Essex County Relay Championships External Results
North Ockendon
7 Oct 17

Individual positions per leg have not been assigned for those legs where not all times were recorded (those shown in the official results are team positions):

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PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:04Jason Lendon V40MHavering12.1 
215:58Chris O'Hara V35MBillericay2.6 
316:18Sarah Stradling V40WColchester H7.2 
416:24Ewan Mcfarlane SENMPhoenix Striders9.3 
516:38Dan Senior V40MEast London/Victoria Park & Tower Hamlets7.3 
616:41Alan Clark V50MBenfleet7.1 
717:06James Waterson V45MColchester H10.3 
817:21Clare Thurgood SENWOrion2.9 
918:24Steven Ball V40MThurrock10.1 
1018:47Samuel Hill SENMEast Essex TC10.0Click your Clock logo
1119:18Toby Knight V40MEast Essex TC14.3 
1219:39Rebecca Gill V40WEast Essex TC19.3 
1320:26Andy Debnam V45MCastle Point Joggers14.1 
1420:37Chris DeaconSENMBillericay Striders  
1520:39Tom Robinson V50MBenfleet11.4 
1620:45Paul Omer V50MPitsea RC15.0 
1721:44Shona Browning V45WBillericay15.0 
1823:10Lily Waterson U17WColchester H26.6 
1925:08Angela Smith V40WPitsea RC20.7 
2025:13Ronald Dobie V55MHavering '90 Joggers22.7 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:54Richard Heath V40MColchester H1.0 
215:04Faye Fullerton SENWHavering10.5 
316:15Paul Ruffy V40MBenfleet5.3 
417:15Christian Gray U20MLondon Heathside/East Essex TC15.1 
517:41Karen Levison V50WEast London10.7 
618:01Hayley Rogerson V35WOrion6.4 
718:48Ffion Harris SENWColchester H/Army10.7 
819:33Rachel FlanaganSENWPhoenix Striders  
919:34Nicola O'Doherty SENWBillericay14.4 
1019:39Nigel Instance V45MThurrock19.1 
1119:48Rick Deacon V55MBillericay15.9 
1220:12Deborah HamSENWEast Essex Tri  
1320:20Sean GiffordSENMColchester Harriers  
1421:25Gerard (gerry) O'Doherty V60MBillericay30.4 
1522:14Kevin Judge V60MBenfleet16.5 
1622:30June Freed V40WCastle Point Joggers19.5 
1723:53Sharon Metson V50WLeigh on Sea20.6 
1824:41Caroline Wallis V50WPitsea RC21.2 
1925:44Steve Macdonald V60MPitsea RC23.4 
2026:10Christina KeselcanSENWHavering 90 Joggers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
114:58George Day U20MOrion-1.6 
215:56Paul Rodgers V40MColchester H3.0 
316:47Alan WatsonSENMColchester Harriers  
417:53Robyn Matson SENWHavering7.6 
518:05Jack Morris SENMEast Essex TC17.3 
618:34Rebecca Cooke SENWColchester H8.9 
718:49Dominique Hart V35WBenfleet12.6 
818:51Eleanor Wilkinson SENWEast London13.7 
919:57Graeme Edwards V45MCastle Point Joggers9.4 
1020:12Penny JacksonSENWPhoenix Striders  
1120:36Sue Beck V40WThurrock26.2 
1220:57Kevin Bates V55MBillericay9.8 
1321:07Ben Brooks U20MEast Essex TC2.5 
1421:29Anna Meggitt SENWEast Essex TC16.2 
1522:53Helen O'HaraSENWBillericay Striders  
