New Year's Day Full Course External Results
1 Jan 21
4.75MXC 2.8MXC 

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
126:38William Bodkin SENMGuernsey/Surrey Uni-2.9 
228:15Matthew Dorrian V40MGuernsey TC11.1 
328:39Fabio Teles SENMGuernsey3.8 
428:45Thierry Le Cheminant U17MGuernsey  
528:50Graham Merfield V55MGuernsey1.9 
629:17Ethan Woodhead U20MGuernsey2.9 
729:17Isaac Bate U23MGuernsey/Exeter Uni2.5 
829:27James Travers SENMGuernsey2.8 
929:54Tom Nichols SENMGuernsey2.2 
1030:00Simon Ingrouille V50MGuernsey3.0 
1130:07Jack Le Tissier U17MGuernsey0.7 
1230:08Toby Mann V35MGuernsey3.1 
1330:19Ben Foote V35MGuernsey3.1 
1430:21Abdelwahid Talibi SENMGuernsey  
1530:21Danny Blake V40MGuernsey4.0 
1630:25Tom Shaw V35MGuernsey3.0 
1730:29Steve Manklow V45MUnattached  
1830:34Samuel Goddard U20MGuernsey  
1930:37Alex Kosmos SENMGuernsey  
2030:50Megan Chapple SENWGuernsey11.6 
2131:06James Littlewood V40MGuernsey  
2231:10Stuart Le Noury V35MGuernsey  
2331:12George Nichols SENMGuernsey  
2431:17Matthew Jamieson V40MGuernsey7.0 
2531:31James De Garis V40MGuernsey1.4 
2631:51Nicole Petit SENWGuernsey4.5 
2731:54Richard Hann V35MGuernsey2.2 
2832:00Benn Garnham V40MGuernsey  
2932:04Andrew Zabiela V35MGuernsey  
3032:04Mark Pizzey V50MGuernsey7.4 
3132:05Paul Hewitt V45MGuernsey  
3232:13Louise Perrio V35WGuernsey5.6 
3332:16Rosie Williams SENWGuernsey5.0 
3432:17Adrian Lihou V50MGuernsey4.6 
3532:21Munyaradzi Munzwemb V35MGuernsey  
3632:22Daniel Hunter V45MGuernsey7.2 
3732:32David Crosland V40MGuernsey5.7 
3832:36Lloyd Wallbridge SENMGuernsey11.2 
3932:39Simon Timberlake V45MGuernsey  
4032:47Daniel Brehaut V40MGuernsey11.1 
4132:56Summer Woodhead U17WGuernsey4.2 
4233:04Clint King V35MGuernsey5.9 
4333:11Aaron Walden SENMGuernsey  
4433:18Jason Carre V45MGuernsey  
4533:24Jordan Smith SENMGuernsey  
4633:32Josh Davies SENMGuernsey  
4733:33Vanessa King SENWGuernsey9.1 
4833:33Lottie Smith U17WGuernsey6.9 
4933:47Nathan Ward V40MGuernsey  
5033:57Steve Smith SENMGuernsey11.1 
5133:58Adam Dorey V45MGuernsey6.1 
5234:02Ricky Le Cheminant V35MGuernsey  
5334:08Tom Riley SENMGuernsey  
5434:19Laura Quayle V40WGuernsey6.6 
5535:14Dave Hockey V45MGuernsey9.9 
5635:18Sammy Yendell SENWGuernsey  
5735:25David Woodhead V45MGuernsey  
5835:25Iain Bailey V35MGuernsey20.5 
5935:30Michael Way V50MGuernsey8.4 
6035:43Michel Davy V45MGuernsey  
6135:50Tania Shires V45WGuernsey  
6236:05Joseph Truelove V45MGuernsey10.9 
6336:06Stuart Phillips V50MGuernsey  
6436:08Caroline E Creed V50WGuernsey10.1 
6536:36Louise Manklow V40WGuernsey  
6636:39Karen Farman V45WGuernsey11.7 
6736:56Chris Roughsedge V50MGuernsey  
