RR10 League External Results
Fleming Park
5 Jun 19
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Mark Nixon SENMEdinburgh AC/Romsey4.3 
10NT   Andy SimpsonV40MStubbington   
100NT   Rod HarnettV40MNew Forest   
101NT   Steve Churcher V55MEastleigh RC8.2 
102NT   David Cribb SENMLordshill11.6 
103NT   Iain HartnellSENMLordshill   
104NT   David Lavington SENMEastleigh RC14.2 
105NT   Ian GrasmederV40MLordshill   
106NT   Mathew PidgeonSENMLordshill   
107NT   Martyn West V65MWinchester7.9 
108NT   Paddy Butler V55MHardley9.9 
109NT   Matthew Cafferky V35MNew Forest Runners6.6 
11NT   Matthew Brown SENMRomsey0.5 
110NT   Nick Fairbrass SENMWinchester  
111NT   Jesse Duggal SENMWinchester9.0 
112NT   Mark Craven SENMWinchester  
113NT   Charlie AndersonSENMHalterworth   
114NT   Angus Coull V45MEastleigh RC7.6 
115NT   Sean O'Grady V40MEastleigh RC9.0 
116NT   Frazer Bailey V35MItchen Spitfires13.3 
117NT   Nigel Hemsted V60MRomsey8.9 
118NT   Jack Harris SENMLordshill8.4 
119NT   Graham Bishop V60MEastleigh RC12.6 
12NT   Tim ParkerSENMRomsey   
120NT   Andrew WardV40MItchen   
121NT   Jade Rolfe V40MLordshill9.8 
122NT   Peter RejchrtV50MNew Forest   
123NT   Peter Wilson V50MNew Forest Runners  
124NT   Julian HamblinV50MWinchester   
125NT   Charles Carr V45MWinchester11.8 
126NT   Tim Glover-Poultney V35MWessex RR8.0 
127NT   Barry DavisV50MHalterworth   
128NT   Marcus LeeV40MStubbington   
129NT   Mark Wilson V40MWinchester12.3 
13NT   Kevin Willsher V40MLordshill0.7 
130NT   Jon PlomerV40MStubbington   
131NT   Godfrey RhimesV60MEastleigh   
132NT   Alex PayneSENMEastleigh   
133NT   David Barnes V60MEastleigh RC7.3 
134NT   Martin BakerV50MNew Forest   
135NT   Neil Jones V35MNew Forest Runners19.1 
136NT   Paul Blundell V50MHardley14.9 
137NT   Tony Lees V60MTotton9.6 
138NT   Matthew Taylor V50MWinchester33.9 
139NT   Paul SmithV40MStubbington   
14NT   Robin CopestickSENMNew Forest   
140NT   Chris Selfe V40MSouthampton/Lordshill8.2Click your Clock logo
141NT   Jimmy Ward V35MItchen Spitfires11.3 
142NT   Andrew Warren V35MTotton8.7 
143NT   Adrian Haughton V55MWinchester6.7 
144NT   Paul LunstedV50MEastleigh   
145NT   Ryan HurstSENMLordshill   
146NT   Andrew James Robinson V35MWinchester12.3 
147NT   Andrew Miles V40MStubbington Green18.2 
148NT   Colin Saxon V40MEastleigh RC17.7 
149NT   Gareth EvansSENMItchen   
15NT   Michael Akers SENMNew Forest Runners4.9 
150NT   Keith Harris V40MItchen Spitfires12.2 
151NT   Dave SeymourV50MWessex   
152NT   Nick Crane V60MStubbington Green12.7 
153NT   Daniel Lovell V35MItchen Spitfires13.1 
154NT   Daniel FranceschiniV60MEastleigh   
155NT   Steve HullV60MNew Forest   
156NT   Tom StarkSENMLordshill   
157NT   Patrick Jansen V50MLordshill10.6 
158NT   Haydn Brown V55MStubbington Green9.5 
159NT   Christopher Barnes V50MTotton11.6 
16NT   David Mallard V40MStubbington Green3.1 
160NT   Ben SharmanSENMRomsey   
161NT   Chris Wheeler V35MStubbington Green11.4 
162NT   Chris LambV40MLordshill   
163NT   Paul Garland V50MHalterworth19.1 
164NT   Nigel SmythV40MWessex   
165NT   Graeme Browning-MartinSENMNew Forest   
166NT   Sam East V40MLordshill  
167NT   Spencer Meyer V50MEastleigh RC11.8 
168NT   Steve Johnson V60MLordshill11.8 
169NT   Christopher Sandy SENMStubbington Green5.0 
17NT   Alex Prinsep U23MRomsey2.5 
170NT   Tim WithersV40MLordshill   
171NT   Steve TorranceV50MWinchester   
