RR10 League External Results
Stoney Cross
18 Jul 18
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PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   James Moore SENMWinchester0.9 
10NT   David Currie V40MEastleigh RC2.8 
100NT   James Dunlop V55MHedge End15.8 
101NT   Peter Ellis V55MTotton10.7 
102NT   Matthew O'RileySENMNew Forest  
103NT   Tony Lees V55MTotton9.6 
104NT   Paul Marchant V45MHedge End13.3 
105NT   Steve HullV50MNew Forest  
106NT   Charles Bartlett Fox V65MNew Forest Runners11.1 
107NT   Peter WilsonV50MNew Forest  
108NT   Matthew Fordham V40MNew Forest Runners11.7 
109NT   Ian Hawker V60MHardley14.5 
11NT   Wayne Bevan V40MWinchester2.4 
110NT   Anthony Kendrick V60MTotton14.5 
111NT   Chris Collins V35MHedge End16.4 
112NT   Steve Goodwin V60MWinchester10.7 
113NT   Simon BeerV40MItchen  
114NT   David Walker V50MWinchester15.0 
115NT   Terry Greening V40MTotton17.3 
116NT   Tristan Chapman V40MNew Forest Runners18.9 
117NT   Brendan Harbut V45MHardley19.5 
118NT   Jim WoodV50MHedge End  
119NT   Jonathan Barnard V45MItchen Spitfires13.9 
12NT   Andrew Proctor V40MLordshill/Havant1.6 
120NT   Tim Ford V55MHedge End12.6 
121NT   John Fahey V50MHalterworth13.1 
122NT   Dave Wilson V60MHardley16.0 
123NT   Neil Cameron V45MTotton12.5 
124NT   Mike Bourke V45MHedge End15.5 
125NT   Paul Kent V45MHalterworth13.3 
126NT   Kevin Rowe V55MHedge End10.9 
127NT   Steve Johnson V60MLordshill11.8 
128NT   Jeremy RobbinsV40MItchen  
129NT   Andrew Warren SENMTotton8.7 
13NT   Peter Boustred V35MLordshill2.2 
130NT   Mark TillerV50MItchen  
131NT   David Chalk V55MItchen Spitfires12.8 
132NT   Ian Pierce V45MHedge End15.1 
133NT   Peter Watts V60MWinchester13.1 
134NT   Richard Moseley SENMHedge End19.8 
135NT   Ed BiddleV40MHardley  
136NT   Richard Allen V45MHedge End11.0 
137NT   Glen HastlelowV50MHardley  
138NT   Keith Harris V35MItchen Spitfires12.2 
139NT   Ian Rogers V55MEastleigh RC18.1 
14NT   Paddy ConnorsSENMItchen  
140NT   Paul Goode V50MNew Forest Runners14.6 
141NT   Mark Hayes V40MTotton25.1 
142NT   Martin De SousaSENMItchen  
143NT   John Labbett V55MHardley35.8 
144NT   Mark Parkin V60MEastleigh RC14.5 
145NT   Paul Shave V45MItchen Spitfires15.6 
146NT   Chris Wilson V55MHardley12.8 
147NT   Tom StarkSENMLordshill  
148NT   Duncan East V50MLordshill16.6 
149NT   Tristan Millward SENMHedge End16.6 
15NT   Neil Richmond V50MSouthampton4.4 
150NT   David Barnes V60MEastleigh RC7.3 
151NT   Ian Bowers V50MHedge End12.5 
152NT   Benjamin Stewart V35MItchen Spitfires17.2 
153NT   David Murray V50MTotton19.1 
154NT   Kevin Balfour V50MEastleigh RC20.6 
155NT   Peter Lewis V60MLordshill15.1 
156NT   Craig Taylor V40MTotton15.8 
157NT   Paul NewbyV70MHardley  
158NT   Philip Tyrrell V35MLordshill13.8 
159NT   Gavin Kinley V55MHedge End20.1 
16NT   Daniel Hull V35MTotton2.8 
160NT   Brian Rumary V65MEastleigh RC21.3 
161NT   Chris JonesV60MItchen  
162NT   Malcolm John White V55MLordshill15.2 
163NT   Rob BarlowV40MTotton  
164NT   Daniel Laming V40MItchen Spitfires15.7 
165NT   Mike Clarke V70MHardley19.0 
166NT   Tim Yeandle V60MEastleigh RC23.8 
167NT   James Doel V45MEastleigh RC15.2 
168NT   Ian Bradley V50MHedge End15.8 
169NT   Paul Newson V55MLordshill14.5 
17NT   Carlo Van Leeuwen V35MHedge End3.6 
170NT   Mike Newman V60MLordshill15.9 
171NT   Matthew Spiller V35MLordshill  
172NT   Robert Wells V45MHardley20.8 
173NT   Marcus HewittV40MItchen  
174NT   Paul Gale V45MTotton17.9 
