Les Croupiers Race of Truth 5K External Results
31 Jul 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
117:19   Richard Baker  V45MLes Croupiers16:1816:13-0.3 
217:54   Matt Govier  V45MLes Croupiers17:3517:351.8 
318:45   Carys Hughes  SENWCardiff17:4417:372.2 
418:52   Matthew James Hopkins  V35MLes Croupiers18:5017:414.7 
519:06   Gareth Morgan PBV45MLes Croupiers19:0619:067.6 
619:38   Richard Davies PBV50MLes Croupiers19:3819:386.5Click your Clock logo
719:40   Daniel Luffman  V45MLes Croupiers19:0618:375.7 
819:41   Nathaniel Palmer  V45MLes Croupiers19:1219:125.9 
919:48   Ceri Davies SBV40MLes Croupiers19:4818:006.3 
1019:55   Steven Preddy SBV45MLes Croupiers19:5119:517.6 
1119:58   Marcus Meyrick  V45MLes Croupiers19:5119:056.0 
1220:02   Richard Self SBV50MLes Croupiers20:0218:126.9 
1320:10   David Proud SBV50MLes Croupiers19:4918:116.4 
1420:14   Peter Turnbull  V55MLes Croupiers20:0018:296.9Click your Clock logo
1520:47   Sally Pugsley  SENWLes Croupiers20:1420:148.0Click your Clock logo
1620:51   Mike Murphy  V65MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters20:3518:238.1 
1721:07   David George  V50MLes Croupiers20:4220:429.2Click your Clock logo
1821:15   Janneke Van-Beijnum V40WLes Croupiers    
1921:55   David E Williams  V55MLes Croupiers21:5119:1110.4 
2022:05   Carl Miller  V55MLes Croupiers21:5021:5012.1 
2122:26   Lolly Evans  V45WLes Croupiers22:1022:1012.2 
2222:27   Kay Chapman PBV50WCardiff22:1622:1611.7 
2322:32   Paul Morris SBV60MLes Croupiers22:3220:029.0 
2422:43   Clive Osmond SBV55MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters22:3620:4912.1Click your Clock logo
2522:57   Alan Mason  V55MLes Croupiers21:4120:2511.7 
2623:03   Gwyn Jones SBV55MLes Croupiers22:0921:1510.8 
2723:10   Yvonne Bullen  V55WLes Croupiers22:1020:5511.7 
2823:13   Paul Chapman SBV50MLes Croupiers23:0421:3212.9 
2923:19   Sarah Burdett  SENWLes Croupiers22:1622:1613.1 
3023:34   Graham Webster  V60MLes Croupiers23:1822:1313.1 
3123:40   Steve Lewis V60MLes Croupiers    
3223:41   Richie Sewell  V60MLes Croupiers23:1321:1213.1 
3323:43   Julie Scholey  V60WLes Croupiers22:5919:4312.5 
3423:53   Claire Marie Jarrom  V35WLes Croupiers23:4922:5514.7 
3524:02   Veronica Lawley V55WBedford    
3624:14   Eve Gallop-Evans SBV55WLes Croupiers24:1323:4615.5 
3724:52   Rachel Higginson  V35WLes Croupiers24:0024:0015.9 
3825:18   Roshan Khan PBV60MLes Croupiers25:1825:1818.3 
3925:23   Mark Herbert  V35MLes Croupiers24:4724:4718.5 
4025:31   Helen Robertson  V45WLes Croupiers24:4224:4217.6 
4126:08   Hannah Miles  SENWLes Croupiers25:2325:2318.7 
4226:23   Liz Denton  V55WLes Croupiers25:4125:4118.8 
4327:21   Gillian Murphy  V65WLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters26:2725:0920.3 
4427:39   Claire Bell  V55WLes Croupiers26:4225:1920.1 
4527:59   Glenda Edwards SBV55WLes Croupiers27:5924:2719.5 
4628:20   Ian Barrett  SENMLes Croupiers26:5126:5121.8 
4728:22   Alan Mann SBV60MLes Croupiers28:2221:1123.0 
4830:19   Geoff Wright  V70MLes Croupiers28:2228:2221.7 
4930:37   Claire George SBV45WLes Croupiers30:3722:2924.2 
5031:39   Jon Martin  V40MLes Croupiers29:4424:3624.2