Walton Park 5 External Results
8 May 18
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PosGunChip   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
126:2426:24   Martin Swensson SBV40MPenny Lane26:2426:04-1.8 
227:0627:06   Jamie Rutherford  SENMLiverpool RC26:2526:25-0.7Click your Clock logo
327:4327:42   Chris Maher  SENMPenny Lane27:1927:19-1.8 
428:1528:15   Paul Sankey SBV45MLiverpool H28:1526:010.8 
528:1928:19   Ben Lewington PBSENMKirkby Milers27:1527:15-0.6 
628:2728:27   Ryan Jones SENMKirby Milers    
728:5828:58   Tony Lawlor  V50MKnowsley28:2927:104.6Click your Clock logo
829:1929:18   Marty Christian  V45MKirkby Milers29:1828:512.8 
929:3029:30   Will Kozer  SENMWidnes Running Club28:4828:481.7 
1029:3329:32   Tom Evans PBV35MPenny Lane29:3229:324.4 
1129:4729:47   Matthew Clair PBSENMLiverpool RC29:4729:473.3 
1229:5129:51   Sarah Howard SBSENWLiverpool H29:5129:156.1 
1329:5229:50   Stuart Johnson PBSENMSpectrum29:5029:482.5 
1429:5429:53   Lewis Houghton U20MKirby Milers    
1529:5629:55   James Ellis PBSENMKirkby Milers29:0729:072.8 
1629:5729:57   Carl Murphy SBV35MLiverpool RC29:5729:324.1Click your Clock logo
1730:0230:01   Lee Moore  SENMKirkby Milers29:2229:225.3 
1830:0430:04   David Willshire  V35MPenny Lane29:3629:182.5 
1930:0630:06   Paul Schumann SBV55MKnowsley30:0628:474.3 
2030:0930:08   Gary Wilton PBV40MKirkby Milers30:0630:062.9 
2130:1230:12   Sam Evans SBV35MPenny Lane30:1229:445.0 
2230:1530:15   Andrew Fearns SBV40MKnowsley30:1528:581.6 
2330:2130:20   Neil Hennigan  V40MPenny Lane30:2029:011.6 
2430:2630:25   John McLaren  V35MKnowsley29:5629:563.1 
2530:3330:32   Graham Douglas  SENMPenny Lane30:3229:392.4 
2630:4830:46   Steven Irwin  V55MKirkby Milers30:2830:287.2 
2730:4930:49   Kenneth Day PBV35MKirkby Milers30:2430:243.8Click your Clock logo
2830:5330:53   Alan Lowry V50MKirby Milers    
2930:5530:50   Mark Grady PBV35MUnattached30:5030:232.6Click your Clock logo
3030:5930:56   Phil Riding  V40MPenny Lane29:4829:153.5 
3131:0131:01   Ian Hewitt PBV40MLiverpool RC/Liverpool Running Bugs31:0130:473.6Click your Clock logo
3231:0531:05   Gary Fisher PBV35MKirkby Milers31:0531:053.9 
3331:1231:09   Simon Rogers  V55MPensby30:5330:278.1 
3431:1431:13   Sean Wilton  SENMKirkby Milers31:0030:313.9 
3531:1631:12   Paul Riley  V45MPenny Lane31:0529:372.9 
3631:2231:19   Megan Ball  SENWLiverpool H31:1931:146.4 
3731:2231:16   Colin Kennedy  V50MWarrington RR30:5830:153.8 
3831:2631:26   Chris Pedder  V60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters31:2128:045.6 
3931:3531:34   Hazel Maccormick  V35WPenny Lane30:5230:523.5 
4031:3731:37   Lisa Gawthorne PBV35WLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Mersey Tri31:3431:346.4 
4131:3831:38   Gary English SBV55MLiverpool RC31:3830:044.4 
4231:4231:40   David Edwards  V55MKirkby Milers30:5627:435.1 
4331:4231:39   Ralph Pawling  SENMPensby31:3930:194.3 
4431:4731:44   Daniel McKevitt SBV35MKirkby Milers30:5930:579.5 
4531:5031:50   Matthew Whalley  U20MKirkby Milers30:5330:536.8 
4631:5531:55   Andrew Leslie  SENMWidnes Running Club31:2330:353.8 