175NT   Nicholas Myers V45MItchen Spitfires20.9 
176NT   Tony Smith V45MNew Forest Runners24.2 
177NT   Hywel Jones SENMEastleigh RC19.0 
178NT   David Lewis V55MTotton  
179NT   Paul Backhouse V50MEastleigh RC13.1 
18NT   Francis Handy SENMNew Forest Runners/Birchfield H2.6 
180NT   Howard Doe V65MNew Forest Runners15.2 
181NT   Christopher Hibberd V60MSouthampton22.8 
182NT   Robert Ainslie V50MHedge End15.9 
183NT   Andy Gordon V35MItchen Spitfires24.6 
184NT   Francis Henry Littler V70MEastleigh RC21.1 
185NT   Andrew Astley V60MHardley29.0 
186NT   Jeff Deacon V60MEastleigh RC20.5 
187NT   Simon Mason V60MTotton25.2 
188NT   Mark Waughman V45MItchen Spitfires23.3 
189NT   Robert Jones V40MHedge End18.9 
19NT   George Belfield SENMWinchester1.9 
190NT   Graham Moore SENMItchen Spitfires  
191NT   Paul Hammond V60MEastleigh RC19.5 
192NT   Nick Kasper V55MLordshill23.2 
193NT   Michael Simms V45MLordshill20.0 
194NT   Chris Taylor V70MSouthampton28.8 
195NT   Mark Madelin V60MSouthampton27.1 
196NT   Gary Dyer V45MLordshill27.6 
197NT   Steve Till V60MBasingstoke & Mid Hants/Southampton19.7 
198NT   Richard ReedV60MEastleigh  
199NT   Bob Fowler V70MLordshill32.3 
2NT   Benjamin Pitman SENMLordshill0.2 
20NT   Rich McAleer SENMEastleigh RC1.8 
200NT   Mario Sheath V50MNew Forest Runners22.2 
201NT   Guy Lawrenson V65MHardley36.0 
202NT   Andrew Barber V60MHardley26.1 
203NT   Jeremy Barber V65MHardley18.0 
204NT   Mike SleathV50MHardley  
205NT   David Gould V55MHardley17.7 
206NT   Roy S Mcloughlin V70MLordshill25.7 
207NT   Roger Bradley V75MLordshill29.0 
208NT   Matthew Collins SENMEastleigh RC30.2 
21NT   Gerry Robson V50MItchen Spitfires6.7 
22NT   Colin Brown V35MEastleigh RC7.4 
23NT   James SmithV40MSoton AC  
24NT   Gillam McClure SENMItchen Spitfires3.6 
25NT   James Grove SENMHedge End2.6 
26NT   Alexander Whiting SENMWinchester2.6 
27NT   Wayne Andrews V45MHedge End2.6 
28NT   Matt Doggett V35MLordshill6.6 
29NT   Isaac Andrews U20MHedge End1.3 
3NT   Peter Sansome V40MWinchester0.5 
30NT   Dominic Ashton U23MLordshill3.2 
31NT   Jim Suswain V35MHardley15.2 
32NT   Jon Ward V45MSouthampton7.1 
33NT   Henry Penfold SENMHedge End5.0 
34NT   Kevin Martin SENMHedge End5.6 
35NT   Joe Amber SENMHedge End6.2 
36NT   Neil White V40MTotton6.4 
37NT   Chris Lowrey V35MLordshill5.9 
38NT   Dimitri Elenis V45MNew Forest Runners8.2 
39NT   Matt Kurton V35MWinchester10.6 
4NT   Steve HerringV50MNew Forest  
40NT   Andrew Dudgeon V50MHedge End5.1 
41NT   Aidan Hull U15MTotton9.6 
42NT   Mathew Pidgeon V35MLordshill7.5 
43NT   Matt Tanner V45MHardley7.4 
44NT   James Pilgrim SENMEastleigh RC6.7 
45NT   Robert Bryan V45MWinchester9.8 
46NT   Matthew Cafferky V35MNew Forest Runners6.6 
47NT   Dan Gallagher SENMLordshill5.7 
48NT   Andrew Adams V50MLordshill5.6 
49NT   Simon Williamson V40MWinchester7.5 
5NT   Jacob Ainslie U20MHedge End8.5 
50NT   Daniel Latham SENMHardley5.4 
51NT   Adrian Haughton V55MWinchester6.7 
52NT   Eamonn Rivers V55MTotton11.1 
53NT   Ian Grasmeder V45MLordshill7.8 
54NT   Martyn West V65MWinchester7.9 
55NT   Andrew Gates V55MTotton7.9 
56NT   Cameron HewittSENMItchen  
57NT   David Madelin V35MSouthampton7.1 
58NT   Robert Benham V45MItchen Spitfires7.5 
59NT   Daniel Powell SENMHardley7.2 
6NT   Kevin Willsher V35MLordshill0.7 
60NT   Ian Moran V55MEastleigh RC8.6 
61NT   Stephen Lowy V45MWinchester7.7 
62NT   Adam Ruddy SENMItchen Spitfires6.1 
63NT   Godfrey Rhimes V55MEastleigh Junior  
