Ealing Mile External Results
5 Apr 19
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:10   Andrew Guy PBV45MEaling Eagles5:105:103.6 
25:12   Alan Phillips PBV40MUnattached5:125:122.1 
35:15   George Roberts PBU23MEaling Eagles/Cambridge Uni5:155:152.2 
45:19   Peter Mannion PBV55MWindle Valley Runners5:195:192.9 
55:20   Titus Thomson PBV35MEaling Eagles5:205:202.7 
65:28   Gary James  V40MUnattached5:275:220.9 
75:31   Jack Bredbury PBSENMEaling Eagles5:315:315.2 
85:33   Mark Klein PBV40MFulham5:335:337.7 
95:36   Norman Urquia PBV50MWimbledon Windmilers5:365:364.9 
105:37   Timothy Ward PBSENMEaling Eagles5:375:375.6 
115:40   Jonathan Owens V40M     
125:43   Melissah Gibson SBV35WEaling Eagles/Australia5:435:393.8 
135:44   Callan Rowland SENM     
145:45   Mark Kencroft  V50MEaling Southall & Middx5:175:152.9 
155:45   David Sutherland V40MHighgate Harriers    
165:50   Peter Martin SBV40MClapham Chasers5:505:466.8 
175:52   Stephen McDuell SBV50MSt. Mary's Richmond/Sheen5:525:119.3 
185:57   Tom Livesey PBSENMEaling Eagles5:575:577.5 
195:59   Jonathan Martin SBV45MEaling Eagles5:595:528.3 
206:01   Shona Cowper PBSENWEaling Southall & Middx/Ealing Tri6:016:018.5 
216:02   Andrew Duff-Miller PBV50MUnattached6:026:029.8 
226:03   Louise Oldfield Jensen V40WThames Valley Harriers    
236:04   John Barron  V60MKent5:575:578.3 
246:18   Yvette Burton PBV35WEaling Eagles6:186:1811.9 
256:19   Natasha Bennett SBU13WEaling Eagles6:196:0612.1 
266:32   Antonia Klein PBV40WSheen6:326:329.6 
276:34   Claire Morris SBV40WEaling Eagles6:346:0710.3 
286:42   Paul Forrest PBV50MEast Essex TC6:426:4211.4 
296:45   Billy Lawrence U20M     
306:46   Piers Jenkins PBV50MEaling Eagles6:466:4614.5 
316:55   Lisa Watson PBV45WEaling Eagles6:556:5513.7 
326:57   Chris Peacock V65M     
337:02   Vicky Chan PBV35WEaling Eagles7:027:0217.7 
347:12   Eric Glover SBV60MKent7:126:3114.0 
357:19   Carol Jones SBV60WEaling Southall & Middx/Veterans7:196:4414.8 
367:31   Wayne Gibson V55MEaling Eagles Running Club    
377:46   Dan Maskell  V70MSurrey WC/Veterans7:406:5717.1 
388:00   Paul Roberts  V55MEaling Eagles7:036:0313.3 
398:05   Richard Mair V50MEaling Eagles Running Club    
408:07   Jolanta Lewicka V40WEaling Eagles Running Club    
418:25   Olivia Klein U11WSheen Shufflers    
428:42   Oli Lenox-Smith U11M     
438:45   Helen Lenox-Smith PBV50WEaling Eagles8:458:4528.8 
448:48   Caroline Rush SBV50WEaling Eagles8:488:2126.0 
458:55   Alan Davidson  V70MLiss/Haslemere Border/Ranelagh8:396:5821.4 
469:22   Jenny Gibson V55W     
479:23   Stuart Pugh V45MEaling Eagles Running Club    
4810:28   Shamini Sliney SENW     
4915:12   Lisa Dumais  V50WEaling Eagles10:0610:0631.6 
5015:15   Carie Schurr  V55WEaling Eagles10:4010:4033.8