V35MVale of Aylesbury1.4 
1847:12Kingsley Nanton V40MChiltern9.3 
1947:57Simon Beedell SENMChiltern-0.2 
2048:21Chris Reeson V45MRoyal Air Force45.5 
2148:51Ian Lamb V45MMarshall Milton Keynes11.1 
2249:15Adam Atkins SENMMarshall Milton Keynes8.2 
2349:41Dave Roberts V40MFell Runners Association5.9 
2449:55Robert Petingell V45MHandy Cross41.9 
2549:55Steve Roberts V45MHandy Cross4.1 
2650:20Malcolm Down V45MMarshall Milton Keynes7.1 
2750:27Andrew R Wasdell V35MMarshall Milton Keynes5.2 
2850:37Jonathan Taylor SENMChiltern5.6 
2950:38Andrew Redington V40MChiltern48.4 
3051:16Daniel Brumby V35MMarshall Milton Keynes26.4 
3151:38Ritchie Parkins V35MStowmarket/Royal Air Force18.9 
3251:42Henry Edwardes-Evans V45MVale of Aylesbury14.0 
3351:46Mark Tudor V45MChiltern  
3451:58John Johnson V35MOn the Run5.1 
3552:29Philip Jones V45MWycombe7.5 
3652:40Steve Perkin V45MChiltern28.3 
3752:49David Brooks SENMWycombe19.9 
3853:01Mike Burling V50MMarshall Milton Keynes39.8 
3953:26Les Turton V50MMarshall Milton Keynes21.4 
4053:34Chris Mahon V45MMarshall Milton Keynes27.7 
4153:43Alan Roberts V45MVale of Aylesbury10.3 
4253:48Howard Taylor V50MHandy Cross30.1 
4355:39Peter Simpson V50MVegan12.5 
4455:57David Breingan V45MChiltern17.6 
4556:47Duncan Passey SENMChiltern54.0 
4657:05Ian WardV40MRoyal Air Force High  
4757:13Mike Hollis V55MHandy Cross34.8 
4857:24Dave Findel-Hawkins V55MMarshall Milton Keynes11.7 
4957:41Richard Claessens V50MWycombe54.0 
5057:46Simon North V50MWycombe14.9 
5160:48Alfred Benjamin V55MHandy Cross54.0 
5261:03Clive Fallaize V50MVale of Aylesbury21.7 
5361:51Karl PalmerV50MRoyal Air Force High  
5462:05Tony Barrows V55MBearbrook14.9 
5563:21Robert Engers V45MChiltern47.6 
5667:06Brian Layton V55MTring RC29.1 
5769:31Nigel Cairns V40MHandy Cross  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
128:12Matt Eager U20MMarshall Milton Keynes/Birmingham Uni42.4 
228:47Chad Lambert U20MMarshall Milton Keynes/Middlesex Schs-1.1 
330:52Cameron Smart U20MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Oaklands Col40.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
118:45Alex Goodall U17MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow1.0 
219:12Casper Dickinson U17MBuckingham & Stowe54.0 
319:22Sam Redding U17MMarshall Milton Keynes29.4 
419:53Joshua Dickinson U17MBuckingham & Stowe54.0 
519:55William Gurton U17MVale of Aylesbury23.3 
619:57Daniel Gurton U17MVale of Aylesbury26.5 
720:03Thomas Atkins U17MVale of Aylesbury42.3 
820:09James Bennewith U17MVale of Aylesbury  
920:11Matthew Puddefoot U17MMarshall Milton Keynes53.6 
1020:37George Gillingwater U17MChiltern7.8 
1120:53Ben Hall U17MChiltern53.5 
1221:32Jack Walker U17MChiltern37.5 
1321:40Kieran Gilfedder U17MWycombe-2.8 
1422:29Liam McDonald U17MChiltern42.7 
1523:01Daniel Barraclough U17MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow53.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:09Michael Goddard U15MChiltern/Hertfordshire Schs3.3 
215:36Kieran Wye U15MWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow0.8 
315:43Patrick Taylor U15MVale of Aylesbury-4.4 
416:06Kieran Lindars U15MVale of Aylesbury0.6 
516:11Andrew Stenning U15MChiltern54.0 
616:18Benjamin James U15MMarshall Milton Keynes38.5 
716:25Toby Wapshare U15MWycombe54.0 
