Cardiff Summer Series 4 External Results
5 Jul 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:01   Oliver M Williams SBSENMWhite Rock21:0120:19-2.1 
221:24   James Thie SBV40MCardiff21:2419:18-2.4 
322:05   Alex Jackson PBU17MCardiff22:0522:05-0.5 
422:11   Richard Baker  V45MLes Croupiers21:3121:19-0.3 
522:36   Gareth Griffiths PBU23MTipton/Cardiff Met Uni/Cardiff/Cardiff22:3622:363.0 
622:54   Owain Morris PBSENMAberdare Valley22:5422:540.9 
723:25   Efan Owen PBU17MCardiff23:2523:252.3 
823:35   Thomas Henry  V35MLliswerry23:2922:502.9Click your Clock logo
1023:52   Adrian Lewis SBV45MAberdare Valley/Welsh Masters23:5223:302.2 
923:52   Megan McBrien PBSENWRoyal Sutton Coldfield/Cardiff Uni23:5223:523.5 
1124:08   Tom Webb PBU17MParc Bryn Bach24:0824:082.2Click your Clock logo
1224:13   Paul Josua PBSENMSan Domenico24:1324:132.9 
1324:19   Andrew Blair  V50MLes Croupiers23:3922:482.5 
1425:14   Vincent Nazareth SBV55MLes Croupiers25:1424:514.5 
1525:18   Aled Hughes PBV40MOgmore Phoenix25:1825:185.1 
1625:24   Cian Ralphs PBU17MCardiff25:2425:244.6 
1725:37   Laurent Bono PBSENMLes Croupiers25:3725:374.6 
1825:54   David Walker PBV60MLes Croupiers25:5425:546.0 
1926:10   Lloyd Bridges PBU17MCardiff26:1026:105.1 
2026:15   Peter Turnbull  V55MLes Croupiers25:4324:026.9 
2126:19   Sean Price PBV55MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters26:1926:194.5 
2226:27   Brian Dias SBSENMCardiff26:2723:096.8 
2326:52   Joseph Joyce U17MCardiff AAC    
2427:05   Shelley Brace PBSENWLes Croupiers27:0527:057.0 
2527:35   Isaac Jones U17MCardiff AAC    
2627:38   Mike Murphy  V65MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters26:2923:438.1 
2727:41   Andy Wilton SBV40MSan Domenico27:4124:187.6 
2827:43   Steven Preddy SBV45MLes Croupiers27:4326:517.6 
2927:46   Megan Friedli PBU17WCardiff27:4627:468.9 
3027:48   Elizabeth Neville PBV35WLes Croupiers27:4827:489.4 
3127:48   Sally Pugsley PBSENWLes Croupiers27:4827:488.0Click your Clock logo
3228:04   Hayley Jackson  V45WParc Bryn Bach27:5527:559.2 
3328:09   David George PBV50MLes Croupiers28:0928:099.2Click your Clock logo
3428:30   Nathaniel Palmer  V45MLes Croupiers25:4125:415.9 
3528:52   Keri Jones SBV45WParc Bryn Bach/Unattached/Royal Air Force/Welsh Masters28:5227:5811.2 
3628:58   Steve Chadwell  V45MLes Croupiers28:1228:129.7 
3729:22   Mick McGeoch SBV60MLes Croupiers/Barry & Vale28:4123:0610.5 
3829:40   David E Williams SBV55MLes Croupiers29:4026:1110.4 
3929:43   Nicholas Harris PBSENMOgmore Phoenix29:4329:4310.6 
4029:47   Kay Chapman PBV50WCardiff29:4729:4711.7 
4129:59   Clive Osmond SBV55MLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters29:5926:5012.1 
4230:06   Dominic Shields  V50MSan Domenico29:1025:3811.4 
4330:49   Julie Scholey  V60WLes Croupiers29:2327:3512.5 
4431:19   Sally Groves PBV55WPegasus RC30:5630:5614.7 
4531:20   Jenny Martin  V40WLes Croupiers30:1727:4612.9 
4631:35   Gwynfor Palfrey  V55MParc Bryn Bach/Blaenau Gwent29:2128:1512.5 
4731:37   Mick Tabor  V65MLes Croupiers30:3923:5012.5 
4832:13   Nigel Bleach V50MSeriously Mad Runners    
4932:30   Eve Gallop-Evans SBV55WLes Croupiers31:4631:3915.5 
5033:12   Richard Jackson V50MPenarth and Dinas Runners    
5133:24   Peter Heath  V35MLes Croupiers32:3930:4815.7 
5234:25   Joanna Friedli PBV45WLes Croupiers34:2534:2519.0 
5335:08   Hannah Miles SBSENWLes Croupiers35:0834:4818.7 
5435:27   Madison Gregory U17WCardiff AAC    
5536:23   Claire Bell  V55WLes Croupiers34:5434:0020.1 
5636:45   Gillian Murphy  V65WLes Croupiers/Welsh Masters34:2932:4420.3 
5737:38   Deborah Price PBV50WLes Croupiers37:3837:3822.3 
5838:25   Ian Barrett  SENMLes Croupiers38:0238:0221.8 
5938:57   Sandra Caveney SBV55WLes Croupiers38:5735:3523.2 
6040:11   Chloe Holst U17W     
6140:29   Julie Haigh PBV60WCaerphilly RC40:2940:2922.8 
6242:00   Claire George SBV45WLes Croupiers42:0039:4224.2 
6342:01   Jon Martin  V40MLes Croupiers40:3736:3624.2 
6443:06   Colin Crooks SBV60MPegasus RC43:0631:4425.7 
6548:00   Emma Holst V45W     
6655:25   Helen Lloyd Jones  V70WPegasus RC52:0452:0433.5