Liverpool & District League Championships External Results
Clarkes Garden
10 Feb 19
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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
131:15Thomas Griffiths SENMSt. Helens Sutton-0.4 
231:47Chris Maher SENMLiverpool Pembroke Sefton-1.6 
331:53Alistair Rutherford SENMLiverpool H/Birmingham City Uni/Mossley Hill-2.8 
432:11Richard Burney V40MLiverpool H-4.0 
532:27Matthew Crehan SENMSt. Helens Sutton-4.6 
632:29Ross Harrison U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton-1.9 
732:33Martin Swensson V40MPenny Lane-1.8 
832:36James Wootton U23MLiverpool H-0.8 
932:57Luke Edwards SENMEdge Hill Uni/Liverpool Pembroke Sefton-2.8 
1033:09Mark Wynne V40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton-0.9 
1133:32Adam Jones U20MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton0.4 
1233:39Robert Owens V35MKnowsley-0.2 
1333:43Stephen Campbell SENMKnowsley-1.0 
1433:52David Brockway SENMWirral/University of Cumbria-0.1 
1533:52Rob Pearse V45MWallasey-0.9 
1634:11Chris Pownell SENMKnowsley-2.6 
1734:22David Twigg SENMSt. Helens Sutton0.8 
1834:30Tony O'Brien V45MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton-1.7 
1934:31Matthew Skaife U20MMossley Hill1.7 
2034:32Jay Walker V35MWallasey-0.5 
2134:42Ian Roberts V35MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton0.8 
2234:51Kevin Usher V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton0.8 
2334:57Paul Sankey V45MLiverpool H1.2 
2435:01Michael Fitzsimmons V35MLiverpool H8.6 
2535:07Rob Dewhurst V40MLiverpool H1.8 
2635:11Colin Potts V45MLiverpool H5.4 
2735:12Steven Anders V35MSt. Helens Sutton1.1 
2835:13Tiffany Penfold U20WCopeland/Edge Hill Uni4.5 
2935:14Lawrence Eccles V35MPenny Lane1.0 
3035:17Matthew Goodwin V35MUTS Running1.0 
3135:18Alex Waddelove SENMSouthport Waterloo/Central Lancashire Uni4.5 
3235:26Stephen Spence V45MWirral2.5 
3335:51Jack Poland SENMWallasey0.5 
3435:57Dave WilshireSENMPenny Lane S  
3536:18Will HindeSENMMossley Hill AC  
3636:23Dave PastorSENMUTS  
3736:24Simon Wilde V45MChester TC3.4 
3836:25James Paybody V35MSouthport Waterloo12.1 
3936:27Andrew Wilson V45MSt. Helens Sutton3.9 
4036:30Paul BradfordV40MUTS  
4136:36Alex Cowin V35MPenny Lane1.9 
4236:53Paul Milburn SENMLiverpool Pembroke Sefton3.6 
4337:03Simon Dunk SENMWirral3.2 
4437:05Greg CallaganV55MLiv Pem Sefton  
4537:11Sammy Rashid V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Sheffield Uni6.4 
4637:17Phil Riding V40MPenny Lane4.1 
4737:22Mike Taylor V45MSouthport Waterloo4.3 
4837:26Mark Hulmston V40MWirral4.1 
4937:37Mark Carruthers V40MWallasey4.5 
5037:42Glen Groves V50MLiverpool H4.5 
5137:46Alex Norton U20MWallasey3.3 
5237:48Kevin Walker V40MSkelmersdale4.0 
5337:54Phil Dabner V50MWallasey6.2 
5437:59John Connolly V45MLiverpool H9.4 
5538:09Graham Douglas SENMPenny Lane1.5 
5638:23Richard Bargh SENMWirral5.9 
5738:41John Sprackland V55MSouthport Waterloo4.2 
5838:44Danny Gilbody SENMLiverpool Pembroke Sefton8.4 