4732:0332:03   Dave Connor  V45MMersey Tri31:1630:214.9 
4832:0732:02   Ian Hamling  V35MHelsby RC31:3531:354.8Click your Clock logo
4932:1432:10   Kevin Harrison  V40MKirkby Milers31:4930:313.4 
5032:1532:15   Paul Roberts SBV40MWidnes Running Club32:1531:325.5 
5132:2132:18   Alan Sanderson PBV40MLiverpool RC32:1832:189.7 
5232:2532:21   Julien Tour PBV35MPenny Lane31:0930:504.2 
5332:2532:22   Robert Burke  V50MLiverpool RC32:2230:476.6 
5432:2832:28   Paul Demore SBV50MSt. Helens Striders32:2832:176.1 
5532:2932:29   Colin Walsh  V35MPenny Lane31:2530:532.6 
5632:3232:32   Mal Gordon  V35MPenny Lane31:5331:537.6 
5732:3532:31   Dave Barr V45M     
5832:5032:36   David Owens V45MPenny Lane Striders    
5932:5132:51   Andrew Biddle SBV40MPenny Lane32:5132:046.2 
6032:5432:50   Dominic Cooper SBV35MMossley Hill32:5030:026.4 
6133:0233:01   Eric Ranson  V45MSt. Helens Striders32:4731:025.6 
6233:0732:59   John Bampton  V45MPenny Lane32:5931:358.2 
6333:0733:00   Richard Hankins SBV45MHelsby RC32:1830:115.8 
6433:1233:08   Andrew Keeley  V55MPenny Lane33:0831:166.4 
6533:1833:15   Shaun Morris  SENMLiverpool RC33:1533:1514.0 
6633:2533:23   Carmel Edwards (was Triggs) SBV35WKirkby Milers33:2331:365.2 
6733:3133:31   Mike Walker  V65MSouthport Waterloo32:4730:226.8 
6833:3933:35   Anthony Metcalfe SBV60MMossley Hill33:2530:597.6 
6933:4433:36   George Aylward PBSENMPenny Lane32:0631:395.3 
7033:5333:49   Lee Ward  V40MLiverpool RC33:4931:0813.4 
7133:5733:43   Daniel Fegan  V50MSt. Helens Striders33:4028:009.6 
7234:0133:41   Kevin Hornblower SENM     
7334:0533:58   Andrew Boulger PBV45MKirkby Milers32:4232:427.3 
7434:0834:04   Nigel Chilvers SBV45MKirkby Milers34:0433:0113.3 
7534:1634:12   Andrew McGlone  SENMKirkby Milers32:5732:576.7 
7634:1734:03   Ian Russell  V50MPenny Lane34:0331:4210.6 
7734:2134:15   Adam Fitzsimmons PBSENMKirkby Milers33:3131:254.6Click your Clock logo
7834:2334:19   Rebecca Burke PBU20WLiverpool RC34:1932:587.5 
7934:2733:50   Paul Brown V35MLiverpool RC    
8034:3434:22   Richard Hutton V35M     
8134:4034:32   Nick Morton PBSENMKirkby Milers34:3233:368.8 
8234:4234:28   James Malone PBSENMPenny Lane34:0734:0712.0 
8334:4534:34   Graham Cheers PBV40MWarrington RC34:3434:348.3 
8434:4934:49   Louise Casey  V35WWidnes Running Club32:5932:597.7Click your Clock logo
8534:5134:40   David Navis  SENMSt. Helens Striders34:4034:119.7 
8634:5234:45   Christopher Mcelroy PBV40MMossley Hill/Unattached34:3534:358.8 
8734:5334:45   Alan Joyce  V60MKnowsley33:4832:538.0 
8834:5834:38   Carl Balshaw V45MLiverpool Running Bugs    
8934:5934:59   Mark Helme V55MLiverpool RC    
9035:0034:46   Richard Costain  SENMPenny Lane34:4633:497.1 
9135:0235:02   Robert Hough PBV35MHelsby RC33:4333:437.9 
9235:0334:49   Nigel Foo  V45MPenny Lane34:1334:139.1Click your Clock logo
9335:0835:08   Laura Owens PBSENWLiverpool RC35:0835:0810.4 
9435:0935:09   Carl Yu  V40MLiverpool RC34:3734:379.4 
9535:1135:11   Gillian Verdin SBSENWLiverpool RC35:1133:4015.2 
9635:1235:05   Alex Roberts  SENMWigan & District34:2334:239.6 
