Cardiff Bannister Anniversary Miles External Results
10 May 19
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1M 1
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
16:35   Rebeca Harries PBU11WCardiff6:356:3511.7 
26:45   Graham Webster PBV60MLes Croupiers6:456:4513.3 
36:56   Julie Scholey SBV55WLes Croupiers6:566:4112.8 
46:58   Kay Chapman PBV50WCardiff6:586:5811.6 
56:58   Tim O'Sullivan PBV60MLes Croupiers6:586:5815.4 
67:03   Ethan Meyrick PBU13MCardiff7:037:0316.4 
77:25   Roshan Khan PBV60MLes Croupiers7:257:2518.6 
87:53   David Mcdonald SBV50MLes Croupiers7:535:5721.0 
97:57   Angharad Price V35WLes Croupiers RC    
108:06   Gillian Murphy SBV65WLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters8:067:5620.3 
118:16   Jon Martin SBV40MLes Croupiers8:167:5024.6 
128:33   Dirk Schmaljohann PBV50MLes Croupiers8:338:3325.9 
138:49   Lily Meyrick U17WN/A    
1M 2
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:53   David George PBV50MLes Croupiers5:535:539.4Click your Clock logo
25:55   Simon Peterson PBV45MIslwyn5:555:556.6 
35:58   Cassie Evans PBSENWCDF Runners5:585:588.4 
46:08   Millie Gold PBU13WCardiff6:086:089.9 
56:09   Elizabeth Neville PBV35WLes Croupiers6:096:099.4 
66:15   Danielle Phillips  SENWLes Croupiers5:455:456.9 
76:37   Sarah Burdett PBSENWLes Croupiers6:376:3713.5 
86:46   Jenny Martin SBV35WLes Croupiers6:466:3213.0 
96:51   Sioned John PBU11WCardiff6:516:5116.3 
106:57   Michael H Davies SBV65MLes Croupiers6:476:2812.4 
117:13   Jozie Postles PBSENWLes Croupiers7:137:1318.0 
1M 3
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:26   Jack Pugsley SENM     
25:46   Richard Self SBV50MLes Croupiers5:465:266.6 
35:46   Marcus Meyrick PBV45MLes Croupiers5:465:466.1 
45:50   Bethan Meyrick PBU17WCardiff5:505:507.6 
55:52   Dan Lloyd V40MCDF Runners    
65:58   Gareth Logan PBSENMUnattached5:445:447.8Click your Clock logo
76:15   Sarah Coote  V35WParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters5:555:558.0 
86:22   Mark Williams PBV60MParc Bryn Bach/Welsh Masters5:545:547.0Click your Clock logo
1M 4
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:08   Stuart Crees SBV40MLes Croupiers5:084:520.5 
25:10   Ben Kennedy PBV35MLes Croupiers5:105:101.7 
35:13   Ake Fagereng PBV35MLes Croupiers5:135:131.9 
45:16   Robert Sage SBV40MLes Croupiers5:164:533.9 
55:22   Adrian Lewis  V45MAberdare Valley/Welsh Masters5:135:012.4 
65:27   Joseph Joyce PBU13MCardiff5:275:274.4 
75:31   Mark Joyce SBV45MLes Croupiers5:315:154.3 
85:34   Rhys Simmonds PBU17MCardiff5:345:346.0 
95:35   Vincent Nazareth SBV55MLes Croupiers5:355:284.4 
105:36   Michael Graz PBV45MUsk/Welsh Masters5:365:365.4 
115:37   Matthew James Hopkins SBV35MLes Croupiers5:375:234.2 
125:38   Laurent Bono  SENMLes Croupiers5:375:274.6 
135:43   Bethany Gold PBU17WCardiff5:435:437.4 
145:50   Kris Emes V40M     
1M 5
PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:32   Luke Williams PBSENMSan Domenico/Guernsey4:324:32-2.8 
24:35   Oliver M Williams SBSENMWhite Rock4:354:27-1.9 
34:42   David John Williams  V35MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters4:334:33-1.0 
44:45   Alex Jackson PBU17MCardiff4:454:45-0.5 
54:49   James Gold PBU17MCardiff4:494:490.0 
64:49   Ben Butler-Madden PBV35MPenarth & Dinas/Welsh Masters4:494:49-1.9 
74:58   Arwel Evans PBSENMRhedwyr Hebog4:584:581.7 
85:01   Neil Reynolds PBV35MSan Domenico5:015:01-0.1 
95:07   Harry Vowles PBU17MCardiff5:075:073.8 
105:08   David Craig PBV40MLes Croupiers5:085:081.7Click your Clock logo
115:13   Ian Southwell PBV35MPenarth & Dinas5:135:131.3