Willowbrook Halewood 5K Series External Results
1 Jun 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:59   Jon-Jo Doherty PBSENMSt. Helens Sutton15:4715:47-2.3 
216:45   Jay Walker PBV35MWallasey16:2016:20-0.8Click your Clock logo
317:44   Ashley Crawford SENM     
417:53   Graham Douglas  SENMPenny Lane17:0017:002.4 
518:03   Marty Christian  V45MKirkby Milers17:3315:202.8 
618:12   Stephen Watkin  V35MPenny Lane17:3716:291.1 
718:20   Paul Riley  V45MPenny Lane17:5517:552.9 
818:31   Chris Shaw  V40MBuckley RC17:2617:262.4Click your Clock logo
918:45   Phil Riding  V40MPenny Lane17:5817:423.5 
1018:55   John Harrison  V35MEllesmere Port18:3918:394.7Click your Clock logo
1119:15   Rachael Fairclough SBSENWSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton19:1518:546.0 
1219:39   Nigel Grant  V55MPenny Lane19:0316:425.3 
1319:56   Graham Cairns SBV60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:5618:457.3 
1420:04   Dave Barr  V45MLiverpool H19:4517:245.0 
1520:06   Mark Dodd SBV40MEllesmere Port18:3216:496.0 
1620:11   Jonathan Laber-Craig  V35MPenny Lane19:4119:416.1 
1720:15   Andrew Glen V55MLiverpool Running Bugs    
1820:26   Graham Liu PBV50MSouthport Waterloo20:2220:227.9 
1920:27   Shaun Cunliffe PBV45MWigan & District20:2720:278.5 
2020:28   Alan Spencer SBV55MKnowsley20:2820:008.0 
2120:41   Robert Wood  V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton19:2819:237.4 
2220:42   David Lawton  V35MLiverpool RC17:5917:344.1 
2321:22   Graham Deane PBV35MKnowsley20:3420:347.8 
2421:57   Alex Bradley SENM     
2522:04   Peter Foale V65M     
2622:22   Tony Peacock  V65MPenny Lane21:3719:3010.5Click your Clock logo
2722:23   Martin Hirrell  V50MPenny Lane21:0319:159.7 
2822:24   Matthew Whitfield  V60MEllesmere Port21:5918:1710.8 
2922:41   Steven Bullock V60M     
3022:42   Neil Bullock SENM     
3122:50   Robbie Trecarichi SBV40MLiverpool Running Bugs22:2520:5212.4 
3223:05   Annmarie Williams  V45WPenny Lane22:3722:2612.6 
3323:07   William Merritt V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
3423:13   Joseph Allen PBU15MKirkby Milers23:1323:1314.0 
3523:26   Stuart Brandwood  V40MPenny Lane22:4422:4413.0 
3623:45   Mike Evans  V65MKnowsley/Unattached22:5622:5612.8 
3724:41   James Stansfield SBSENMPenny Lane24:4121:5016.1Click your Clock logo
3824:45   Terry Noon SBV35MKirkby Milers24:4521:0513.1 
3924:46   Agnieszka Bycina  V35WBuckley RC23:2223:2214.2 
4024:51   Katie Dawson SBV40WPenny Lane24:4823:3016.8 
4124:57   Steven Scrivens V55M     
4225:54   David Bennett SENM     
4326:05   Carolyn Knott V45WPenny Lane Striders    
4426:14   Billy Hargreaves  V70MSouthport Waterloo20:4719:0916.2 
4526:23   Chris Anderson SBV45MPenny Lane23:5523:1119.8 
4626:42   Sarah Simons  SENWPenny Lane25:1125:1117.8 
4726:48   Callum Kerswell U13M     
4826:50   Michael Woods SENM     
4926:57   Paul Wilson  V55MWidnes Running Club24:1724:1714.7 
5027:02   Atim Laber-Craig  SENWPenny Lane25:5525:5518.2 
5127:04   Mick Charman  V65MKnowsley25:5420:3919.2 
5227:36   Henry Kilty U13MKnowsley Harriers AC    
5327:37   Nick Kilty  V35MKnowsley25:3623:3715.0 
5428:12   Jon Windle  V45MPenny Lane27:2524:3620.2 
5529:17   Helen Stretch SBV65WAberystwyth28:3326:2622.4 
5629:22   Michelle Kelly  V60WPenny Lane18:2818:2821.4 
5729:22   John Kelly V55MLiverpool Running Bugs    
5829:33   Kerry Jones V35W     
5929:56   Alison Lysons SBV55WWidnes Running Club27:0926:5820.9 
6029:56   Sarah Matthews  V35WWidnes Running Club23:2123:2114.4 
6131:11   Onnor Hampson  V45WLiverpool Running Bugs24:2723:4215.9 
6231:12   Nicola Maddock V40WLiverpool Running Bugs    
6331:12   Ronald Thornton  V75MLiverpool Running Bugs30:0230:0225.4Click your Clock logo
6431:14   Claudia McLean  V45WLiverpool Running Bugs25:4125:3819.6 
6531:35   Sue Towner V60WPenny Lane Striders    
6631:53   Paula Wilson V40W     
6732:33   Denise Scott V40WKnowsley Harriers AC    
6833:39   Pauline Fielding  V60WPenny Lane33:2430:5729.1 
6933:58   Stephanie Charman  V65WKnowsley33:5523:5528.1 
7034:17   Chayanisa Eedle V40W     
7134:37   Wipawadee Jones V35W     
7241:11   Tracy Woods  V35WSandymoor25:1425:1416.6 
7341:12   Evan Woods U13M     
7451:15   Stacey Woods SENW