9735:1835:16   Andrew Glen V55MLiverpool Running Bugs    
9835:2035:18   Nicola Simpson  V35WSouthport Waterloo35:1835:1811.9 
9935:2335:18   Justine Moore SBV45WKnowsley35:1834:5010.6 
10035:3035:11   Andrew Gaskell  V50MSpectrum34:4233:1211.3 
10135:3235:32   Pam Taylor V50W     
10235:3435:30   Thomas Davis  V35MUnattached35:3035:3025.7 
10335:3435:27   Liam Boardman  V35MChorley ATC/Widnes Running Club35:0634:2812.1 
10435:3735:25   Peter Smith PBV40MWidnes Running Club35:2535:2511.7 
10535:3835:27   Nathan Ashurst  V35MWarrington RC35:0733:278.6 
10635:4535:33   Kevin Cairns  V40MSt. Helens Striders35:3334:4110.4 
10735:5235:45   Anthony Beyga V60MKirby Milers    
10835:5835:49   George McCann  V45MLiverpool RC35:4934:2716.3 
10936:0235:55   Kylie Barlow  SENWSt. Helens Striders35:1835:059.7 
11036:0535:50   Charlotte Wilson-Dewhurst  SENWLiverpool H35:2130:526.9 
11136:0735:54   Steven Makin V50M     
11236:2236:18   Nicholas Hackett  V35MSouth Cheshire36:1827:533.0 
11336:2835:51   Steven Hesp  SENMLiverpool RC35:4735:4718.2 
11436:3136:31   Stuart Abel  V35MWidnes Running Club36:2935:009.0 
11536:3236:18   Frank Cahill  V60MSt. Helens Striders35:5834:3410.0 
11636:3436:19   Charlotte Sanderson-Rigby  SENWPenny Lane36:1935:2614.5 
11736:3636:36   James Brooker  V35MSouthport Waterloo36:2034:3312.6 
11836:3836:38   Ian King V60MLiverpool RC    
11936:4035:58   William Wignall V50MLiverpool RC    
12036:4236:24   Dan Bruffell  V45MPensby36:1936:1913.1 
12136:4436:36   John Diggle  V40MKirkby Milers36:3635:228.5 
12236:4636:36   Chris Wills PBV40MKnowsley36:3636:079.2 
12336:5236:52   Hazel Brennan  V35WKnowsley36:2336:2313.9 
12436:5636:36   Caroline Barrow SBV40WWidnes Running Club36:3635:2011.2 
12537:0536:40   Louise Jackson  SENWKnowsley35:4231:586.0 
12637:0936:57   Anne Rosbottom  V45WWirral35:0633:5811.7 
12737:1136:57   Sara Kelly  V35WPenny Lane36:1936:0611.0 
12837:1737:01   Mark Skelton SBV55MPenny Lane37:0136:2412.7 
12937:2237:11   Mark Hamilton PBV40MSt. Helens Striders37:1137:0111.7 
13037:2537:17   Lisa Crosby  V45WMossley Hill36:4334:0512.3 
13137:2637:19   Angela Dolan  V40WMersey Tri37:1937:1919.3 
13237:3037:27   Peter Atkin SBSENMLiverpool RC37:2734:188.6 
13337:3137:11   John Gore PBV45MWidnes Running Club36:2636:2611.8 
13437:3937:35   Sandra King-Wilson V55WThe Bandstanders    
13537:4037:20   John Whelan SENM     
13637:4537:34   Graham Deane PBV35MKnowsley37:3434:577.8 
13737:4737:36   Peter Moville  V55MSt. Helens Striders37:3637:3615.5 
13838:0738:07   Geoff Rudd SBV55MLiverpool RC38:0732:5712.8 
13938:1338:05   Stephen Hollis  V60MNorthern Fells RC38:0538:0515.0 
14038:2037:55   Mark Challinor V40M     
14138:2438:24   Rachael Holden  SENWHelsby RC37:2135:5411.6 
14238:2738:13   Alex Abbott  SENMSt. Helens Sutton/St. Helens Striders38:1337:5111.0 
14338:2838:17   Craig Mark  V35MSt. Helens Striders38:1738:1720.0 
14438:2838:00   Samantha Bentall PBV50WPenny Lane38:0038:0014.2 
14538:3138:25   Gordon Scholefield SBV65MPensby38:2535:2815.2 
14638:3338:33   Leslie Abbott SBV55MSt. Helens Striders38:3333:2713.1 
