Thames Hare & Hounds V Ranelagh H 7.5 Mob Match External Results
Roehampton Vale
23 Nov 19
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
1NTRichard Ollington SENMThames Hare & Hounds/Cambridge Uni-3.4 
10NTJames Meiklejohn U23MThames Hare & Hounds/Hercules Wimbledon-0.9 
11NTPeter Haarer V50MRanelagh0.7 
12NTJoe Gomes V35MRanelagh0.9 
13NTSimon Baines V45MThames Hare & Hounds/Veterans-1.7 
14NTRichard Kimber SENMRanelagh1.4 
15NTEdward Catmur V35MThames Hare & Hounds-0.6 
16NTEdward Forbes V40MRanelagh0.9 
17NTDavid Lawley V35MRanelagh0.8 
18NTJames Riley V40MRanelagh0.2 
19NTChris Rye SENMThames Hare & Hounds2.2 
2NTPat Wright V35MRanelagh-2.1 
20NTEllen Weir U17WHercules Wimbledon/Thames Hare & Hounds3.2 
21NTSimon Barrett V40MSerpentine/Thames Hare & Hounds1.4 
22NTJames Graham V35MRanelagh5.5 
23NTMark Herbert V35MRanelagh1.9 
24NTAlyn Morgan V40MRanelagh5.1 
25NTJonathan Moore V50MRanelagh1.8 
26NTMegan De Silva V35WRanelagh3.8 
27NTNik Pugh V50MThames Hare & Hounds3.7 
28NTAnthony Doolittle SENMThames Hare & Hounds3.1 
29NTIain Sheridan V50MThames Hare & Hounds8.0 
3NTTom Goulding U23MBirtley/Cambridge Uni-2.0 
30NTJohn Shaw V60MRanelagh3.8 
31NTPeter Woodburn V50MThames Hare & Hounds13.3 
32NTLauren Major SENWThames Hare & Hounds2.4 
33NTRory Spicer V35MThames Hare & Hounds6.5 
34NTDavid Crowther V40MThames Hare & Hounds4.0 
35NTElizabeth Stavreski V45WThames Hare & Hounds/Civil Service/Australia1.8 
36NTBradley HarradSENMTHH  
37NTHolger WestphelySENMRanelagh H  
38NTJames Ritchie V45MRanelagh3.8 
39NTRichard Turner V65MThames Hare & Hounds10.1 
4NTCarl Assmundson SENMRanelagh/Sweden-1.4 
40NTVikki Filsell V50WThames Hare & Hounds/Hercules Wimbledon9.1 
41NTAlberto Esguevillas V45MRanelagh7.8 
42NTChris Hutber V50MThames Hare & Hounds10.0 
43NTMichael Morris V50MRanelagh5.8 
44NTJarryd Hillhouse SENMRanelagh6.9 
45NTMatthew Beaney V45MThames Hare & Hounds15.5 
46NTGary Christie V55MBrighton & Hove/Ranelagh7.5 
47NTMarcus Atkins V55MRanelagh8.2 
48NTPhilip Beausang V35MRanelagh9.4 
49NTRia Woodfield SENWRanelagh8.6 
5NTBen Anderson SENMRanelagh/New Zealand-2.5 
50NTBen Shore V40MRanelagh8.6 
51NTWiebke KortumSENMRanelagh H  
52NTNiall O'Connor V45MRanelagh10.1 
53NTDavid Wright V60MCirencester/Ranelagh/Midland Masters6.8 
54NTStephen Aikin V50MRanelagh10.8 
55NTAlice Littler SENWRanelagh9.7 
56NTMike Farmery V65MThames Hare & Hounds14.2 
57NTAmelie Hunton SENW 18.5 
58NTPhilip Roberts V50MRanelagh11.1 
59NTAndrea BuchannanSENMTHH  
6NTAndrew Weir V50MThames Hare & Hounds/Herne Hill0.3 
60NTNeil Walford V55MRanelagh/Brighton & Hove10.9 
61NTTim Miller V50MRanelagh15.0 
62NTChris Hunton V55MRanelagh22.9 
63NTFenella Ross SENWRanelagh5.9 
64NTMike Peace V70MRanelagh12.4 
65NTRhodri DaviesSENWTHH  
66NTRue Turner V50MRanelagh17.9 
67NTPaul Wapshott V50MRanelagh13.4 
68NTJeremy Day V50MRanelagh11.2 
69NTNatalie Haarer U23WOxford Uni/Oxford Uni5.7 
7NTMark Leyshon V35MRanelagh-0.1 
70NTGavin Hillhouse V45MRanelagh12.9 
71NTSimon Hedger V55MRanelagh13.5 
72NTRobert Andrews SENMRanelagh11.8 
73NTAmrut Sharma V40MRanelagh16.6 
74NTKevin Knowles V40MRanelagh12.5 
75NTAnn Kearey V50WRanelagh13.4 
76NTPatrick BeausangSENMRanelagh H  
77NTChris Read V55MRanelagh14.4 
78NTSusan Ritchie V50WRanelagh15.3 
79NTJames RussellSENMRanelagh H  
8NTTed Mockett V40MRanelagh/St. Mary's Richmond0.2 
80NTJohn TovellSENMRanelagh H  
81NTRebecca Bissell V40WRanelagh13.2 
82NTLloyd Camp V55MRanelagh13.6 
83NTAnna Reichwald V55WRanelagh14.6 
84NTJeff Armitage V60MThames Hare & Hounds20.6 
85NTPerry Rendell V45MRanelagh14.3 
86NTChris Owens V65MRanelagh8.4 
87NTCarol Aikin V55WRanelagh15.4 
88NTPaul Newby V75MThames Hare & Hounds25.4 
89NTKeeley PhilipsSENWRanelagh H  
9NTMatthew Jones V40MThames Hare & Hounds0.5 
90NTSally Bamford V55WRanelagh16.7 
91NTPaula Maguire V50WRanelagh18.1 
92NTFiona Pugh V45WRanelagh18.1 
93NTChris Camacho V45MRanelagh19.1