SunFlowers Halewood 5K Series External Results
1 Sep 18
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PosGun   Name AG ClubSBPBHC  
115:49   Thomas Griffiths PBSENMSt. Helens Sutton14:4214:42-2.2 
216:10   Jon-Jo Doherty PBSENMSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton16:1015:47-2.3 
316:34   Rob Pearse  V40MWallasey16:2715:51-0.7 
416:55   Ben Lewington  SENMKirkby Milers16:0416:04-0.6 
516:55   Peter Fairclough  SENMSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton16:4216:360.7 
616:56   Ryan Jones PBSENMKirkby Milers16:5616:220.0 
716:59   Kane Green  V35MSt. Helens Striders16:1816:181.3 
817:25   Jay Clarke  SENMPenny Lane16:3716:341.1 
917:42   Ashley Crawford SENM     
1017:46   Sean Jones SBSENMPenny Lane17:4216:551.3 
1117:50   Dean Howlett SBV35MLiverpool RC17:5016:500.4 
1217:53   James Ellis PBV35MKirkby Milers17:5317:532.8 
1317:55   Andrew Fearns  V40MKnowsley17:3917:281.6 
1418:00   Chris Pownell  SENMKnowsley15:3015:30-2.2 
1518:03   James Ingram PBV35MKirkby Milers18:0318:036.8 
1618:09   Steven Edwards  SENMEllesmere Port17:5817:582.5 
1718:13   Stephen Watkin SBV35MPenny Lane18:1316:291.1 
1818:19   Gary Fisher  V35MKirkby Milers18:1418:143.9 
1918:19   Graham Douglas SBSENMPenny Lane18:1917:002.4 
2018:20   John McLaren  V35MKnowsley17:4417:443.1 
2118:21   Sam Evans SBV35MPenny Lane18:2117:485.0 
2218:22   Jack McKeon PBU23MThames Valley/Imperial College18:2218:222.4 
2318:31   Sean Wilton  SENMKirkby Milers18:1817:533.9 
2418:41   Phil Riding  V40MPenny Lane18:0817:423.5 
2518:45   Ian Hewitt PBV40MLiverpool Running Bugs18:4518:313.6 
2618:48   Ralph Pawling  SENMPensby18:2718:004.3 
2718:51   Mark Riley  SENMSt. Helens Striders18:0317:384.3 
2818:54   Colin Dobbs SBV40MPenny Lane18:5417:566.2 
2919:05   Lewis Houghton SBU20MKirkby Milers19:0517:144.1 
3019:05   Simon Rogers  V55MPensby18:0918:098.1 
3119:07   Kelly Hamilton  SENWSt. Helens Striders/St. Helens Sutton19:0018:406.0 
3219:08   Chris Pedder SBV60MLiverpool Pembroke Sefton/Northern Masters19:0816:485.6 
3319:12   Matthew Whalley  U20MKirkby Milers18:5018:326.8 
3419:14   Robert Moore  V40MKnowsley18:5818:587.7 
3519:21   John Harrison  V35MEllesmere Port19:0218:394.7Click your Clock logo
3619:32   Lauren Wilson  SENWPenny Lane18:2818:2810.1 
3719:37   Robert Burke PBV50MLiverpool RC19:3719:126.6 
3819:37   Ian Costello  V45MSt. Helens Sutton19:2616:487.3 
3919:44   Anthony Ellis PBSENMSt. Helens Striders19:4419:448.1 
4019:46   Tony Landry  V55MKirkby Milers18:5217:094.7 
4119:47   Tadie Abeki SBV40MKnowsley19:4719:138.3 
4219:53   David Lynan  V45MPenny Lane19:3619:186.7 
4320:00   Dave Owens V40MPenny Lane Striders    
4420:03   Mike Walker PBV65MSouthport Waterloo20:0320:036.8 
4520:03   Andrew McGlone PBSENMKirkby Milers20:0320:036.7 
4620:04   Paul Whittle V45M     
4720:08   Anthony Metcalfe SBV60MMossley Hill20:0818:587.6 
4820:08   Russ Seaman SENM     
4920:09   Helen Stansfield  V35WWallasey19:1919:197.9 
5020:11   Brian Middleton SBV65MSt. Helens Striders20:1119:43 7.0 
5120:20   Daniel Tetlow PBSENMSt. Helens Striders20:2020:2013.5 
5220:23   Danielle Scott PBSENWKnowsley20:2319:237.1 
