Ranelagh H v South London Harriers Mob Match External Results
Richmond Park
8 Dec 18
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
141:51Ben Anderson SENMRanelagh/New Zealand-2.5 
244:13Gary Laybourne V35MSouth London-4.2 
344:49Pat Wright SENMRanelagh-2.1 
444:56Mark Leyshon V35MRanelagh-0.1 
546:03Graham Brook V35MRanelagh0.5 
646:52Peter Haarer V50MRanelagh0.7 
747:58Gareth Parr V35MSouth London1.4 
848:04AN Other      
948:31James Graham V35MRanelagh5.5 
1048:44Ollie Garrod SENMSouth London-3.2 
1149:05Jonathan Moore V45MRanelagh1.8 
1249:13Philip Pearson V50MSouth London4.3 
1349:41Alyn Morgan V40MRanelagh5.1 
1450:34Edward Forbes V40MRanelagh0.9 
1551:33Alexander Fordham SENMRanelagh7.2 
1651:50John Shaw V55MRanelagh3.8 
1751:59Holly McGuigan V35WRanelagh9.6 
1852:23David Wright V60MCirencester/Ranelagh/Midland Masters6.8 
1952:34Natalie Haarer U23WOxford Uni5.7 
2052:49David Baker V50MSouth London5.6 
2153:33Jamie Freeland V45MSouth London9.3 
2253:35Fanny Vein V35WRanelagh7.8 
2353:41John RoseV45MRAN  
2454:04Paul Mitchell V50MSouth London7.7 
2554:30Adrienne Baddeley V35WRanelagh10.3 
2654:35Richard WilloughbyV50MRAN  
2755:18Ruth Hutton V50WSouth London6.6 
2855:21Mark Cawood V50MSouth London/Veterans6.7 
2955:21Tommy Elliott U23MSouth London13.0 
3055:23James Ritchie V45MRanelagh3.8 
3156:07Jessica Busen-SmithSENWRAN  
3256:23Stewart Anderson V50MRanelagh5.1 
3356:28Eliott Wells U23MRanelagh7.8 
3457:26Niall O'Connor V40MRanelagh10.1 
3557:40Peter Emery V60MSouth London10.0 
3657:46Stephen Aikin V50MRanelagh10.8 
3757:56Marie Synnott-Wells V50WRanelagh10.8 
3858:03Chris Dunhill V40MSouth London9.8 
3958:05Simon Hedger V55MRanelagh13.5 
4058:15Alistair Morton V50MSouth London18.8 
4159:01Matthew Saunders V60MSouth London12.1 
4259:26Dave Powell V60MRanelagh20.0 
4359:42Philip Roberts V50MRanelagh11.1 
4460:03Bruce Mclaren V50MRanelagh7.3 
4560:22Alice Littler SENWRanelagh9.7 
4661:22Vaughan Ramsay V45MRanelagh/Hillingdon/Veterans/New Zealand7.2 
4761:23Rachel Revett V40WRanelagh12.9 
4861:26Robert Wise V60MRanelagh17.3 
4961:30Danny Hutton V55MSouth London11.4 
5061:33Chris Owens V65MRanelagh8.4 
5162:09Marianne Malam V45WRanelagh12.2 
5262:15John Ricketts V55MRanelagh16.9 
5362:48Kevin Knowles V40MRanelagh12.5 
5462:52Jeremy Day V45MRanelagh11.2 
5562:55Amrut Sharma V40MRanelagh16.6 
5663:02Mellissa Oliver SENWSouth London13.5 
5763:22Mike Peace V65MRanelagh12.4 
5863:26Linda Ingram V50WSouth London15.2 
5963:57Andy Bickerstaff V55MRanelagh/Cirencester16.9 
6063:59Angela Wilson V35WSouth London12.3 
6164:53Michael Osborne V55MRanelagh15.4 
6265:10Robert Butlin V50MSouth London16.6 
6365:41Ian Grange V55MRanelagh16.4 
6465:49Paul Wapshott V50MRanelagh13.4 
6565:50Anna Reichwald V55WRanelagh14.6 
6666:05Michael Ashiotis V35MSouth London11.0 
6766:48Gina Coulson V60WSouth London15.5 
6868:21Tim Cooke V55MSouth London/Garden City Runners17.0 
6968:51Carol Aikin V50WRanelagh15.4 
7070:01Aoife Kilpatrick V35WRanelagh14.4 
7170:07Chris Read V50MRanelagh14.4 
7270:51Patricia Howard SENWSouth London19.7 
7372:22Hadi KhatamizadehV40MRAN  
7472:59Claire Warner SENWRanelagh14.8 
7574:10Colette Doran V45WRanelagh20.3 
7674:20Karen Harbert V55WRanelagh24.7 
7774:22Sally Bamford V55WRanelagh16.7 
7874:29Clare Day V50WRanelagh16.6 
7976:52Paula Maguire V50WRanelagh18.1 
8077:11Chris Camacho V45MRanelagh19.1 
8177:29Tom Reay V70MRanelagh23.7 
8277:39Andrew Hayward V60MRanelagh26.7 
8381:20Janet Turnes V60WRanelagh24.5 
8492:35Deborah Blakemore V50WRanelagh29.0