1624:51Debbie Smith V50WBillericay34.0 
1727:33Frances Webster V50WBenfleet26.3 
1828:19Keith Penfold V65MHavering '90 Joggers34.9 
1928:34Tim Shea V50MPitsea RC20.3 
2029:53Gillian Harrison V60WPitsea RC22.2 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
115:14Ian Clark V35MOrion2.1 
215:23Martin Chester V45MHavering3.7 
315:27Kieran O'Doherty SENMBillericay/Petts Wood0.9 
415:50Mark Harrod V40MColchester H16.4 
516:42Michael BatesSENMColchester Harriers  
616:57Robert Vinicombe SENMPhoenix Striders/Thurrock1.0 
717:16Sinead Clark U20WBenfleet5.5 
818:18Ciaran Canavan V40MEast London9.3 
918:35Ray Brooks V40MEast Essex TC7.9 
1019:13Brooke Mensah U20WThurrock26.9 
1120:24Cheryl Appleby SENWColchester H22.0 
1220:27Peter Bates V65MPitsea RC22.8 
1320:36Christina Edwards V45WCastle Point Joggers14.1 
1420:50john HallidaySENMBillericay Striders  
1521:10Clare Boston V35WEast Essex TC27.3 
1622:17Sue Mayes V50WEast Essex TC21.2 
1722:25Sue Keiller V55WBillericay18.2 
1823:29Marion Breeze V55WPitsea RC22.5 
1924:23Audrey Morris V35WBenfleet24.7 
2025:17Laura Kelly V45WHavering '90 Joggers25.5 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
 13:59Harrison Smith U20MBasildon-2.4 
 14:01Ben Davis U20MHavering-2.5 
 14:35Darren Blackwell U23MChelmsford7.3 
 14:47Chris Hatton SENMSouthend12.4Click your Clock logo
 14:50Steve Rand V45MHavering2.7 
 14:52Ben Hall SENMOrion4.1 
 15:04Russell Davies V40MSpringfield2.5 
 15:11Moaad Zahri SENMIlford17.4 
 15:31Mark Dillon V45MOrion8.5 
 15:32Charlie Parker SENMSouthend17.4 
 15:36Ian Anthony V35MHavering11.2 
 15:39Terence Spooner V45MBenfleet3.9 
 15:47Scott Rice V45MThurrock3.7 
 15:54Oliver Gifford U23MColchester & Tendring8.8 
 15:56Stephen Philcox V50MIlford/Barking2.5 
 16:02Robert Trevor V35MHavering '90 Joggers1.6 
 16:17Euan Harlow U20MHavering1.6 
 16:20Mark Read V40MBrentwood RC6.2 
 16:21Isaac Dodd U17MSouthend16.0 
 16:26Andrew Lager V45MWitham (Essex)5.0Click your Clock logo
 16:29Spencer Evans SENMEast London2.4 
 16:34Jack Morris SENMPitsea RC17.4 
 16:48Gary Atkins V45MHavering4.3 
 16:52Craig Mitchell V40MColchester H3.6 
 16:55Jack Hodges SENMBenfleet17.1 
 17:00Andy Coleman V50MBillericay/Eastern Masters8.3 
 17:02Andrew Wright V50MBillericay5.9 
 17:02Darren Sutton V45MSpringfield8.1 
 17:11Don LawlerSENMThurrock Harriers  
 17:16Joe Payne U20MBasildon2.5 
 17:24Chris Jones U23MBenfleet21.3 
 17:33Aidan Elmore U20MHavering9.5 
 17:37Marc Hills V40MBrentwood RC18.5 
 17:48Richard Bonham V45MCastle Point Joggers4.7 
 18:05Shahib Miah Ali SENMEast London6.0 
 18:30Ethan Douglass U17MBenfleet16.8 
 18:32Rick Wade V45MCastle Point Joggers7.0 
 18:33Lee Hazelwood V50MPhoenix Striders11.4 
 18:47Paul Mitchell V40MThurrock7.9 
