CC6 League External Results
Manor Farm
13 Oct 19
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Ant Gritton SENMLordshill4.3 
10NT   Neil Jennings SENMRomsey0.7 
100NT   Graeme Browning-MartinSENMNew Forest Runners  
101NT   Clive Cosby V40MLymington Athletes20.3 
102NT   Paul Sidaway V60MEastleigh RC7.8 
103NT   Steve Dunford V70MWessex RR27.8 
104NT   Geoffrey Willis V40MTotton13.8 
105NT   Timothy Sly V50MLordshill12.8 
106NT   Paul Garland V50MHalterworth21.1 
107NT   Philip Knight SENMWessex RR17.0 
108NT   Bradley Lewis V35MHedge End9.5 
109NT   Tom StarkSENMLordshill RR  
11NT   Alex Prinsep U23MRomsey2.9 
110NT   Julian SheppardV40MSouthampton Tri Club  
111NT   Kevin Rowe V60MHedge End10.3 
112NT   Timothy Steele V45MHedge End14.1 
113NT   Stuart PragnellV40MLordshill RR  
114NT   Jim DunlopV50MHedge End RC  
115NT   Richard BalmfordV50MHardley Runners  
116NT   Alex ElliottV40MItchen Spitfires RC  
117NT   Paul Backhouse V55MEastleigh RC13.2 
118NT   Tony Lees V60MTotton10.1 
119NT   Neil Glasspool V40MItchen Spitfires14.3 
12NT   Niall Simmonds U23MTotton1.7 
120NT   Eamonn Rivers V55MTotton13.4 
121NT   Ian Rogers V55MEastleigh RC14.7 
122NT   Kevin GilbertV50MSouthampton Tri Club  
123NT   Mick Anglim V70MHardley11.0 
124NT   Oliver TruemanSENMTotton RC  
125NT   Mike Gordon V45MTotton14.0 
126NT   Ian Ordish V60MHardley15.7 
127NT   Zac WitheySENMSouthampton Athletics Club  
128NT   Matt Gardner V45MHedge End11.8 
129NT   Mark Parkin V60MEastleigh RC15.5 
13NT   David Currie V40MEastleigh RC2.5 
130NT   Michael SnowdonV40MEastleigh RC  
131NT   Keith Das V45MItchen Spitfires15.6 
132NT   Raymond Webb V65MRomsey19.8 
133NT   Gavin Kinley V55MHedge End17.0 
134NT   Neil Cameron V45MTotton13.0 
135NT   Melvyn Holloway V60MCity of Salisbury/Eastleigh RC15.1 
136NT   Peter Watts V60MWinchester14.8 
137NT   Daniel Rolfe SENMHedge End15.8 
138NT   Mark tillerV60MItchen Spitfires RC  
139NT   Paul Bailey V50MNew Forest Runners13.5 
14NT   Calum Johnson SENMHardley6.7 
140NT   David Murray V55MTotton18.5 
141NT   Rob CrutchfieldSENMSouthampton Tri Club  
142NT   Chris JonesV60MItchen Spitfires RC  
143NT   Mark Hands V45MHedge End19.7 
144NT   Chris Ashdown V45MHedge End  
145NT   Richard Allen V45MHedge End11.6 
146NT   Marc Holmes V35MSouthampton16.6 
147NT   Craig Taylor V45MTotton15.8 
148NT   Derek Quirk V65MWessex RR16.7 
149NT   Paul Hammond V60MEastleigh RC18.3 
15NT   Robert Agar V35MLordshill/Havant2.7 
150NT   Daniel Forshaw V40MEastleigh RC18.8 
151NT   Ian Bradley V50MHedge End17.6 
152NT   Matt MerronSENMHedge End RC  
153NT   Steve White V55MEastleigh RC17.1 
154NT   Mark Pottle V45MHedge End14.9 
155NT   Marcus HewittV40MItchen Spitfires RC  
156NT   Sandy GlenV60MLymington  
157NT   Stuart White SENMItchen Spitfires/Unattached20.3 
158NT   Baljinder Gill V50MEastleigh RC21.3 
159NT   Paul Gale V45MTotton19.1 
16NT   Alun Hanford SENMHedge End3.9 
160NT   Keith Flack V60MWinchester19.4 
161NT   Kevin Royle V60MEastleigh RC35.3 
162NT   Richard Widdop V70MWessex RR  
163NT   Robert Jones V40MHedge End17.9 
164NT   Jeff Deacon V60MEastleigh RC21.4 
165NT   Mark Madelin V60MSouthampton28.7 
166NT   Douglas Maclean V75MWessex RR32.4 
167NT   Chris Winbourne V45MHedge End19.3 
168NT   Carl HusseyV50MSouthampton Tri Club  
169NT   Ris WrightV60MLordshill RR  
17NT   Simon Gillett V40MWinchester9.7 
170NT   Dave BallV40MLordshill RR  
171NT   Terry Orr V55MHedge End29.1 
18NT   Adam Davis U20MTotton6.3 
19NT   Isaac Andrews U20MHedge End1.4 
