South East Lancashire League External Results
Heaton Park
30 Oct 10
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
135:19David Proctor SENMRochdale H-2.8 
236:16Andy Nixon U23MStockport6.1 
336:48Scott Hughes SENMLeigh/Sale Harriers Manchester53.7 
437:15Jan Pichl SENMSalford H/Unattached/Czech Republic8.2 
537:27Mike Flatley V40MMiddleton28.3 
637:33Paul Backhouse V35MEast Cheshire29.5 
738:11Allister Goulding V40MLeigh4.3 
838:31Gavin Browne U23MEast Cheshire-1.3 
938:50James Williams V35MSalford H8.5 
1038:55John Knowles V35MBurnden5.0 
1139:05Philip Scowcroft SENMSale Harriers Manchester25.0 
1239:12Stuart Sharp SENMRadcliffe10.8 
1339:22Derek Crewe V45MSalford H2.6 
1439:38Ian Roberts SENMRochdale H5.9 
1539:40Simon Grundy V45MEast Cheshire18.8 
1639:45Owen Flage V35MOldham & Royton4.7 
1739:53Gary Matthews V50MEast Cheshire13.0 
1840:08Adrian Harris V55MRadcliffe47.9 
1940:15Stephen Robinson V45MEast Cheshire32.1 
2040:23Sean Molloy V40MRossendale6.7 
2140:33James O'Connor V40MMiddleton10.5 
2240:39Lee WoodsSENMMiddleton Harriers Ac  
2340:50David Garner V45MManchester YMCA5.3 
2441:02Mateusz Grygiel SENMSalford Met54.0 
2541:07Paul Leary V45MRochdale H41.3 
2641:09Mark Kelly V35MRoyton11.8 
2741:16Saul Gallagher V40MEast Cheshire11.3 
2841:23Albert Steele SENMMiddleton54.0 
2941:25Eddie Gilligan V45MManchester YMCA27.3 
3041:29John Cook V50MRochdale H11.6 
3141:36Andrew Milligan SENMBury47.4 
3241:39James Cooke V45MLeigh28.3 
3342:03Phillip Williams SENMLeigh4.0 
3442:12Chris Leach V50MRochdale H54.0 
3542:21Paul Barrett SENMSale Harriers Manchester4.4 
3642:23Mark Shaw V40MEast Cheshire38.0 
3742:56Paul Towers SENMLiverpool H52.3 
3843:05Paul Connolly SENMSalford Met5.2 
3943:06Scott Sadler SENMMiddleton7.9 
4043:10Andy Duffy V45MBurnden8.7 
4143:13Alan Battersby V45MMiddleton53.1 
4243:16Christopher Hill SENMRochdale H10.4 
4343:21Mark Bradley V40MEast Cheshire54.0 
4443:25Gary Wilson V45MRadcliffe49.5 
4543:26Peter Hopley V40MLostock/Burnden6.4 
4643:28Mark Gornall V45MLeigh19.1 
4743:33Norman Eames V60MRochdale H12.7 
4843:35Derek Hughes V45MEast Cheshire9.1 
4943:39Ian Wilding SENMManchester YMCA3.4 
5043:40Nigel Sedman V45MBelle Vue9.9 
5143:43Mark Catherall V55MRochdale H25.9 
5243:48David Smith V45MOldham & Royton10.5 
5343:54Ronald Warrender V50MSalford H36.2 
5444:05Colin Green V40MRoyton24.8 
5544:10Robin Shiels V35MRadcliffe5.4 
5644:28Mark Alan Williams V40MRadcliffe7.3 
5744:50Andy Poole V45MEast Cheshire18.8 
5844:52Paul Kenny V50MEast Cheshire37.6 
5944:57Paul Collinge V55MMiddleton26.4 
6045:03David Bartlett SENMRadcliffe18.4 
6145:05Kevin Kyte SENMEast Cheshire54.0 
6245:08Nick Walsh V40MRochdale H11.5 
6345:15Mike CunliffeV40MRadcliffe Ac  
6445:25Anthony Lowe V50MMiddleton29.6 