6836:56Rick Frolich V55MGuernsey  
6936:58Abbie Swain SENWGuernsey11.6 
7037:07Tony King V50MGuernsey  
7137:07Jonny Twofifty V50MGuernsey  
7237:21Monica Hickey-Coqueli F V40WGuernsey  
7337:29Richard Stapley V50MGuernsey10.4 
7437:30Hannah Fitchet SENWGuernsey  
7537:30Chris Dorey V65MGuernsey13.1 
7637:40Paul James V45MGuernsey  
7737:48Rob Grierson V35MGuernsey  
7838:05Nicholas Maunder V40MGuernsey  
7938:11Gavin St Pier V50MGuernsey  
8038:11Paul Domaille V55MGuernsey  
8138:20Sarah Wright V45WGuernsey  
8238:20Craig Goupillot V45MGuernsey  
8338:31Rachel Raven V35WGuernsey  
8438:49Chris Brock V50MGuernsey  
8538:51Toni Osborne V35WGuernsey  
8638:53Darren Pipet V40MGuernsey  
8739:16Greg Harvey V65MGuernsey  
8839:22Frank Hersey V35MGuernsey  
8939:41Drew Pollock V50MGuernsey  
9039:48Simon De La RueV50MGuernsey  
9140:02David Trow V55MGuernsey  
9240:07Tom Rotheringham V40MGuernsey  
9340:13Desmond Gorman V50MGuernsey18.6 
9440:14Nicola Sharp V40WGuernsey  
9540:14Alan Donaldson V60MGuernsey22.7 
9640:31Jeanne Svejstrup V45WGuernsey  
9741:33Daz Carre V35MGuernsey  
9841:42Graham Hall V45MGuernsey23.3 
9941:46Lucy Le Cocq V35WGuernsey  
10042:11Sam Shires V45MGuernsey  
10142:22David Reid V60MGuernsey  
10242:30Elizabeth Arklie SENWGuernsey  
10342:38Kirsty Gauvain V35WGuernsey  
10443:16Tony Veillard V50MGuernsey18.6 
10543:37Jean-Pierre Mace V65MGuernsey  
10644:17Sam Sexton V45WGuernsey  
10744:25Jenny Simons V50WGuernsey  
10844:56Sophie Roughsedge V40WGuernsey  
10945:43Richard Tostevin V50MGuernsey24.4 
11045:51Trevor Jefferies V75MGuernsey  
11146:12Debi Troth V50WGuernsey  
11246:16Gregory Josey V50MGuernsey  
11346:47Terry Harnden V60MGuernsey21.0 
11447:59Christine Maguire V60WGuernsey  
11548:01Catherine Birnie V55WGuernsey  
11648:08Jackie Mauger V55WGuernsey  
11749:12Mary Twofifty V45WGuernsey  
11849:36Annie Ashmead V55WGuernsey  
11949:45Lisa Evans V50WGuernsey  
12049:47Carol Le Carpentier V55WGuernsey  
12150:29Anna Lisa Detassis V50WGuernsey  
12251:10Andrew Clayton V40MGuernsey  
12351:20Alison Gavey V50WGuernsey17.3 
12451:25Emma Shearer V45WGuernsey  
12551:46Ben O'Brien V35MGuernsey  
12651:57Mark Watkin V45MGuernsey  
12751:59Kara Lucas V50WGuernsey  
12854:18Jayne Golborne V50WGuernsey  
12957:37Bozena Pollock V45WGuernsey  
13059:10Adam Farish V40MGuernsey  
2.8MXC U15
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
117:41Talia Godet U15WGuernsey7.6 
219:57Leo Smith U15MGuernsey  
320:01Edward Lucas U15MGuernsey18.0 
422:03Lara Veillard U13WGuernsey  
523:29Martha Mitchell U15WGuernsey  
623:29Lea Phillips U15WGuernsey  
730:38Kathleeen Truelove U15WGuernsey  
830:38Emily Gregson U15WGuernsey