816:43Joseph Aherne U15MChiltern31.7 
917:02James Roberts U15MWycombe5.0 
1017:16James Davis U15MVale of Aylesbury2.5 
1118:06Harry Morton U15MMarshall Milton Keynes28.2 
1218:14Sam Butcher U15MChiltern45.2 
1318:28Joe Cochrane U13MChiltern/Warwick Uni4.0 
1419:07Isaac UdenU15MWycombe Phoenix Harriers AC  
1519:16Robert Sutherland U15MWycombe/Warwickshire Schs/Rugby & Northampton50.6 
1620:00Liam Canning U15MMarshall Milton Keynes54.0 
1720:54Tommy Jackson U15MWycombe54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
110:35Toby Herdman-Smith U13MMarshall Milton Keynes34.7 
210:36Louis Clarke U13MMarshall Milton Keynes31.1 
310:54Harry Sutherland U13MWycombe38.7 
410:59Charlton Kerr U13MMarshall Milton Keynes29.9 
511:04Will Perkin U13MChiltern-1.7 
611:15Robert Hall U13MChiltern19.3 
711:16Fred Sanders U13MChiltern54.0 
811:21Dominic Murphy U13MMarshall Milton Keynes42.7 
911:33Samuel Henning U13MChiltern39.2 
1011:58Jonathon Stenning U13MChiltern53.5 
1112:12Jacob Tresham U13MMarshall Milton Keynes/Northamptonshire Schs43.5 
1212:17Hugo Gilet U13MMarshall Milton Keynes  
1312:21Richard Slade U13MChiltern-3.4 
1412:28Jack Blyth U13MWycombe7.1 
1512:40Joe ThrushU13MWycombe Phoenix Harriers AC  
1612:46Conor Rooney U13MWycombe54.0 
1712:48Charlie SpittalU13MChiltern Harriers AC  
1812:49Jacob NorthU13MWycombe Phoenix Harriers AC  
1913:11Ethan Luck U13MVale of Aylesbury28.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:41Colin Steptoe V60MVale of Aylesbury50.6 
216:58Kelvin Smith V60MMarshall Milton Keynes13.3 
319:20Ian Tarvit V60MVale of Aylesbury14.3 
421:03Trevor Brawn V60MChiltern18.2 
521:50Fred Ashford V70MHandy Cross40.8 
622:59Martyn Cartwright V70MChiltern30.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:10Juliette Minter V35WOlney47.1 
221:24Tanya Cronin U23WMarshall Milton Keynes14.0 
322:14Rosanna Iannone SENWVale of Aylesbury10.6 
422:19Jodie Digby SENWVale of Aylesbury/Royal Air Force10.3 
522:30Lucy Rogers U23WWycombe/Exeter Uni4.6 
622:44Lara Bromilow SENWMarshall Milton Keynes/Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets2.9 
723:20Julia Austin V45WVale of Aylesbury12.5 
823:30Maggie Allen V35WWycombe49.8 
924:19Jo Benham SENW 51.5 
1024:28Cath Holloway V40WChiltern12.0 
1124:32Judith Orr V45WChiltern/Southern Counties Vets/Ealing Southall & Middx32.4 
1224:44Sophie Delderfield SENWVale of Aylesbury2.0 
1325:09Kirsteen Welch U23WMarshall Milton Keynes1.7 
1425:59Di Baldwin V50WMarshall Milton Keynes12.7 
1526:12Helen Bennewith V50WVale of Aylesbury54.0 
1626:16Ellen Fulcher V45WHandy Cross16.9 
1726:19Margaret Moody V60WVeterans/Handy Cross15.1 
1826:33Sarah Caulfield V40WChiltern28.0 
1926:59Beverley Childs V50WForres/Royal Air Force43.9 
2027:05Sharon Maisey V35WVale of Aylesbury32.7 
2127:12Joanna Card U23WVale of Aylesbury33.6 
2227:13Tracy Edwards V35WChiltern54.0 
2327:18Julie Madry V45WVale of Aylesbury54.0 
2427:23Heather Fallaize V50WVale of Aylesbury22.1 
2527:30Emma Keys V40WHandy Cross/Headington18.6 
2628:05Katherine Loach V45WChiltern8.4 
2728:27Barbara Ralph V55WChiltern25.1 
2829:29Ashling DoyleV35WRoyal Air Force High  
2930:17Sarah Roberts V45WHandy Cross35.0 
3030:54Ursula Ghaleb V55WMarshall Milton Keynes32.6 
3131:02Amy Pitch SENWVale of Aylesbury54.0 