172NT   Jack Goozee V50MStubbington Green14.5 
173NT   William Lawless V35MItchen Spitfires11.1 
174NT   Mark Hayes V40MTotton25.1 
175NT   Rob Jesson V50MItchen Spitfires13.3 
176NT   Neil GrovesV60MEastleigh   
177NT   Duncan East V50MLordshill16.6 
178NT   Steve Goodwin V60MWinchester10.7 
179NT   Terry Greening V40MTotton17.3 
18NT   Adam Wilkinson SENMTotton6.2 
180NT   Mike GordonV40MTotton   
181NT   David Peterson V40MEastleigh RC13.1 
182NT   Timothy Matthews V40MStubbington Green11.4 
183NT   David Walker V50MWinchester15.0 
184NT   Adrian FieldV50MWinchester   
185NT   Lee Maunder SENMHardley13.9 
186NT   Patrick Joseph V50MLordshill10.7 
187NT   Keith DasV40MItchen   
188NT   Dave Wilson V60MHardley16.0 
189NT   Brian RumaryV60MEastleigh   
19NT   Calum Johnson SENMHardley5.0 
190NT   Mark TillerV50MItchen   
191NT   Ian RogersV50MEastleigh   
192NT   Andy LeeV50MStubbington   
193NT   Ash Randall-ColesV50MEastleigh   
194NT   James BrowneV40MLordshill   
195NT   Jon Diaper V60MEastleigh RC16.8 
196NT   Simon BeerV40MItchen   
197NT   Anthony Kendrick V60MTotton14.5 
198NT   Neil Glasspool V40MItchen Spitfires15.0 
199NT   Steve HollowayV40MLordshill   
2NT   Tom Bray SENMRomsey5.2 
20NT   Paddy ConnorsSENMItchen   
200NT   Philip Tyrrell V35MLordshill13.8 
201NT   Steven Avery V45MHardley17.8 
202NT   Jeremy WebbV40MLordshill   
203NT   Craig Taylor V40MTotton15.8 
204NT   Paul ShaveV40MItchen   
205NT   Matt LaversV40MWinchester   
206NT   Paul NewsonV50MLordshill   
207NT   Derek Smith V60MWinchester23.5 
208NT   Steve BlightV50MHardley   
209NT   John LabbettV50MHardley   
21NT   Daniel Campion V35MLordshill0.9 
210NT   Mark JenkinsSENMStubbington   
211NT   Colin Jones V60MEastleigh RC17.6 
212NT   Chris JonesV60MItchen   
213NT   Mark Green V35MStubbington Green  
214NT   Peter Watts V60MWinchester13.1 
215NT   Paul KentV40MHalterworth   
216NT   Tim ForemanV50MNew Forest   
217NT   Robert Barlow V50MTotton14.5 
218NT   Mick Anglim V70MHardley11.0 
219NT   John KeenanV60MLordshill   
22NT   David Reynolds SENMLordshill1.8 
220NT   Paul Bailey V50MNew Forest Runners14.6 
221NT   Mike Southwell V50MNew Forest Runners22.5 
222NT   Daniel Laming V40MItchen Spitfires15.7 
223NT   Marcus HewittV40MItchen   
224NT   Mike Newman V60MLordshill15.9 
225NT   Carl SchaferV50MStubbington   
226NT   Malcolm John White V60MLordshill15.2 
227NT   Graeme JohnsonSENMHardley   
228NT   Adam Pratt SENMItchen Spitfires20.8 
229NT   Dave HowellsV60MWessex   
23NT   Simon HearndenSENMStubbington   
230NT   Russel MeadV50MStubbington   
231NT   Kevin Mills V50MItchen Spitfires13.8 
232NT   Paul NewbyV70MHardley   
233NT   Christopher Walker V50MItchen Spitfires22.5 
234NT   George Howarth V60MStubbington Green14.8 
235NT   Paul GaleV40MTotton   
236NT   Rob WilliamsV40MStubbington   
237NT   Mark Jackson V50MHalterworth20.6 
238NT   Dave MurrayV50MTotton   
239NT   Glenn MedcalfV50MItchen   
24NT   Guy Brayn SENMWinchester0.3 
240NT   Stuart NicholsonSENMStubbington   
241NT   Graham Moore SENMItchen Spitfires  
242NT   Rob WellsV40MHardley   
243NT   Paul Backhouse V50MEastleigh RC13.1 
244NT   Steve White V50MEastleigh RC17.0 
245NT   Gavin Mcmillan V60MEastleigh RC19.3 
246NT   Kevin Royle V60MEastleigh RC35.7 
247NT   Stuart Bamberger V45MStubbington Green24.1 
248NT   David Richards SENMTotton34.2 
249NT   Jamie FordSENMLordshill   
25NT   Iain Cross V35MStubbington Green3.0 
