Willowbrook Halewood 5K Series External Results
7 Sep 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:02   Chris Pownell  SENMKnowsley15:4215:30-1.8 
216:04   Thomas Lamont SENMWarrington Running Club    
316:09   Stephen Campbell  SENMKnowsley15:5615:56-1.3Click your Clock logo
416:18   Steven Hayes  V40MDeestriders RC15:4615:46-1.0 
516:35   Rob Pearse  V45MWallasey15:5115:51-0.8Click your Clock logo
616:42   Ryan Jones  SENMKirkby Milers16:2216:220.0 
716:45   Hywel Care SBV35MWoodford Green Essex Ladies16:4514:3917.8 
816:48   David Wilson SBV35MSt. Helens Striders16:4816:441.0 
916:59   Jay Clarke  SENMPenny Lane16:4516:340.9 
1017:23   Paul Sankey  V50MLiverpool H16:3915:411.1 
1117:26   Ashley Crawford SENM     
1217:42   Andrew Fearns  V40MKnowsley17:2817:281.5 
1317:48   David Willshire  V35MPenny Lane17:4317:432.5 
1417:55   Marty Christian SBV50MKirkby Milers17:5515:202.9 
1517:58   John Myers V40MRun Sandymoor    
1617:59   John McLaren SBV35MKnowsley17:5917:442.9 
1718:07   Gary Wilton  V40MKirkby Milers17:4617:463.3 
1818:09   Matthew Haslam U17MHalton & Frodsham Harriers    
1918:21   Tom Marper SENMKirkby Milers    
2018:23   James Ellis  V35MKirkby Milers17:5917:532.9 
2118:27   Darren Sankey  V40MHelsby RC17:4017:404.1 
2218:31   Ian Hewitt PBV40MLiverpool Running Bugs18:3118:313.7Click your Clock logo
2318:48   John Preece SBV45MKirkby Milers/Warrington RC18:4817:514.4 
2418:53   Tony Landry SBV55MKirkby Milers18:5317:094.7 
2518:57   Julien Tour  V35MPenny Lane18:3918:154.2 
2618:59   Luke Harrison SBSENMPenny Lane18:5918:134.7 
2719:04   Paul Goodwin  V50MKirkby Milers18:1918:014.1 
2819:05   Phil Riding  V45MPenny Lane18:2417:423.4 
2919:11   Graham Halsall V40MLiverpool Running Bugs    
3019:24   Adam Fitzsimmons  SENMKirkby Milers18:3518:354.8 
3119:26   Alexander Bentley PBV40MLiverpool Running Bugs19:2619:266.7Click your Clock logo
3219:28   Paul Demore SBV50MHalton & Frodsham19:2818:126.4 
3319:31   Louise Jackson  SENWKnowsley19:2419:246.0 
3419:40   Robert Burke  V50MLiverpool RC19:1219:126.5 
3519:42   Alex Mitchell  SENMLiverpool Running Bugs19:0719:075.0Click your Clock logo
3619:44   Eric Ranson  V45MSt. Helens Striders19:1019:105.4 
3719:48   Christopher Lee  V50MLiverpool Running Bugs19:1119:116.0 
3819:50   Rebecca Burke U20WLiverpool Running Club    
3920:05   Mike Ellis V35M     
4020:12   Andrew Lawrenson PBSENMSt. Helens Striders20:1220:129.0 
4120:13   John Gilbert PBSENMKnowsley20:1320:137.8 
4220:17   Philip Lawrenson PBV50MSt. Helens Striders20:1720:178.6 
4320:19   John Halson  V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:5518:105.5 
4420:30   Thomas Back  U20MPenny Lane20:1720:178.6 
4520:33   Danielle Scott  SENWKnowsley19:2319:237.1Click your Clock logo
4620:41   Graham Liu  V50MSouthport Waterloo20:2220:227.8 
4720:43   Craig Hacking PBV40MPenny Lane20:4320:4310.1 
4820:43   Joanne Harrison PBSENWPenny Lane20:4320:439.4 
4920:44   Christopher Mcelroy SBV40MKnowsley20:4420:328.7 
5020:47   Robert Hough  V35MWarrington RC20:3620:368.8Click your Clock logo
5120:47   Michael Connor SBV55MPenny Lane20:4719:428.3 