2NT   Tom Bray SENMRomsey3.4 
20NT   Neil Catchlove V40MLordshill1.9 
21NT   Lewis Bailey SENMLordshill8.6 
22NT   Wayne Andrews V45MHedge End2.5 
23NT   Dean WeaverSENMSouthampton Tri Club  
24NT   Owen HarriesV50MSouthampton Tri Club  
25NT   Paul Boyd-Leslie V45MSouthampton3.6 
26NT   Matt Doggett V40MLordshill7.4 
27NT   Tom Stevens SENMSouthampton1.2 
28NT   Jack HollowaySENMSouthampton Tri Club  
29NT   Carlo Van Leeuwen V35MHedge End5.4 
3NT   Guy Brayn SENMWinchester0.2 
30NT   Max Andrews U23MHedge End2.4 
31NT   Joe Amber V35MHedge End4.8 
32NT   Wayne Le Bas V40MLordshill7.3 
33NT   Cameron HewittSENMItchen Spitfires RC  
34NT   Phil TreebareSENMLordshill RR  
35NT   Matt Tanner V45MHardley7.3 
36NT   Graham Evans V40MLordshill4.6 
37NT   Simon Ibbotson SENMHardley6.0 
38NT   Iain Hartnell SENMLordshill6.2 
39NT   Dimitri Elenis V45MNew Forest Runners8.0 
4NT   Martin Stockley SENMEastleigh RC0.2 
40NT   Andrew Adams V55MLordshill6.0 
41NT   Mark West V40MLordshill/Southern Counties Vets6.5 
42NT   Colin Mcmanus V40MWinchester6.2 
43NT   Jamie Foster SENMItchen Spitfires2.7 
44NT   Graham Andrews V35MItchen Spitfires6.5 
45NT   Neil White V40MTotton5.4 
46NT   Marcin Kaszubowski V35MHedge End5.0 
47NT   Gary Hatch V40MTotton17.9 
48NT   Rod Harnett V45MNew Forest Runners6.9 
49NT   Jon Ward V45MSouthampton7.2 
5NT   James White V35MEastleigh RC0.6 
50NT   Nicholas Reynolds SENMTotton11.7 
51NT   Ben Tavendale V35MLordshill6.7 
52NT   Adam Ruddy SENMItchen Spitfires6.2 
53NT   Alexander Cooper SENMTotton11.0 
54NT   Nigel Smith V50MLymington Athletes23.1 
55NT   Graham Robbins V35MHardley8.0 
56NT   Peter Costley V55MSouthampton/South West Vets3.7 
57NT   Mike Banks V40MWessex RR13.4 
58NT   Martin BakerV50MNew Forest Runners  
59NT   Alexander Beaton V35MLordshill9.7 
6NT   Tom Cully U23MSouthampton/Southampton Solent Uni-0.3 
60NT   Andrew Dudgeon V50MHedge End6.9 
61NT   David Cribb SENMLordshill9.6 
62NT   Jonathan Marsden V40MTotton7.3 
63NT   Tony WillisV60MEastleigh RC  
64NT   David Lavington SENMEastleigh RC10.0 
65NT   Dan Burgess V40MTotton34.9 
66NT   Saul Duck V45MWinchester9.2 
67NT   Graham RaffetyV60MLordshill RR  
68NT   Simon Noel Lynch V45MEastleigh RC9.8 
69NT   Adam GravesSENMSouthampton Tri Club  
7NT   Matthew Brown SENMRomsey0.2 
70NT   Stephen Lowy V45MWinchester8.7 
71NT   Alfie DowsonSENMLymington  
72NT   James Lathwell V35MHedge End9.1 
73NT   Pete Siddall V55MHalterworth  
74NT   Matthew Bowers V50MHedge End12.4 
75NT   Andrew Gates V60MTotton9.1 
76NT   Robert Kendall V40MTotton15.2 
77NT   Andrew Makin V50MNew Forest Runners17.1 
78NT   Martyn West V65MWinchester8.0 
79NT   Rob ShentonV40MSouthampton Athletics Club  
8NT   James GavinSENMLordshill RR  
80NT   Robbie BarlowSENMTotton RC  
81NT   John Robson V55MHardley10.5 
82NT   Dominic Ashton SENMLordshill3.0 
83NT   Mark Darcy V40MHardley31.5 
84NT   Chris Cook SENMLordshill7.0 
85NT   Rob ListerSENMLymington  
86NT   Jerome Bordry V45MHedge End7.4 
87NT   Steve Churcher V55MEastleigh RC8.3 
88NT   Andrew James Robinson V35MWinchester14.5 
89NT   Lee Maunder SENMHardley13.3 
9NT   Trevor Hillier V50MLordshill1.0 
90NT   David Nightingale V45MTotton16.2 
91NT   Paul Marchant V45MHedge End11.0 
92NT   William Baggs V35MHedge End3.2 
93NT   Matthew O'RileySENMNew Forest Runners  
94NT   Christopher Neil Lamb V45MLordshill11.2 
95NT   Perry Letcher V55MLymington Triathlon Club19.8 
96NT   Christopher Brown SENMRomsey34.6 
97NT   Wayne Bellows V35MItchen Spitfires10.9 
98NT   Andrew Warren V35MTotton9.3 
