Invicta East Kent Open External Results
25 May 10
800 3000 

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800 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:08.0Jacob Burton PBU17MInvicta East Kent2:08.02:04.948.4 
22:08.0Ben Burton  U17MInvicta East Kent2:02.162:02.161.4 
32:12.9Tim Corby SBU23MInvicta East Kent2:12.92:02.6914.0 
42:16.4Jonas Marchant  U17MInvicta East Kent2:14.342:14.3446.9 
52:19.9Martin Kelk  V40MInvicta East Kent2:18.22:14.77.9 
800 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:29.2Lilly Coward  U15WInvicta East Kent2:26.502:07.440.0 
22:42.8Beth Burnett SBU17WInvicta East Kent2:41.802:34.826.4 
32:44.3Anna Weston  U13WInvicta East Kent/St. Mary's Uni2:40.202:25.305.6 
42:46.7Jacob MacNally U15MInv EK    
52:49.0Nathan MacNally PBU13MInvicta East Kent2:49.02:49.054.0 
62:50.1Thomas Platts SBU13MKent Schs2:50.12:21.2814.9 
72:50.4Molly Dawson PBU13WInvicta East Kent2:44.992:44.9954.0 
82:56.4Gareth Funnell PBU15MNewington2:56.42:26.1745.6 
800 3
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
12:53.4Elizabeth Neal SBU13WInvicta East Kent/Kent Schs2:53.42:51.0954.0 
22:56.4James Wood SBU17MNewington2:56.42:43.5954.0 
33:01.2Mary Martin U13WUnatt    
43:02.8Ryan Burt SBU13MInvicta East Kent3:02.82:18.8551.7 
53:03.6Jonas Zan U13MUnatt    
3000 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
19:20.4Kieran Reilly PBU17MInvicta East Kent8:52.638:15.33-5.0 
29:27.9Jake Rogers PBU17MInvicta East Kent9:14.469:14.4646.1 
39:49.0Chris Thomas PBU17MInvicta East Kent9:49.08:51.31-2.7 
410:05.2Josh Freemont SBU20MInvicta East Kent10:05.210:01.454.0 
510:51.3Tim Sutton PBV40MInvicta East Kent10:51.310:51.337.0 
610:59.0Jonas Marchant PBU17MInvicta East Kent10:59.010:59.046.9 
711:37.5Peter Bowell  V45MInvicta East Kent11:22.210:35.721.6 
811:39.3Andrew Scoones SBU23MSwale Combined11:39.39:48.571.9 
915:36.5Richard Hudson  V50MInvicta East Kent14:40.013:42.016.7