6545:40Andrew Hartshorne U20MEast Cheshire48.5 
6645:41Bernhard Wagner SENMBelle Vue40.6 
6745:46James Corrigan SENMBelle Vue18.5 
6845:48Peter Ramsdale V50MHorwich27.4 
6945:49John Mayall V45MRochdale H11.1 
7046:02Bill ProutV50MSalford Metropolitan Ac  
7146:23Tony Hesketh V60MHorwich12.3 
7246:30Barry Hirst V45MEast Cheshire6.6 
7346:37Tony Hillier V60MEast Cheshire15.5 
7446:40Phil O’NettoV40MBelle Vue Racers  
7546:50Mark Checkley V45MLostock16.7 
7646:59Kevin Duckworth V50MEast Cheshire/Rochdale H14.7 
7747:00Nigel Shaw V60MRochdale H/New Forest Runners19.8 
7847:05Chris David Jones V40MSalford Met9.8 
7947:08Brian Schofield V55MOldham & Royton47.2 
8047:14Ged McDermott V40MSalford Met47.3 
8147:27Scott Greenwood U20MRochdale H54.0 
8247:35Steve Lyons V40MEast Cheshire18.5 
8347:45Dean ShawSENMLiverpool Harriers  
8447:53Karl Smith V45MOldham & Royton31.9 
8548:03Steve Hamer V50MRadcliffe15.4 
8648:06Sikobe Litaba V45MGlossopdale11.5 
8748:08Mark Shuttleworth V40MLostock9.8 
8848:11Jack Carney V50MSalford Met23.2 
8948:13Stephen Leak V45MRochdale H14.5 
9048:15James Fairfield V40MEast Cheshire13.9 
9148:17David Ashton V60MManchester YMCA20.9 
9248:18Matthew FarrarSENMUnattached  
9348:19Michael Jones SENMAltrincham51.1 
9448:23Daniel IballSENME Cheshire H & Tameside Ac  
9548:32Gordon Stone V55MHorwich18.8 
9648:33Mike O’BrienV50MManchester Ymca Harriers  
9748:36Jonathon Combe V35MManchester YMCA  
9848:37Darren Mannings V40MOldham & Royton13.3 
9948:47David Grundy V45MBury53.0 
10048:57Robert Kedian SENMManchester YMCA7.6 
10149:06Vince Ashton V35MRadcliffe18.6 
10249:43Tommy Daniels V60MSalford H18.6 
10349:46Dez Mitchell V40MGlossopdale16.7 
10450:00Stephen J Webb V35MBelle Vue20.0 
10550:06Alan Garvey V55MMiddleton11.7 
10650:17Neil Hirst V40MRochdale H12.0 
10750:18Brian Moore V45MRochdale H6.2 
10850:21Chris Greenall V40MBurnden12.9 
10950:29Mike Winstanley V60MRochdale H19.8 
11050:32James Alker SENMEast Cheshire54.0 
11150:39Dennis Moran V60MSalford H36.4 
11250:52Mark Swindell V40MHorwich28.9 
11350:57Mark DanaherV40ME Cheshire H & Tameside Ac  
11451:12Alan Williams V50MAltrincham25.6 
11551:30Mark Griffiths SENMManchester YMCA4.6 
11651:32James Amin SENMBelle Vue54.0 
11751:33Neil Graffin SENMBelle Vue40.4 
11851:35Stuart Mairs SENMSalford Met10.1 
11951:36Chris Bostock SENMAltrincham47.4 
12051:39John Purdy V45MRochdale H33.8 
12151:41John Hudson V60MOldham & Royton15.4 
12251:43Tim Richardson V40MRochdale H13.2 
12351:44Jon Paramor V55MManchester YMCA17.9 
12451:55George Critchley V50MRadcliffe15.8 
12552:08Brian Eyre V55MSalford Met54.0 
12652:19Alistair Mallen V45MOldham & Royton54.0 
12752:40Wesley Young SENMRochdale H42.7 
12852:48John Brooks V55MMiddleton53.8 
12952:59Mark EmettV50MRadcliffe Ac  
