Mystery 5K Series External Results
11 Jun 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:02   Jon-Jo Doherty  SENMSt. Helens Sutton15:4715:47-2.3 
216:24   Mark Wynne  V40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton15:2915:29-2.1 
316:28   Rob Pearse  V45MWallasey15:5115:51-0.7 
416:39   Thomas Dempsey PBSENMKirkby Milers16:3916:39-0.3Click your Clock logo
517:02   Mark Clair  V35MMersey Tri16:3516:060.8 
617:06   Jamie Rutherford  SENMLiverpool RC/Vegan16:2316:02-0.6 
717:17   Paul Martin PBSENMMersey Tri16:4416:440.2 
817:21   Alex Cowin SBV35MPenny Lane17:2117:101.8 
917:26   Paul Milburn  V35MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton17:0617:061.7 
1017:27   Sean Jones PBSENMPenny Lane16:5516:551.3Click your Clock logo
1117:29   Adam Simpkin  SENMLiverpool RC16:5816:581.2 
1217:42   Jack Antrobus  V35MWarrington RC16:5216:521.0 
1317:50   Phil Macdonald  V35MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton17:0417:041.9 
1418:03   David Willshire  V35MPenny Lane17:4317:432.5 
1518:16   Dave Connor  V45MMersey Tri17:5517:555.2 
1618:22   Gary Wilton  V40MKirkby Milers17:4617:462.8 
1718:24   Phil Riding SBV40MPenny Lane17:5817:423.4 
1818:26   Paul Gray  V50MPenny Lane18:0717:563.9 
1918:39   Colin Walsh  V35MPenny Lane18:0718:072.6 
2018:40   Sean Wilton  SENMKirkby Milers17:5317:533.9 
2118:44   Paul Riley  V45MPenny Lane17:5517:552.9 
2218:47   Faye O'Hare  U15WLiverpool H18:3618:243.9 
2318:47   Julien Tour  V35MPenny Lane18:3918:154.2 
2418:53   Ian Roche SBV55MMersey Tri18:5317:465.2 
2519:00   Ian Hewitt  V40MLiverpool Running Bugs18:3118:313.6 
2619:02   Paul Schumann  V55MKnowsley18:5917:294.3 
2719:06   Kyle Harrison  SENMLiverpool RC18:1516:513.1 
2819:08   Gary English  V55MLiverpool RC18:2918:174.5 
2919:31   Nigel Grant  V55MPenny Lane19:0316:425.3 
3019:40   Joe Mccarthy V45MMersey Tri    
3119:49   Chris Pedder  V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters19:2616:485.6 
3220:00   James Done  SENMLiverpool Running Bugs19:1919:196.2 
3320:03   Andrew Biddle  V40MPenny Lane19:3218:346.1 
3420:05   Colin Dobbs  V40MPenny Lane19:4817:566.2 
3520:06   Tracey Allan  V35WSouthport Waterloo19:4918:556.3 
3620:07   John Halson  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:5518:105.7 
3720:10   Richard Costain  SENMPenny Lane20:0519:347.1Click your Clock logo
3820:12   Jonathan Laber-Craig  V35MPenny Lane19:4119:416.1 
3920:14   Alan McDermott  V55MPenny Lane19:5919:598.0 
4020:14   George Aylward  SENMPenny Lane19:2119:185.3 
4120:21   Thomas Back  U17MPenny Lane20:1720:178.7 
4220:22   Graham Liu PBV50MSouthport Waterloo20:2220:228.0 
4320:23   David Friend PBSENMLiverpool Running Bugs20:2320:238.9 
4420:24   Robert Wood SBV60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:2819:237.2 
4520:31   Mike Walker  V70MSouthport Waterloo20:0320:036.8 
4620:32   Adam Johnson SENMMersey Tri    
4720:33   Peter Atkin PBSENMLiverpool RC20:3320:338.8 
4820:34   Andrew Conway SBV50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton20:3419:598.1 
4920:36   Kate MacFarlane  SENWPenny Lane20:1320:138.7 
5020:42   Michael O'rourke  V35MPenny Lane20:0219:497.8 