 18:53Lee Caulfield V45MColchester H16.9 
 18:59Mark Jeffrey V55MSpringfield14.7 
 19:02Jonathan Shaw V40MEast London8.7 
 19:57Martin Orford V50MPhoenix Striders7.9 
 20:02Richard Lee V50MBillericay15.4 
 20:02Thomas Ashley V35MWitham (Essex)10.6 
 20:13Simon Baker V50MTiptree13.9 
 21:00Stephen Cheal V55MIlford18.0 
 21:03Trevor Robinson V40MDagenham 88/Eastern Masters/Loughton16.2 
 21:30Mark Babbage V55MSpringfield17.3 
 22:45David Girt V50MSouthend17.0 
 23:41Brian SladsiSENMHavering 90 Joggers  
 NTKieron O'CallaghanSENMColchester Harriers  
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
 14:17Tom Gardner SENMIlford-1.3 
 14:26Paul Grange V35MHavering/Dagenham 88-3.6 
 14:50Lee Taylor V40MSouthend0.0 
 14:56Mitchel Cox U20MBasildon-3.9 
 14:59Kurtis Swan SENMBillericay-1.6 
 15:03James Stewart U20MHavering-1.7 
 15:17Shay White U20MOrion13.9 
 15:26Joe Logan U20MThurrock15.2 
 15:28Dominic Le Mare U23MSouthend/Reading Uni/Reading AC0.8 
 15:31Harry Tullett U20MChelmsford-2.2 
 16:12Paul Anderson V40MSpringfield4.0 
 16:27Keith Willett V40MThurrock5.5 
 16:33Steve Walker V45MHavering4.8Click your Clock logo
 16:34Joshua Iton U20MOrion15.4 
 16:38Peter Barrett V40MBrentwood RC5.4 
 16:40Neil Crisp V50MIlford6.7 
 16:47Kieran O'Hara T20/F20 U20MHavering-1.3 
 16:48Leo Cole V50MWitham (Essex)5.3 
 16:49Rob Mills V40MSpringfield4.5 
 17:07Dexter Goward U20MBenfleet/Southend20.5 
 17:08Graham Hogan V40MHavering '90 Joggers/Havering7.0 
 17:09Rob Dickenson V35MHavering18.0 
 17:30Nick Rankin V55MBenfleet3.8 
 17:34Kevin McAlinden V50MEastern Masters/Colchester H5.1 
 17:37Simon Smith V50MColchester H7.2 
 17:47Russell Goodridge V45MColchester H5.7 
 17:53Mark Dalby V35MHavering '90 Joggers9.1 
 18:02Roy Harwood V40MBenfleet/Unattached5.4 
 18:05Paul Thompson V45MEast London8.8 
 18:06Colin White V50MBillericay10.2Click your Clock logo
 18:12Mike Bumstead V65MThurrock10.3 
 18:34David Findlay V50MBasildon11.9 
 19:05Graham Douglass V45MBenfleet12.0 
 19:07Stephen Bugden V55MSpringfield8.7 
 19:27Andy Catton V60MIlford12.9 
 19:33Paul Franklin V60MCastle Point Joggers13.7 
 20:09Richard Rule V50MSpringfield11.4 
 20:23Billy HolmanSENMPhoenix Striders  
 20:23John Healy V40MEast London17.1 
 20:35Colin Wilkinson V50MPhoenix Striders10.2 
 20:52Alan Monte V45MSouthend21.6 
 21:10Lance Fuller V55MEast London13.7 
 21:49Melvyn Cooper V55MBrentwood RC24.6 
 22:00Paul Varker V50MCastle Point Joggers19.6 
 22:01Stephen Foggo V55MBillericay8.2 
 22:17Andy WhiteSENMWitham RC  
 25:02James Russell V60MPitsea RC26.1 
 NTRob Hadgraft V60MTiptree26.5 
 NTMichael Pegnall V35MDagenham 8816.1 
 NTHenry Monaghan V65MHavering '90 Joggers24.3 
 NTIan Rattray V45MColchester H9.2 
 NTAngus Aldridge V50MSouthend/Eastern Masters18.9 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