99NT   Lee Trueman V40MTotton11.4 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Emily Trumpelmann V35WLordshill7.1 
10NT   Kelly WickensSENWSouthampton Tri Club  
100NT   Sue O'Dowd V60WEastleigh RC33.3 
101NT   Sohini Frame V45WTotton30.5 
102NT   Emily Stoodley V35WTotton31.1 
103NT   Karen De George V50WEastleigh RC27.1 
104NT   Sandra TylerV50WLymington  
105NT   Stephanie GlenV60WLymington  
106NT   Caroline Irwin V50WTotton29.9 
11NT   Debbie Lister SENWLymington Athletes12.5 
12NT   Charmaine Bradford V35WHardley10.1 
13NT   Emma Carter V45WWinchester9.1 
14NT   Caroline Pemberton V55WNew Forest Runners11.3 
15NT   Joanne Labram V45WHedge End8.6 
16NT   Caroline Carr V45WWinchester9.8 
17NT   Elizabeth Prinsep V50WRomsey/Havant10.5 
18NT   Sarah Lewis V45WTotton11.6 
19NT   Sophie Coady U23WTotton9.6 
2NT   Izzy HesseySENWLordshill RR  
20NT   Jayne Carey V50WEastleigh RC12.0 
21NT   Eleanor CuffSENWSouthampton Tri Club  
22NT   Rosie Phillips SENWItchen Spitfires11.5 
23NT   Hannah Picton-Jones V35WHedge End16.9 
24NT   Kirsty Macbeth V35WTotton11.5 
25NT   Elizabeth Bamber V50WHedge End13.5 
26NT   Viki Middleton V35WLordshill26.5 
27NT   Sally GilbertV60WSouthampton Tri Club  
28NT   Claire WoodSENWSouthampton Tri Club  
29NT   Zea Brenchley SENWTotton18.9 
3NT   Danielle GolynSENWSouthampton Tri Club  
30NT   Lucy Fraser SENWLordshill/UWE Bristol12.0 
31NT   Emma Pilbeam V45WTotton16.8 
32NT   Jane Morgan V55WHardley18.5 
33NT   Natalie Knight V40WNew Forest Runners15.8 
34NT   Rebecca Roberts V40WEastleigh RC13.7 
35NT   Lizzy WhiteSENWTotton RC  
36NT   Alex PalmerSENWSouthampton Tri Club  
37NT   Yvonne CoxhillV40WHedge End RC  
38NT   Tricia Reilly V60WNew Forest Runners16.0 
39NT   Sarah Gordon V40WTotton17.0 
4NT   Karen Rushton V50WWinchester/South West Vets5.8 
40NT   Tamsin Roberts SENWHardley15.7 
41NT   Penny Jennings V55WRomsey20.2 
42NT   Helen Lovell V45WLordshill15.9 
43NT   Samantha Chambers V40WEastleigh RC23.1 
44NT   Tania WatsonSENWSolent Running Sisters  
45NT   Sheryl James V50WEastleigh RC/Hedge End16.9 
46NT   Donna Rodger V50WSolent Running Sisters13.8 
47NT   Marion Yeomans V50WLordshill18.2 
48NT   Claire Deacon V55WWomens Running Network/Eastleigh RC16.8 
49NT   Sarah Whatley V45WTotton18.8 
5NT   Poppy Tanner SENWHardley13.7 
50NT   Emma Blake V35WSolent Running Sisters18.8 
51NT   Claire Corbridge V50WLordshill20.1 
52NT   Clare Blay V40WItchen Spitfires18.1 
53NT   Clair Penton V45WNew Forest Runners26.6 
54NT   Joanna Wright V55WLordshill24.2 
55NT   Susan Maddocks V60WLordshill20.5 
56NT   Tracy Puttock V45WHedge End17.5Click your Clock logo
57NT   Gail Lydford V55WNew Forest Runners19.0 
58NT   Mary Corbett V60WEastleigh RC20.4 
59NT   Emma HawkinsV40WSouthampton Tri Club  
6NT   Sarah Nangle V40WEastleigh RC10.6 
60NT   Kim Merrett V35WSolent Running Sisters20.6 
61NT   Lindsey Ashdown V40WHedge End28.6 
62NT   Dawn Heppell V40WLordshill19.0 
63NT   Karen ConveryV40WHedge End RC  
64NT   Ann-Marie Vanderplank V40WTotton18.7 
65NT   Kirsty HughesSENWHedge End RC  
66NT   Lynn Massey V65WTotton35.5 
67NT   Gill PerryV40WSouthampton Tri Club  
68NT   Lesley Turner V45WSolent Running Sisters20.1 
69NT   Mary Louise Shepherd V35WHedge End  
7NT   Alice Burch V35WTotton7.0 
70NT   Louise HollidayV40WRomsey RR  
71NT   Nerissa Cowley V35WHedge End  
72NT   Anna Duignan V65WRomsey23.4 
73NT   Hilary BaconSENWLymington  
74NT   Carol Sergeant V45WHedge End19.2 
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