5120:48   David Rigby V40M     
5220:49   Graham Cushion SBV40MLiverpool RC20:4919:508.2 
5320:53   Hayley Fairclough PBV35WLiverpool RC20:5120:518.5 
5420:53   Alex Mitchell PBSENMLiverpool Running Bugs19:0719:074.9Click your Clock logo
5520:57   Michael Connor SBV55MPenny Lane20:4719:428.4 
5621:01   Shaun McGrath  SENMWidnes Running Club20:2219:519.5 
5721:01   Shane Knott  V40MPenny Lane20:4420:449.4 
5821:04   Robert-jon Cooper PBV35MPenny Lane21:0421:0410.0 
5921:07   Kathryn Sharkey PBV35WPenny Lane21:0721:078.9 
6021:08   Ella Radford U17WLiverpool Harriers & AC    
6121:10   Tom Rimmer SENMPenny Lane Striders    
6221:10   Stephen Flanagan PBV40MSouthport Waterloo20:3720:379.4 
6321:12   Kathryn Bradley  SENWPenny Lane20:4520:458.8 
6421:13   David Lynan  V45MPenny Lane19:1819:186.7 
6521:18   Daniel Fegan  V50MSt. Helens Striders20:5219:199.7 
6621:23   Katherine Andrews  V35WWallasey20:3619:589.1 
6721:25   Aaron Wilson PBSENMLiverpool RC20:5720:579.8 
6821:32   Steve Pemberton  V60MPenny Lane21:1818:4711.0 
6921:40   Debra Campbell  V35WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton18:5018:505.3 
7021:42   James Pederson U15MLiverpool Harriers & AC    
7121:43   Laura Purdy  V40WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton21:2121:2110.3 
7221:44   Chris Wills  V40MKnowsley20:4720:479.3 
7321:45   Barry Williams V35MMersey Tri    
7421:45   David Navis  SENMLiverpool Running Bugs21:1720:229.8 
7521:45   Joshua McGovern PBSENMLiverpool Running Bugs21:0621:0610.0 
7621:48   Tamzin Dentith U17WLiverpool Harriers & AC    
7721:49   John Barlow V35MLiverpool Running Bugs    
7821:50   Natalie Savage V40WLonely Goat RC    
7921:54   Lenka Vidamour  V35WPenny Lane21:2521:2510.9 
8022:06   Jack Stevenson-Smith SENMPenny Lane Striders    
8122:16   Tony Peacock  V65MPenny Lane21:3719:3010.5Click your Clock logo
8222:18   Robert Hough  V35MHelsby RC20:3620:367.5 
8322:24   David Griffiths  V50MPenny Lane22:0020:5411.5 
8422:25   Robbie Trecarichi SBV40MLiverpool Running Bugs22:2520:5212.4 
8522:25   Steve Bennett  V55MPenny Lane22:0322:0311.3 
8622:25   Kieron Carr V45MLiverpool Running Bugs    
8722:26   Scott Hambleton PBV40MPenny Lane22:2622:2612.0 
8822:28   Kirsty Gillen SENWKirkby Milers    
8922:29   Laura Hennahane PBV35WPenny Lane21:5121:5112.2 
9022:33   Terry Lynch  V50MPenny Lane22:1722:1711.9 
9122:34   Oonagh Jaquest SBV40WPenny Lane22:3421:3613.2 
9222:39   Mark Donoghue PBV35MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton22:3922:3913.9 
9322:40   Michael Maloney SBV65MKnowsley22:4022:2412.0 
9422:44   Matt Dutton  V40MPenny Lane21:5721:5711.9 
9522:48   David Quinn  V40MLiverpool H22:3618:4212.2 
9622:49   Charlotte Smith  V35WKirkby Milers22:0922:0912.2Click your Clock logo
9722:50   Stella Reynolds  V45WVegan22:2122:2111.8 
9822:53   James Roberts  SENMPenny Lane21:4421:4412.2 
9922:56   John Dale PBV35MLiverpool Running Bugs21:2521:2510.8 
10023:02   Annmarie Williams  V45WPenny Lane22:3722:2612.6 
10123:07   Jefferson Gard  V50MPenny Lane23:0022:0613.1 
10223:08   Peter Morean V60MPenny Lane Striders    
10323:09   Paul Clarke V45MN Endurance    
