City of Hull AC Champagne League 8.4 External Results
Wauldby Green
2 Jul 19
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
150:10   Gregan Clarkson V35MKingston upon Hull-1.3 
250:59   Scott Hargreaves SENMBridlington-1.1Click your Clock logo
352:43   Richard Buckle V35MEast Hull1.5 
453:09   Mark Bissell SENMEast Hull0.8 
554:22   Nigel Sisson V50MEast Hull1.0 
655:24   Eddie Rex V40MCity of Hull2.2 
755:25   Adrian Bushby V50MCity of Hull2.4 
855:44   Stephen Logan V35MBeverley2.7 
955:55   David Morrison V35MBeverley3.5 
1056:10   Oliver Burnett U17MEast Hull2.1 
1156:19   Jack ArnoldU20MKingston  
1256:29   Paul Wray V45MEast Hull4.6 
1357:09   Mark Nettleton V50MBarton & District AC3.4 
1457:25   Lee Alcock V35MEast Hull2.4 
1558:22   Joe Boyes SENMCity of Hull5.0 
1659:10   Paul Cartwright V60MCity of Hull4.9 
1759:18   Stephen Rennie V60MCity of Hull3.9 
1860:15   Stephen Glenville V35MCity of Hull4.1 
1960:40   Simon BishopV40MBeverley  
2060:42   James Spurgeon SENMCity of Hull6.3 
2160:42   Kristopher Hopkins SENMEast Hull5.3 
2260:48   Alan Smith V45MWhite City (Hull)/East Hull4.4 
2360:51   Andrew Johnson V50MBeverley5.8 
2460:55   James Durham V35MBeverley6.3 
2561:16   Paul Nippress V55MEast Hull5.8 
2661:38   Austin Smithies SENMCity of Hull5.7 
2761:49   Matthew Skinns SENMBeverley6.8 
2862:03   Shaun Alcock SENMEast Hull3.3 
2963:32   Luke Bramley SENMEast Hull8.2 
3063:34   Martin Hardey V40MEast Hull9.0 
3164:04   John Smith V60MCity of Hull8.2 
3265:08   Jonathan Manchester U20MBarton & District AC6.4 
3365:14   Shaun McManus V60MWhite City (Hull)9.7 
3465:25   Anna Cartwright SENWWest Hull Ladies/West Hull11.2 
3565:56   John Escritt V60MCity of Hull9.3 
3666:02   Mark Gronow V45MCity of Hull8.9 
3766:24   Stephen Hunt V45MKingston upon Hull9.5 
3866:24   Paul Wilkinson V40MKingston upon Hull10.8 
3966:26   Mitch Trainor V40WCity of Hull7.5 
4066:27   Martin Hutchinson V50MBridlington9.7 
4166:36   Stuart Buchan V55MCity of Hull11.5 
4266:44   Kate Ayre V45WCity of Hull9.6 
4366:53   Tom AitchisonSENMKingston  
4468:11   Rachel Love V50WCity of Hull10.7 
4568:27   Bruce Woodford V40MBeverley10.6 
4668:41   Lucy Stamford V40WBeverley10.3 
4769:16   Lucas Meagor V40MBeverley7.6 
4869:26   Ian McCoid V55MCity of Hull7.4 
4969:45   Amanda Dean V60WWest Hull10.8 
5070:01   Simon Ellerker V45MBridlington5.7 
5170:29   Louise Shafei V55WCity of Hull12.9 
5270:56   Brian Lee V55MCity of Hull11.8 
5371:10   Brendan Matthews V35MCity of Hull15.6 
5471:17   Aaron England U23MCity of Hull15.6 
5571:29   Saskia BerkinSENWBeverley  
5672:01   Steve Parkinson V55MBeverley/Barracuda TC11.6 
5772:04   Amy Brewster SENWWest Hull Ladies/West Hull13.3 
5872:37   Martin Manchester V50MBarton & District AC12.5 
5972:40   Anushka Mccann V35WKingston upon Hull13.6Click your Clock logo
6072:42   Robert Wilkinson V70MCity of Hull14.8 
