South London Harriers V Blackheath & Bromley Mob Match External Results
16 Feb 19
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
145:54Gary Laybourne V35MSouth London-4.2 
247:50AN Other      
350:18Luca Ercolani V45MBlackheath & Bromley1.3 
450:43Jono Wood SENMSouth London2.3 
551:39Simon Richardson V40MSouth London3.3 
651:56Tom Desborough U23MBlackheath & Bromley/Brighton Uni-1.4 
752:55David Ogden V55MSouth London2.5 
853:03Mary James V40WSouth London3.4 
953:23Paul J Sharpe V35MBlackheath & Bromley4.3 
1053:28David Baker V50MSouth London5.6 
1154:41Stuart Searle V45MSouth London13.5 
1254:58Lyndon Meredith V40MSouth London3.3 
1355:09Steve Hough V45MBlackheath & Bromley8.0 
1455:37Gordon Hennessy V55MSouth London4.4 
1555:58Nick Kinsey V55MBlackheath & Bromley32.4 
1656:01Jamie Freeland V45MSouth London9.3 
1756:36Steve Evenden V40MBlackheath & Bromley6.3 
1857:10Dom HillV40MSLH  
1958:21Peter BrownV60MSLH  
2058:26Liam Hatcher SENMSouth London4.1 
2158:32Ian BrownV40MSLH  
2258:33Steve Pairman V55MBlackheath & Bromley6.5 
2358:58Ruth Hutton V50WSouth London6.6 
2459:30Tommy ElliotSENMSLH  
2559:39Nicolas Mills V40MSouth London8.0 
2660:25Bill Arnold V55MSouth London5.9 
2761:22Paul Mitchell V55MSouth London7.7 
2861:22Barry Attwell V60MSouth London8.8 
2961:47Andrew Lawes V60MBlackheath & Bromley10.7 
3063:04AN Other      
3163:16Natalie Harmer V40WSouth London9.4 
3264:00Matthew Saunders V60MSouth London12.1 
3364:19Andy Tucker V50MBlackheath & Bromley12.2 
3464:59David Beadle V50MBlackheath & Bromley6.9 
3565:18James Unwin V55MBlackheath & Bromley10.3 
3667:12Jason Short V45MBlackheath & Bromley14.3 
3767:45Peter Emery V60MSouth London10.0 
3867:46Ben Hieatt-Smith V35MSouth London12.0 
3968:13Toby Kent V50MSouth London9.5 
4068:20Andy DaviesV40MSLH  
4169:04Linda Ingram V50WSouth London15.2 
4272:04Michael Chappell V50MSouth London17.1 
4372:32Jim Phelan V70MBlackheath & Bromley21.7 
4476:03Patricia Howard SENWSouth London19.7