Willowbrook Halewood 5K Series External Results
4 May 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
116:45   Paul Bagan  V40MWarrington AC16:2616:260.5 
217:26   Lawrence Eccles  V35MPenny Lane17:1717:001.4 
317:33   Ashley Crawford SENM     
418:10   Andrew Fearns SBV40MKnowsley18:1017:391.9 
518:40   Colin Kennedy  V50MWarrington RR18:0418:043.7 
618:54   Chris Taylor PBV40MSt. Helens Sutton18:5418:545.6 
719:05   Marty Christian SBV45MKirkby Milers19:0515:203.9 
819:23   John Harrison  V35MEllesmere Port18:3918:395.6 
919:39   Alan Metcalf SBV55MPreston/Fire Service19:3919:216.6 
1019:56   Phil Riding  V40MPenny Lane18:4817:423.9 
1119:58   Kenneth Day  V35MKirkby Milers18:3317:474.2Click your Clock logo
1220:08   Gerald Musoke SBV35MLiverpool H20:0817:4913.0 
1320:11   Ian Costello SBV45MSt. Helens Sutton20:1116:486.9 
1420:28   Brian Middleton SBV65MSt. Helens Striders20:2819:43 7.0 
1520:33   Andrew Glen V55MLiverpool Running Bugs    
1620:57   Alan Spencer  V55MKnowsley20:3520:008.7 
1721:18   Andrew Conway  V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton20:3519:598.9 
1821:34   Paul Fitzgerald V40MKnowsley Harriers AC    
1921:47   Gary O'Connor SBV50MHelsby RC21:4718:2116.0 
2022:16   Helen Owens V40WHelsby Running Club    
2122:25   Marty Hirrel V50MPenny Lane Striders    
2222:37   Annmarie Williams SBV45WPenny Lane22:3722:2612.3 
2322:39   Jon-Jo Doherty  SENMSt. Helens Sutton16:0016:00-2.1 
2423:05   William Merritt V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
2523:12   Joanne Harrison  SENWPenny Lane21:1920:5610.5 
2623:22   Samantha Mason SENW     
2723:37   Katie Johnson SBV35WPenny Lane23:3719:5716.2 
2823:44   Peter Jones SENMMossley Hill AC    
2923:52   Peter Morgan SBV60MPenny Lane23:5221:5815.1 
3023:56   Chris Probert PBV55MPenny Lane23:5623:5615.2 
3124:12   Joshua McGovern  SENMLiverpool Running Bugs22:3222:3213.8 
3224:32   Tracy Woods V35W     
3324:45   Joanne Jackson PBV45WSt. Helens Striders/Shrewsbury24:4524:4518.6 
3424:46   Clinton Halsall V45M     
3525:11   Tony Hart V45MFlyde Coast Runners    
3625:35   Steven Scrivens V55M     
3725:54   Billy Hargreaves  V70MSouthport Waterloo25:4319:0916.5 
3826:01   Suzy Hamley SBV40WKnowsley26:0122:4519.4 
3926:16   Fidelma Hawes SBV45WMossley Hill26:1624:5520.5 
4026:32   Andrea Marsh  V50WKnowsley25:4325:0917.3 
4126:34   Nicola Ormsby PBSENWSandymoor26:3426:3420.3 
4226:53   Neil Spencer V50M     
4327:56   Michael Gillespie V35M     
4428:23   Eunice Nopondo SBV50WPenny Lane28:2326:0322.2 
4529:41   Jaden Tagoe U13M     
4629:42   Amy Tagoe V35W     
4730:00   James Gilgannon PBV40MWarrington RC30:0030:0023.0 
4830:05   Michelle Kelly  V60WPenny Lane29:0024:0521.6 
4930:05   John Kelly V55MLiverpool Running Bugs    
5030:06   Jon Windle  V45MPenny Lane27:2524:3618.9 
5130:57   Mike Brunt V45MSt Helens Striders    
5231:04   Sue Towner V60WPenny Lane Striders    
5331:09   Jennifer Teare V50WKnowsley Harriers AC    
5431:10   Paula Jones V45WKnowsley Harriers AC    
5531:50   Mark Quinn  V45MMossley Hill26:3224:3720.0 
5631:51   Lisa Pritchard  V40WMossley Hill30:0227:5824.8 
5731:52   Ronald Thornton  V75MLiverpool Running Bugs30:0230:0226.8Click your Clock logo
5832:31   Rhona Smith V50WKnowsley Harriers AC    
5933:24   Pauline Fielding SBV60WPenny Lane33:2430:5729.9 
6033:55   Stephanie Charman SBV65WKnowsley33:5523:5528.2 
6135:38   Kerry Holmes V45WKnowsley Harriers AC    
6236:33   Wipawadee Jones V35W     
6336:34   Joanne McMullin V45W     
6436:37   Jane Callan V45WKnowsley Harriers AC