6172:45   Andrew Tate V55MBeverley9.4 
6273:05   Mike BaggottV60MCity of Hull  
6373:08   Kevin Penny V60MCity of Hull12.0Click your Clock logo
6473:38   Graham Naylor V65MWhite City (Hull)12.8 
6574:00   Rebecca Johnson SENWWest Hull/West Hull Ladies16.4 
6674:04   Pamela Tarbet V35WCity of Hull9.9 
6774:12   Tony Payne V70MEast Hull14.1 
6874:20   Helen Penn V40WCity of Hull12.6 
6974:46   Stephen Williets V50MBeverley14.5 
7074:55   Victoria Nettleton U17WBarton & District AC17.4 
7174:56   Mark Waterson V55MCity of Hull14.2 
7276:06   Sarah DavisSENWCity of Hull  
7376:06   Brian Long V55MKingston upon Hull14.8 
7476:21   Lois England SENWCity of Hull15.2 
7576:22   Dinah Ashbridge V45WCity of Hull13.4 
7676:50   Nicky Rudland V40WEast Hull16.1 
7777:02   Debbie Smith V45WWhite City (Hull)15.5 
7877:06   Andrew Naylor V40MCity of Hull14.9 
7977:20   Shaneen Platten V40WCity of Hull16.2 
8077:53   Andrea Keen V45WCity of Hull16.2 
8178:25   Jacqui Ker V35WCity of Hull18.1 
8278:30   Stephen Coveney V65MCity of Hull15.7 
8378:34   Ian Tasker V45MWhite City (Hull)13.2 
8479:00   Sally PreciousV45WCity of Hull  
8579:02   Andy Steel V45MKingston upon Hull10.7 
8679:14   Fiona Holland V45WBeverley/Pocklington16.4 
8780:17   Paul Hutchings V35MCity of Hull11.7 
8880:25   Megan Chown SENWBeverley15.5 
8981:16   David Monaghan V50MCity of Hull17.1Click your Clock logo
9082:02   Tim SimpsonV40MEast Hull  
9182:49   Stella Dinsdale V65WWhite City (Hull)18.1 
9283:16   Mike O'Brien V60MCity of Hull18.0 
9383:37   Jenny Henderson V35WWest Hull Ladies/West Hull15.7 
9483:43   Karen Scott V45WCity of Hull18.4 
9583:43   Adam Thompson V50MKingston upon Hull16.0 
9683:53   Kathy Cuckoo V45WCity of Hull20.8 
9785:13   Jeffrey Copping V70MCity of Hull21.6 
9886:17   Patrick Walker V45MCity of Hull14.6 
9987:05   Kevin McManus V65MCity of Hull22.6 
10087:14   Tom O'BrienSENMCity of Hull  
10187:34   Eileen P Henderson V60WCity of Hull22.6 
10290:35   Fay Giles V50WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies21.6 
10390:55   Penny Darmody V55WEast Hull23.3 
10491:17   John Pawson V70MCity of Hull22.4 
10592:03   Jill Hood V55WWest Hull Ladies/West Hull19.7 
10692:31   Joanne Drysdale V45WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies21.2 
10793:03   Vivienne WilliamsonV70WBeverley  
10893:54   Janet Ainley V45WWest Hull Ladies/West Hull22.7 
10994:07   Jane Allen V35WWest Hull21.2 
11094:46   Penelope Booth V60WBeverley24.4 
11196:11   Catriona Williamson V60WBeverley25.6 
11296:58   Rebecca Manchester U17WBarton & District AC15.5 
11398:14   Paul Clarke V70MKingston upon Hull24.0 
11498:36   Janet Wardale V60WWest Hull/West Hull Ladies25.7 
11599:07   Sue Reast V50WCity of Hull22.1 
11699:37   Katie May V55WCity of Hull27.7 
1171:50:16   Frank Harrison V80MCity of Hull29.0 
1181:50:31   Chris Gibson V55MBeverley29.6 
1191:55:13   Mary Carrick V70WEast Hull/Beverley30.9