Manchester 5K Sizzler Series External Results
15 Jul 10
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PosGunChipName AG ClubSBPBHC  
114:49 Simon Horsfield PBU20MEast Cheshire/St. Mary's Uni14:4914:4734.9 
214:59 Chris Livesey  SENMPreston14:3214:32-3.0 
315:02 Joe Bailey PBU23MSalford H15:0214:34-0.2 
415:12 Ben Riddell SBSENMSalford H15:0514:46-2.4 
515:23 Damian Nicholls  SENMMacclesfield/Wilmslow15:0415:048.7 
615:30 Richard Burney SBSENMLiverpool H15:3015:062.4 
715:50 Gavin Hill PBU23MMiddlesbrough (Mandale)15:5015:5054.0 
816:02 Gareth Booth  V35MHorwich15:2715:278.2 
916:02 Simon Bruton SBSENMSalford H16:0215:310.0 
1016:05 Jason Dunkerley  V40MEast Cheshire15:2215:2254.0 
1116:09 Andrew Lamont PBV35MMacclesfield16:0216:028.1 
1216:12 David Lockett  V40MSalford H16:0515:3520.4 
1316:14 Chris Fell PBSENMRossendale16:0215:199.8 
1416:16 James Williams SBV35MSalford H16:1616:0315.2 
1516:25 Andrew Kay PBSENMSalford H16:2516:2553.9 
1616:31 Jim Pendrill  V35MWilmslow16:2416:033.6 
1716:32 Simon Grundy PBV45MEast Cheshire16:3216:3218.2 
1816:39 Daniel McGrath PBSENMSalford H16:3916:3923.6 
1916:42 David Hudson SBV35MSalford H16:4216:101.7 
2116:49 Ed Fazakerley PBV40MManchester H16:4516:133.3 
2216:55 Rob Downs  V45MWilmslow16:4116:022.6 
2516:58 Gary Rowlinson  V45MSale Harriers Manchester16:4616:2915.4 
3017:19 Martin Tighe SBV50MSale Harriers Manchester17:1917:0435.3 
3117:20 Gary Matthews  V50MEast Cheshire16:5516:2320.4 
3217:23 Tony Barbat PBV50MWallasey17:2317:236.2 
3517:26 Tom McGaff SBV55MWilmslow/Cheshire Hill Racers17:2616:2711.4 
4317:37 Stephen Watmough  V45MWarrington AC17:1616:340.6 
4717:53 Peter Maher  V55MVale Royal17:1917:1953.8 
4817:55 Raymond Eagle  V55MWilmslow/Cheshire Hill Racers/Northern Masters17:5217:3054.0 
5218:05 Jenny Knass  SENWStockport17:5217:346.0 
5318:0518:05Steven Townley PBSENMSale Harriers Manchester17:5616:536.8 
5918:17 Shane Wolstencroft  V35MSalford Met18:1017:454.5 
6918:49 Charlotte Wilson-Dewhurst PBU23WLiverpool H18:4918:237.5 
7319:0319:03Mark Chidgey PBV40MStockport PCT19:0019:0021.7 
8019:16 Joanne Lowery PBSENWSale Harriers Manchester19:0819:0854.0 
8419:21 Louise Rudd  V35WWilmslow19:0117:3410.4 
8719:31 Mick Fairs SBV60MWilmslow19:3117:5013.4 
9819:53 AN Other         
9919:56 James Lambe PBV45MSale Harriers Manchester19:5619:5629.6 
 20:1520:15Joanna Robbins PBV35WSale Harriers Manchester20:1520:1513.2 
12220:4020:40Toby Percival  V35MAltrincham20:0418:1345.6 
13821:02 Jane Mulryan PBV55WWilmslow20:1420:1415.0 
13921:04 Jacqueline Cordingley  V50WSale Harriers Manchester20:3520:129.7 
 21:14 Andy Land PBV45MSwinton20:4619:1710.4 
 21:33 Alan Williams SBV50MAltrincham21:3321:0034.1 
16221:54 Patrick Grannan PBV55MWilmslow21:5420:5822.9 
 23:2223:22Claudia Hammond-Price PBSENWManchester YMCA22:2222:2220.3 
 23:5323:53Neil Swainston PBV35MUnattached23:5322:2616.7 
24824:27 David Williamson PBV40MSwinton24:2723:4328.4 
 24:5024:50Sue Waring PBV45WStockport24:5023:4419.0 
 24:5824:58Kieran Smallbone PBSENMUnattached24:1024:1010.4 
26625:02 Paul Justin Arrowsmith  V35MUknetrunner24:0323:2529.3