5320:23   Stella Hayden SBSENWPenny Lane20:2320:0511.4 
5420:27   Simone Capponi SBV40MPenny Lane20:2719:198.1 
5520:33   Andrew Glen V50MLiverpool Running Bugs    
5620:39   Carl Yu  V40MLiverpool RC20:2920:179.4 
5720:42   Alan Joyce  V60MKnowsley20:1419:258.0 
5820:47   William John Jones  V50MKnowsley19:4418:5512.4 
5920:53   Darren Eckersley  V45MSt. Helens Striders20:3020:308.2 
6020:53   Adam Fitzsimmons  SENMKirkby Milers19:3918:354.6 
6121:00   Joe Chedgzoy SENMKirkby Milers    
6221:01   Kathryn Bradley  SENWPenny Lane20:5020:458.8 
6321:01   Alan Spencer  V55MKnowsley20:0020:008.0 
6421:02   Frank Cahill PBV60MSt. Helens Striders21:0221:0210.0 
6521:09   Chris Wills PBV40MKnowsley21:0920:479.2 
6621:15   David Webb  V35MPenny Lane20:3719:408.3 
6721:19   Dave Barr V45M     
6821:21   Dave McAlister SBV55MPensby20:5020:1412.6 
6921:21   Rebecca Burke  U20WLiverpool RC20:5719:257.5 
7021:25   Alexander Bentley SBV35MLiverpool Running Bugs21:2519:266.2 
7121:26   Kevin Cairns PBV40MSt. Helens Striders21:2621:2610.4 
7221:29   Marty Hirrel SENMPenny Lane Striders    
7321:30   Justine Moore  V45WKnowsley21:1021:1010.6 
7421:33   Sean Farrelly  V50MWarrington RR21:1719:3915.1 
7521:43   Louise Jackson  SENWKnowsley21:1919:246.0 
7621:47   Joanne Harrison  SENWPenny Lane20:5620:439.1 
7721:50   Rebecca Sargeant  SENWPenny Lane20:5220:5213.7 
7821:55   John McCaffrey  V35MKnowsley21:4821:4812.7 
7922:13   Peter Foale V65M     
8022:18   Andy Duff  V40MLiverpool Running Bugs21:4221:4213.8 
8122:26   Wendy Davies SBV40WSt. Helens Striders22:2622:2512.7 
8222:40   Mark Skelton  V55MPenny Lane21:3721:3612.7 
8322:41   Paul Fitzgerald V40MKnowsley Harriers AC    
8422:48   Louis Atkinson PBSENMKirkby Milers22:4822:1213.3 
8522:50   Kylie Barlow  SENWSt. Helens Striders21:1921:199.7 
8622:51   Charlotte Smith PBSENWKirkby Milers22:5122:0912.2 
8723:09   Dominic Rowan PBSENMSt. Helens Striders23:0923:0920.6 
8823:13   Susan Kerfoot PBV35WSt. Helens Striders23:1323:1315.0 
8923:16   Peter Morgan SBV60MPenny Lane23:1621:5814.3 
9023:18   Sue Burke PBV45WPenny Lane23:1823:1815.8 
9123:21   Andrea Bond  V40WPenny Lane23:0621:0810.5 
9223:23   Graham Deane  V35MKnowsley21:4821:227.8 
9323:24   Kelly Marrin PBV40WKnowsley23:2423:0413.3 
9423:28   Stuart Brandwood PBV40MPenny Lane23:2822:4413.0 
9523:42   William Merritt V55MKnowsley Harriers AC    
9623:45   Tony Peacock  V65MPenny Lane22:0319:3010.5 
9723:47   Gordon Scholefield SBV65MPensby23:4721:5315.2 
9823:52   Mark Fillingham PBV50MSt. Helens Striders23:5223:5215.6 
9923:55   Jennifer Martin  V35WSt. Helens Striders23:5223:5215.7 
10024:01   Bhavna Mistry PBV45WKirkby Milers24:0124:0115.0 
10124:06   Mike Evans  V65MKnowsley/Unattached23:4122:5612.8 
10224:07   Samantha Bentall  V50WPenny Lane24:0523:1414.2 
10324:17   Sue Heaps SBV55WSt. Helens Striders24:1724:0116.2 
10424:22   Joshua McGovern  SENMLiverpool Running Bugs22:5521:069.9 
10524:28   Billy Hargreaves  V70MSouthport Waterloo24:0819:0916.2 
10624:38   Martin Farrar SBV50MSt. Helens Striders24:3822:1716.3 
10725:00   Mal Tayler V40MPenny Lane Striders    
