Reading AC Club Championships External Results
2 Apr 18
1000 1200 1500 

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1000 U11M 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:48.2Josh Smith  U11MReading AC3:32.73:30.886.4 
23:52.4Charlie Elguezabal PBU11MReading AC3:52.43:52.414.4 
33:56.8Roman Powell PBU11MReading AC3:56.83:56.825.8 
44:04.3Hugo Pilkington U11MReading AC    
54:17.6Luke Knox U11MReading AC    
64:23.0Harry Baker PBU11MReading AC4:23.04:23.030.5 
74:23.4Joaquin Viejo PBU11MReading AC4:23.44:23.430.5 
84:37.8Rohan Burton PBU11MReading AC4:37.84:37.832.9 
1000 U11M 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:44.0George Godfrey  U11MReading AC3:32.13:32.18.4 
23:46.9Luke Townsend SBU11MReading AC3:46.93:43.7915.8 
33:57.1Tommy Elson PBU11MReading AC3:57.13:57.17.9 
44:06.0Charlie Wills  U11MReading AC3:48.53:48.518.0 
54:09.3Charlie Allnut U11MReading AC    
64:16.2Sam Smith PBU11MReading AC4:16.24:16.224.0 
74:17.7Zachary Allchin U11MReading AC    
84:18.5Ben White PBU11MReading AC4:18.54:18.529.7 
1000 U11W 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
13:52.9Khadijah Gaye PBU11WReading AC3:52.93:52.912.3 
23:55.6Mia Corbin PBU11WReading AC3:55.63:55.611.2 
33:57.5Alex Marden  U11WReading AC3:46.33:46.310.2 
43:59.9Rose Daser  U11WReading AC3:56.33:56.321.9 
54:10.9Kimberley Ellery  U11WReading AC4:01.24:01.221.8 
64:20.8Gabriella Rust d'Eye PBU11WReading AC4:20.84:20.830.1 
74:21.0Eve James PBU11WReading AC4:21.04:21.020.5 
84:21.3Sara Jac PBU11WReading AC4:21.34:21.330.2 
94:39.6Phoebe Read-Clarke PBU11WReading AC4:39.64:39.633.2 
1200 U13W
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:12.0Ella Newman PBU13WReading AC4:04.414:04.414.7 
24:17.6Evie Elson PBU13WReading AC4:10.34:10.36.5Click your Clock logo
34:36.1Lola Batt  U13WReading AC4:30.664:30.6611.5 
44:40.6Elizabeth Ryan  U13WReading AC4:34.14:12.88.7 
54:44.7Charlotte Ashby  U13WReading AC/Oxford City4:36.44:36.416.0 
64:58.6Zoe Rennie  U13WReading AC4:51.44:51.414.6 
1500 SM 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:19.1Fraser Bradshaw  U13MReading AC5:06.495:06.4917.5 
25:30.6Dylan Madden PBU13MReading AC5:30.65:30.615.3 
35:30.6Lucas Tallon Viejo  U13MReading AC5:16.05:16.016.3 
45:34.4Hal Rust-D'Eye PBU13MReading AC5:34.45:34.42.3 
55:35.2Sam Newton PBU13MReading AC5:35.25:35.221.4 
65:35.6Victor Sanz-Bueno PBU13MReading AC5:35.65:35.610.1 
76:31.2Rio Scott-Smith  U13MReading AC5:56.75:56.722.2 
1500 SM 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:11.8Eddie Steveni  U20MReading AC4:03.814:03.81-1.5 
24:26.5Tom Rickards  U17MReading AC4:25.804:08.86-1.0 
34:37.4Ben Rollings  U17MReading AC4:28.64:25.00.2 
44:53.8Oliver Moor PBU17MReading AC4:37.04:37.08.7 
54:59.6Alfie Mcglennon PBU17MThames Valley Triathletes/Reading AC4:43.94:32.31.8 
65:07.9Colin Simpson PBV45MReading AC5:07.95:07.94.7 
75:24.0Benjamin Hulbert PBU17MReading AC5:24.05:24.020.0 
85:41.8Aaron Baker PBSENMReading AC5:41.85:41.812.6 
95:59.7Gerard O'Driscoll  V55MReading AC/Ireland5:54.65:52.111.7 
1500 SW 1
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
15:26.8Jemima Crocker  U15WReading AC5:20.55:20.56.9 
25:31.6Susan Francis  V45WReading AC/Compton/Team Kennet/Southern Counties Vets5:11.944:53.38.2 
35:39.5Talia Painting  U15WReading AC5:25.275:18.6610.1 
45:39.6Katie Barnes SBU15WReading AC5:39.65:09.87.6 
55:40.8Lucy Daniells  V35WReading AC5:38.965:03.69.9 
65:42.7Debbie Taylor  V50WReading AC5:33.24:59.310.9 
1500 SW 2
PosGunName AG ClubSBPBHC  
14:58.3Kirsty Walker  U20WReading AC4:54.14:31.131.8 
25:04.9Georgia Walton SBU23WReading AC/Cardiff Met Uni5:04.95:00.3111.2 
35:06.7Naomi Harris  U17WReading AC4:51.94:50.412.5 
45:08.5Hermione Walker  U17WReading AC4:57.24:57.28.6 
55:14.5Renee Whalley SBU17WReading AC5:12.085:12.089.7 
65:21.1Georgia Whalley  U17WReading AC5:14.495:13.712.0 
75:32.4Lara Tolson  U17WReading AC5:31.085:21.48.1 
85:38.0Oonagh O'Driscoll SBU17WReading AC5:38.05:22.69.8