2xu Surrey Men's League Division 2 External Results
Newlands Corner
15 Jan 11
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
127:07Ralph Street U20MRanelagh/Sheffield Uni1.2 
227:34John Dewey SENMGuildford & Godalming51.7 
327:57Bryn Reynolds U23MNewham & Essex Beagles/Clapham Chasers-0.7 
428:13Duncan BellV40MRanelagh Harriers  
528:25Peter Haarer V40MRanelagh0.7 
628:32Gareth Craft SENMRanelagh52.1 
728:37Duncan Lancashire SENMStriders of Croydon  
828:43Adam Stirk SENMGuildford & Godalming/Sandhurst0.7 
928:47James Ellis SENMClapham Chasers-0.2 
1028:51Ben Evans SENMGuildford & Godalming1.4 
1128:56Neil Aitken V35MClapham Chasers5.5 
1229:01Lee Flanagan V35MStriders of Croydon1.0 
1329:12Martin Snodgrass SENMWimbledon Windmilers31.1 
1429:21Tom Robinson SENMFul-On TC54.0 
1529:28Euan Lees V35MFul-On TC0.9 
1629:37Tony Tuohy V45MDulwich2.4 
1729:47Ian Connor SENMClapham Chasers50.0 
1829:49Stephen Starvis V35MStriders of Croydon6.4 
1930:15Riel Carol V35MClapham Chasers1.3 
2030:19Charles Lound V40MDulwich3.8 
2130:22Alan Scott SENMClapham Chasers3.1 
2230:33Phil Killingley SENMWinchester/Oxford Uni0.6 
2330:39Mark Reed V35MKingston & Poly/Reading RR9.5 
2430:42Jamie McCullagh SENMKingston & Poly16.8 
2530:43Andy Arbour V35MKingston & Poly6.1 
2630:46Michael Huntley SENMKingston & Poly-1.2 
2730:49Wayne Lashley SENMDulwich-0.5 
2830:51Michael Williams V35MDulwich3.6 
2930:54Justin Macenhill V35MStriders of Croydon19.5 
3030:56Mark Tennyson V45MGuildford & Godalming2.1 
3130:58Ed Barker V35MRanelagh11.7 
3231:06Rory O'Neill SENMClapham Chasers29.1 
3331:13Andy Eakins SENMFarnham Runners/Guildford & Godalming9.6 
3431:16Ross Muir SENM26.223.9 
3531:17Olivier Pinchard SENMFul-On TC33.3 
3631:18Richard Lee-Smith V35MStriders of Croydon5.5 
3731:26Freddie Leatham SENMFul-On TC29.9 
3831:30Andy Ward V35MWigan Phoenix/Guildford & Godalming9.2 
3931:31Ted Mockett SENMRanelagh-0.1 
4031:32John Shaw V50MRanelagh3.9 
4131:36Declan Flynn V50M26.27.5 
4231:37Matt Hyett SENMKingston & Poly1.2 
4331:38Chris Bundhun SENMRanelagh/Kingston & Poly5.0 
4431:39Gaetan Terra SENMClapham Chasers23.8 
4531:40Olly BradfordSENMFul-on-Tri  
4631:41Edward Cox SENMClapham Chasers18.6 
4731:42Ian Durrant V35MGuildford & Godalming7.3 
4831:46Trevor Maguire V45MRanelagh19.6 
5031:49PJ Thibault V35MFul-On TC  
4931:50Simon Kenyon V40MFul-On TC42.5 
5131:57Craig Nicol V45MWimbledon Windmilers19.4 
5232:00Jim Wallace V50MWimbledon Windmilers/Hercules Wimbledon/Veterans11.3 
5332:05Martin Senior V35MFul-On TC17.8 
5432:08Duncan Hussey V45MDulwich21.9 
5532:15Tony MacdowallSENMKingston & Polytechnic Harriers  
5632:25Simon Ambrosi SENMStriders of Croydon2.5 
5732:28AN Other      
5832:28Ant Budarkiewicz V50MKingston & Poly48.4 
5932:36James Deane V35MFul-On TC14.6 
6032:38Matthew Ford SENMFul-On TC54.0 
6132:39Dominic Collier V40M26.253.1 
6232:40Tim Lewis SENMFul-On TC54.0 
6332:41Adrian Savery SENMClapham Chasers30.4 
6432:44Mike Mann V60MDulwich/Herne Hill10.9 
6532:45Peter Faull SENMRanelagh7.4 
6632:51Stephen Williams V50MDulwich11.5 
6733:04Phil Roker V40MFul-On TC14.1 
6833:08Richard Curling U23MFul-On TC11.6 
6933:11Nick Burkitt V35MClapham Chasers37.1 
7033:12Robert Hinton V45M26.210.1 
7133:14Jim Wallace V50MWimbledon Windmilers/Hercules Wimbledon/Veterans11.3 
7233:15Jamie Sutherland SENMFul-On TC18.4 
7333:16Krzysztof Klidzia V45MStriders of Croydon0.9 
7433:17Matthew J Chapman V35MStriders of Croydon35.7 
7533:18Taylor Huggins V35MStriders of Croydon34.2 
7633:19Mick Turner V45MStriders of Croydon9.4 