64NT   Brian Frampton V55MTotton7.1 
65NT   Robin Stacey SENMItchen Spitfires6.7 
66NT   Luis Adrian Rosas Wiedfeldt V35MLordshill/Itchen Spitfires7.0 
67NT   Graham Rafferty V60MSouth West Vets/Desert RR7.1 
68NT   Joe GardnerSENMHalterworth  
69NT   Jonathan Marsden V40MTotton7.5 
7NT   Peter O'Donnell V40MHedge End3.0 
70NT   Tim Withers V40MLordshill10.0Click your Clock logo
71NT   Paul Blundell V50MHardley14.9 
72NT   Robbie BarlowSENMTotton  
73NT   Colin Mcmanus V35MWinchester5.9 
74NT   Matthew TaylorV40MWinchester  
75NT   Keith Hollis V45MSouthampton11.2 
76NT   John MacInnes V55MSouthampton9.1Click your Clock logo
77NT   Sean O'Grady V40MEastleigh RC9.0 
78NT   Keith SheppardV60MHedge End  
79NT   Alan Cowan V40MHedge End9.0 
8NT   Alastair Pickburn V35MNew Forest Runners-1.4 
80NT   Simon Ibbotson SENMHardley6.2 
81NT   Daniel Chown SENMHardley15.3 
82NT   Sean Patrick Driscoll V55MTotton27.1 
83NT   Paddy Butler V55MHardley9.9 
84NT   Geoffrey Willis V40MTotton13.8 
85NT   Martin DaviesV50MWinchester  
86NT   Daniel Franceschini V55MEastleigh Junior36.0 
87NT   Kevin Sawers V40MHedge End11.7 
88NT   Matthew Bowers V45MHedge End11.1 
89NT   Martin BakerV50MNew Forest  
9NT   Martin Stockley SENMEastleigh RC-0.4 
90NT   Malcolm Renyard V70MHardley/South West Vets/Havant12.0 
91NT   David Ransom V70MTotton31.8 
92NT   Aaron PritchardSENMHardley  
93NT   Alex Johnson V45MHedge End11.3 
94NT   Christopher Barnes V50MTotton11.6 
95NT   Mike Dally V45MHedge End10.0 
96NT   Mark Wilson V40MWinchester12.3 
97NT   Antony McGinnes V45MHedge End19.4 
98NT   Andrew Ward V40MItchen Spitfires10.8 
99NT   Daniel Lovell SENMItchen Spitfires13.1 
PosGun   NameAG ClubHC  
1NT   Kate Towerton V35WWinchester/Police4.5 
10NT   Alice Burch V35WLordshill6.6 
100NT   Lois ElliotV40WLordshill  
101NT   Sharon Stewart V35WItchen Spitfires22.7 
102NT   Sarah ShaveV40WItchen  
103NT   Inez Walker V55WLordshill27.7 
104NT   Clare RichardsonV50WNew Forest  
105NT   Rene Elizabeth Pilbeam V65WTotton25.7 
106NT   Julie Ward V55WHedge End23.6 
107NT   Gwenda EvansV40WLordshill  
108NT   Tanya CarterV40WLordshill  
109NT   Caroline Beebe V35WLordshill28.9 
11NT   Joanne Labram V45WHedge End8.9 
110NT   Dani Firth V35WItchen Spitfires26.2 
111NT   Sue Haig V55WItchen Spitfires29.3 
112NT   Kim Kelly V50WItchen Spitfires32.7 
113NT   Kerry Murray V55WItchen Spitfires28.9 
114NT   Vicky Pratt V40WItchen Spitfires30.6 
12NT   Tash AverySENWItchen  
13NT   Jacquie Barlow V40WTotton12.8 
14NT   Susan Bryan V45WItchen Spitfires9.6 
15NT   Jane Buxton V50WEastleigh RC13.4 
16NT   Bethan Hammond SENWTotton/Leeds Uni8.6 
17NT   Gina Suddaby SENWTotton11.3 
18NT   Beth Farrow SENWItchen Spitfires14.7 
19NT   Gabby O'Brien V35WItchen Spitfires16.3 
2NT   Susy Perry V40WWinchester5.7 
20NT   Jill Alison White V55WLordshill12.3 
21NT   Carla O'GradySENWEastleigh  
22NT   Rosanna Smith V35WLordshill19.4 
23NT   Lucy Fraser SENWLordshill/UWE11.3 
24NT   Elizabeth Bamber V50WHedge End12.3 
25NT   Jayne Carey V50WEastleigh RC12.2 
26NT   Jennifer Goddard SENWNew Forest Runners20.2 
27NT   Claire Cannon SENWLordshill10.4 
28NT   Eve RichardsonSENWLordshill  
29NT   Emma Pilbeam V40WTotton16.0 
3NT   Nicole Frith SENWLordshill4.7 
30NT   Joanne Nash V45WWinchester18.0 
31NT   Louise Snook V50WWinchester15.5 
32NT   Lucy Pilgrim SENWEastleigh RC21.3 
33NT   Katie Randall-Coles V40WEastleigh RC15.4 
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