10423:10   Ruth Hewitt PBV40WLiverpool Running Bugs22:3022:3012.7 
10523:11   Isobel Davidson PBU15WLiverpool H23:1123:1120.5 
10623:14   Samantha Bentall PBV50WPenny Lane23:1423:1414.3 
10723:21   John Brown PBV60MPenny Lane23:0223:0213.1 
10823:25   Kelly Marrin  V40WKnowsley23:0423:0413.3 
10923:28   Donna Mckenna  V45WPenny Lane21:5821:5812.6 
11023:30   Michael Edwards SBV60MPenny Lane23:3022:4514.9 
11123:32   Kasia Boydell PBV35WLiverpool Running Bugs23:3223:3214.1 
11223:37   Patrick Breen V35MNorth Endurance    
11323:38   Josh Lake SENMN Endurance    
11423:46   Sarah Jackson  V40WPenny Lane23:3518:5114.4 
11523:47   Angela McGowan PBV40WLiverpool Running Bugs23:4723:4714.2 
11624:03   Ben Mcgovern SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
11724:07   Phillip Stanley  V55MUTS Running23:0622:3513.9 
11824:08   Stephen Maddock V50MLiverpool Running Bugs    
11924:18   Bhavna Mistry  V45WKirkby Milers24:0424:0115.1 
12024:21   John Guy V40M     
12124:27   Onnor Hampson SBV45WLiverpool Running Bugs24:2723:4215.9 
12224:30   Jade Teeder  SENWLiverpool Running Bugs23:1023:1015.2 
12324:34   Sue Burke SBV45WPenny Lane24:3423:1816.0 
12424:40   Chris Probert  V55MPenny Lane23:5623:5615.5 
12524:42   Helen Hanlon V45WLiverpool Running Bugs    
12624:48   Katie Dawson SBV40WPenny Lane24:4823:3016.9 
12724:48   Lucy St John PBSENWLiverpool Running Bugs24:4824:4819.0 
12824:51   Abbie Levinson U17WLiverpool Harriers & AC    
12924:58   David Limbrick  V55MIslwyn24:0622:3614.9 
13025:01   Rebecca Varnouse V35WPenny Lane Striders    
13125:04   James Stansfield  SENMPenny Lane24:4121:5016.1 
13225:09   Patrick Davidson U15MMersey Tri    
13325:09   Vicky Stewart V35WMersey Tri    
13425:09   John Fitzgerald V60MMersey Tri    
13525:13   Grant Davidson  V45MMersey Tri/Penny Lane21:2020:2211.8 
13625:14   Judith Dyer SBV50WPenny Lane25:1424:0017.4 
13725:23   Becky Bancroft V40WLiverpool Running Bugs    
13825:27   Kate Walton SENWLonely Goat RC    
13925:28   Anna Navis SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
14025:34   Lindsey Black PBV40WLiverpool Running Bugs25:3425:3418.1 
14125:35   Michael Sharkey  V70MPenny Lane24:3923:5115.8 
14225:39   Katie Nicolson SENWKnowsley Harriers & AC    
14325:40   Damien Kenny V35MLiverpool Running Bugs    
14425:43   Arthur Cross PBV60MKnowsley25:4325:4316.3 
14525:49   Elaine Coulter PBV50WLiverpool Running Bugs25:4925:4919.1 
14625:49   Clare Pascoe V40WLiverpool Running Bugs    
14725:53   Lyndsey Titley V35WLiverpool Running Bugs    
14825:58   Billy Hargreaves  V70MSouthport Waterloo20:4719:0914.7 
14926:12   Emma Carey SENWMersey Tri    
15026:21   John Wood PBV45MPenny Lane26:2126:2120.6 
15126:24   Karen Dalby SBV55WMersey Tri25:5922:4117.6 
15226:42   John Dobie  V70MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton24:2820:5214.1 
15326:47   Katie Lloyd  SENWLiverpool Running Bugs24:1524:1516.1 
15426:50   Kedar Dhopate V40MLiverpool Running Bugs    
15526:56   Dean Thackery SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
15626:58   Claudia McLean SBV45WLiverpool Running Bugs25:4125:3819.6 