5220:51   Jennifer Brady PBV40WLiverpool Running Bugs20:5120:519.4 
5320:54   Emma Callers SENWSt Helens Striders    
5421:02   Robert Wood  V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton20:2419:237.3 
5521:08   Andrea Bond PBV40WPenny Lane21:0821:0810.4 
5621:13   Luke McGovern PBSENMLiverpool Running Bugs21:1321:1310.5 
5721:16   Janet Owens  V45WKnowsley20:5520:559.8 
5821:24   Frank Cahill SBV60MSt. Helens Striders21:2421:029.7 
5921:29   Alan Spencer  V55MKnowsley20:2820:008.2 
6021:30   David Lloyd PBSENMKnowsley21:3021:3012.1 
6121:32   Carl Yu  V45MLiverpool RC20:4620:179.1 
6221:43   Alan Joyce  V65MKnowsley20:5919:257.9 
6321:46   Katherine Andrews  V35WWallasey20:3619:589.2 
6421:49   Ashley Stillwell SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
6521:59   Lisa Cheers SBV35WSt. Helens Striders21:5921:2312.6 
6622:09   Charlotte Smith PBV35WKirkby Milers22:0922:0912.1 
6722:14   David Navis  SENMLiverpool Running Bugs21:1720:229.6 
6822:19   Peter Foale V65M     
6922:30   Ruth Hewitt PBV40WLiverpool Running Bugs22:3022:3012.8 
7022:31   John Barr PBV65MSt. Helens Striders22:3122:3113.5 
7122:38   Steve Bennett  V55MPenny Lane22:0322:0311.2 
7222:42   Tony Peacock  V65MPenny Lane21:5519:3010.4Click your Clock logo
7322:43   Kylie Barlow  SENWSt. Helens Striders21:2121:199.7 
7422:52   Chris Owen PBSENMLiverpool Running Bugs22:5222:5213.6 
7522:56   Amanda Lee PBV45WKirkby Milers22:5622:5612.7 
7622:59   Mike Evans  V65MKnowsley/Unattached22:5622:5613.0 
7722:59   Annmarie Williams  V45WPenny Lane22:3722:2612.5 
7823:00   Wendy Davies SBV40WSt. Helens Striders23:0022:2512.5 
7923:00   William Merritt V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
8023:05   David Cahill V35M     
8123:07   Ben McGovern SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
8223:09   Kevin Carberry PBV45MKirkby Milers23:0923:0914.2 
8323:10   Jade Teeder PBSENWLiverpool Running Bugs23:1023:1015.1 
8423:13   Kris Barnes SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
8523:17   Michelle Murphy  V50WLiverpool H22:4518:5612.6 
8623:41   Julie Houghton SBV45WPenny Lane23:4123:2214.6 
8724:06   Mark Fillingham SBV50MSt. Helens Striders24:0623:5215.5 
8824:07   David Barrow  V60MKirkby Milers24:0624:0615.2 
8924:09   Brenda Cahill V60WSt Helens Striders    
9024:10   Nicola Ormsby  SENWSandymoor24:0724:0718.9 
9124:25   Samantha Bentall  V50WPenny Lane23:1423:1414.1 
9224:42   John Dobie V70MKnowsley Harriers AC    
9324:48   Tony Hart V45M     
9424:52   Katie Dawson  V40WPenny Lane24:4823:3016.7 
9524:54   Kasia Boydell  V35WLiverpool Running Bugs23:3223:3213.9 
9624:56   Dave Downey V50M     
9724:58   Emma Fraser PBV40WSandymoor24:5824:5818.3 
9825:00   Ray Chung SBV55MLiverpool RC25:0024:3117.6 
9925:04   Estelle Patrick V50WHarlech Tri Club    
10025:23   Joe Langley SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
10125:41   Claudia McLean SBV45WLiverpool Running Bugs25:4125:3819.5 
10225:42   Sharon Swift PBV50WSt. Helens Striders25:4225:4217.3 
10325:47   Andrea Marsh  V50WKnowsley25:4325:0917.7 
10425:48   James Roberts  SENMPenny Lane21:4421:4412.0 
10525:52   Laura Schumann SENWLiverpool Running Bugs    
