Great Ireland Run External Results
Dublin, IRL
14 Apr 19
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PosGunChip   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
331:0731:07   Declan Reed SBV45MCity of Derry31:0730:56-3.1 
431:1231:12   Conan McCaughey SBSENMNorth Belfast/Central30:2830:28-3.6 
631:1731:17   Kyle Doherty  SENMCity of Derry31:0631:06-2.8 
831:3231:32   Paddy Hamilton  V35MSlieve Gullion/Ireland31:1330:34-3.0 
1532:0932:08   Steven Mcalary PBV35MCity of Derry32:0832:08-1.3 
1832:2732:26   John Black  SENMNorth Belfast31:3731:37-2.9 
2032:3532:35   Philip Goss SBSENMNorth Belfast32:3532:27-2.6 
2332:4632:46   Emmett McGinty SBSENMCity of Derry32:4632:08-0.8 
3533:1933:17   Gareth Lyons  V40MNorth Belfast32:4932:49-1.9 
3733:2633:24   Conor Curran  V40MNorth Belfast33:2233:09-1.1 
4333:4933:48   Eamon White  V45MNorth Belfast33:4832:12-0.6 
5234:1734:14   Paddy O'Donnell  SENMCity of Derry32:5032:50-0.5 
7835:2135:19   David Clarke  V55MNorth Belfast/Northern Ireland Masters34:5434:540.2 
9135:4935:48   Paul Kelly  V35MLifford/Ireland35:4835:403.5 
11036:3136:31   Peter Melarkey SBU23MCity of Derry/Queen's Uni Belfast36:3135:533.7 
30641:1241:07   Jacqueline McMonagle  V50WCity of Derry40:4740:097.5 
33041:3841:30   Gemma McGinty  SENWCity of Derry41:3041:297.5 
44743:5343:46   Claire Brennan  SENWCity of Derry42:2642:269.9 
47544:2444:19   Paula McGilloway PBV55WCity of Derry44:1944:1911.8 
59546:0544:14   Peter Greaney PBV40MClapham Chasers44:1444:149.5 
113053:1849:34   Kevin Clark SBV50MBungay Black Dog48:4441:5014.6