Knowsley Harriers Summer FAB 4 External Results
28 Jun 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
121:14   Jon-Jo Doherty PBSENMSt. Helens Sutton21:1421:14-2.6 
221:18   Thomas Griffiths PBSENMSt. Helens Sutton21:1821:18-2.6Click your Clock logo
323:22   Lawrence Eccles PBV35MPenny Lane23:2223:221.3 
423:42   Will Kozer SBV35MWidnes Running Club23:4223:141.8 
523:53   Neil Hennigan SBV40MPenny Lane23:5323:341.9 
624:27   John McLaren  V35MKnowsley24:1524:152.9 
724:49   Mark Grady PBV35MWidnes Running Club24:4924:493.0 
824:59   Chris Birkett V40M     
925:03   Mike Fryer  SENMHalton & Frodsham24:4024:404.2 
1025:07   Francis Hourigan PBV40MWidnes Running Club25:0725:074.6 
1125:24   Paul Schumann  V55MKnowsley25:1523:364.4 
1225:54   Matt Collins V35MNorth Endurance    
1326:16   Karl Budworth PBV40MWidnes Running Club26:1626:165.2 
1426:26   Luke Curtis PBV35MPenny Lane26:2626:265.7 
1526:54   Vicky Unsworth PBV35WLiverpool H26:5426:545.0 
1627:23   Christopher Lee  V50MLiverpool Running Bugs26:0426:045.8 
1727:40   Graham Liu  V50MSouthport Waterloo27:1627:167.7 
1827:46   Andrew Glen V55MLiverpool Running Bugs    
1927:47   Andrew Conway  V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton26:3626:368.0 
2028:23   Mark Atherton PBV40MWidnes Running Club28:2328:237.9 
2128:34   Brian Shaw  V35MUKRunChat27:4227:428.0 
2229:10   Steve Pemberton SBV60MPenny Lane29:1027:3910.5 
2329:20   Tony Peacock SBV65MPenny Lane29:2028:1410.4Click your Clock logo
2429:30   Chris Giblin V35MWidnes Running Club    
2529:51   Caroline Barrow PBV40WWidnes Running Club29:5129:5110.9 
2630:14   William Merritt V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
2730:22   Marc Fitzmaurice SENM     
2830:31   Hayley MacGugan PBV35WWidnes Running Club30:3130:3112.3 
2930:36   Paul Fitzgerald V40MKnowsley Harriers AC    
3031:03   Steven Moss PBV35MWidnes Running Club31:0331:0311.5 
3131:05   Mike Evans SBV65MKnowsley/Unattached31:0530:2713.9 
3231:32   Jefferson Gard SBV50MPenny Lane31:3228:1014.5 
3332:48   Sarah Matthews SBV35WWidnes Running Club32:4831:3013.6 
3432:52   Andrea Fynn V35MKirkby Milers    
3533:40   Nick Kilty SBV35MKnowsley33:4031:0114.8 
3634:02   Billy Hargreaves SBV70MSouthport Waterloo34:0226:0416.4 
3734:10   Leanne Griffiths SENWWidnes Running Club    
3834:14   Diane Hennigan  V45WPenny Lane32:5632:5612.4 
3934:15   Jane Nicholson  V55WPenny Lane32:5532:5516.6 
4034:48   Hayley Hourigan PBV40WWidnes Running Club34:4834:4818.1 
4135:31   Andrea Marsh PBV50WKnowsley35:3135:3118.1 
4235:45   Carolyn Knott V45WPenny Lane Striders    
4336:02   James Stansfield  SENMPenny Lane32:0132:0116.1Click your Clock logo
4437:25   Claire Aberdeen PBV50WWidnes Running Club37:2537:2522.6 
4538:56   Nicola Kozer PBV35WWidnes Running Club38:5638:5623.4 
4639:14   Alison Lysons V50WWidnes Running Club    
4739:46   Amy Tagoe V35W     
4840:48   Ronald Thornton  V75MLiverpool Running Bugs40:0939:1725.0Click your Clock logo
4941:17   Rachel Shaw PBV35WUKRunChat41:1741:1726.3 
5041:48   Laura Carter PBV35WWidnes Running Club41:4841:4824.2 
5142:29   Sue Hughes V40WWidnes Wasps    
5242:30   Agata Rutkowska  V35WWidnes Wasps41:1939:0322.9 
5359:24   Ryan Richards SENMKnowsley Harriers AC