14738:3438:19   Kieron Carr V45MLiverpool Running Bugs    
14838:3638:12   Mike Taylor SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
14938:4038:04   Ged Howard SENM     
15038:4338:21   Mervyn Grady PBV60MWidnes Running Club38:2138:0614.6 
15138:4338:13   Christopher Lee PBV45MKnowsley38:1332:065.3 
15238:4838:48   Gareth Atkinson SENM     
15338:4938:41   Mark Molloy SBV50MWarrington RC38:4135:0119.1 
15438:5038:39   Brian Chisnall V50MMadrunners    
15538:5438:47   Mark Roberts  V65MPensby38:3535:0514.7 
15639:0038:30   Susann Paetzold  V35WKnowsley37:1037:1016.9 
15739:0338:48   Gary Burcher V50M     
15839:0638:50   Mark Newland V35M     
15939:1038:46   Tony Hart SBV45MFylde Coast Runners37:4637:4615.8 
16039:1238:47   Collette Flaherty PBV45WSt. Helens Sutton38:4738:4719.4 
16139:1338:48   Craig Tessyman SBV35MFylde Coast Runners37:4436:2612.3 
16239:1738:58   Joanne Mcgillicuddy  V45WWidnes Wasps38:1338:1316.0 
16339:1839:08   Kelly Marrin PBV40WKnowsley39:0838:3813.3 
16439:2339:23   Michael Flatley SENMLiverpool RC    
16539:2539:07   Peter Morgan  V60MPenny Lane39:0736:5614.3 
16639:3039:08   Ray Bessant PBV50MWidnes Running Club39:0839:0824.1 
16739:3139:14   Clare Louise Miller  SENWKirkby Milers38:4137:3120.2 
16839:3239:32   Frank Kelly  V50MLiverpool RC37:3736:109.6 
16939:3639:36   Alexandra Harrison PBSENWLiverpool RC39:3639:3615.8 
17039:3739:26   Mark Scott  V50MLiverpool RC39:2636:5515.1 
17139:3939:29   Julie Houghton  V45WPenny Lane39:0239:0214.7 
17239:4539:30   Aaron Wilson  SENMLiverpool RC36:5535:239.7 
17339:4939:40   Graham Liu  V50MSouthport Waterloo35:2434:057.9 
17439:5139:33   Bhavna Mistry  V45WKirkby Milers38:4238:4215.0 
17539:5639:35   Lisa Glover  SENWSt. Helens Striders39:3539:3516.1 
17639:5739:48   Garry Littlemore V50M     
17739:5739:57   David Thompson V50MLiverpool RC    
17839:5939:29   Adam Hall SENMLiverpool Running Bugs    
17940:0140:01   Luke Hogan U20M     
18040:0539:42   Michael Kemp V45MLiverpool RC    
18140:0739:45   Michael Palmer SENMThe Liverpool Running Bugs    
18240:0939:53   Annmarie Williams SBV45WPenny Lane39:5337:2412.6 
18340:1139:43   Paul Burdett  V40MSt. Helens Striders39:4339:4321.8 
18440:1839:44   John Moore  V45MFylde Coast Runners/Halifax39:0139:0115.1 
18540:2040:20   James Tollitt SENM     
18640:2239:59   Billy Sergeson@Gmail.Com V50MPenny Lane Striders    
18740:2240:22   Diane Hennigan SBV45WPenny Lane40:2238:0012.6 
18840:2440:11   Amena R Madden  V45WLiverpool RC39:0939:0915.5 
18940:2539:57   James Battersby  V45MLiverpool RC38:2338:2316.6 
19040:3139:56   Paul Donnelly  V45MKirkby Milers39:5639:5621.3 
19140:3240:19   David Limbrick SBV55MIslwyn40:1937:2614.9Click your Clock logo
19240:4140:31   Nick Kilty  V35MKnowsley38:5138:0715.0 
19340:4640:28   Andrew Hankinson PBSENMWidnes Running Club40:2838:1013.6 
19440:4940:26   Kathryn Fernandez  U23WWidnes Running Club40:2640:2622.3 
19540:5340:36   Mark Bradford SENM     
19640:5540:14   Andy Simpson  V45MPenny Lane40:1433:3925.0 
19740:5640:28   John Hendrick  V40MLiverpool RC40:2840:2825.9 
19840:5840:29   Alan Melia V40M     