10625:54   Ian Burt PBV50MSt. Helens Striders25:5425:5419.8 
10726:08   Paul Roberts V35MKnowsley Harriers AC    
10826:10   Judie Ko  V50WPenny Lane26:0125:0318.3Click your Clock logo
10926:15   Dawn Muwamara U20W     
11026:18   Suzanne Hall  SENWLiverpool Running Bugs25:3625:3619.4 
11126:20   Elaine Coulter  V50WLiverpool Running Bugs25:4925:4918.9 
11226:23   Rosie Oimagan V60WLiverpool Running Bugs    
11326:26   James Stansfield  SENMPenny Lane24:4121:5016.3 
11426:29   Paul Wilson  V55MWidnes Running Club24:5224:2714.5 
11526:56   Hayley Smallman PBV40WKirkby Milers26:5626:5621.5 
11626:57   Stephen Bennett V45M     
11727:02   Diane Veasey V35WKirkby Milers    
11827:13   Wendy Osborne PBV40WPenny Lane27:1327:1321.4Click your Clock logo
11927:13   Gemma Aden V35WSt Helens Striders    
12027:14   Jo Herriott PBV40WSt. Helens Striders27:1427:1420.9 
12127:22   Onnor Hampson  V50WLiverpool Running Bugs24:2723:4216.5 
12227:23   Clare Ormsby SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
12327:29   Robyn Gilbert PBSENWKnowsley27:2927:2921.4 
12427:31   Susan Burke  V55WLiverpool RC25:4223:4318.5 
12527:35   Tommy Gates SBV55MPenny Lane27:3523:2221.7 
12627:48   James Fletcher SBSENMKnowsley27:4825:3724.2 
12727:54   Christine Humphrey PBV55WSt. Helens Striders27:5427:5421.6 
12827:59   Tracy Meharg PBV45WKnowsley27:5927:5922.8 
12928:01   Shirley Chung SBV50WLiverpool RC28:0126:4021.4 
13028:08   Alison Sohl V35W     
13128:09   Phil Thorp  V60MLiverpool Running Bugs28:0428:0420.2 
13228:12   Zoe Fillingham SBV50WSt. Helens Striders28:1228:1122.8 
13328:22   Jackie Ellis  V55WSt. Helens Striders28:1128:1121.9 
13428:50   Alan D'Henin PBV65MKnowsley28:5028:5025.5 
13528:55   Eunice Nopondo  V55WPenny Lane28:2326:0322.7 
13628:56   Michael Devereux  V65MPenny Lane25:3921:2118.1 
13729:07   Michelle Kelly  V60WPenny Lane28:3224:0521.5 
13829:27   Jim Garvey SBV70MPenny Lane29:2728:5925.7 
13929:51   Richard Stafford PBV40MPenny Lane29:5129:5112.4 
14029:52   Jon Windle  V45MPenny Lane27:2524:3620.7 
14130:08   Shelley Townley V35WSt Helens Striders    
14230:15   Ann Wong SENW     
14330:21   A. Carberry V50WKirkby Milers    
14430:21   Carrie O'Brien  SENWKirkby Milers29:3129:3126.3 
14530:49   Allan Gibbs-Monaghan PBV40MLiverpool Running Bugs30:4930:4926.8 
14631:08   Debbie Burlow V35WLiverpool Running Bugs    
14731:27   Jemma Dale SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
14831:29   Jeannette Ryan V50WLiverpool Running Bugs    
14931:32   Val Coldock PBV65WLiverpool Running Bugs31:3231:3227.9 
15031:49   Ronald Thornton  V75MLiverpool Running Bugs30:0230:0225.2 
15131:53   Russ Owens SBV55MKnowsley31:5330:2326.5 
15231:53   Sue Towner V60WPenny Lane Striders    
15332:17   Paula Wilson V40W     
15432:32   Chris Murphy V45WActive Women    
15532:33   Chris Murphy V50M     
15635:08   Stephanie Charman  V65WKnowsley33:5523:5528.0 
15735:09   Grace Wong V55W     
15836:55   Graham Ashton V50MLiverpool Running Bugs    
15936:56   Jen Ashton V45WLiverpool Running Bugs    
16037:13   Kerrie McQuaries V40W     
16138:02   Shirley O'Brien  V55WKirkby Milers35:4935:4930.7