 14:26Max Jones U20MBasildon-2.0 
 14:31Alex Richards U23MIlford-1.1 
 14:41Jamie Buckley-Stanton SENMHavering2.8 
 14:45Toby Wright U20MSouthend16.0 
 15:04Carl Fiford SENMOrion3.1 
 15:19Alfred Waithaka V35MHavering6.4 
 15:47Steven Dukelow V45MHavering17.2 
 15:52Scott Sterling V35MSpringfield/Chelmsford18.6 
 15:56Lewis Debenham U20MHavering7.6 
 16:00John Whitehead SENMHavering0.7 
 16:02Peter Smale SENMSouthend/Loughborough Students13.7 
 16:07Peter Tullett V55MChelmsford4.8 
 16:35Lloyd Miles V45MBillericay7.1 
 16:47Nick Trencher V45MEastern Masters4.7 
 16:53Callum Liasi U20MBenfleet20.4 
 16:53Jamie Nelson SENMColchester H19.7 
 16:58Scott Darney V35MWitham (Essex)/Ravens City of London3.0Click your Clock logo
 17:08Jon Byford V40MSpringfield4.5 
 17:21Tim Martin V35MThurrock6.0 
 17:30Chris Manby V35MColchester H6.5 
 17:36James Marshall V35MBrentwood RC13.5 
 17:51Dave ShipmanSENMHavering 90 Joggers  
 18:03Stuart Watson V40MBenfleet13.9 
 18:04Nick Styles SENMBenfleet27.6 
 18:08Gary Cahill V50MThurrock22.5 
 18:14Richard Bullis V55MBasildon22.4 
 18:17Dennis Briggs V40MIlford8.0 
 18:21Benjamin Fisher V40MOrion10.6 
 18:24Simon Morgan V45MColchester H9.2 
 18:46Jonathan Wooldridge V45MEast London11.7 
 18:48Tony Collins T20/F20 V35MHavering8.8 
 20:43Laurence Harrison V45MBillericay16.3 
 NTIan Glover V45MSouthend17.6 
 NTBenjamin Whateley-harris SENMUnattached  
 NTMike Hayward V55MCastle Point Joggers19.1 
 NTAlistair Gillan V50MSpringfield16.2 
 NTStephen Jordan V50MSouthend19.4 
 NTDavid Hilson V50MColchester H6.7 
 NTKeith Walker V70MBillericay18.9 
 NTStephen Burton V55MBenfleet10.7 
 NTJim PriceSENMPhoenix Striders  
 NTLanzs Le NaixSENMEast London Runners  
 NTIain Rhodes V55MTiptree12.2 
 NTKin VinicombeSENMPhoenix Striders  
 NTDavid Binge SENMHavering '90 Joggers32.2 
 NTBilly Green V50MIlford15.2 
 NTDavid Jobling V60MWitham (Essex)15.5 
 NTJamie Austin SENMDagenham 8811.4 
 NTBarry Hockley V50MCastle Point Joggers13.9 
 NTPaul Marshall SENMEast London9.0 
 NTMark Moughton V55MSpringfield16.8 
 NTJohn Tracey V50MPitsea RC22.6 
PosGunNameAG ClubHC  
 12:41Adam Hickey SENMSouthend-6.5 
 12:52Ryan Prout SENMBrentwood RC-1.0 
 12:53Daniel Moses SENMOrion2.1 
 13:00James Smith V35MSpringfield0.0 
 13:30Rob Warner V35MHavering-1.9 
 13:45Matthew Bland V50MHavering/Eastern Masters/Brentwood RC2.8 
 13:48Christian Holmes V40MSouthend-0.3 
 14:04Ahmed Abdulle U20MIlford/Somalia-4.5 
 14:27Brandon Thorpe U20MBasildon9.1 
 15:15Oliver Mann U20MThurrock16.0 
 15:50Barry Smith V35MHavering '90 Joggers0.8 
 16:01Freddy Keefe U23MHavering6.1 
 16:19Tim Wright V45MOrion4.5 
 16:21Robbie Cooman SENMHavering-0.3 
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