250NT   Andy WhiteV40MStubbington   
251NT   Kevin Balfour V50MEastleigh RC20.6 
252NT   Pedro ViveirosSENMItchen   
253NT   Barrie ReevesV60MEastleigh   
254NT   Keith WhitakerV60MStubbington   
255NT   Martyn Banner V55MStubbington Green20.5 
256NT   Nigel OldenV60MNew Forest   
257NT   Baljinder Gill V50MEastleigh RC21.5 
258NT   Nav MudherV40MEastleigh   
259NT   David SamuelV40MLordshill   
26NT   Russell Coleman V40MStubbington Green3.0 
260NT   Eddie OliverV50MLordshill   
261NT   Andrew Barber V65MHardley26.1 
262NT   Chris Taylor V70MItchen Spitfires28.8 
263NT   Mario SheathV50MNew Forest   
264NT   Richard Widdop V70MWessex RR  
265NT   Derek Kelly V70MRomsey30.2 
266NT   Mike MillsV60MTotton   
267NT   Matthew Sprack V35MEastleigh RC18.8 
268NT   Andy Gordon V35MItchen Spitfires24.6 
269NT   Kyle McritchieSENMStubbington   
27NT   Mark Causebrook V35MHardley/Southampton2.3 
270NT   Greg RoweV60MStubbington   
271NT   Gary Cahill V35MItchen Spitfires26.4 
272NT   Miles ScottSENMNew Forest   
273NT   Roy S Mcloughlin V70MLordshill25.7 
274NT   Jeremy Barber V65MHardley18.0 
275NT   Junior LandaSENMItchen   
276NT   Paul Leeming V50MItchen Spitfires25.2 
277NT   Roger Bradley V75MLordshill29.0 
28NT   Mark Stileman V50MRomsey1.5 
29NT   John Wallace V50MEastleigh RC2.8 
3NT   Neil Jennings SENMRomsey1.0 
30NT   James GarlandSENMHalterworth   
31NT   Francis Handy SENMNew Forest Runners/Birchfield H2.6 
32NT   Neil Catchlove V40MLordshill1.6 
33NT   Alan GrahamV50MLordshill   
34NT   Ross Piper SENMEastleigh RC35.9 
35NT   Stuart Booth V35MEastleigh RC3.7 
36NT   Daniel Lurcock V35MRomsey5.3 
37NT   Jonathan Warner V40MStubbington Green3.5 
38NT   Mike White V60MStubbington Green4.6 
39NT   David Richard Milton V40MLordshill5.4 
4NT   Martin Stockley SENMEastleigh RC-0.4 
40NT   Matt WoodenSENMWinchester   
41NT   Mark Suddaby V40MRomsey5.1 
42NT   Andy Parkinson V50MWinchester5.2 
43NT   Ben Andrew V35MHardley4.5 
44NT   Alistair Wakefield V40MStubbington Green10.4 
45NT   Steve MortonV40MNew Forest   
46NT   Daniel Foster V35MStubbington Green2.9 
47NT   Dom TrusloveSENMStubbington   
48NT   James Miller SENMItchen Spitfires12.0 
49NT   Graham Evans V40MLordshill5.4Click your Clock logo
5NT   Peter Sansome V40MWinchester0.5 
50NT   Christopher Puzey V35MItchen Spitfires7.4 
51NT   Mark FergusonV40MHardley   
52NT   Chris Lowrey V40MLordshill5.9 
53NT   Aaron Gallimore SENMLordshill4.8 
54NT   Neil WhiteSENMTotton   
55NT   Franklyn Young V55MWinchester/South West Vets6.3 
56NT   Chris SansomeV40MLordshill   
57NT   Robert Carter V45MWinchester5.9 
58NT   Graham MartinV40MStubbington   
59NT   Andrew Adams V55MLordshill5.6 
6NT   Archie Ives U20MWinchester-1.7 
60NT   Daniel Latham V35MHardley5.4 
61NT   David Vosser V55MWinchester4.9 
62NT   Theo RobertsSENMWinchester   
63NT   Mark Eaton V50MStubbington Green6.6 
64NT   Dimitri ElenisV40MNew Forest   
65NT   Adam Ruddy SENMItchen Spitfires6.1 
66NT   Mark West V40MLordshill/Southern Counties Vets6.1 
68NT   Cameron HewittSENMItchen   
69NT   Guy Hoskins V35MWinchester9.2 
7NT   Michael Gregory V35MStubbington Green0.8 
70NT   Matt TannerV50MHardley   
71NT   Wayne LebasV40MLordshill   
72NT   Joe GardnerSENMHalterworth   
73NT   Simon Williamson V40MWinchester7.5 
74NT   Graham Andrews V35MItchen Spitfires10.5 
75NT   Christopher Brown SENMRomsey34.6 
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