10825:01   Nigel Foo  V45MPenny Lane20:2420:249.1 
10925:05   Chris Probert PBV55MPenny Lane24:1723:5615.5 
11025:09   Stan Cottier SBV70MLiverpool RC25:0923:0516.6 
11125:10   Gary Eccleston SBV35MSt. Helens Striders25:1023:4317.0 
11225:16   Katie Dawson  V40WPenny Lane23:3023:3016.8 
11325:18   James Roberts SBSENMPenny Lane25:1821:4412.2 
11425:22   Jane Nicholson SBV50WPenny Lane25:2224:5716.6 
11525:35   Kerry Riley  V35WSt. Helens Striders24:5723:2813.4 
11625:36   Nicola Donovan PBV50WSt. Helens Striders25:3625:3620.8 
11726:01   Waldemar Rutkowski PBV35MWidnes Running Club26:0126:0122.1 
11826:10   Amanda Holman PBV45WKirkby Milers26:1026:1027.0 
11926:11   David Limbrick  V55MIslwyn23:4722:3614.9Click your Clock logo
12026:18   Jacqueline Jones PBV55WLiverpool RC26:1826:1818.7 
12126:27   Brian Higgins SBV55MPenny Lane26:2723:5120.9 
12226:44   Sharon Martin  V40WKnowsley25:2025:2021.4 
12326:47   Annmarie Daley PBV40WLiverpool RC26:4726:4722.9 
12426:54   Adrian Pridgeon SBV35MSt. Helens Striders26:5423:4420.7 
12527:04   Tony Dickinson SBV45MKirkby Milers27:0424:1823.0 
12627:14   Rachel Kuypers  V40WWidnes Wasps24:5223:5615.2 
12727:50   Tony Tarpey  V60MPensby27:3027:3019.6 
12827:51   Carolyn Flanagan  V50WWarrington RR27:2427:2423.1 
12928:01   Arthur Cross SBV60MKnowsley28:0125:4316.3 
13028:09   Shirley Chueng V45WLiverpool Running Club    
13128:11   Zoe Fillingham PBV45WSt. Helens Striders28:1128:1122.2 
13228:17   Linda Rodgers SBV55WLiverpool RC28:1725:4825.5 
13328:22   Carol Platt PBV60WKirkby Milers28:2228:2225.5 
13428:31   Inma Ruiz PBV45WPenny Lane28:3128:3124.4 
13528:32   Soraya Meah SBV55WPenny Lane28:3226:1828.2 
13628:59   Wendy Gidman SBV50WWarrington RR28:5926:3425.3 
13729:09   Sioux Mcgee  V55WPenny Lane28:3328:3325.1Click your Clock logo
13829:24   Laura McAllister SENWKnowsley Harriers AC    
13929:25   Paula Kelly PBV45WPenny Lane29:2529:2534.4 
14029:28   Angela Joyce  V65WKnowsley28:4027:4823.3 
14129:29   Mick Charman  V65MKnowsley24:0120:3919.2 
14229:29   Christine Humphrey SBV55WSt. Helens Striders29:2927:5421.5 
14329:31   Onnor Hampson V45WLiverpool Running Bugs    
14430:01   Karen Mason PBV50WSt. Helens Striders30:0130:0124.7 
14530:06   Sue Towner V60WPenny Lane Striders    
14630:06   Claudia McLean  V45WLiverpool Running Bugs28:1225:3819.6 
14730:07   Joanne Mercer PBV50WSt. Helens Striders30:0730:0727.9 
14830:08   Cath Hughson V35W     
14930:10   Nicola Maddock V40WLiverpool Running Bugs    
15030:20   Steve Maddock V45MLiverpool Running Bugs    
15130:21   Ronald Thornton PBV75MLiverpool Running Bugs30:2130:0225.4 
15230:30   Susan Issawi V60WRun Sandymoor    
15331:08   Jim Garvey  V70MPenny Lane29:4828:5925.7 
15431:25   Joanne Edwards SBV45WPenny Lane31:2528:0824.1 
15531:38   Agata Rutkowska  V35WWidnes Wasps27:1227:0223.0 
15631:53   Liz Dennett V45WCanicross Clwyd    
15732:48   Debi Mcmillan  V45WPenny Lane32:3328:3822.5 
15832:54   Pauline Fielding  V60WPenny Lane32:4130:5729.1 
15932:55   Stephanie Charman SBV65WKnowsley32:5523:5528.1 
16033:04   Liz Owens PBV55WKnowsley33:0433:0430.6 
16136:41   Mary Abbott V40WSt Helens Striders