13053:35Ian RothwellV50MUnattached  
13153:46Barry Guy V55MBelle Vue40.2 
13253:50Kevin J Mcgilvray V55MRadcliffe21.9 
13354:02C Polkington-BurrowsV40MRadcliffe Ac  
13454:24Mark Murphy V35MRadcliffe19.4 
13555:07Neville McGraw V60MGlossopdale24.2 
13655:14Nigel BlandfordV40MUnattached  
13755:23Paul WightonV40MOldham & Royton H & Ac  
13855:43Alan JonesV60MLostock Ac  
13955:56Neil Shuttleworth V60MFell Runners Association/Glossopdale47.1 
14056:07Ali Alsaadi V35MBelle Vue11.9 
14156:45Philip Roberts V60MRochdale H42.0 
14256:52Ian BarlowV40MBury AC  
14357:07Wade Cooper V70MEast Cheshire54.0 
14457:33Ian Manners V45MManchester YMCA50.5 
14558:02John Smith V60MLostock49.9 
14658:13Sean O’FsarnieV40MUnattached  
14760:36Kevin Egerton V55MBelle Vue54.0 
14865:34Ken Beevers V60MBurnden44.3 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
116:51Luke Towers U17MLiverpool H18.3 
217:15Jack Christie U17MLiverpool H49.1 
317:58Jack Donnelly U17MEast Cheshire26.8 
418:58Jack Walsh U17MRochdale H43.6 
521:34Ben RileyU17MLostock Ac  
626:03Callum Moore U17MRochdale H52.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:12Adam Howard U15MOldham & Royton37.8 
214:50Jack Crabtree U15MOldham & Royton1.4 
315:13Owen Sharp U15MLiverpool H40.8 
415:21Matthew Shaughnessy U15MOldham & Royton43.1 
515:30Michael Murphy U15MEast Cheshire54.0 
615:57Fergus Tallon U15MChorley AC (defunct)45.4 
716:07Robert Smith U15MOldham & Royton32.6 
816:12Adam Hoyles U15MEast Cheshire44.3 
916:14Callum Dinsdale U15MEast Cheshire40.3 
1016:27Jack Brown U15MBury33.1 
1116:31Nathan Milligan U15MBury30.4 
1216:38Tom McGuinness U15MEast Cheshire0.5 
1316:59Adam Jamson U15MLeigh23.6 
1417:05Chris Manning U15MLiverpool H38.5 
1518:02Ethan Lees U15MRochdale H54.0 
1618:07Callum Jones U15MBlackley North Manchester/Salford H46.1 
1718:46Ian Graham U15MEast Cheshire54.0 
1819:34Ben Davis-Rice U15MOldham & Royton54.0 
1921:16Liam Moore U15MRochdale H44.5 
2021:36Sam Ullah U15MRochdale H54.0 
2121:56Nathan Hilditch U15MOldham & Royton2.5 
2222:13Jack Morrison U15MOldham & Royton  
2322:15Oliver HuntU15MOldham & Royton H & Ac  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
112:45Christopher Brown U13MOldham & Royton19.3 
213:23George Lewis U13MEast Cheshire-1.3 
313:44James Dawson U13MRochdale H  
414:11Patrick O'Brien U13MEast Cheshire37.5 
514:14Christian Gallagher U13MEast Cheshire51.1 
614:52Alex Warren U13MEast Cheshire39.6 
714:55Luke Piper U13MEast Cheshire0.5 
815:05Joseph Kershaw U13MOldham & Royton53.6 
915:07Josh Decamps U13MOldham & Royton54.0 
1015:14Harry Ridgard U13MEast Cheshire49.4 
1115:27Dillon Cooper U13MEast Cheshire20.8 
1215:42Alex Taylor U13MOldham & Royton54.0 
1316:03Jake Walker U13MRochdale H  