5938:52Lee Warburton V45MPenny Lane4.6 
6038:56John McLaren V35MKnowsley2.7 
6139:01Emily Gray U20WLiverpool H6.2 
6239:06Kevin CornwallSENMLiverpool H  
6339:11Debra Campbell V35WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton6.5 
6439:12Tony WoodallV45MWest Cheshire AC  
6539:19Lee Anderton V45MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton8.3 
6639:21Dale Higham V35MLiverpool H/Northern Masters15.4 
6739:22Michael Waring V50MChester TC5.9 
6839:31Tadie AbekiSENMKnowsley H  
6939:35Chris Pedder V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters7.6 
7039:47Peter LedsonU20MLiverpool H  
7139:48Tony Devoy V60MWirral9.0 
7239:49Paul Gray V50MPenny Lane4.2 
7339:54Paulo Teixeira FelixV40MSkem/Boundary  
7439:57Graham Cairns V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton9.6 
7539:59Liz MahonSENWUTS  
7640:01Dominic Cooper V35MMossley Hill6.5 
7740:02Greg Williams SENMSt. Helens Sutton9.1 
7840:06Richard Burrows SENMUTS Running6.9 
7940:11Nick Wilson V45MWirral6.6 
8040:12John Halson V55MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton6.9 
8140:31Jo Irvin V40WUTS Running/Wallasey8.2 
8240:36John HoggSENMWallasey AC  
8340:42Simone CapponniV40MPenny Lane S  
8440:49Paul Cheetham V45MSkelmersdale8.8 
8540:51Kevin Hall V50MWallasey8.1 
8640:59Ian Hamling V40MHelsby RC5.0 
8741:02Susan Fourie V45WChester TC8.9 
8841:03John Bassett V50MWallasey9.6 
8941:05Nigel Grant V55MPenny Lane5.1 
9041:15Anthony Brennan V35MChester TC9.0 
9141:24Stephen Lennon V40MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton7.8 
9241:26Robert Burke V50MLiverpool RC7.3 
9341:27Becky BurkeSENWLiverpool RC  
9441:28Nadine Weeks V35WUTS Running8.0 
9541:29Hannah Hughes SENWLiverpool H11.4 
9641:37John Thompson V50MSkelmersdale25.8 
9741:38Carl Mcmahon V45MSouthport Waterloo10.2 
9841:44Steve Norton V55MWallasey8.0 
9941:49Neil Beckett V40MUTS Running9.4 
10041:51Tom RimmerSENMPenny Lane S  
10141:53Peter Fraser V35MWirral8.3 
10241:56Steve Ellis V40MUTS Running10.2 
10341:58Becky BlacklockSENWWallasey AC  
10442:07Phil Bird V55MWallasey10.5 
10542:12Vicky Gilbody SENWLiverpool Pembroke Sefton10.0 
10642:31Helen Stansfield V35WWallasey9.2 
10742:32Mike ConnorV55MPenny Lane S  
10842:36Matt Blake SENMSt. Helens Sutton3.8 
10942:43Janet Owens V40WKnowsley10.0 
11042:55Robert Wood V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton8.3 
11143:01Sean SimonsV45MChester Tri  
11243:04Colin Berry V50MEllesmere Port7.4 
11343:07Elaine Opara V35WWallasey10.1 
11443:08Paul Wilson V45MLiverpool RC6.9 
11543:16Martin Smyth V40MSouthport Waterloo7.3 
11643:25Paul BrownSENMLiverpool RC  
11743:58Iain Wood V60MChester TC9.1 
11844:02Andrew GlenV50MLiv Running Bugs  
11944:04Louise Jackson SENWKnowsley6.1 
12044:06Eamonn Cullen SENMMossley Hill17.0 
12144:14Matt Helme V55MLiverpool RC9.5 
12244:22Helen Davies V35WMossley Hill13.1 
12344:30Jim EnnisV50MMossley Hill AC  
12444:35Alan McDermott V50MPenny Lane8.8 
12544:36Sharon Samson V35WPenny Lane10.1 