7733:20Jose Barretta V35MDulwich49.0 
7833:23Mark Benton V35MFul-On TC5.2 
7933:23Lee Wadsworth V35MStriders of Croydon21.7 
8033:42Grant Barnes V35MDulwich53.9 
8133:46James Godber SENMDulwich42.1 
8233:48John Matthews V35M26.2/University of London6.8 
8333:53Barry White V35MStriders of Croydon12.0 
8434:01Mark Wyldbore V35MClapham Chasers9.3 
8634:05Chris Morton V45MStriders of Croydon8.5 
8534:12Michael Leong SENMClapham Chasers2.6 
8734:14Tom Lloyd V35MWimbledon Windmilers53.2 
8834:22Brian O'Kane V45MGuildford & Godalming10.7 
8934:26Tiarnan O'Cleirigh V45MDulwich54.0 
9034:31Kevin Parker SENM26.213.3 
9134:38Johan OliverSENMFul-on-Tri  
9234:39David Maher SENM26.25.9 
9334:40Neil Daniels SENMDulwich51.3 
9434:41Rob Myring SENMGuildford & Godalming27.6 
9534:50Andrew Murray V55MDulwich16.2 
9634:52Joe Brewer SENM26.24.1 
9734:54Christopher Mason V35MFul-On TC  
9834:55Edward Brunskill V35M26.28.9 
9935:04Nick Green V45MGuildford & Godalming54.0 
10035:06Arif Merali SENMClapham Chasers1.8 
10135:09Nick Wood V35MWimbledon Windmilers0.7 
10235:16David Gibney V35MFul-On TC45.8 
10335:30Phil Mcelhinney V40MWimbledon Windmilers7.5 
10435:35Joe Dean V40MClapham Chasers15.8 
10535:59Andrew Woodhouse V35MRanelagh16.6 
10636:04Mark Foster V40MDulwich6.1 
10736:05Isaac William Griffiths SENMWimbledon Windmilers/Clapham Chasers5.8 
10836:09Jonathan Earnshaw V45MGuildford & Godalming46.7 
10936:20Joe Chang SENM26.26.1 
11036:24Alistair Gibson V35MGuildford & Godalming9.8 
11136:26Cameron Smith V35MFul-On TC17.0 
11236:34Andy Brewer V35MFul-On TC24.5 
11336:39Graham Ball V60MWimbledon Windmilers39.4 
11436:48Darren Cock V35MFul-On TC44.5 
11536:55Ben Downe SENM26.29.6 
11637:00David Bell V45MWimbledon Windmilers38.0 
11737:06Patrick Angell V45MGuildford & Godalming54.0 
11837:15Patrick Tiernan V45M26.218.7 
11937:22Jim Whitworth V35MWimbledon Windmilers10.3 
12037:32Dave West V50MDulwich14.4 
12138:12Ryan KeeneSENMFul-on-Tri  
12238:16Matt Lythell SENMGuildford & Godalming17.6 
12338:19Richard Goulder V35M26.27.9 
12438:32Will Peacock SENMClapham Chasers35.2 
12538:46Joseph Brady V40MDulwich12.7 
12638:47Tom O’Donoghue V45MWimbledon Windmilers54.0 
12738:50Peter KeaneSENMFul-on-Tri  
12839:11Peter Gibbons V55MDulwich31.8 
12939:30Alexander Fordham U17MRanelagh7.6 
13039:39Keith Lines V40MWimbledon Windmilers19.4 
13139:45Bob McDonough V65MKingston & Poly32.2 
13239:54Walter Rothon V45MFul-On TC28.9 
13340:22Russell ThompsonSENMClapham Chasers  
13440:26Chris Ford SENMWimbledon Windmilers17.0 
13540:43Peter Wilkins SENMKingston & Poly10.1 
13640:44Peter Fordham V55MRanelagh21.9 
13743:33Graham Huntley V55MKingston & Poly36.5 
13843:52Jon Moseling SENMFul-On TC27.1 
14044:13Geoff Reed V60MKingston & Poly50.3 
13945:40Clive Graham Smith V50MStriders of Croydon54.0 
14145:41Aiah Songu-Mbriwa V35MRanelagh40.9 
14246:02Phil Aiken V40MRanelagh35.3 
14347:04Andrew Elliott V60MStriders of Croydon21.9 
14448:14David Barrington V70MKingston & Poly/Walton49.8 
14556:17Stephen Jones V50MWimbledon Windmilers54.0 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:16Toby Borthwick U17MGuildford & Godalming42.6 
217:53Thomas Butcher U17MLondon City AC/Guildford & Godalming19.4 
319:16Jack SpawforthU13MGuildford & Godalming AC  
419:39Hugo Madden U15MGuildford & Godalming31.3 
521:06George Brophy U13MGuildford & Godalming54.0 
621:27Tom Goldsack U13MGuildford & Godalming54.0 
721:44Theo Sheehy U17MGuildford & Godalming54.0 
821:47Liam Wheeler-Kingshot U13MGuildford & Godalming  
923:35Michael Stone U13M26.223.2