3231:31Brenda King V65WChiltern/Southern Counties Vets/Honiton RC54.0 
3333:40Jayne Littlejohn V40WVale of Aylesbury26.2 
3435:42Pat Card V55WVale of Aylesbury29.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
121:54Beth Swords U17WMarshall Milton Keynes44.7 
222:37Pippa Woolven U20WWycombe3.0 
323:31Elle Roche U17WMarshall Milton Keynes1.9 
423:40Gemma Threlfall U17WMarshall Milton Keynes15.6 
524:19Maryse Haynes U17WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow8.4 
624:45Georgina Russell U17WWycombe7.1 
724:48Anna Madry U17WVale of Aylesbury52.4 
824:52Jade White U17WMarshall Milton Keynes/MK Distance Project15.8 
925:00Phoebe Cutter U17WChiltern54.0 
1025:47Alex Robinson U17WDerby/Marshall Milton Keynes44.2 
1126:43Rebecca Goyder-Smith U20WMarshall Milton Keynes53.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:50Connie Lewis U15WChiltern45.6 
217:04Rebecca Croft U15WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow3.1 
318:02Jasmine Finlay U15WMarshall Milton Keynes42.3 
418:21Amy Botham U15WMarshall Milton Keynes38.5 
518:47Mary-Alice Davison U15WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow25.7 
618:54Rosalind Firth U15WChiltern31.8 
718:56Sophia Cliffe U15WMarshall Milton Keynes16.6 
819:11Emily Bousfield U15WMarshall Milton Keynes10.8 
919:19Rebecca Riches U15WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow54.0 
1019:30Abbey Winterburn U15WVale of Aylesbury53.9 
1119:41Fern Yull U15WMarshall Milton Keynes13.5 
1220:10Amy Harris U15WChiltern37.2 
1320:25Emma Barraclough U15WChiltern23.0 
1420:52Heather Riches U15WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow54.0 
1520:56Katherine Skipper U15WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow/Buckinghamshire Schs35.5 
1621:13Maria Slade U15WChiltern52.3 
1721:24Alice Heinel U15WChiltern54.0 
1821:28Alice Hall U15WChiltern54.0 
1922:48Katie CannonU15WWindsor Slough Eton &  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
111:57Emma Delgado U13WWycombe21.5 
212:19Alice Wright U13WVale of Aylesbury/Oxfordshire Schs4.0 
312:20Katie Bench U13WChiltern40.1 
412:26Georgia Bingham U13WChiltern42.4 
512:38Lauren Murphy U13WMarshall Milton Keynes53.2 
612:49Amy Radford U13WMarshall Milton Keynes10.6 
712:52Hannah Thear U13WChiltern17.0 
812:56Mimi Houlihan-Burne U13WChiltern25.9 
913:04Eliza Taswell-Fryer U13WVale of Aylesbury28.1 
1013:13Megan Frankland U13WMarshall Milton Keynes53.8 
1113:13Sophie Biswas U13WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow  
1213:14Amy Fawcett U13WChiltern49.5 
1313:14Emily CannonU13WWycombe High School  
1413:36Rachel Padwick U13WChiltern23.1 
1513:39Natasha Finlay U13WMarshall Milton Keynes53.3 
1613:43Sophie Botham U13WMarshall Milton Keynes10.3 
1713:48Rebecca Herring U13WMarshall Milton Keynes  
1813:52Hebe GroutU13WWycombe High School  
1913:55Bronwen ReedU13WVale of Aylesbury AC  
2014:10Claire Buttivant U13WChiltern54.0 
2114:26Imogen Deighton U13WBuckinghamshire Schs54.0 
2214:52Sophia Farwell U15WBuckinghamshire Schs54.0 
2314:55Anya Wood U13WWindsor Slough Eton & Hounslow54.0 
2415:41Katie BowenU13WBeaconsfield High School  
2515:54Abigail SmithU13WBeaconsfield High School  
2615:58Harriet Church U13WChiltern  
2716:00Alanis Fitzgerald U13WChiltern