1416:16Alex AlfordU13MUnattached  
1516:32Ramel Walker-MattisU13ME Cheshire H & Tameside Ac  
1617:46James Kramer U13MRochdale H54.0 
1719:03Stephen Kelly U13MRochdale H54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
16:10Louie Haynes U11MEast Cheshire32.6 
26:19Philip Whitham U11MOldham & Royton41.0 
36:20James KellyU11MOldham & Royton H & Ac  
46:21Charlie Nicholson U11MRochdale H28.4 
56:21Jacob Slough U11MRochdale H53.8 
66:24Harry Gauthier U11MRochdale H54.0 
76:28Callum Smith U11MLeigh53.4 
86:30Laurie Milligan U15MBury54.0 
96:33Paolo Guarnieri U13MEast Cheshire13.1 
106:40Joseph WayneU11MLeigh Harriers  
116:42Ben McLaughlin U11MLeigh1.8 
126:46Charlie Sharp U11MLiverpool H54.0 
136:58Scott Gouldthorpe U11MChorley AC (defunct)29.4 
147:04Daniel Moore U11MRochdale H54.0 
157:16Dominic Gouldthorpe U13MChorley AC (defunct)53.0 
167:18Luke Hunter U11MChorley AC (defunct)43.6 
177:19Jack Nicholson U11MRochdale H33.5 
187:26Benjamin Alexander Fisher U11MLeigh/St Helens Tri46.4 
197:33James Ogg U11MOldham & Royton  
207:34Josh McCrackenU11MOldham & Royton H & Ac  
2111:48Jordan Hilditch U11MOldham & Royton  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:33Anna Lupton SENWRadcliffe6.4 
227:49Hayley Kuter SENWManchester YMCA/New Zealand9.2 
330:02Alison Sedman V45WBelle Vue28.2 
430:06Jannine Ridgard V45WEast Cheshire27.9 
530:08Jane Augsburger U20WOldham & Royton54.0 
630:14Josefa Terim V35WRochdale H29.0 
730:25Donna Cartwright SENWRadcliffe7.5 
830:43Ross Dunnington V55MEast Cheshire54.0 
931:06Bec AvanessianV35WManchester Ymca Harriers  
1031:51Anna Blomfield V45WRochdale H12.5 
1131:54Emma Macqueen V40WEast Cheshire13.6 
1231:56Janice Needham V55WRochdale H15.1 
1332:06Kirsty Sharp U23WGlossopdale5.3 
1432:11Anne Ferguson V50WBurnden11.6 
1532:24Janet Grint SENWEast Cheshire9.8 
1632:25Rachel Walker SENWManchester YMCA54.0 
1732:26Danielle Francesca Beard SENWRochdale H/Sale Harriers Manchester14.6 
1832:43Vicky Smith SENWBelle Vue19.6 
1932:44Carolyn Lewtas SENWSalford Met13.4 
2032:50Claudia Hammond-Price SENWManchester YMCA38.0 
2132:55Shelley Tattersall SENWRossendale26.5 
2232:56Olivia McDermott U20WSalford Met15.2 
2333:04Tracy Gibson V40WEast Cheshire17.4 
2433:06Sarah Lucus V35WLeigh  
2533:09Laura Fairhurst SENWAltrincham11.1 
2633:28Yasmin Boodhun SENWRadcliffe16.8 
2733:52Louise Perry-Hall SENWManchester YMCA54.0 
2833:54Angela Oldham V55WUnattached15.9 
2934:05Barbara Platt V40WEast Cheshire26.4 
3034:22Rachael Ellison SENWRadcliffe54.0 
3134:46Rhea Palmer SENWSalford Met52.5 
3234:52Diane Winterburn V40WRochdale H20.3 
3334:55Annie Hirsch V50WBelle Vue13.8 
3435:20Alexis DinsmoreV50WStockport  
3535:40Kathryn Davies V45WRadcliffe19.9 
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