15726:58   Laura Rooney SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
15827:25   Megan Thomas T20/F20 SBU20WPenny Lane27:2525:5622.1 
15927:27   Zara Thompson PBSENWLiverpool Running Bugs27:2727:2719.7 
16027:32   Atim Laber-Craig  SENWPenny Lane25:5525:5518.2 
16127:42   Christine Grant SBV50WPenny Lane27:4225:3621.5 
16227:49   Lee Birkett PBV40MLiverpool Running Bugs27:4927:4920.5 
16327:57   Anne Oxbrough V35WPenny Lane Striders    
16428:01   Mollie Swadkins SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
16528:03   Marie Motley  V55WPenny Lane26:4423:4519.6 
16628:20   Suzanne Hall PBSENWLiverpool Running Bugs25:3625:3619.5 
16728:20   Claire Birkett PBV40WLiverpool Running Bugs28:2028:2023.1 
16829:00   Nicola Maddock V40WLiverpool Running Bugs    
16929:15   Karen Morgan V45WLiverpool Running Bugs    
17029:19   John Topping V50M     
17129:28   Glen Wilkinson V45MKnowsley Harriers & AC    
17229:36   John Machan SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
17329:41   Lisa Pritchard V35WMossley Hill AC    
17429:49   Debi Mcmillan SBV45WPenny Lane28:3828:3822.6 
17530:02   Ann Gree V55WKirkby Milers    
17630:03   Tracey Goble  V50WLiverpool Running Bugs28:0828:0824.0 
17730:06   Graham Ashton V50MLiverpool Running Bugs    
17830:06   Ann Marie Carberry SBV50WKirkby Milers30:0629:2424.3 
17930:07   Lorraine Johnson V35WLiverpool Running Bugs    
18030:18   Phillip Hewitt  V40MLiverpool Running Bugs29:1429:1424.8 
18130:30   Espeth Mcintyre U17WLiverpool Harriers & AC    
18230:35   Carole Hendrick V50WLiverpool Running Bugs    
18330:36   Katie Fielding  U23WLiverpool Running Bugs29:4529:4525.3 
18430:37   Emmajane Webster PBSENWLiverpool Running Bugs30:3730:3728.1 
18530:43   Hannah Twigg PBSENWLiverpool Running Bugs29:2129:2123.9 
18630:44   Jessica Jones SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
18730:49   Ronald Thornton  V75MLiverpool Running Bugs30:0230:0225.4 
18831:08   Val Coldock V60WLiverpool Running Bugs    
18931:23   Jennifer Peel  V70WMersey Tri31:1431:0726.6 
19032:29   Carol Platt  V60WKirkby Milers29:4128:2225.5 
19132:31   Allan Gibbs-Monaghan V40MLiverpool Running Bugs    
19232:53   Claire Monti V40WLiverpool Running Bugs    
19333:04   Michelle Elston PBV45WLiverpool Running Bugs33:0433:0429.5 
19433:04   Reena Dhopate V40WLiverpool Running Bugs    
19534:53   Simon Kyle V40MLiverpool Running Bugs    
19635:31   Jen Ashton V45WLiverpool Running Bugs    
19735:33   Jodie Webb SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
19835:33   Diane Kevan V55WLiverpool Running Bugs    
19935:58   Derek Hughes V65MLiverpool Running Bugs    
20036:17   Sharon Graham V45WLiverpool Running Bugs    
20137:35   Kayla Davies SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
20237:35   Stephanie Webster SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
20337:58   Corrine Davies V45WLiverpool Running Bugs    
20442:50   Chris Graham V45MLiverpool Running Bugs    
20543:39   Hannah Bricknell SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
20643:39   Kate Verdin V35WLiverpool Running Bugs    
20743:39   Tracey Carr V50WLiverpool Running Bugs