12644:39Paul Holmes V40MUTS Running8.0 
12744:45Mark Glaister V55MSkelmersdale11.2 
12844:57Roger Graham V45MUTS Running10.2 
12944:59Ash SitwellSENMLiv Running Bugs  
13045:05Amy Corfield SENWSt. Helens Sutton8.2 
13145:16Steve Riley V50MHelsby RC13.9 
13245:28Graham Liu V50MSouthport Waterloo9.7 
13345:33George Pierce V50MLiverpool RC13.7 
13445:33Andrew Conway V50MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton9.8 
13545:38Carlotte SandersonSENWPenny Lane S  
13645:39Nigel FooV55MPenny Lane S  
13745:51Katherine Andrews V35WWallasey9.5 
13845:55Kate RyanV45WWallasey AC  
13946:14Michael Stone V60MUTS Running14.6 
14046:22Magan AinsworthSENMMossley Hill AC  
14146:27Kieron CarrV45MLiv Running Bugs  
14246:34Harley CulcluthSENMMossley Hill AC  
14346:50Jade Smith T13/F13 SENWSt. Helens Sutton4.9 
14447:04Christina M Roach V60WHelsby RC13.8 
14547:06Tommy Burke V70MPenny Lane18.1 
14647:19Dave McAlister V55MWallasey14.9 
14747:23Joe McGlynn V60MPenny Lane12.0 
14847:31Dawn Fairclough V35WLiverpool RC11.6 
14947:36Derek McArdle V55MWallasey15.9 
15047:43Paul WittV50MWallasey AC  
15148:01Josh McGovenSENMLiv Running Bugs  
15248:11Mark Scott V50MLiverpool RC16.6 
15348:18Rebecca HiltonSENWMossley Hill AC  
15448:24Becky BancroftSENWLiv Running Bugs  
15548:34Steven Armstrong V45MWallasey19.5 
15848:35Mary Rees V65WWallasey14.5 
15648:42Katie Pownell SENWKnowsley13.5 
15748:42Alan Spencer V55MKnowsley9.2 
15948:53Rosemary Symms V60WChester TC13.5 
16049:17Kirsty McKenzieSENWLiv Pem Sefton  
16149:19Ian Williams V50MMossley Hill22.4 
16249:23Neil Jenkins V50MChester TC14.3 
16349:39Steve Pemberton V60MPenny Lane13.2 
16449:51Ian Ellis V45MUTS Running26.6 
16549:55Steve MaddoxsSENMLiv Running Bugs  
16649:59Mike TaylorSENMLiv Running Bugs  
16750:08Julie Barbat V55WWallasey16.8 
16850:21John Dobie V70MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Knowsley15.5 
16950:27Rachel ArnolsV55WHelsby RC  
17050:36Brygida Gorecka SENWWest Cheshire19.3 
17150:49Steve Collyer V45MChester TC14.9 
17251:08Janet WalkerV40WSkem/Boundary  
17351:18Chris LeeV50MLiv Running Bugs  
17451:19Ruth HewittSENWLiv Running Bugs  
17551:27Caron SkaifeV50WMossley Hill AC  
17651:31Louise Marsden SENWWallasey17.3 
17751:46Tracey Sherlock V40WUTS Running19.1 
17851:51Chris OwensSENMLiv Running Bugs  
17952:06Alexandra Harrison SENWLiverpool RC15.1 
18052:34Jane McArdleV45WWallasey AC  
18153:12Kate IrwinSENWMossley Hill AC  
18353:23Richie WebsterV70MLiv Pem Sefton  
18253:31Colin Sefton V55MMossley Hill19.1 
18453:31Joanne Cook V35WEllesmere Port21.6 
18556:51Tracey GlobeV50WLiv Running Bugs  
18656:55Sue BurkeV50WLiverpool RC  
18757:18Claire MedowsV45WPenny Lane S  
18858:13Caet Cuthbert SENWWallasey33.4 
18958:25Tracey GlobeV55WLiv Running Bugs  
19059:05Kadar DolphateV40MLiv Running Bugs  
19160:57Lauren Parker SENWMossley Hill26.9 
19261:23Magan BuckleySENWMossley Hill AC  
19362:31Paula Need V50WLiverpool RC25.6 
19463:27Sian ParrySENWLiv Running Bugs  
19568:26Emma WebsterSENWLiv Running Bugs