19940:5940:32   Derek Morris V40M     
20040:5940:32   Mark Morris V45M     
20141:0340:41   Frankie Heaton-Pike  SENMWidnes Running Club40:4140:4115.5 
20241:0640:45   Sian Maguire  SENWSt. Helens Striders40:4540:4516.2 
20341:0640:37   Sarah Jackson  V40WPenny Lane38:5333:0614.4 
20441:1040:57   Mick Charman  V65MKnowsley40:5734:5019.2 
20541:1140:46   John Barr V65MBandstanders     
20641:1440:57   Martin Berry SBV40MWarrington RR40:5736:2511.8 
20741:1541:15   Stephen Draper PBV60MMossley Hill41:1539:4415.9 
20841:1740:53   Ken Connor  V50MWidnes Running Club40:0940:0916.6 
20941:1941:09   Lorna Mccartney V40WLiverpool RC    
21041:1940:56   Paul Wilson PBV55MWidnes Running Club40:5640:5614.7 
21141:2041:01   Lisa Webb PBV40WWidnes Running Club40:5440:3916.2 
21241:2141:14   Graham Howell  V65MLiverpool H40:4930:0717.2 
21341:2141:01   Sue Heaps  V55WSt. Helens Striders41:0140:2516.2 
21441:2441:11   Jessica Garrigan  V35WLiverpool RC41:1139:2916.0 
21541:2741:10   Steven Moss  V35MWidnes Running Club41:1037:1311.7 
21641:2941:14   Zachary Stavrou-Dowd  SENMLiverpool RC41:1441:1422.0Click your Clock logo
21741:3040:45   Jon Daly SENM     
21841:3040:46   James Daly  SENMLiverpool RC40:4632:0424.4 
21941:3341:13   Robbie Trecarichi V40MLiverpool Running Bugs    
22041:3741:14   Sean Kelly PBSENMLiverpool RC41:1441:1423.3 
22141:4341:37   James Keary V45M     
22241:4341:43   Rachel Rick  V55WPenny Lane39:4439:3618.8 
22341:4741:13   Lurdes Corlett V50WLiverpool Running Bugs    
22441:5041:50   Sarah Treble SENW     
22541:5241:44   Steven Roden PBV45MPenny Lane40:3738:2811.9 
22641:5241:29   John Smith V40M     
22741:5541:28   Tony Mooney  V45MKirkby Milers41:2841:2822.9 
22841:5641:48   Sean Loughran  V55MKirkby Milers40:5040:5017.2 
22942:0041:42   Katie Dawson  V40WPenny Lane40:0340:0316.8 
23042:0341:34   Jane Nicholson  V50WPenny Lane41:2840:3816.6 
23142:2442:14   Ellie Ireland V35W     
23242:2442:08   Michael Sharkey  V65MPenny Lane42:0839:4615.8 
23342:2441:47   Paul McMorn  V45MLiverpool RC41:4741:4724.8 
23442:2542:05   Gary Jones PBV40MKirkby Milers42:0541:1214.4 
23542:2542:03   John Mackey V50M     
23642:2742:11   Stephanie Donald  SENWKirkby Milers41:3141:3119.4 
23742:3041:50   Sarah Matthews  V35WWidnes Running Club37:5737:5714.4 
23842:3542:14   Catherine Gilbert PBV45WWidnes Running Club42:1441:4717.8 
23942:3942:05   Katie Lloyd PBSENWKnowsley42:0540:4616.0 
24042:4542:45   Stan Cottier  V70MLiverpool RC41:2339:1016.6 
24142:4542:06   Gina Bellhouse  V50WSouthport Waterloo41:5441:5420.1 
24242:4642:20   Harry Wingate PBU15MKirkby Milers42:2042:2023.5 
24342:5042:24   Alan Appleton V60M     
24442:5142:32   Ray Murphy  V50MKirkby Milers42:3240:1025.2 
24542:5242:19   Stephen Maddock V50MThe Liverpool Running Bugs    
24642:5342:30   Tony Tarpey  V55MPensby42:3042:3019.6 
24742:5442:18   Peter Gibney V40M     
24842:5742:36   Sarah Charlton PBSENWSt. Helens Striders42:2342:1519.1 
24942:5942:48   Kevin Dillon V60MMadrunners    
25043:0142:41   David Hughes  V50MPenny Lane42:4139:0922.6 
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